Uganda: Muslims Reject New Family Law

Muslims in Uganda, who according to the CIA make up only 16% of the population, but they are already vowing to reject a proposed anti-polygamy law on Islamic grounds. It is certain that such challenges will also come, sooner or later, to Western anti-polygamy laws on the same grounds — that these laws are against Islam.

Also in the West’s future are likely to be Muslims, if they attain majority status in any Western country, agitating for the implementation of dhimmi laws there. After all, they are just as much part of Islamic law as polygamy.

This from, with thanks to Nicolei:

Several Muslim leaders in Uganda celebrated the Idd Adha holiday yesterday vowing to disobey a proposed new family law.

Several speakers here – at the headquarters of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council – opposed the Domestic Relations Bill, which proposes, among others, to outlaw polygamy.

Muslim leaders said the proposal violates the Muslim holy book, the Koran, which allows Muslim men to marry up to four women.

One of the speakers, acting Mufti Sheikh Rajab Kakooza, who is also the director of Sharia law, said the DRB contradicts the Koran.

“In Islam we are taught to obey our leaders, but when they are diverting us from the Koran, we have to oppose them and obey Allah,” he said.

Kakooza asked politicians to always consult religious leaders over spiritual matters before making laws that could spark off chaos in the country.

Both the Mufti, Sheikh Ramathan Mubajje, and his deputy, Sheikh Twaib Mukuye, are in Saudi Arabia for the hajj pilgrimage and did not attend the prayers.

Energy minister Syda Bbumba represented government and asked Muslims to pray for peace in Acholi and Lango.

She also reassured the Muslim community about the DRB. “Hajat Janat Mukwaya, who is in charge, is a devoted Muslim and can’t sell anything that contradicts Islam,” she said.

Mukwaya is the Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister.

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  1. says

    Once again a dangerous precedent. The West will go this way if we are not vigilant, and if we don’t clamor to make our voices heard more loudly than the Islamists already attempting to influence our politicians and social institutions. I am disturbed by what I read and hear. One person can make a difference and I plan to be, if necessary, a “force of one.”

  2. says

    Muslim and non-Muslim citizens of the same country must be under the same legal system. No special treatment for either group. Period. We must ALL be equal before the law.

    Of course, we all know that for non-Muslims living in a Muslim majority country are relegated to at best 2nd class citizenship via dhimmitude – I love the way it has been translated as ‘protected people’.

    For some reason Muslims believe that they are above ANY law ANY where by ANY country except for the horridly anti-freedom, anti-human rights Shariah! If countries give the Muslim (for now)minority the legal right to follow Shariah, these countries are commiting slow suicide – with all freedoms being ultimately lost!

    Those in the West who are protesting so passionately and vehemently for Muslim rights will be the first to lose their rights or their lives under Shariah. These “useful idiots” are under the illusion that there is always room for cultural diversity and that “we are the world”.

    The only cultural diversity allowed in Islam is a Muslim woman from Indonesian can wear a hijab similar to the Muslim woman in Afghanistan.

    “We are the world” in Islam means exatly that – EVERYONE is Muslim!!! Not that we are the same -even with our differences – as the “useful idiots” believe and being taught in the US educational system!!!


  3. says

    They have the muslims by the koranic short hairs on this one.
    Since they are in the land of the infidel, they have to follow the laws of that land.
    Says so in the koran. That is, until such a time that muslims become the ruling majority, and dimmitude comes into effect.