UK: Muslims boycott Holocaust remembrance

From the Times Online, with thanks to Jeremy Langton, the deliberate confusion of a historical event with a highly tendentious political assertion:

BRITISH Muslims are to boycott this week’s commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz because they claim it is not racially inclusive and does not commemorate the victims of the Palestinian conflict.

Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, has written to Charles Clarke, the home secretary, saying the body will not attend the event unless it includes the “holocaust” of the Palestinian intifada.

He said similar events held in other European countries was an “inclusive day” that commemorated deaths in Palestine, Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, as well as the former Nazi death camps.

“We wrote to the Home Office three or four weeks ago. We said the issue of the Holocaust is not really the concern. But we have now expressed our unwillingness to attend the ceremony because it excludes ongoing genocide and human rights abuses around the world and in the occupied territories of Palestine,” he said.

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    Heinrich Himmler said that Islam was the perfect religion for warfare. It is not surprising to find out that there was a Waffen-SS Muslim division (made up mostly of Bosnian volunteers, I believe) and that Hitler and the grand-mufti of Jerusalem were on excellent terms:

    The Fuehrer then made the following declaration, requesting the Mufti to lock it deep in his heart:

    1) He (the Fuehrer) would carry on the fight until the last traces of the Jewish-Communist European hegemony had been obliterated.

    2) In the course of this fight, the German army would – at a time that could not yet be specified, but in any case in the clearly foreseeable future – gain the southern exit of Caucasus.

    3) As soon as this breakthrough was made, the Fuehrer would offer the Arab world his personal assurance that the hour of liberation had struck. Thereafter, Germany’s only remaining objective in the region would be limited to the annihilation of the Jews living under British protection in Arab lands.

    It is also not surprising to find that many Nazis found refuge in the Arab countries right after the war working as military advisers and instructors.

    To make a long story short, their hands are covered in Jewish blood and they know it.

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    These people from the Muslim Council of Britain sound like utter creeps. I wouldn’t want them to show up at the commemoration of Auschwitz liberation anyway since they are arguing that Israel is somehow equivalent to Nazi Germany and its genocide of the Jews. Maybe they were going to stand over a Jewish mass grave and say that Jews are the new Nazi’s. What a perversion and absurdity that would be.

    Having such people at the Auschwitz ceremony would be a desecration of the Jews that died. Thank god the dead are spared the indignity. Let people who really care about the Jews of Auschwitz be there instead, not those who hate and despise them like their Nazi murderers.

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    I don’t know how this event is advertised, but if (as the article states) it is a commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz, then what have other genocides got to do with it? If it was a commemoration of genocide in general the Armenia (how come Muslims never bring that up, hey?) Rwanda, and Darfur might be pertinent, although “Palestine” would still be irrelevant as there has never been a genocide (except of Jews there).

    What we see here is the ongoing Islamic practice of Khalifa (succession, replacement) as it pertains to the Jews. “Replacement” of the Jews basically takes two forms ousting and imitation: ousting attempts to replace politicians, officials, organisations etc. Imitation aims to replace concepts, ideas, memories, history, etc.

    The idea of Islamic victimhood in general and Palestinian victimhood in particular is now widespread and still growing in power – it’s all BS of course, but that doesn’t worry them, they believe they will win and thus control history. However, although they have fooled the marjority of naieve westerners into believe Islamic Victimhood they are still challenged by the reality of the Holocaust (and there has been only one: the attempted destruction of the Jews by the Third Reich). The current trend is to deny the uniqueness of the Holocaust and make it plural by including other genuine genocides (e.g. Rwanda), and then to attempt to legitimise a few false claims of genocide against Muslims by slipping them in list where they are less likely to be challenged.

    The fact remains, however, the Holocaust is a unique event of which Jews were the primary victims.

