US Offers Citizenship To 7000 Ahiska Muslims

What pains were taken to make sure that these people do not hold to radical Islamic views? What is the extent of Wahhabi and/or Deobandi and/or Shi’te Iranian presence in Krasnodar? What efforts have been made to make sure that none of these 7,000 have any attachment to Sharia or violent jihad? Political correctness keeps these questions from even being asked, let alone answered. This story will be forgotten in a few days, and that will be that. But all it would take would be one — or nineteen — of these 7,000 to make sure it will be remembered forever. From IslamOnline, with thanks to Sparta:

KRASNODAR, Russia, July 24, ( – The United States has agreed to grant citizenship to 7,000 Ahiska Muslims who will be settled in Pennsylvania, reported a Russian newspaper on Friday, July 23.

The first 11-strong batch of the Ahiska Muslims, living in the Russian province of Krasnodar, left for Geneva on Thursday, July 22, before flying to Philadelphia, reported Novie Izvestia.

It added that the Muslims would be housed near the grand mosque in Philadelphia.

The paper recalled that Krasnodar governor Alexander Tkachev was notified of the American decision on February 15.

Izvestia said the Russian government does not treat Ahiska Muslims as citizens and has not therefore given them passports or IDs.

An official in Krasnodar administration had told Interfax on Tuesday, July 20, that of the 11,999 Ahiska Muslims living in the region, 4,943 have received Russian citizenship and 744 have embarked on Russian naturalization procedures.

He added that more than 5,000 others have expressed a desire to emigrate to the United States.

Earlier, Chingiz Neiman-zade, chairman of Vatan, a Meskheti Turks association based in Georgia, said the United States had offered to accept the Ahiska Muslims living in Krasnodar as immigrants.

“On February 16, the International Migration Organization began an information program in Krasnodar to explain the terms for the resettlement of the Ahiska Muslims in the U.S.,” he told Chicago Tribune on Thursday, July 22.

“The immigrants will be provided with housing and furniture, they will be helped to learn the English language and to complete formalities needed for residence in the US, which is especially important, and have been promised life-long welfare allowances for pensioners and the disabled.”

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    What for?

    Sheesh, I can’t even get a US work permit (greencard) without first getting a job offer for a job that a American can’t do, let alone an immigration visa, and I’m a qualified professional. What’s special about these people that normal rules don’t apply?

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    I’d just as soon have 7,000 nazis immigrate to the United States. Why doesn’t Russia want these people? Could it be because they identify with an ideology that is hostile to the Russian state, culture, history, way of life, and yes – religion, of its people?

    I was shocked to find that government wasn’t offering to teach their children classes in their native language along with all of the other benfits being given?

    Another chance for common sense slain on the altar of ignorance and political correctness…

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    Perhaps there are those in the United States who feel that the Turkic, or Turanian Muslims are the “good” kind and this would be a wonderful way for the American government to “prove” it is not making war on Islam. But the American government has no need to prove anything when it comes to Islam. The American army helped to protect Muslims in Kosovo and in Bosnia.t It was the American government, almost alone (with some window dressing provided by other governments) that expelled the Iraqis from Kuwait and rescued Kuwait, and by extension, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states (U.A.E., Qatar, Bahrain, Oman) from a potential further invasion by Saddam Hussein. It is the United States that has provided, for reasons that are inexplicable, and that are less and less supportable, nearly $60 billion in aid to Egypt, with its virulently anti-American press, government, and people. And it is America that has rescued the Iraqis themselves from the despotism of Saddam Hussein, in which Iraq had become a torture chamber for all opponents of the regime, and even the innocnet, and might, without American intervention, have gone on for another 35 years. It is America that has continued to supply Pakistan’s army with advanced planes and other weaponry, despite demonstration after demonstration of Pakistani perfidy in its support of the Taliban, its support of terrorism in Kashmir,and in the role of the Pakistani army in the dealings of A. Q. Khan, which have increased the peril of nuclear proliferation, and to states that do not wish us well (America worries if North Korea has such weapons, but not a bit if Australia does; it worries if Iran or Egypt should acquire such weapons, but not a bit if Israel does — for neither Australia, nor Israel, is ever going to use such a weapon on a fellow Infidel state, and any Muslim state may well use such a weapon on an Infidel people).

    Now perhaps these Muslims have, in Krasnodar, been put upon? Surely there was another, equally generous outcome — and one far less troubling to the Infidels of the United States. Why not resettle these Turkic Muslims, in a spirit of pan-Turanian brotherhood, right in Turkey itself. And if American generosity needs for some reason to be put on display, then by all means the Americans could have contributed to that resettlement. But bringing them to Pennsylvania, where they may well feel deracinated, and turn to Islam with a greater fervency to fill up that void, is not the outcome that makes the most sense. For merely swelling the Muslim numbers, helps to increase Muslim power, real or perceived, and that power, in turn, can help Muslims — who have not demonstrated, in the manner of the Japanese-Americans during World War II, any unusual loyalty, or indeed any loyalty, to a country whose polity and people are, and have been, under attack by Muslims speaking in terms of Islam, and prompted by the teachings of Islam.

