Tiny minority of extremists heckles moderate Muslim at UCSB

Sheikh Palazzi

The Italian Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi professes to oppose suicide bombing and to support Israel’s right to exist. For this he was jeered and heckled by UCSB’s Muslim Student Association. Where was the huge moderate group to deplore the intimidation being practiced by these radicals? The indomitable Nonie Darwish was there. From FrontPage:

We often hear that ‘Moderate’ Muslims are the majority and that terrorist supporters are a minority extremist fringe. However, when genuine Islamic moderate leaders stand firm against terrorism, we do not see majority Muslim support of their views. To the contrary, such moderates are shouted down and even condemned by Islamists, who seem to be the only vocal Muslim group on our college campuses.

Sheikh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Director of the Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community and a vocal critic of militant Islam, was a guest speaker on March 4th at the University of California in Santa Barbara. His speech, which focused on his opposition to terrorism, made clear that Palazzi considers suicide and murder of civilians to be an aberration to Islam. The remarkable Italian-Muslim cleric, whose support for Israel has been the subject of many articles, voices a minority opinion; yet he does not stand alone. A number of non-Arab Muslim leaders share his support for Israel. He often mentions verses in the Quran on God’s Covenant with Israel; “Children of Israel, remember the favor I [Allah] have bestowed upon you, and that I exalted you above the nations”. [Qur’an, The Cow, Sura 2:47]

I had the pleasure of speaking at the UCSB event in support of Sheikh Palazzi. I told the audience of the indoctrination of hate I experienced in Gaza as a child. One would think that UCSB’s Muslims, who proclaim Islam as a religion of peace, would be appreciative of Palazzi’s message. However, the Muslim Students Association at UCSB disrupted the event during the question and answer period, criticizing Sheikh Palazzi for not starting his speech by saying “In the name of Allah and his Prophet Mohamed.” In doing so, they ignored the fact that the Sheikh was not addressing Muslims in a mosque.

Some of the students were holding Islamic prayer beads and clothing that is usually worn when attending a mosque. They were loud, rude, “in your face” and obviously did not want to ask questions, but came only to be disrespectful to Professor Palazzi.

Two men who claimed to attend an Afghani mosque used their time at the microphone to give their own speech against the Sheikh. When they were politely asked to state their question, they refused, claiming freedom of speech.

A female Muslim student expressed her support of terrorism by asking, “If not terrorism, what would Palestinians then do against the oppression?”

In addition, the Muslim students yelled “we cannot live with Zionism” and even told the professor “You are finished, man!” The Muslim students’ leader then called on his group to leave the hall and as they did they were hurling insults at the Sheikh.

On the other hand, the other students in attendance, many of whom were Jewish, were extremely respectful and were going out of their way to be polite to the Muslim students.

Having witnessed this disturbing event, I could not help but ask myself a question: Why did these Muslim students choose the U.S. for their education? As evidenced by their attempts to silence Sheikh Palzazzi, they obviously have no respect for our system and the way Americans channel dissent. Whether these students are naturalized citizens or here on student visas, they should be sensitive to the U.S., which suffered greatly from the unprecedented terrorism of 9/11 (which, after all, was the product of the Arab culture of indoctrination against non-Muslims).

Having grown up in the Arab world myself, I believe that expectations in the Muslim world are often hypocritical. Arab Muslims especially do not reciprocate much of their demands from the West. They demand tolerance for Muslims in the West while their religious leaders call on the murder of infidels. They demand freedom to build mosques in the West, but prohibit the building of churches and synagogues in Muslim countries. They jail and kill missionaries in the Muslim world, while they freely preach Islam and extremism to our citizens, even to our vulnerable and angry prison population.

Moreover, Muslims demonstrated all over the Arab world against France’s decision to prohibit wearing any religious symbols, including Hijab, in French public schools. France is trying to keep their public schools free of religious bias; Muslim demonstrators want just the opposite. There is something very wrong with this picture and many Arabs and freedom-loving Americans don’t see it. It is time for Americans to wake up.

Those who demonstrated against Sheikh Palazzi’s presentation could have learned from his message against terrorism. Many U.S. politicians say that Islam is a religion of peace, but I sadly felt that the Muslim students at UCSB rejected the courageous message of peace offered by Professor Sheikh Palazzi. The world is waiting and hoping to see the humane and tolerant side of Islam, yet Muslims never miss an opportunity to prove otherwise. It is essential now that Muslims work to elevate their religion from being associated with terror and hate.

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  1. says

    aint it Amaaazing!

    The ones you like are the ones who kiss Aparheid supporting Jewish behinds. By the way, he is a self styled “sheikh” just like that welfare scrounger with the hook.

    Can you dumbos not see the Jewish monopoly of the West?

  2. says

    What a surprise, another idiot with an ad hominem argument about Jews. Stupidity like that only serves to hurt the Muslim community.