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    Boycotting? They are assuming that anyone would actually WANT their sorry asses there anyhow. This is a commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz, not a commemoration of the make believe land of “palestine”. I just saw a documentary on Auschwitz, how horrifying what the Jewish people went through, how awful to see the small children and hear how the soldiers needed calm and tricked them so they wouldnt scream as they were lead to their death, and how once inside the gas chambers the screaming would go on for 15 to 20 minutes, how horrible to have to suffer that way….having just mentioned a few of the unspeakable horrors that the Jewish people suffered simply because of their religion does anyone really give a rats ass that the followers of the cult of death dont want to attend the ceremonies, I say the ceremomies will have much more meaning if muslims stay away. Muslims are going to have to start realizing that as a group they are insignifigant, everything is not about them, as a group their whining, bitching, moaning and carrying on is making them look like the biggest bunch of crybabies on the planet, not to mention that if they are unhappy about something that means we are doing something right. The sooner muslims come to grips that their likes and dislikes are irrelevant to 99% of us non muslims the better

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    I had two Dutch relatives, both Christains that where in German concentration camps.

    The letter written by this clown is so outrageous that it is not worth commenting on.

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    The arrogance. The disgusting self-importance. The attempt to usurp the purpose of the event, the victims, the survivors. Revolting.

    Don’t attend the event, Iqbal and ilk! You are not wanted or required there. Who do you think you are, Iqbal? Some little trumped-up, up-himself peacock “secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain”. Ooooooooh! Am I supposed to be impressed? Go away, little nobody.

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    In the Arab/Muslim world one of the best selling books is ‘Mein Kampf’.


    During the celebrations of the liberation of Auschwitz some attention should be focused on the 3rd largest in terms of death yet the virtually unknown other concentration camp, Jasenovac which is now in Croatia. The cuplrits there were the Croatian Ustase and the Muslim Hanzar.

    Whilst the method of killing at other camps can almost be described as ‘modern’ and ‘industrial’,
    at Jasenovac Serbs, Gypsies and Jews were put to death in ways that were barbaric and medieval, in fact even the Gestapo were shocked by the sheer cruelty.

    However the culprits at Jasenovac were never tried at Nurenberg and were allowed to escape, usually to South America or to the Middle East.

    The Allies knew that if these monster were brought to justice back in 1946 this would probably cause a fall out with the oil-producing Arab states.

    One of the Nazis were assisted in the round up for Jasenovac was Kurt Waldheim, later the Secretary General of the UN.

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    It would be good for the role played by Moslems like the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Hanzar division during the War to be better known.

    Perhaps they should be told that they would be very welcome at the Commemoration service so that they have an opportunity to show their repentance for the crimes of their ancestors.

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    There is a Website showing photo’s – taken by the Monsters themselves – at Jasenovac as they were very proud of their crimes. Like the Jews, fate of Slavs wasn’t considered to be important by Western Allies which shows how successful Hitler’s
    propaganda machine was. Over half a million Serbs died in this ‘genocide’, millions more displaced of starved to death and no one cared. That Britain never put the infamous Al Husseini on trial shows she was an Oil Whore early on. Suggest we all send an E Mail to Sacranie and remind him of the ‘glorious Muslim past’ in these atrocities.

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    Note to Is-lame (Islam) you are not invited to any infidel ceremony, commemoration, birthday, funeral (except your own), Independence day or any other infidel holiday. You arrogant bastard’s

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    …Or like inviting the (so called) prophet mohammed to a pre school graduation….like inviting a fox into the henhouse….like inviting ants to your picnic….etc etc

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    Suggest we all send an E Mail to Sacranie and remind him of the ‘glorious Muslim past’ in these atrocities.

    Posted by: Morgane

    Great minds think alike. If I get any reply (oh look there goes a flying pig) I’ll copy it.

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    The only thing that really upsets them about current genocides (which they are mostly responsible for) is that their oldest attempted genocide- the annhilation of Israel / the Jews- has not yet been succesful.

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    frankly both the UN and much of the Muslim population are for me PERSONA non Grata at Holocaust remebrance ceremonies.
    Would you be offended if Memebers of Hitler’s SS decided to boycott such events?
    I would actually campaign to keep out such Islamofascist groups!

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    I agree with the above comments, who needs em?