    This may all work out, but why take a chance? Who made this decision? If a referendum were to be held in the United States, one doubts that the decision would be ratified. There has to be some taking into consideraton of the deep and well-merited distrust of Muslims, and of the firm opposition to allowing Muslims to settle here. The West Europeans made their decision; it was the wrong one; everyone in Western Europe wishes that decision could be undone, and that the careless elites who permitted so many Muslims into England, or France, could somehow be held to account. Let us not repeat the mistakes that have been made elsewhere.

    It would have been entirely possible to resettle these people among other Turkic peoples — i.e. either in Turkey itself, or in the countries of Central Asia. They would have fit in, their Islam would have remained likely subdued, rather than heightened. But the bright bureaucrats who decided this would be just the ticket for the U.S. government to prove it had nothing to fear from new Muslim immigrants. Well, if it really thinks it has nothing to fear from more Muslim immigrants, it has not studied the experience of France, Italy, Holland, England, Germany, Belgium, Spain — indeed, wherever Muslim immigrants have become significant. Why this fear of offending? Why this nervous desire to placate those who do not wish us well — CAIR, and the Arab League, and the ulemas of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, and Iran?

    One hopes it will all work out. But what is the likelihood? And why take a chance? A certain hardness has to be injected into immigration policy. It is still all goodwill gestures, and compassion, and undigested mush, in all the wrong places. Where are the grown-ups?

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    6:00 p.m. – Opening flag burning ceremony

    6:15 p.m. – Opening secular prayers by Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. AI Sharpton

    6:30 p.m. – Anti-war concert by Dixie Chicks and Linda Ronstadt

    6:45 p.m. – Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    7:00 p.m. – Tribute theme to France

    7:15 p.m. Collections for Al- Zawhari and Abu Hamza defense fund

    7:30 p.m. – Whoopi Goldberg Speech: Female Genitalia

    7:45 p.m. – Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    8:00 p.m. – Terrorist Appeasement Workshop: Gloria Arroyo and Koffi Annan

    8:30 p.m. – Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    8:45 p.m. – Gay Marriage Ceremony

    9:00 p.m. – * Intermission *

    9:15 p.m. – Public Speaking Workshop: Theresa Kerry

    9:30 p.m. – Re-enactment of Kerry’s fake medal toss

    9:45.p.m.- Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    10:00 p.m. – Weightloss Seminar with Michael Moore

    10:15 p.m. – Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    11:15 p.m. – Hillary Clinton Speech: Keeping you Husband Faithful

    11:30 p.m. – Cameo Appearence: Yassir Arafat

    11:45 p.m. – Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

    12:00 a.m. – Nomination of Democratic Candidate

    12:15 a.m. – Closing Ceremonies – Disposition of Ashes from Opening Flag Burning Ceremony

    Any Chance we could get Ted Kennedy to drive Hillary home from the convention?

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    Click here:

    ( See fax Congress for free )

    or here

    (See Legislative Action Center )


    Look folks unless you speak up the entities propeling this immigration fiasco will ruin the nation.

    Please, I urge you all, to do something as simple as organizing with these fine organizations.

    Again, I plead with you, to act.



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    This is pure insanity! Why has the U.S.accepted 7000 non-English speaking muslims of unknown political persuasion and given them what appears to be a free ride for life?! I just don’t get it.If Russia doesn’t want them, why do we?
    In a few years, they will have multiplied to 70,000 and will probably all be fervently captivated by the Wahabi influence.
    It appears that our government is going to shove muslims and Islam down our throats despite the growing Islamic terror threat. Why can’t they look at Europe and learn from its mistakes?
    I’ll bet the homeless in Philadelphia will be delighted to know that their benevolent government is more concerned about the welfare of 7000 Russian muslim rejects than its own hungry, homeless citizens.
    Just what we need, 7000 more muslims of dubious character for the F.B.I. to monitor for terrorist activities. I suppose it’s going to take a catastrophic event far worse than 9-11 for the politically correct morons in Washington to wake up. The 9-11 Commission, the presidential candidates, the pundits, the terrorism experts, all have their own formulas for “protecting Americans” and just to prove how serious they are, they invite 7000 enemies of Western civilization to America! It looks like we’re on our own; they will never stop muslim immigration to this country and America will look like Europe in a few years.
    Susan P

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    I can’t believe this ! I’ve got hard-working, decent British friends who have been trying to get a Green card to the States for years with no luck and yet these Muslims are invited in without a problem ! Surely there has to be some kind of outcry about this from the American people ? If there isn’t , at what point do you say enough is enough ? 10,000 ? 20,000 ? 50,000 ? 100,000 ? Is there a conspiracy to destroy the West by the very people who are running it ? Do the American electorate have any say about this ? About who is being let in their country ? Who actually got on his/her hind legs and suggested this act of folly ? BEAM ME UP SCOTTY !!!

