The human cost of jihad

Among those murdered by Al-Qaeda jihadists yesterday in Saudi Arabia were these two Lebanese Maronite Christian children:

Jad in Riyadh.jpg


Jad (age 4) and Raya (age 7) Mezher

Here is a statement about them and the bombing from the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU):



The Commission on International Relations (CIR) of the WLCU deplores the Terrorist attack in Riyadh on November 8, 2003, which led to the massacre of three Lebanese nationals and more than 90 Lebanese citizens.

The Commission is saddened to inform the Lebanese Diaspora and Lebanon’s civil society that two Lebanese children were massacred by the Terrorist attack: Raya and Jad Mezher. Raya (seven years) and Jad (four years) are the children of Charbel Mezher and the nephew and niece of the WLCU Media advisor Pierre Atallah. Mr. Atallah is the founder of the Paris Chapter of the WLCU and al-Nahar (daily), and is a well known journalist and writer.

The World Lebanese Cultural Union stigmatize these acts of terror whose cowardly acts target children, women and elderly. The Terrorists who perpetrated the massacre of Riyadh against the Lebanese community on November 8, 2003 are from the same evil organization that perpetrated the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, where in addition to thousands of American and international citizens, many Lebanese have also been massacred.

The Lebanese people, both in the Diaspora and in Lebanon, has sided and will continue to side with the international campaign against Terrorism. Lebanon was the first battlefield against Terrorism, and its people were the first to be massacred by Terror since the 1970s.

The attacks of Riyadh were directed not only against the national security of Saudi Arabia, its moderate citizens and Western citizens, but against the Lebanese community that has contributed to the renaissance of the Arab culture and the prosperity of the Kingdom for more than half a century.

The Al-Qaida murderers have targeted the compound because of the large number of Lebanese citizens, including children and women who live there. The WLCU calls on the Saudi Government to mobilize all of its resources inside the country and worldwide to bring the murderers to justice. The WLCU calls on the United Nations to hold a special session to examine ways and means to combat the al-Qaida Terrorists and its followers around the world.

As we deplore the martyrdom of the three Lebanese citizens, and particularly Raya and Jad, at the hands of Terrorists, we reserve to the WLCU its full rights for legal action against whomever will be made responsible for these murders by a court of law.

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  1. says

    This is painful to respond to; even Jonah was rebuked by the Lord for wishing the destruction of Ninava because of all the innocents that would perish.
    “The World Lebanese Cultural Union stigmatize these acts of terror whose cowardly acts target children, women and elderly. The Terrorists who perpetrated the massacre….” Yes, the acts WERE COWARDLY, and some mothers’ babies died because of these people. The flame of two young souls were snuffed out; and a father weeps in the darkness for his son who will never know the joys of young love and he himself entering into fatherhood.
    But… WHERE IS THE LEBANONESE OUTRAGE WHEN JEWISH BABIES AND GRANDMOTHERS ARE BLOWN TO BITS! May God have mercy on Esau and Jacob; may He heal the hearts of His children. Brothers caught in conflict for thousands of years now….

  2. says

    Larry and Bob:

    Before Lebanon was overrun by Syria and a puppet government installed in 1990, the Lebanese government cooperated with Israel against the PLO and Hizb Allah forces.

    With the collapse of the Lebanese government, several thousand Lebanese (the South Lebanon Army) fought along side Israel to keep the PLO and Hizb Allah out of Southern Lebanon to protect Northern Israel from rocket attacks.

    For 15 year, from 1975 to 1990, Lebanon — first the government forces, and after the government’s collapse, civilian militias — fought against a brutal invasion by Syria, the PLO, Iranian backed Hizb Allah, and a collection of Soviet-backed terrorists (Red Army, Abu Nidal Faction, etc.)

    Like Israel, Lebanon has been on the front lines of the war against terrorism. And like Israel, Lebanon was thrown to the wolves by the appeasing, evasive weasels in the west. Lebanon lost, but Israel still has a chance.

  3. says

    The cowardly attacks on children and families in Saudia has deeply saddened all freedom lovers and has caused us to stand along and support the war on terrorism more than ever .
    We cannot imagine the pain the parents of these children are feeling at the moment and we look forward to the day all these fanatics are crushed .