We are not at war with terror. We are at war with militant Islam

In today’s Dallas Morning News, by Andrew McCarthy:

For Islamic militants like Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, Osama bin Laden and those who follow them, jihad means killing the enemies of the militants — which is pretty much anyone who is not a militant. That sounds crazy to us — we’re from a diverse, tolerant, live-and-let-live culture. But if we are going to appreciate the risk — the threat — we face, the reality is: It matters much less what we think about the militants than what they think about themselves.

Mort Kondracke mentions that

The decapitation of Nicholas Berg – which, it merits reminding, required several cuts of the knife to stop his screaming – was a front-page story for just one day. Only one newspaper that I know of, the Dallas Morning News, plus the Weekly Standard magazine, made the point that Berg’s murder is “why we fight.”

Don’t mess with Texas.

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  1. says

    McCarthy’s piece, in particular, should be required reading by all Americans:

    Terrorism is not an enemy. It is a method. You cannot, and you do not, make war on a method. War is made on an identified – and identifiable – enemy.

    In the here and now, that enemy is militant Islam – a very particular practice and interpretation of a very particular set of religious, political and social principles.

    Calling this fight a “war on terror” makes about as much sense as calling WWII a “war on tanks and bombers” would have.

  2. says

    Calling it a “war on terror” was the PC thing to do at the time…

    Bush may well be awakenng to the fact that Peacful Islam is a contridiction in terms…

    If you are a peaceful muslim you are either dead or terribly backslidden, and we know what the Quran says to do to backslidden Muslims Don’t we? If you do not know, take another look at that Berg Video…

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    I’ve thought for the last several years that being politically correct could be the death of us all. Why is everyone so afraid to state the obvious? That is, that militant Islam is the threat, not just some loose group of “terrorists” and “killers”. The terrorists come from one ideology….militant Islam. Either the “moderate” and “peaceful” Muslims are for us or they are our enemies. They need to identify themselves. If they won’t, then we must assume they are our enemies, too.

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    The war is not on “militant” islam, since all forms of Islam are militant. It is against Islam itself. Not only Muslims live in fear of their lives, it’s us: non-Muslims, dhimmis, apostates. They’re only sidestepping the issue, they are still PC.

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    As long as there is Islam, the base of radical Islam will always be there.
    Unless their leaders stand firmly against it, Radical Islam will always be a threat.
    And why don’t they speak out? Because it is to their benefit not to.
    The world must show the radical Islamists the consequences of their actions..actions which will not be tolerated in a civil world… thus the war on terror.
    We may have to teach them this lesson for many years to come.

  6. says

    I am more and more convinced that this is indeed a world war between Western civilization and Islam. The Islamic world knows this, but we have yet to acknowledge the fact. Which is a huge problem. Would WW2 have ended like it did if Churchill refused to recognize that the UK was at war with Nazism, just be stating that they would launch a campaign against “blitz krieg”? I don’t think so. If we can’t admit we are involved in a war, we will lose it before we have even started.

    The scenario that nobody likes to say out loud is that Western civilization and radical Islam quite simply can’t co-exist. This planet ain’t big enough for the both of us. Somebody has to lose. Unless Islam goes through some kind of Reformation, which I doubt is possible, this may come true. We are involved in a battle to the death, and the West is sharply divided between Europe and the USA, and internally weakened by the ideal of multiculturalism.

    We live in interesting times.

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    No, no, no… This is a silly discusion. As I have repeatedly said, Islam is a religion of peace. And you can quote me on that.

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    Islam is directly responsible for the need of effective walls around muslim communities.

    The Americans are building a 500-mile long wall along the Iraqi and Syrian border to keep Syria’s surrogate Saudi, Palestinian, Yemen, and other muslim jihadists out of Iraqi.

    The Israelis proved the effectiveness of their wall around Gaza and soon the West Bank.

    In the future, any muslims outside their walled enclaves without the proper papers, authorization and a satellite transponder will be fair ‘game’ for our security methods.

    I see physical and electronic jamming restraints around each muslim enclave in every city, in every civilized country around the world, not to our “corrupting” influences out but to keep those islamic cultists that wish us harm, kept safety inside.

    The cost of these efforts should be also be tallied and the expense charged to the muslim members of OPEC, and whatever other resourses the muslims possess.

