Arnaud de Borchgrave on the post-van Gogh Netherlands

From the Washington Times, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

Could the Netherlands be a curtain-raiser for a wider clash of civilizations in the old Continent? Hundreds of thousands of young Muslims in Europe are potential jihadis, according to European intelligence chiefs speaking not for publication. They have been warning their political masters about the tinderboxes that many Muslim communities have become. Jihadi volunteers are known to have left for Iraq from a number of Muslim slums on the outskirts of major European cities.

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    Q: Guess what the European answer for this “tinderbox” situation will be??

    NB: You need to remember that these Politicians are “men and women of great vision”.

    A: The answer is obvious… let more Muslims into the country, and hope that (somehow) this will make things better.

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    This is the last Crusade, folks! And we can’t afford to lose… Civilization as we know it will be as Dead as we will be and our children SLAVES!

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    as the evidence of the existence of the eurabia phenomenon mounts, look for the left to shift their position from denial to blaming america for the jihad in europe. i can hear voices in my head already: “if the criminal bush had not invaded iraq,” “american foreign policy created this situation,” “american imperialism has agitated the poor and destitute to rise up and fight in any manner they can.” yes, indeed, this insanity is coming to a university classroom near you

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    Jihadi volunteers are known to have left for Iraq from a number of Muslim slums on the outskirts of major European cities.

    Before Bush invaded Iraq, these same jihadis would have been making the trip to Nashville to blow up your kids in school. The honeypot doctrine is working.

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    Even if the media — local and international –don’t know it, the Dutch people know full well that they have been more than generous and accommodating and all that has wrought them is an influx of jihadists who happily parasite off of Holland’s social welfare system and they have had quite enough. Like the fable of the scorpion and the duck, the vile psychopath who murdered Theo Van Gogh and his circle of friends will likely go down in history as having been the ones who finally pushed things too far.

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    The Dutch can’t be feeling very good about themselves these days now that it’s becoming embarassingly obvious that the ‘spread the joy and love everyone’ ethos they’ve lived with has turned out to be a sullen and dirty gang-rape.

    Will the Dutch face up to the shameful degradation they’ve allowed themselves to be party to? If they do, I’ll have to avert my eyes when I see them, because I’m as humiliated as they are by the abuse they’ve suffered. It wasn’t peace and love and feel-good. The Dutch were had.

    What can they do? They can, if they will, shove the beast out of the house, cut off his allowance, call the police for protection. Will they? And what can we do from our various posts across the face of the world?

    Amsterdam is a prosperous and crowded city with a shortage of rental space. We can’t just drop everything and go there to live and work for the good of the people. Those who live in the Netherlands will have to find their won way of coping with the mess they have. All the good intentions on Earth will not give the Dutch one bit of comfort when it comes to them facing the cold reality that it is they who lodged the monster of Islam in their home, and that it is they who must show it the door. The Dutch will have their men with the talent for the work ahead, and though we too have those talents they need, the hope of assistence is slight simply because it’s impossible to afford to live there without some kind of income. the Dutch don’t, so far as I know, give welfare payments to foreign anti-jihadis who’ve come to rescue them.

    Regardless, are there things we can do? I think so, but at the moment i must stop and rest.

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    The least we can and we should do,is to somehow show the dutch people our support and admiration as well as encouragements to go ahead and kick the muslims out of the country,close their mosques and prevent any of them to ever come back

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    Yes Adela let’s kick them out as did Hitler the Jews, well he tried to kill them all, as did Spain the Jews and Muslims. I guess all of the Muslim countries should also kick out the non-muslims.

    Yes there is a big problem in Holland with the Arabs and Turks, I think that the Dutch should have never allowed them to just come in and have a free ride. Of course that is no the case with all of them but most are just living off of the system and if I were Dutch I wouldn’t be too happy, however the answer isn’t to through the baby out with the bath water.

    Europe in general has a major problem to face, which is a direct result of colonization and there is nothing that is going to change that short of killing millions of people. Speaking of which some 100,000 Iraqis have been killed since 2003 and I ask what for? To make America a safer place, I certainly don’t feel any safer. Any day now I’m waiting for a bomb to go off here in NYC and the sad thing is that NYers aren’t down with let’s go kill ’em all. It’s those idiots who live in the middle of nowhere.

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    Adela, I wrote to you last night, just briefly. The creature above, for all my rhetoric regarding free speech, doesn’t deserve any reply at all.

    I think, Adela, that if you want to stick Islam in the eye, you could go out on a date with a man not related to you. You could sip wine. Uncover your hair. Talk about your job. And when your date holds your hand and says “You’re a goddess, Aleda,” you can smile knowingly, because he’ll have committed an unpardonable offense against the monotheism of Islam, shirk, by associating another god with Allah. You could be hideously anti-Islamic by asking him to say it again.

    What can you do to aid and abet the Dutch? I’ll have to come back to it tomorrow. Do the Dutch and the slug above realize that they’re dealing with men whose idea of the female world is to treat a woman the way they’ve done to the girl in Iraq? They chopped off her parts, gutted her, and dumped her body on the street. If anyone thinks that kind of hatred toward females is an aberation, not the true face of Islam, then that person hasn’t lived long with Moslems. And if they still don’t get it, if they still insist on the philobarbarist party line, then forget them. Don’t waste time on dishonest people.

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    Nothing in the mainstream media,left wing radical newspapers and tv networks(CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,MSNBC,The New York Times,etc) about the hideous murder of the young woman,dismembered and disemboweled and then thrown in the streets of Fallujah.
    We should bombard them with hundreds,thousands,tens of thousands of e-mails,phone calls,letters,until we force them to show it to the american public…to show the american public the real and ugly face of islam.

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    Answer to getdown:Get down on your knees and prey to god that the muslims won`t have their way here in the US…for if they do,we`ll all end up beheaded,and that includes YOU.

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    In Denmark we are at the point were we are waiting at ours van Gogh.
    The young islamist are now telling us openly at TV : that they want Denmark to turn into a Kalifatet Danmark with the Sharia as law for us all instead of Danmarks Grundlov.
    These people are well educted from our universities ! And they are ikons for other young muslims in Denmark.
    Do I have to tell You that muslims are growing in number in this country ?

    We are facing big problems ahead.