  3. says

    Hoodie- Nice to hear from you again. I think you just proved Robert’s point. We in America ‘listen” to all points of view. We don’t have to accept them, but it is only polite to listen. That means without heckling. Gee, we even listen to you for what it’s worth.

    The hecklers at UCSB were impolite and closed mouthed. They could stayed to refute his argument during the question and answer period. That is how we do it in America.

    One question that Robert raised intrigued me. Why did the heckling students choose the U.S. for their education? My guess is that they are here so that they can attempt to silence others with divergent points of view, as I believe you would. That is not “tolerant” nor “peaceful.” So much for the claim that Islam is a “religion of peace.”

  4. says

    In my comment above, I wrote “closed mouth,” but I meant “closed minded.” They definitely weren’t “closed mouth,” which they should have been during his lecture.

  5. says

    Jew Terror: Stupidity like that only serves to hurt the Muslim community.
    HJ: Then tell me why they felt important enough to make the support for that Zanana Republic the main point of this “Sheikh”. The walls are closing in my boy, don’t you no longer assume to be the teachers of ME and Africa affairs. We must reclaim our rights murdered by Jewcentric media.

    epg: We in America ‘listen” to all points of view.
    HJ: Oh yes, like going on to murder Iraqi children when you felt like it? I just know people like you do whatever they feel like getting away with – so no mercy from me.

  6. says

    The last Crusade was in the 16th century. Sorry, boys, it’s long over with. In any case, the Crusades were a response to what you all were doing.

    We’re listening. As for the accusation of murdering, there’s plenty of blood on your hands, you are drenched in it.

    A BLAME and SHAME culture. You murder women because they have “shamed” your families and your culture. You murder everyone else in order to get respect from the dhimmis you create.

    Resect is earned through intentions, deeds, and accomplishments. We know your intentions and your deeds, what ARE your accomplishments. What have invented, created, discovered in the last five hundred years. How have you improved the world? What are your plans for improvement other than the elimination of people that have made progress?

    As did the hecklers about whom this article is written, all you do is complain. Complain, complain, complain. Then, you blame others for your lack of accomplishment. No one is keeping you down except for yourselves.

  7. says

    Point: there is not such animal in the islam muslim world as a moderate; they all read and preach the same thing, hate and killing.

  8. says

    epg: What have invented, created, discovered in the last five hundred years.

    Hood Jihadi: Arab contribution is so good; it is even capable of being useful to your stupidest like Britney Spears. She never got a number one, but did it with her Arabic flavoured single(toxic).

    You are only whining because we had nothing to do with advancing weapon systems etc. That is awful epg – they are tools of mass murder. We have the cult of “peace” and worship Allah.

  9. says

    Hoodie – What a crock! We didn’t invent that young lovely young miss, Britaney Spears, she invented herself. We are free to choose our own paths here in America. I don’t approve of her look or her behavior, and eventually she will fade away.

    Yes, you didn’t invent the weapons systems because you couldn’t, not because you didn’t want to. Your history is replete with acts of extreme murder and violence which demonstrates your true nature. Imagine what you will do once get these weapons. World annihilation, they end of all species. That IS what you want, isn’t it. No, I don’t have to ask. You’ve already answered that one many times over.

    As for the cult of “peace.” That is your characterization of your own religion . A cult is a false religion. Look it up. As for peace, we know that when you say peace, you really mean “peace under the protection of Islam,” which means second class citizenship, humiliation, or death for the rest of us. No thanks. Keep your “cult.”

  10. says

    Poor Hoodie – More disinformation. We don’t have a “Christian world.” Islam is the only religion that creates a world. Desrimination is the complaint of all for whom things don’t go well. Who is keeping you down? Enron? I don’t think so. You are the master of your own fate. You choose to be oppressed, if indeed you are.

    As for behinds, we sit on them. That’s all.

    Hoodie, are you an African? Maybe an Egyptian, or Nigerian?

    Are you saying that Enron blew up part of Africa and murdered thousands? If not, there is no comparison. By-the-way, they stole millions from Americans as well. They are equal opportunity thieves, they don’t descriminate according to race, religion, creed, or nationality. They will get theirs.

    As for reclaiming dhimmitude, you don’t qualify. Only non-Muslims qualify for this state of debased existence. Muslims do it to us. That’s why we don’t want anything resemblng the Caliphate here.

    Goodbye, Hoodie, I have other things to do. You may have the last word.