  9. says

    The outcome of the struggle has never been in doubt. When Allah (swt) wills it, all corrupt man-made laws will be replaced by His (swt) divine Sharia. The Islamic Caliphate will encompass the entire world and true peace and freedom will reign for ever more. All people will live as Allah (swt) has ordained.

    Stop warring against Almighty Allah (swt). Embrace Islam freely and know the beauty and peace of total submission to the will of Allah (swt).

    Your grandchildren will be Muslim.

    Allahu akbar

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    Reza, your grandchildren will be Jewish homosexuals who enjoy ham. The Koran is man made, or else it would not be full of errors and contradictions. Mohammed is no prophet as there are no prophecies in teh Koran. Allah is not God but a chunk of meteorite in Mecca.

  11. says

    Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. But do you think Islam can be embraced? Personally I dont think so. Even in Africa, the spirit of the so called Jihad is failing away which is why they are looking for ways of waking up (Sharia) Unfortunately, Sharia is not just too stupid for us to accept, it is also an expired law which has no more relevance.
    I will advise you to give you life to christ before it is too late, because as I’ve said in my previous articles, there is no more time…
    The signs nowadays are pointing to that.
    Reza do you know what the bible says about your people, (muslims) The bible says “that the hands of everyman shall be on him (ishmeal)” which is what is happening. Reza, before it is too late, accept christ.
    Let me tell you this violence(fundamentalism)or Jihad will never prevail no mater how much it tries, it will only get quenched the more.
    Reza, time is going……

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    I am indebted to you for your remark about the Hindus – I wasn’t aware of that. However, my general point remains valid: Muslims contributed to maths and all the sciences. We should give credit where it’s due. I despise Islamic facism as much as anyone on this board, but blowing holes in the pages of history with a mind-hate gun will get us nowhere.

    If you think I’m an Arab lover, you’ve misunderstood my post.

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    My poor misquided Muslem, It is quite obvious that you haven’t the foggiest what is in this beautiful quran of yours, or what the late great mo taught.

    Perhaps you are just sounding off to see what type of responce you’ll get. I say keep it up, as it is only making us who know what this beast islam is really about stronger and more willing to express our views not only here, but to anyone who’ll listen.

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    Believe you could make that statement about all countries contributing something to the betterment of this world, however, what have the muslems contributed lately. I think you haven’t grasp the fact that this is a religious war anyway you look at it, and their contributions mean little to themselves or us. Killing is their latest contribution, and not caring who or where, by those believing in this alla and his personal friend mo.

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    Bill, I beg to disagree. Muslims have not contributed nearly as much to math and the sciences as much as they would like us to believe. The number system we use is Hindu in origin and was adopted by Muslim traders who brought it back for Greek mathematicians to use. Aristotle, Pythagoras, Euclid, et al, were the fathers of modern mathematics. Modern Algebra is the result of a Frenchman, Evariste Galois. Islamic star gazers were astrologers, not astronomers, as they thought the earth was the center of the universe. The Koran even says the moon was once a sun. That is scientifically impossible. Islam has contributed nothing to civilized society. Even today Islamic countries export nothing but oil and terrorism. They produce no cars, busses or airplanes. No TV’s, radios, air conditioners or computers. No weaponry. Islam instills a slave mentality in its’ followers which is why they are stuck in a seventh century mindset. Once a nation becomes Islamic it stagnates and ceases to produce anything of value.

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    Another point I’d like to add to what you just posted, I believe in was on Front Page Magazine, the article I read about a month ago had to do with how Muslims write history to suit their purposes.
    What the article was about was the books the Saudi’s have sent out to all the school systems here and in Canada, in this book, it has the history of the founding of North America, was actually done by Muslims and that the tribes took their names from Islamic names.
    The Indian societies actually based their laws on Shira.
    When the North American Indian Council protested this, the Saudi’s were forced to take that out of the future printings, but they did not recall the earlier printings and techers that had already recieved these books, did not question this line of history and had already started to teach it.

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    Yep Susan, Taqiyyah, or dissimulation. Their religion commands them to do it. Same thing as the Communist philosophy of “the end justifies the means”. Lies, murder, rape, slavery, subterfuge, terrorism, anything to make Muslim converts. If you listen to them they invented baseball and apple pie too. I have to wonder how much Islamic petrodollars have influenced the way our news has been interpreted to give the Muslims a rosy glow when spoken about in the press and on TV? Bluntly put: has the media been bought out by Muslims purchasing stock in NBC, CBS, and ABC? Might explain a lot about Koppel and Brokaw’s slant on things.