    I have never heard of the Jasenovac camp, or the atrocities you mentioned. I would be interested in learning more, although not thrilled at the idea of looking at gruesome photos….

    I love the comments about the whining, and I agree with ’em.

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    THe Islamo fascists of the despotic arab states have inherited the mantle of Nazi ideology and encorporated it in the wahhabist vitriol they spread throughout the world.
    And knowing the shameful history of Jew hatred in the west have made full use of it to gain support.
    The Heirarchy of Supermensch in which Arab wahhabists are at the top of the pile followed by inferior asian and black muslims, and the infidels of the book lower down is simlilar to the racist nazi ideology where the Slavs ( notice the similarity to SLAVE) and jews were at the bottom and had no right to life.

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    Al Husseini had recieved a promise by Himmler that germany would build a CONCENTRATION CAMP in NABLUS complete with Gas Chambers.
    Architectural plans were even drawn up.
    But Montgomery’s ALAMEIN put those plans seriously on the Back Burner.
    Ante Pavelic after the Ustashe slaughters of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, (considered by the SS to be even more brutal than their own AKTIONS) died peacefully in Madrid under the full protection of Franco and his new anti rxtradition laws aimed at protecting NAZI war criminals.
    These laws have since been used by hundreds of rogues. embezzlers, who flocked to the south of Spain to escape European law.
    After all that, why the hell should they have Pinochet?

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    Thank you for your information and comments. Any Jihad Watcher
    who wants to know more and has the stomach to view these horrendous pictures taken by torturers and killers who were very proud of their crimes:
    GOOGLE Jasenovac Concentration Camp Photos…

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    What a sick and pathetic ploy to gain media attention and spread more lies and propaganda in Europe. But why not, it works! Most Europeans really believe all the bullshit they hear from the BBC about Israel and the perpetual f*&king “intifada.”
    I hope I am still alive to celebrate the day Israel blows the “refugees” to kingdom come. If this pernicious malignancy was excised and incinerated, imagine the possibilities! It would be a miracle and a blessing that if on the same day the “refugees” are catapulted to paradise in small pieces, the United Nations is kicked out of America and implodes enroute to Paris.

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    Morgane says:

    There is a Website showing photo’s – taken by the Monsters themselves – at Jasenovac as they were very proud of their crimes. Like the Jews, fate of Slavs wasn’t considered to be important by Western Allies which shows how successful Hitler’s
    propaganda machine was.”

    Do you have a link for us?

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    Of course I would not want current members of the SS at such a service but there are children of SS officers (one became a priest, I forget who his father was but notorious and high ranking, and hehas spent his life struggling with his love for his father against his horror at that fathers crimes) and others whose families were involved who are capable of reconciliation etc.
    As an aside I believe the word Slav did originate from slave, as that’s how they were regarded in ancient times.

    Meanwhile the MCB have issued a statement on their website calling for the Commemoration to be renamed ‘Genocide Memorial Day’ as ethnic cleansing is “not yet a thing of the pars”. They also have a section where they print e-mail correspondence. This has not been updated since last week. The address is
    We shall see.

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    I am truly repulsed.

    In the past I have had only one beef with holocaust remembrance day: it focuses entirely on the jewish plight.

    Now, I understand that the majority of concentration camp sufferers were there because they were jews. But what about the communists, socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc? Especially the Jehovah’s Witnesses: all they had to do to get out was sign a letter and renounce their faith. Most of them chose their faith over their life. I don’t say it necessarily makes their plight worse or better than that of the jews, simply because in some twisted way they had a “choice” as to whether they were there or not. But they should still be remembered.

    I believe that holocaust remembrance day, whilst primarily a jewish event should honour _all_ suffers of Hitler’s Death Camps. Forgetting to mention his other victims almost trivialises their plights!

    On the other hand, a lot of muslims sympathise with Hitler’s “solution to the Jewish Problem” (I have heard them use those exact words), so unless they’re people like the Arabs for Israel bunch, their presence their would be offensive.