  8. says

    Still can’t believe this !! Can someone explain to me why British soldiers are considered good enough to die alongside our American allies in Iraq and yet British citizens rank lower than almost everyone else in the world when it comes to Green Card applications ? If this is how the American government treats it’s friends whilst letting in 7,000 of it’s mortal enemies then why are we in Iraq ? Talk about a slap in the face…

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    As stated befor my people have been in the U.S. for well over 400 years and I know that tonight they roll in their graves over this action. What the hell are we all going to do about this disaster. Do we just talk to one another or can we really make a big difference?

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    Gee,that would be really sad if their planes were hijacked and flow to Mecca to slam into that huge tribute to Satan that part of the Haj.
    Now THAT would put the SLAM in Islam.


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    Yes, this is completely nuts. If they had accepted seven hundred, well … okay. But seven thousand???? What on earth is the US thinking? And to grant citizenship, just like that, easy peasy, fait accompli as well! Without finding out who they are and what they are like, no proof of good character required. !!!!!

    This cheapens and denigrates US citizenship. You may as well put US citizenship certificates on Mars chocolate bar wrappers or in cereal boxes. Some people wait years to get citizenship, worrying they’ll do something wrong to jeopardize their Green Card status, and these people just get handed it like that. Unbelievable!

  12. says


    They are referred to as Meskhetian Turks,
    Ahiska Turkleri, Muslim Meskhetians depending on the intent to present them as representatives
    of the one or the other nation.


    “The Meskhetian Turks are still confined
    to Central Asia, and they have become
    militantly Muslim and
    increasingly nationalistic in perspective.”

    The Meskhetian Turks are a contemporary example of ethnogenesis, as there was no such group
    in the Soviet Union as late as the 1950s. This group gradually emerged as a result of some of
    Stalin’s deportations. Late in 1944, Stalin charged several different ethnic groups from the
    Meskhi region of Georgia and Armenia of collaborating with the Nazi Germans, and between
    100.000 and 150.000 of them were deported to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The largest of these
    ethnic groups was a group of Sunni Muslim Turks. Other groups included the Karapapakhs (Ali
    Illahi Muslim), the Khemsils (Sunni Muslim), two groups of Kurds (one Sunni, one Ali Illahi
    Muslim) and small numbers of azeri-speaking Turkmen, and some Abkhaz and Adjars.
    In the after-war years, these groups all found themselves living in poverty in Central Asia. Their
    suffering made them more anti-Russian, more religious, and brought the different groups closer
    together. Because they all spoke Turkish languages and were all Muslims, and they were soon
    able to overcome their dialect-like language-differences and the differences between Sunni and
    Ali Illahi Muslims. And thus, a new ethnic group of Meskhetian Turks began to emerge.
    The Meskhetian Turks are still confined to Central Asia, and they have become militantly
    Muslim and increasingly nationalistic in perspective.
    Gorbachovs Glasnost brought an opportunity for some of them to return to Meskhetia, but the
    permission was not official, and their land was now inhabited by other Caucasian groups.
    Since 1990, the Meskhetian Turks have also increasingly been targets of ethnic violence and
    discrimination in Central Asia.
    A USSR commission was established to try to solve the Meskhetian problem. They did not find
    a way for the Meskhetian Turks to return to meskhetia, but some were offered the opportunity to
    settle in Central Russia (Tver, Smolensk, Oryol, Kursk, Belgorod and Voronezh oblast), and in
    Krasnodar and Stavropol kray. An increasing number of Meskhetian Turks want to emigrate to


  13. says

    Why would they be offered citizenship. We don’t need these potential terrorists here. C’mon, my dream of removing Islam from America just got 7000 steps further away.

    What the hell? I suppose they won’t have to pay any taxes either, and we’ll get to foot the bill, like we foot the bill for Iraq. Shouldn’t whoever authorized this be made to read the 9/11 Commission Report?

  14. says

    It’s unclear from the article whether they are being brought in as refugees, but it sounds that way. At any rate, U.S. refugee policy is out of control and is run counter to the good of the American people.

