Michigan man pleads guilty to aiding Hizballah

Yet we are not even to question the loyalties of Muslims in America — to do so would be “Islamophobia.” This story shows why such pieties must be discarded. “Dearborn resident helped terror group,” from the Detroit News, :

DEARBORN — A Dearborn man pleaded guilty Tuesday to providing material support to Hezbollah, a foreign terrorist organization.

Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, 33, admitted to hosting meetings at his Dearborn home during Ramadan in 2002 and allowing a Lebanese man to solicit donations from people there for Hezbollah.

The U.S. government considers Hezbollah, a Lebanese group known as Party of God, to be a terrorist organization. The group’s goals, the government says, include the eradication of “Western imperialism” from the Middle East.

Hezbollah has conducted many high-profile terrorist attacks, including the killing of a Marine lieutenant in 1989.

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    If I heard the news correctly, Mr. Kourani was sentenced to 5 years in jail, which means he will probably be out in little more than 2 years. A elderly man in his 80’s is being stripped of his American citizenship and will be deported because of his past as a guard at a Nazi concentration camp. Good riddance to the old Nazi. He supported a regime of terror, although it was 60 years ago. Why can’t Mr. Kourani be deported too…he is supporting a terrorist regime. And, at age 33, he is young enough to continue his activities for many years after his short stint in prison.

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    I’ve come to the conclusion that kj is partly right about the need for balance in jihad-related info- so here are some links, also regarding Hezbollah, from the Left’s POV:

    Opinion from the left on Hezbollah being a neocon conspiracy.





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    Every person who donated knew full well where the money was going to.They aided and abeted an terrorist organization they to should be held accountable.

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    Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, 33, admitted to hosting meetings at his Dearborn home during Ramadan in 2002 and allowing a Lebanese man to solicit donations from people there for Hezbollah.

    Meaning of CONSPIRACY
    Pronunciation: kun’spirusee

    WordNet Dictionary

    Definition: [n] a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)
    [n] a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
    [n] a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose

    Remaining totally baffled with justice department and the District Attorny’ who fail to prosecute these extremist’ to the full extent of the law.

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    Here again we find the feds conveniently able to perpetuate:
    “On August 26, police raided a number of clubhouses and other properties in the Toronto area belonging to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Ontario Provincial Police say they have dealt a major blow to one of the province’s most notorious biker organizations in raids that saw several dozen gang members charged and arrests in the United States as well.

    About 65 per cent of the total membership of the Outlaws motorcycle gang were rounded up in the raids on biker clubhouses in 11 cities, the OPP boasted at a news conference. Arrested were 35 members of the motorcycle gang, four former members and three members of the associated Black Piston gang. They faced charges ranging from attempted murder to drugs and weapons violations. Canadian Outlaws national president Mario Parente was among those arrested.

    The raids, which police described as the most significant operation against motorcycle gangs in Ontario history, capped a three-year investigation into criminal activity that extended south of the border. Canadian police partnered with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in Florida during the investigation and simultaneous raids on Outlaws clubhouses were conducted in the U.S. , resulting in the arrest of the club’s international president, Frank Wheeler in Indianapolis . Wheeler was charged with murder, racketeering and extortion. Outlaws national vice-president Dennis Pellegrini, 44, was also arrested by the FBI in Alba , Michigan . He faces federal drug charges.”

    Why is this not happening against muslims amongst us who would like our ruination but can be implied against free loving people.

    I hope and PRAY that when the shiite hits the fan all these innocents forgive the government that would confine and extort them helping us in our war against terrorism.

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    “Yet we are not even to question the loyalties of Muslims in America — to do so would be “Islamophobia.” This story shows why such pieties must be discarded.” (Introduction, above)

    Yes, yes, and yes!

    If Islam were called something like “The Middle East Gang,” and professed the very same goals, and engaged in the very same behaviors they have done from their beginning and continue to do today, we would deal with them quickly and appropriately. They would be granted no sanctuary anywhere.

    They are protected by a peculiarly effective shield–their identity as a religion. It would seem that all any group needs in order to gain immunity from accurate assessment, is to claim a belief in God, and to claim that it’s activities are God-driven.

    Such protection isn’t a two-way street, we notice; Infidels gain no protection because of their claim to believe in God and their claim that their activities are God-driven.

    This sort of denial is just weird. It is unjust. It is suicidal. It must stop. We must grant no protection, no immunity, to thugs who claim their belief in God grants them the MORAL AUTHORITY TO DESTROY US.

