Pakistan: Marriages made in hell

A searing tale of forced marriage in Pakistan, which is not at all unusual. From the BBC, with thanks to Sharon:

At an Islamabad women’s refuge, with an address cloaked in secrecy and a perimeter guarded by barbed wire, 21-year-old Sharzia – whose name has been changed to protect her identity – broke down in tears as she described the horror of her forced marriage.

It was to a man she had never met, who physically and mentally abused her almost from the very outset.

On her leg is a 10-cm (4-in) scar, an indelible reminder of the day he attacked her with a broken clay pot.

In her mind are the tortuous memories of a two-year ‘marriage’ in which she was threatened repeatedly with death. Once, as she suffered an asthma attack, her husband even took away her inhaler.

Then, as she gasped for breath, he threatened to chop up her body and feed it to the dogs roaming outside. Having broken her body, he was trying to crush her spirit.

Read it all.

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  1. says

    This forced marriage thing is sick. Women without financial independence wil always remain hostages to whoever supports them – whether husband or father. For the simple reason that the woman works and earns her keep, she can anytime walkout of a failed marriage and be reduced to begging in the streets i.e. with her dignity intact.

  2. says

    correction to above post:

    Its “not be recuded to..” instead of
    ‘be reduced to..”. I’d missed the ‘not’ in the last sentence.

  3. says

    How could a human treat another like this is beyond me, the human rights atrocities being are atrocious and we should do every thing in our power to ensure the rights of all involved and turn the tide around


  4. says

    For those who are interested, here is a link to Amnesty International’s Stop Violence Against Women Campaign:

    Amnesty USA:

    You don’t have to be amember of AI to participate, and you can receive mailings pertinent to the SVAW. Many of the links provide draft letters that can be readily e-mailed, so there’s a minimum of effort involved.

    Here are links to several SVAW campaigns in the Muslim world:

    Darfur, Sudan (war crimes):

    Turkey (penal code legislation):

    Kosovo (trafficking):

    Note these three actions have ready-made letters to send. I understand many of you have reservations about AI, but I encourage you to set them aside for the benefit of the victims of these human rights abuses.

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    I’m sorry but I’m not going to feel sorry for this woman.

    The article states that she “agreed” to an arranged marriage but had second doubts when the day finally came and she realized she was not marrying Tom Cruise but some old fart.

    Second, she says her parents’ hearts “are in the right place,” even though they deceived her into marriage and blamed her “rebellious” nature for all the abuse she received at the hands of her pig husband.

    Third, she squandered a British education. You mean she couldn’t look at a map of the world and figure out that the islamic world is crappy and that to marry a neanderthal from that crappy islamic world was going to be hell?

    She ran away from the men in Pakistan but couldn’t run away from her family in Britain? PLEASE.

  6. says

    3812 Michelle-

    A lady after my own heart.

    Let’s stop pretending all of these ‘victims’, who do nothing but submit, are not ‘enablers’ for the patriarchal problem.

    If half of the Muslim testosterone-poisoned s.o.b.’s -who beat their wives and throw-acid at their fiances and terrorize their women in general- woke up tomorrow with a Columbian necktie, maybe the other half of the men would think twice about mistraeting their better halves.

    These gals need to look up two words:




    And wait until the abusive scum dozes off… then let’s have an ‘Islamic Womens’ Night of the Long-Knives’.

    Maybe we can get Loreena Bobbit to convert to Islam?