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    Perhaps we need to take the message more aggressively to “influencers.” I sent the following note to the headmaster of my child’s prep school in response to the headmaster’s parents’ newsletter reporting on two speakers visiting campus and speaking on Islam:

    Your statement that you “hope that his [Dr. Eroes’] criticism of Wahabism did not detract from his overall message of hopefullness and respect for the Muslim faith and culture” seems to insinuate a disapproval of such criticism. Well, I am reminded of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s statement: “I have seen gross intolerance shown in support of tolerance.” However, in the current world, I am beginning to see “gross tolerance shown in support of intolerance.” Wahabism is a Muslim sect that espouses misogyny and bigotry, and militant intolerance towards all “others” including not only Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other faiths, but also more moderate and less militant Muslim sects. To any enlightened modernist or even a more-nihilistic non-judgemental post-modernist, such intolerance is anathema and is routinely condemned when manifested by groups other than Muslims.

    You may notice that this theme is somewhat related to my earlier letter in regard to speech codes at [the school], for the issues are similar. We have seen situations, for instance, where teachers or students are not permitted to wear crosses, stars of David, yamulkas, or other expressions of their faith. Why? Because someone else may be “offended.” In other words, some people are permitted to be intolerant of others’ expressions and their intolerance trumps the expressors’ right of expression, apparently under the new-age principle of “gross tolerance shown for intolerance.” However, it is the plight of humankind that we are plagued by paradoxes. Gross tolerance is, in fact, gross. For tolerance to be a guiding principle, tolerant people must find intolerance intolerable. To do otherwise is essentially a form of cultural arogance or moral elitism. Essentially, it is to say that we (the superior culture or moral elites) are so superior that we will demonstrate super-tolerance and “sensitivity” for your intolerance because we cannot expect you (the inferior culture or moral inferiors) to be held to the same high moral standards we hold for ourselves.

    And so, Wahabism, at least as practiced by the most extreme and militant Islamists, should and must be confronted and condemned for its misogyny, bigotry, and intolerance and for the attrocities against humanity it fosters. It is a sad fact post-modernists seem reluctant to admit, but Wahabi intolerance and extremism is a culture and philosphy of life that is simply incompatible with the philosophy and culture of tolerance in post-enlightenment civilization or modernity and even with the morally-relativist, non-judgemental philosophy of post-modernism. Wahabism is nothing if not judgemental in the extreme and would brook none of the moral-relativity of post-modernism. A Wahabi Islamist extremist would be just as happy, maybe more so, to put an atheistic post-modernist to the sword as any fundamental Christian or Jew.

    That said, I realize that it is essential to distinguish between the extremely militant and intolerant Islamists and the Muslim sects that embrace tolerance. I agree we should show “respect for the Muslim faith and culture,” but only for those forms that show respect (and tolerance) for other faiths and cultures. Confusing the two and lumping all Muslims into the extremist camp is not only grossly wrong, it is dangerous and counter-productive. Unfortunately, voices critical of the extremists from the moderate Muslim sects have been as rare as oases in the Sahara and so it may be difficult for many people in America to see a distinction. I would hope that by bringing both Dr. Eroes and Imam Rasheed to campus, the students at [the school] will gain better insights into these critical issues and distinctions.

    Finally, I cannot imagine a context in which you would ever write: “again underscoring the School’s commitment to supporting the [Catholic] faith,” or the “Jewish” faith, or any other faith. I think I understand how you might make such an expression with respect to Islam so as to distance the School from Dr. Eroes’ criticisms of Wahabism, but it again implies the kind of elitist “sensitivity” to which I refered earlier. Perhaps the point could have been made without this conotation by simply writing: “again underscoring the School’s commitment to the free expression and practice of all religious faiths.”

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    REZA said “The outcome of the struggle has never been in doubt. When Allah (swt) wills it, all corrupt man-made laws will be replaced by His (swt) divine Sharia. ”

    Since when is sharia God’s law? What I have read of the koran shows that it is just a warmed over, incorrect version of various Old Testament and other ancient writings cobbled together by Mohammed, and that goes for sharia as well.

  20. says


    I believe the piece you mentioned is this one, “The Left Hijacks Indian History,” from April 28, 2004

    A liberal advocacy group in Washington recently committed intellectual genocide on American Indians. Authors of the group presumed to fabricate Indian history, as if real Indian history doesn’t matter. Authors simply created an Indian story to suit the purposes of the advocacy group, and published it in a school text manual as fact.