    In addition, remember that a practicing Muslim cannot, according to Islam, legitimately and genuinely support the government of this country, the Constitution, or swear to abide by the terms of the oath taken at the time of naturalization or election to office.

    We have had no particular problem in the past identifying very small religious groups whose behavior was unreasoning, such as the group in Jonestown. We must apply the same standards to Islam. Just because it claims a large following doesn’t make it right.

    Pull back the PC curtain and look the mullah straight in the eye; identify him for what he is–a criminal with a large following who must be dealt with.

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    Note to maryrose above:

    The perp (Kourani) entered a plea in federal court. Federal sentencing guidelines were used to determine his sentence. Trust me when I tell you he’ll do all but a few days shy of a full five year sentence. I hope the punk makes the acquaintance of a patriotic felon who doesn’t subscribe to the liberal theory that support for a Muslim terrorist organization is a free speech issue.

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    Oh no! And it’s a Muslim name too. I don’t believe it. A Muslim working for a terrorist organization? In America? No Way Habib! All Muslims are devout and pure, just ask CAIR, if they say it, then it must be true……

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    I think 5 years is kinda light being that he is a member of Hezbollah. I think the death penalty would have appropriate. If my memory is correct I believe that some Germans were caught during WW2 on the east coast planing to sabotage some ships, they were executed.

    Gary, I couldn’t help but look at those anti-American links.
    I notice the crusaders of gay rights, seem to lose their ideology when it involves a Republican. Two times in as many mouths I have found the left mocking gay Republicans. When will the American hating left realize that “tolerance” means ideas other then your own? They tolerate gays, just not gay Republicans.

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    I guess that I am not so surprised that a man has been caught and confessed (and it’s really surprising how quickly these people confess, which kinda leads me to think that the gitmos who were freed really were innocent…but then that’s another story).

    What is more surprising is that they have been caught in the US, even 5 years ago this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened, but it is happening with more frequency.

    So how many of these “cells” are there in the US, “the party of God”, the “party of Islam variant A” and the “party of Islam variant B.”

    I’m afraid that not all will be caught it will be only be a matter of time before someone gets hurt…the FBI (and I know that they have a reputation of ineptness) can only track so many.

    Everybody needs to contribute including the public.

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    Hey didja hear about the Virginia man that helped Hezbollah? Some ex-Marine named Oliver North. How about that guy from California that helped Hezbollah: Ronald Wilson Reagan. Then there’s that guy from Maine that helped him… what was his name again? Oh yeah, George H. W. Bush. And there was John Poindexter, Caspar Weinberger, etc. etc. Oh, no big whoop; just 241 dead US Marines. Bush pardoned them all, even before they went to trial. Pretty strange, huh? And of course, the LEFT-WING media didn’t make a big deal of it either, and the democrats that controlled congress at the time would NEVER embarass a sitting president. Not even for a scheme that rewarded the murderers of 241 US Marines.

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    Two times in as many mouths I have found the left mocking gay Republicans.

    Just the ones that side with the “all gays are going to hell” party. You know; the party that says “Being queer is a CHOICE. Not the way Gawd made you.” (If that’s true, why did Alan Keyes, Mother Gingerich, Phyliss Schafly, Dick Cheney and Sonny Bono all “make” their kids gay? Must be that rampant absentee parentism Dr. Laura harps about so much.)

    When will the American hating left realize that “tolerance” means ideas other then your own?

    Oh yes. You cons have ALWAYS fought for tolerance, haven’t you? LOL.

    They tolerate gays, just not gay Republicans.

    Its kinda like those nasty racist libs that haaate Condi, Colon, Armstrong, and Clarence “because” they’re black and hate Manuel Gonzolez “because” he’s Hispanic, right? And we hate Ann Coulter “because” she’s a woman, right?

    Oh you monkeys are so funny when you get in your poop-in-paw-fling-at-bars mode.

    I have some baaad news for you sunshine: you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait ’til Condi runs for office, THEN you’re gonna see some gay bashing. Oh wait, she can’t be gay; she’s a conseravtive xtian. Never mind that she’s never been married, is WELL past forty, and has lived with the same woman for 12 years. And of course, if she ever comes out of the closet: “She’s not a real Christian like me!”

    I saw some ads at newsmax or one of Gary’s other links that said it would be Hilary Vs. Condi for prez in ’08. That would be great. A black, lib’rul, lesbian, academic, artist versus the Great Satan.