    And, hello, Palestinian plight?? It’s HOLOCAUST rembrance day. Not Gulag remembrance day. Not political prisoners in dictatorships remembrance day. I know that they think the jews are to blame for all evils of the world, but if the Arab states were _really_ that worried about the plight of Palestine, why don’t they actually do something productive for the Palestinian people rather than supplying them with arms and encouraging terrorism?

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    I don’t think I have heard such a load of absolutely revolting bullshit in a long time.

    The event is to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz and to remember the victims of the holocaust. How does the Palestinian problem have anything to do with the Holocaust? The answer is……BLOODY NOTHING. I can’t believe that this guy has the balls to even try and equate the two.

    Why this guy is even allowed to say this utter crap and get away with it is beyond me, and I don’t mean get away with it in regards to the authorities. I mean get away with it in regards to all the people who were directly affected by the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust and to those who have any sense of moral responsibility to the memory of the Holocaust victims. I normally don’t condone violence but I think it’s about time there was some serious vigilante action against these pitiful excuses for human beings. But I suppose that would just be stooping down to their level and would end up diminishing the memory of the victims who did suffer horrible cruelty to their dignity and to their lives.

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    Those who attempt to equate the Israel/Palestine situation with the Holocaust clearly know nothing of either event.

    The Jews of Europe were citizens who were rounded up and massacred by the millions for no other reason than the religion they espoused.

    The displacement of Arabs following the arrival of Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century first occured when wealthy absentee Arab landowners started selling land to the early Zionist organizations, displacing subsistance farmers. Many of today’s so-called Palestinian refugees are the descendants not of people with long connections to the mythic country of Palestine, but of migrants who came to the area in the early 20th century to take advantage of the vastly improved economy that came with Jewish settlement. Still others fled in 1948 at the behest of their own leaders.

    Even the counting of “Palestinian” refugees is unique in that UNRWA set an extremely low bar, counting Arabs who had lived within the 1948 borders for as little as two years as refugees, even if they only left to return to the settlement from which they originally came. It is also unprecedented to count the offspring of refugees as refugees.

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    Yes, I know most “British Muslims” are syphilitic little monkeys, but the Muslim role in WWII was a very mixed bag. We must be fair.

    Countless Muslim troops fought in the Soviet Army – more than the Germans ever had. In India, the Hindu Congress Party did its utmost to sabotage the war effort, whilst the Muslim League agreed to halt political activity during the duration of hostilities and even encouraged Muslim recruitment into the British Army. Aside from providing the British with hundreds of thousands of volunteers, the exclusively Muslim police force in predominantly Hindu Calcutta (and many other cuies) proved extremely effective in violently oppressing all anti-British/anti-war protest.

    I remember reading one amusing story about a British officer in the Western desert. He was alone during a pitch black night. Suddenly he was grabbed from behind by some silent assailants and slowly throttled, a knife thrust against his throat. A hand then started feeling and counting the buttons on his tunic, when it was ascertained that it was not a German uniform, they let him go. He had accidentally run into some Indian guards.

    The Japanese invasion of India in 1944 is probably the most neglected part of WWII history.
    A large and elite Japanese force (3 divisions), who far outnumbered their adversaries, crashed across the Indo-Burmese border. They were met by a surprised rag-tag force of British (Royal Berkshire Regiment), Indian paramilitary police units (the Assam Rifles), units of the Indian Army, and some units of the regular army of the Kingdom of Nepal (on loan to the UK). The Japanese should have wiped the floor with them – instead they were thrown back across the border with 75% casualties. This campaign was as crucial and as bloody as anything the American Army ever did on land, although the American land campaigns have generated 100 times more literature.

    Muslim troops fought superbly in this extremely violent action, which lasted some 80 days. Compare their loyalty to the Union Jack with that dog, Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, who can’t even be bothered to get off his ass to attend a memorial service against fascist war crimes.

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    Talk about neglected histories of WWII…when is anyone going to talk about the five (5) SS concentration camps in Norway? How about talking about the Battle of Narvik? The Germans first arrested the Freemasons, then the Jehova Witnesses and then started on the Jews. I appreciate Jewish lament, but they were not the only ones!