    Sounds incredible, but the Middle East Policy Council published a 540-page book called Arab World Studies Notebook, a teacher’s guide for presenting Arab culture to young American students. The text, published five years ago, has a two-page chapter entitled, “Early Muslim Exploration Worldwide: Evidence of Muslims In the New World Before Columbus.” The text says Arab Muslim explorers were here in America before Columbus, and married Algonquin Indians. These early marriages produced descendents who, by the 17th century, became Algonquin chiefs, like “Abdul-Rahim and Abdallah Ibn Malik.” The Washington Times notes there is no evidence to validate the story.


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    Canuck, I hope this means your child’s school will permit Christian, Jewish and Hindu groups to have speakers who will express their views now, or is the school going to discriminate against other religions? I recall after 9-11 the New York school system was found to have allowed Muslim children to take time from their classes for prayers and denied other religions the right to pray in school. Once threatened with civil lawsuits for discrimination, they quickly stopped the practice of allowing Muslinms to pray in public schools.

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    Susan B “this book, it has the history of the founding of North America, was actually done by Muslims and that the tribes took their names from Islamic names.
    The Indian societies actually based their laws on Shira.”

    Just to add to this point, I believe I read somewhere on Jihad Watch that some muslim group claims that the Australian aboriginal tribes were muslim in their origin. Seems a bit implausible since the Aboriginals of Australia settled there tens of thousands of years ago. They even have tribal legends about walking over from Indonesia because the sea level was low due to the last ice age. But then logic and rational thinking doesn’t seem to be a strong point with the sheep of Mohammed.

  23. says

    Root cause of terrorism: Muslims feel guilty of Islam. They cannot express or question due to death penalty of blasphemy and apostacy. Muslims are simply jealous of others. They are full of anger resulting in terrorism. Why muslims in general don’t even talk about Islam- somebody may ask about Ayesha (6 year old bride) when Mohammed was 46, and other wives, mostly widows. Looks like he was fond of widows. This guilt is cause for them to attack first.

  24. says

    Thank You, Lobo and Canuck.
    It was rattling around the old brain, but I just couldn’t pull it out.
    And I do now remember the article about the Australian aborignals.
    The thing that is amazing to me, is that the teachers that recieved this book, taught this incorrect history, never questioned it. It took the American Indian Council to put a stop to it.
    And, if memory serves me correctly, didn’t the Aborignal Council file a law suit also?
    I’m going to go back to both articles and re-read them.
    Opviews-excellent post.
    Hal-Once again, a while back, maybe 6 months ago, I read a piece on what percentage our news agencies were owned by the Saudi’s and from what I remember, it averaged out to about a 25% interest in most of the news services.
    It might have been on Honest Reporting, but 25% would give them alot of influence.
    I don’t even watch CNN anymore because they have become so biased.

  25. says

    Another thing, if you get the chance go to the Nick Berg article on May, 15 and read the article I posted by Barbara Stock, it’s near the bottom.
    This also goes into how the news is reported, even here in the U.S.

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    I agree that at least in the case of Muslims fences make good neighbors. As we know Isreal has built a fence to seperate themselves from the palestinians in gaza with another fence being built between Isreal and the west bank.These fences are proving effective as the latest palestinian suicide bomber ended up injuring more palestinians then Isrealis when he blew himself up today.Apparently it’s becoming so difficult for palestinians to kill in Isreal that they are blowing up other palestinians instead. Here’s to more security fences to seperate the civilized world from Muslim fanatics.

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    “The war is not on “militant” islam, since all forms of Islam are militant” Ibn Warq wannabe

    “If you are a peaceful muslim you are either dead or terribly backslidden,” Susanc

    “Calling this fight a “war on terror” makes about as much sense as calling WWII a “war on tanks and bombers” would have.” loco91

    This is just the first posts, but it proves my fears. I believe it was loco who accused me of inability to understand English concerning one of Spencer’s articles. I am sorry loco, you just lack critical thinking. Scepticism is the best weapon against racism, tribalism and totalitarianism.

    What happened to the education system? I think you are followers my dear e-trolls.

    The fear I raised was the blind support of Americans for Jewish colonialism who want to broaden this “war on terror” to every Muslim country to destroy and murder them with our Christian name.

    But I am glad now; I want to say no more since you are happy to utter your hateful tendencies.