  11. says

    Hood, glad to see you back. I was afraid you had dropped off the board. Please tell me what accomplishments Islam has contributed since the 7th centurey. You didn’t name any in your diatribe. All modern advancements have been made by the West. Electricity, acoustics, science, transportation, medicine, communication, space exploration, flight, mathematics, computers, any of the sciences and not one contribution from the Islamic mind. Why? Because the Koran tells you not to question, to submit. Your holy book says the sun sets in a muddy well. It is based on the idea that the earth was the center of the universe. Even the Muslim small arms of choice, the AK 47/74 was designed and made by godless Communist atheists. And Britney Spears? A Western whore who would adopt any culture to sell a CD. Next month it’ll be the Japanese or Chinese she’s copying. Oh Hoodie, you so funny man.

  12. says

    we will crush all the crusaders in this globe..(inshallah)…..then …dear jews….we will teach respect….thanks for reading me…!!

    Posted by crushthecrusaders at April 3, 2004 02:

    Now….here’s the difference. We sane people live on the globe…..while nut job Jihad lives inside a bubble. You can’t teach respect without knowing what respect is…..thanks for reading me…

    Orange Crush Caped Crusader

  13. says

    Mr Hood if America & the West is such a bad place why do so many try to come here illegally ? Why dont these so called second class citizens go back to the Islamic counties? At least this way the West would be free of Jihadis & the rest of us could live in peace.
    I am an immigrant & have travelled widely . I have been treated with heavenly love & kindness here.I believe Americans to be the best people in the world.

  14. says

    It always amazes me about the paranoia the muslims have about the jews. I mean, give me a break! How many Jews are there in the world? 15 million? Twenty one million at the most?? It is amazing to me that a person, who is of a religion claiming over one billion, three hundred million can be so overwrought he/she has to rant on and on obsessively about such a minor portion of the world’s population. Geez, Get a life.

  15. says

    “Hood Jihadi: Oh my Allah, I am the true dhimi in this Christian man’s world.”
    Why Hood! If you hate us so much, why don’t you leave? Surely some oil rich prince would give you the funds to relocate to a nice middle East country like Saudi or Kuwait or Egypt? Then you can wallow in your ignorance and be just as uneducated as your idol, Mohammed. I always find it amusing that people want to come here for the kind of life and all the creature comforts they can’t have in their native lands and then when they’re here for a while start complaining about how bad things are. If it was so great where you came from, why did you leave? This is a free country, unlike the one you left. If you don’t like it, leave. And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  16. says

    HalWhy Hood! If you hate us so much, why don’t you leave?

    Hood Jihadi: Just like Americans live and work in the ME although they know they are not liked(cos the pay is good), I am here too! So you better introduce a dhimi Salary cap, so I could go somewhere else.

    Anyways, America was built off the back of African blood and sweat, not by a buch of viagra spamming Israeli companies. Why are they suppose to be more equal than me?

    To Paula, you are the problem! the day you are flushed out of Capital Hill, will be the day we Muslims of all races will enjoy our rightful peace.

  17. says

    Hoodie, didn’t you make a statement in another thread that you make crappy wages? then you say this: Hood Jihadi: Just like Americans live and work in the ME although they know they are not liked(cos the pay is good), I am here too! So you better introduce a dhimi Salary cap, so I could go somewhere else.

    Riding both sides of the fence are ya, Hoodie Kerry?

  18. says

    “Anyways, America was built off the back of African blood and sweat,”
    Hood, the US fought to give freedom to the slaves, unlike the Muslim nations who still have slaves. All races built this nation, not just one. Only a small part of eh southern states had slaves anyway comapred to the 50 states today. You wwant to see slavery? Look at what the Muslims are doing in Sudan and Africa, buying and selling slaves. There isn’t one person in Africa who would rather be here than there, except for the Muslim slave masters. Illegal here, legal there. Look at the lifestyle of people like 2Pac, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, and all the black athletes, artists and musicians who have made fortunes here. Don’t be jealous just ’cause you’re not one of ’em. What about people like G.W. Carver and all the black doctors, lawyers, and professional people of color? I don’t see anything like that in your vaunted ME or Islamic societies. I say again: Islam has contributed nothing to modern society, unless you count terrorism and the lies of the Koran. Look at the great scientists and inventors of the last few centuries: Jefferson, Franklin, Edison, Carver, Bell, Curie, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Ford, McCormick, Otis, Carrier, on and on, and not ONE Muslim among them. (Quite a few Jews though.) Every time you get in a car, bus or a plane, turn on a light, use a computer, turn on your air conditioner, use the phone, take an ansprin, flush your toilet, whatever you do, it’s all a testimony to the failure of Islam to contribute anything for the good of humanity, and the success and superiority of Western Judeo-Christian society. So enjoy living here Hood. You don’t have to thank all the Jews and Christians who made it possible, but you sure can’t thank any Muslims. But don’t fret over it. Have some pork rinds and a beer and chill babe.

  19. says

    Funny, I fail to see peace in the world of Islam. If there were such peace, then why in the world is there so much in-fighting amongst the Shiites, Sunnis and other groups? (scratches head) It seems to me that there isn’t a monopoly on bloodshed here.