    On Wednesday (7/28), there will be a rare opportunity to speak directly to the State Department about refugee policy. Following is a notice I received which includes a fax number where you can send your thoughts (something I’ve done):

    On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, from 1 to 3 p.m., the Department of State will host a meeting on the Fiscal Year 2005 Refugee Admissions Program. The meeting will be held at the Refugee Processing Center, 1401 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700, Arlington, Va. The purpose of the meeting is to hear the views of attendees on the appropriate size and scope of the FY 2005 Refugee Admissions Program.

    Seating is limited. Persons wishing to attend the meeting must notify the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration at (202) 663-1006 by 5 p.m., Wednesday, July 21, 2004, to register attendance. People wishing to present oral comments at the open portion of the meeting, or to submit written comments, must provide them in writing by 5 p.m., Wednesday, July 21, 2004. Those who are unable to attend but wish to submit comments should also provide them by 5 p.m., Wednesday, July 21, 2004. All comments may be faxed to (202) 663-1364.

    Information about the refugee admissions program is at

  15. says

    Praise Allah (swt)! The city of Philadelphia, along with nearby parts of New Jersey and Deleware is rapidly becoming mostly Muslim. There are many mosques in Philadelphia, particularly on the West side of the city, along with the large and beautiful Grand Mosque near which the new immigrants will settle.

    An interesting note is that many high school students in Philadelphia, particularly on the West side of the city, are embracing Islam. It has become quite the “in thing” to do among teenagers.

    Philadelphia was once known as the “Craddle of American Liberty” and was the first capitol city of the United States.

    There are now some eight million “documented” Muslims in the United States. According to this article, there are also some ten million “undocumented” Muslims. The total is thus some six percent of the total American population.

    Is it not time to acknowledge reality and cease your racial and religious bigotry?

    Your grandchildren will be Muslim.

    Allahu akbar

  16. says

    to son of albion: just taking a shot here, but i do believe that immigration procedures from western europe in general are fraught with difficulty and quotas at the behest of the european countries themselves who wished to stop the brain drain of american immigration from europe that happened from the 19th century through ww2.

  17. says

    “Blame Clinton! Blame Clinton! Blame Clinton!”

    Wait… I mean,

    “Blame Kerry! Blame Kerry! Blame Kerry!” (at least until November 3rd…. and then,)

    “Blame Hitlery! Blame Hitlery! Blame Hitlery!”

    Son of Infidel, maybe we could get Laura Bush to drive her husband home after the Nazicon next month.

  18. says

    According to Sharia…

    There is this Troll called Reza
    A rabid Muzzie geezer
    We’ll find him and Boff!
    Cut his head off…
    And stick it in the Freezer

  19. says


    Islam is going to be crushed. The US government in its non-partisan 9/11 report finally talked about Islamic terrorism as the enemy. Reza, we are awake and working hard to destroy your insane belief-system. Thanks for posting and continuing to alert people to the absurdity, insanity and immorality of Islam.

  20. says

    As I read the comments by REZA I realize the vast difference between our lovely nation & it’s everyday people & him.

    We were founded ‘In God We Trust’ and under the banner that “All men are created equal & endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; among them, life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness…”

    The god-religion Reza serves soils & twists the hearts & minds of the people raised under it – to hate, murder & enslave.

    Twisted, misled & evil humans like him can say what he says openly in this, our free nation. In his country there is no liberty… any voice other than those like his are quickly butchered.

    If anyone really faces the differences with a healthy mind the choice is a clear one – of evil versus life & health & freedom.

    We Americans need to believe what twisted (muslim) humans like Reza are telling us to our faces (in spite of the liberal press white-washing their evil message) his type of people will subjugate & butcher us in our own homes because his evil religion hammers that instruction into them from birth, & their preachers reinforce it world-wide in their own languages in their mosques.

    We are at war, & it is like the Nazis in their early days – we had better stand & fight & rid ourselves of their encroaching tenticles or we will see the next stage.

    Evil, like rust, never sleeps.

    Eternal vigilence is the price of freedom, to quote one of our own Leaders.

    May Jehovah God/Jesus Christ be praised, & may we see that the muslim faith has always been in the clutches of raw evil, Satan’s own faith on earth, next to the demonic realm.

    They are not playing at their intentions to over-run our nation & steal it & enslave us. Look at France & Germany, now over-run & quailing under their grip. Look at the UN – butchers & dictators incredibly intending to set themselves up over the world.

    Beloved Americans, Christians & Jews: wake up before it is to late.

  21. says

    All Muslims seeking asylum in the USA should be immediately shipped off to Saudi Arabia, the only nation who will accept them. There is plenty of room in the sand over there.

  22. says

    it is very sad to hear of american youth becoming muslim.

    how anyone could reject Jesus and accept mohammed is beyond my comprehension.

    when the bible says that man is lost it means: LOST.

    talk about having a ‘troubled teen’.

    say doc: ‘can you cure my son of jihad?’
    he just told me he wants to blow himself up for the sake of allah’.