    Can I just remind you Christianity and Judaism are not the same? We cannot tribalise Christianity as if we don’t have enough problems to customise the Spirit of Jesus amongst nations. Every nation is an asset to our faith, whilst theirs demands the destruction of other peoples or those who question.

    Happy weekend :(

  28. says


    I believe it was loco (sic) who accused me of inability to understand English concerning one of Spencer’s articles.

    Looks like I was right, since you’ve managed to once again miss the point of an article linked to this site.

  29. says


    Christine (aka Christine Roberts) is no “Catholic sister”. She’s a Muslim plant posing as a Christian.

    Especially noteable is the extreme Jewish prejudice; where have we heard this before?

  30. says


    Great article on the practice of taqiyya.The articles shows again that knowledge is power,the more people learn about Islam the better.

    People should ask themselves,what kind of religion encourages lying and hypocrisy among it’s members? Most faith discourage such practices.

  31. says

    Christine said “…The fear I raised was the blind support of Americans for Jewish colonialism who want to broaden this “war on terror” to every Muslim country to destroy and murder them with our Christian name.”

    Speaking of colonialism, I was recently speaking to a friend about about muslim immigration to Canada, and his comment was “they don’t consider themselves to be Canadian even after a couple of generations, because they are colonizing Canada with a mind to change us, not to settle here and adopt our culture.”

    scary eh?


  32. says

    Sons of pigs and apes you can say what do you want about us , hunt us where do u want cowboys , yes we are Terrorists ….. Integrists ….. insurgents .

    Terroristes……we bring to the tyrants and Kaffirs the sowards and the cut of throats

    Integrists……we shut fires and hells over all enemies and evils

    Insurgents………. we rise against your ways of life your corrupt values and your satanic man-made laws

    We are all that and more

    We are the flood who will clean all the abhorreds of Kaffirs

    We are the perfect storm who makes cast the ships of the unbelievers

    We are the Supervolcano who has been erupted to eject out the evil embitions of Kaffirs

    We are the followers of Mohamed Peace by open him , eradicating and cuting the heads of the evil ones.

    We are all that and more

    We are the Balance of Justice who down the tyrans of Earth under the feet of Truth

    We are The catastrophe and The strong hands that will cut the tongue of snakes and the cannines of wolves .

    We are the Storms and Hurricanes who break down the wings and the claws of eagle

    We are the Mass distruction who will destroy the obstinated world to Allahs Laws and Values

    We are all that and more

    We are the giants of This world who defy the injustice and the tyranny and the injustice and the enslavement.

    We are the executioners who will bleed and tear the backs of trators and evils

    We are Allah’s destiny we are coming to carry out Allah’s wills in Allah’s Earth

    We are Nuh Flood coming to clean The Earth from unbelievers and implant The Role of Islam over the craniums of Kaffirs

    Enemies of Allah and humanity.. We are all that and more

  33. says


    We are Nuh Flood coming to clean The Earth from unbelievers and implant The Role of Islam over the craniums of Kaffirs

    Well, it’s nice to see one of them speak honestly for once, anyway…

  34. says

    Your right, it is sort of refreshing to hear the enemy declare the truth for once. I just started laughing and couldn’t stop, because in my mind, I just got this picture of jihadist in east L.A.
    Talk about suicide missions!!!!

  35. says

    First of all, the liberal media is always haranging anyone they don’t like with the question “Are we at war with Islam?” As if any politician with an IQ over 55 is going to say ‘yes’ knowing they will be branded a racist Atilla the Hun. The real question they should be asking is this: “Is Islam at war with us?” That one sort of answers itself, doesn’t it?

    This essay has influenced all informed discussion on modern Islamic terror. It concerns Islam’s ‘bloody borders’ and it left me with the opinion that there is one and only one jihad, regardless whether it is in the Philippines, Nigeria, Palestine, The Sudan, Spain, Kashmir or San Francisco: http://www.alamut.com/subj/economics/misc/clash.html

    Michael Ledeen in National Review today is forceful in pointing up the blunders we’ve made in Iraq. He says were are in a regional war: http://www.nationalreview.com/ledeen/ledeen200405211643.asp

    If he is right, and it is a regional war, than I still say win in Iraw first. I believe he who controls Iraq has his boot in Islam’s neck. Just look at a map of the Middle East to see Iraq as the nexus, the pivot: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/middle_east_and_asia/middle_east_pol_2003.jpg

    I don’t see this as a regional war. What I see is a war of religion thrust upon us. Is it so strange that we should be in a war of religion? Religious war ravaged Europe just until modern times. The last time the Muslims were turned back was the siege of Vienna 1683. That’s like the day before yesterday.

    I really don’t want to run down W. He has done a masterful job in Iraq. But just think how good it would feel to hear hin say Islam is at war with us, Islam is dominated by a sect that has a streak of facism running through, and above all Muslims re not practicing a religion of peace but are trying to kill us.

  36. says

    “Why is everyone so afraid to state the obvious? That is, that militant Islam is the threat, not just some loose group of “terrorists” and “killers”. The terrorists come from one ideology….militant Islam. Either the “moderate” and “peaceful” Muslims are for us or they are our enemies. They need to identify themselves. If they won’t, then we must assume they are our enemies, too.”


    PCness states that no one must be offended, no matter how bad that person is. As for the latter part of your paragraph, if Muslims really are upright and moral, they would be so, instead of “protecting their own”, so to speak. Soon after 9-11 I was expecting American Muslims to join together on the Mall in D.C. to protest that horrible incident. Did it happen? No.

    Muslims need to ask themselves if it is more important to protect their “brother” and “sister” than to point out the wrongs the militant Muslims are doing. As far as I can see, Islam is about clannishness at the expense of the individual.

  37. says

    Ibn Rushd:

    I agree with you completely. The enemy is ISLAM. It may take a couple more September 11ths, but one day we will all awaken to that fact.

  38. says

    Ibn Rushd:

    I agree with you completely. The enemy is ISLAM. It may take a couple more September 11ths, but one day we will all awaken to that fact.

  39. says

    My grandchildren/children WILL NEVER BE ISLAM! My daughter is Christian and will stay that way. She will never be shown Islam, she will never convert as she will learn the truth and will grow up loving Jesus as her one and only Lord.

  40. says


    I’ve always taken that “your grandchildren will be Muslim” bit as a threat, rather than a prediction.

    Very few educated Christian Westerners convert to Islam of their own accord, and the Islamists know it.

  41. says

    “Jihadist” you are a fool following a false prophet who listened to a false god, your spelling sucks, your breath stinks and you are a liar.

  42. says


    There are millions of Muslims in the United States. At least 30% are white converts to Islam.

    Although I seriously doubt that’s true, even if it were, that still amounts to “very few” out of 285 million Americans.

  43. says

    “Anon”, I don’t suppose you’d care to quote the source you got those figures from so they can be verifed, would you? The problem when quoting from Muslim sources is that they often intentionally misrepresent their figures in an attempt to give their arguments an air of credibility. It’s called “taqiyyah”. They lie and intentionally distort and misrepresent the truth, or just make things up. Like the Koran. Good rule of thumb: if a Muslim’s lips are moving, assume he’s lying.

  44. says


    The article about “taqiyya” that was linked earlier in this thread specifically mentioned Muslims lying about their numbers to make it appear there are more Muslims in the US then there really are. The lies about the number of Muslims in the US are an attempt to increase the influence of Muslims and Islam in the US. The article says there are really only about 1.8 mil Muslims in the US.

  45. says

    I clipped this out of the link:

    For most Muslims, the idea that an infidel could reject Islam because of a sincere concern for knowing the truth is absolutely inconceivable. Hence, the infidel must be lying when he or she present facts and arguments against Islam, and the infidel must be an especially tricky liar when the facts and arguments cannot be answered by the Muslim.

  46. says

    Here’s the section in the article about the phony claims by Muslims about their numbers in the US.What’s sad is once a person or group gets a reputation for lying they are never believed. I know I never believe anything a Palestinian says.
    Palestinians have been caught lying so many times I just assume they are lying no matter what they say.


    Part and parcel with this are the many inflated claims made concerning the number of Muslims residing in Western nations. For years, it has been an article of faith among American Muslim leaders that Islam had over 7 million followers in the United States. This large number is designed to give Muslims additional clout with American political and cultural leaders. However, this number is vastly over-inflated. An article in the New York Post reported that two prominent scientific polling groups, using data from recent polls, each report numbers around 1.8 million. The same article also reveals that the American Muslim Council put pressure on researcher Fareed Nu’man to grossly inflate the figure for the Muslim population in a poll he was taking for them, and that Nu’man was fired when he refused to do so.

    Related to these inflated population figures are the claims which Islam makes to ever-accelerating conversions of Westerners to the religion. However, these numbers are also exaggerated, and carry little real validity. The majority of white Western converts usually become disenchanted with Islam; because of the cool reception they receive from “born Muslims”, the lack of true piety they observe in Muslim immigrants to the West, and family pressure against Islam; and revert back to their birth religions. Also, there appears to be a systematic attempt at deception on the part of many Muslims through the manufacture of “conversion stories” designed to influence people towards Islam. This author formerly was a member of an Islamic e-mail message group based in Egypt which regularly sent out stories of this type. Invariably, the individual who had “converted” would have a stereotypically Anglo-Saxon name, claim to be an American (or, less commonly, a Canadian, Englishman, or Australian), yet would appear to have almost no skills in the English language. The letters gave all the appearance of having been written by someone with no command of English whatsoever; grammar, punctuation, verb conjugations, adverbs; all used wrongly. One can easily surmise that either all the illiterates of the Western world were converting to Islam, or else the letters were being faked by zealous (but careless) Middle Easterners.

  47. says


    To paraphrase Bob Owens, if your Allah is so powerful, then why are we always kicking his ass?

  48. says

    Speaking of lying, I remember my mouth hanging open when a segment of I believe, 60 Minutes or somesuch, did a hidden camera piece showing men of middle eastern origin who were supposed to be repairing cars. (There was also one on a ME man repairing refrigerators). They were blatant scammers but when presented with their image ON VIDEO, doing the dirty deeds, they vehemently denied it.!! They denied the video and continued to say it was not true. Since then, I have never trusted anyone of middle eastern origin to repair anything for me. Maybe they were sending some of the money to the Mosque, so the lie was legal. :>)
    Also, does anyone know anything about a philosopher called Gurdieff from the 60’s. It may have been connected to Sufism, but when I read it I couldn’t go along with the guy when he told stories about lying to people and ripping them off as if it was all a joke. At the time, I thought, “these people have a different culture than we do.”
    WEll, yeah, I guess.

  49. says

    The idea was that when you were ‘on the right religious path’ it showed your superiority when you were able to outwit people and trick them. And that since they were not of the same ‘cult’ it was not immoral.

    An important part of Christianity is ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ We are taught to feel guilt when we trick people and con them, for any reason (except self-defense). This understanding – that others have been taught to tell the truth – can be a hazard when confronted with cultures that have no such compunction against lying. Especially if the con is coming from a religion!
    I think we are still blinded by this belief: Islam is a religion, and they worship the same God,(don’t they??) so..they must be given the benefit of the doubt.

    In our own culture, we have been dumbfounded when religious leaders have told us bold faced lies…have conned us and stolen from us, all with the name of Jesus on their lips. But here, we have a ‘religion’ that teaches that lying is fine, both inside and outside the group, if it benefits the forwarding of Islam.
    We must learn to be aware of this and suspicious of their motives everytime they speak.

  50. says

    Enemies of Allah and humanity.. We are all that and more

    Posted by: jihadist at May 22, 2004 10:50 PM

    You are all what and more?

    Failures at behaving like rational thinking humans?

    Failures at treating women equally to men?

    Failures at fighting like men, using women and children to block the rounds that were intended for you?

    You’re living a pipedream. You’re homemade bombs and sharp machetes demonstrate your lack of intelligence and resourses.

    Your words demonstrate your brainwashing, most likely at a young age.

    Your hero Mohammed (sboh) is a prime example of the behavior and tactics of modern day jihadists, whose mentality remains centuries behind modern day society.

    You say: “We are the followers of Mohamed Peace by open him , eradicating and cuting the heads of the evil ones.

    You fail to not butcher the English language. Aside, you demonstrate the support for barbarians. Savages that day by day are being sent to meet your moon God, Allah.

    Keep bringing machetes to gunfights, it makes our job to eliminate Islamic jihad that much cheaper and easier.

  51. says

    Patricia–any untruth, foul deed, or atrocity committed against infidels is not sinful in Islam. This is the great lie. It is also why Islam will decay. The key to accelerating that decay is reducing the prominence of petrol. H2 fuel cells, ethanol, wind, nuclear, and solar will all be the ultimate weapons against these 7th century scumbags. When the $$ dries up, they will as well.

  52. says


    Of all the reasoned, hopefully insightful posts I’ve made, you had to quote me on that one?

    I guess that’ll teach me… 😉

  53. says

    Killshot said “Patricia–any untruth, foul deed, or atrocity committed against infidels is not sinful in Islam. This is the great lie. It is also why Islam will decay. The key to accelerating that decay is reducing the prominence of petrol. H2 fuel cells, ethanol,wind, nuclear, and solar will all be the ultimate weapons against these 7th century scumbags. When the $$ dries up, they will as well.”

    I tend to agree with you on this point. It must be a bit disconcerting to know that your entire culture and religion depends so much on a black fluid that may become as obsolete as whale oil did 100 years ago.

  54. says

    Bill Blake,

    I’m sorry if I came across as too rude. Its just that as an Indian myself its pretty galling to see the decimal system credited to the Arabs. I mean its not as if we are crediting the invention of sliced bread. On the other hand from what I’ve read the medieval Arabs themselves never made these claims. I agree that we should respect the contributions of Islamic scientists like Omar Khayyam and the like.

    In my opinion this meme of a great and glorious Islamic civilisation is largely the invention of Jewish scholars, who being grateful for the their welcome among the Muslim Turks, worked polemically to draw unflattering comparisons between the Christians wallowing in the ” Dark Ages ” and the refined Islamic world. The truly sad thing is that the Jews (including famous men like Disraeli ) who did so much to humanise the Muslims to the West, are now the victims of a diabolical hatred from the very same people.

  55. says

    Liked the one in the Dallas news about Iran & Iraqi Politicians. Did you see in news max about N.Korea selling 20 tons of uranium to Libya, and Omor walked out of the Arab Leage once again because he did not like their plans. WoW what are their Plans???

    Part of the American Tribe
    God Bless the USA and her Fighting Forces and All who Fight with Her give them Strength and Courage to stay the Course to Victory Amen

  56. says

    Reza, we all know Allah. He posts on Jihad Watch. He’s also Anti-Jihad. So you better listen to him when he posts here.

    He is your almighty, little Reza, and you must obey him. Allah, we await your next appearance, for your disciple Reza has been misbehaving. Reza, I hope he redirects you soon, for your remarks are that of a poorly misguided puppet.

  57. says

    Somewhere on here yesterday (sorry, don’t have time to review for who it was right now), read someone alleging an inconsistency between holding sincere wishes for peace and a proper democracy soon for Iraq and the sober contemplation of the use of American nuclear arms there.

    – Not at all mutually exclusive! Arguably – in extremis – the employment of the latter could well lead to the creation of the former (think Japan, 1945).

    In extremis: nukes should never be weapons of first or even of early resort, nor to be detonated promiscuously. Nonetheless, especially at this point in history, they ought NOT to be excluded from the Allied armoury, for the indispensable sake of Western victory in the struggle ahead. The enemy in these hostilities are fully prepared to see this conflict through generations till they win – featuring grisly megacide by the Islamo-fascists if so.

    Nukes could become the only practical ticket at hand to circumvent their ambitions. Moreover, the clock’s ticking away on this one right now – highly-enriched uranium’s accumulating in covert Iranian centrifuges. Some of the US’ premium options might suddenly expire, the moment that, say, Iran’s got an adequate stockpile of A-bombs.

    Once these are on alert, Washington could no longer consider utilizing one of its nukes as an example in the dar el-Islam – despite how very sorely just that blow may be required – lest it suffers prompt retaliation. (Iran’s rocketry research does include ICBMs.)

    How about if el-Qaeda (hardly friendless there) should take over Pakistan, with its store of 50 or 60 warheads? What, have no nukes ready for that?

  58. says


    Libya’s Colonel Gadafi walked out of the Arab League Summit in Tunis because none of his peers there – only 15 of the 22* Members turned up – would agree to his totally impractical recommendation of peace being brought to “Palestine” via the creation of “one state for two peoples”.

    (This notion’s grown pretty fashionable nowadays in the West’s Leftist élites in the media, academies, the arts, entertainment , churches, trade unions, NGOs, etc.)

    Notwithstanding, it hardly means that most Arab potentates accept the “two state solution”, though – they prefer a “one state solution” all right, but just for one people – the “Palestinian” Arabs (frankly, meaning genocide of the Israelis – which Gadafi’s idea would naturally entail, in effect, as well).

    *”Palestine”‘s accepted as a full Member of the Arab League, but it is not – and has never been – a sovereign country.