    Arnold (the pro-gay, anti-gun, pro-choice catholic) is saying he won’t run. Rudy (the pro-gay, anti-gun, pro-choice catholic) can’t run because of his past. McCain (so liberal that Rush makes fun of him) can’t beat Hilary. Jeb! can’t beat Hilary.

    Take your last two Old South senate seats in 2006. I’ve got my eyes on 2008.

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    Hehe, it is James_Gang.

    The Hackworth groupie and leftist-indoctrinated fool.

    His source: http://www.airborne-ranger.com/ranger/wannabees/OllieNorth.html

    “David Hackworth on Oliver North
    Source: Playboy, June 1994 v41 n6 p90(5).

    Title: Drugstore marine. (Oliver North) Author: David Hackworth

    Abstract: North’s career shows an undeniable streak of deceit and misuse of the trust of colleagues and the American public. His most significant betrayal was engineering the trade of arms to Iran for US hostages. North would become a threat if he were to succeed in a bid for the Senate.

    Subjects: Political corruption – Cases People: North, Oliver L. – Moral and ethical aspects Gov Agncy: United States. Marine Corps – Officials and employees”…

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    Here’s some interesting info on that god of Americanism, Hackworth(the Hack);

    “The colonel’s Newsweek and newspaper columns, on the other hand, tend toward populist screed, often directed at the military. Hackworth despises his old employer. His hatred of the Army may stem from the way he left it. Hackworth retired under a cloud in 1971, narrowly avoiding court-martial. For the full story, and how it relates to Boorda’s suicide, click here, or at the end of this article.”

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    And some more;

    “WASHINGTON (CNN) — David Hackworth, the retired army colonel turned journalist who questioned medals worn by the Navy’s top admiral — who later killed himself — acknowledges he wrongly claimed credit for two of his own military honors.”

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — While suicide notes confirm that the Navy’s top officer took his life because of questions surrounding his military medals, many in the Navy believe Admiral Mike Boorda would have passed the scrutiny.

    But for Boorda, it was a question of integrity. Sources say Boorda wrote in a suicide note that he wore two “V” pins for valor in combat in Vietnam because he thought he had earned them.

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    Feb. 24, 2005
    Syrian Intel officer admits to beheading Iraqis and being sent by Syria??

    Mulsums rush government building in Kashmir killing People??

    Pope back in Hospital??

    Man in Scotland bites Guide Dog??

    Kuwait to Beef up police??

    Bonds Men follow bail jumper across to Canada on the way back run into trouble because the USA said he was a Islamic Terrorist and kicked him out of the USA???

    Islamic Terrorist attack another Bakery?? What do the have against Bread??

    No more Simpson’s for Mexico seams the voice over are on strike and now some one has taken all the audio stuff??

    Boieng going to sell 70 New Planes to Europe??

    US to test a Bird Flue Vac.?

    Common Ground with Russia? Would that be on Islamic Terrorist, Missiles to Syria and Nukes to Iran??
    But there was some progress on the Energy plan Russia to let Conco Phillips come in?
    Russia is investing in the USA high Tec including OUTERSPACE??

    Russian reporter says USA not a True Democracy like the Netherlands! WELL DUH!! Of course not we are a Republic.

    Putin said Democracy is not anarchy??


    It dose not mean you can’t do nothing about rapist, robbers, killers yes Laws are great to stop the MONSTERS!!

    WHO you go-en to call Ghostbusters[the Netherlands] ROTFL!!!!

    Hear lots of Protest in Lebanon to get Syria out ,but not much Video on It??

    Missile Defense test works Love those Big Bullets!!

    Feb 26, 2005

    Man who shot his wife and others in Tyler TX was a Mexican and wearing a bullet proof vest but he is dead now!!

    18,000 in cash stolen from a Supreme Court judge of Ohio?? Sounds like Blackmail to me??

    Watched Mark Steyn Telegraph Group??

    March 2, 2005
    Mark Liven is right the Supreme Court Just rules to take states rights away sighting Eurariba??

    Republicans were elected to do some ting about this will they do their Jobs??

    Judge has 18,000 in cash stolen from his car? In Ohio sounds like Black Mail to me!!

    Judge in Ill comes home to find her Husband and Mother Murdered?

    Judge in S.C. says let Islamic Terrorist go or Charge them??

    ACLU Files Charges against Rumsfeld??

    Some town in[USA] London is trying to take some peoples land because it is waterfront Property?

    Look @ how mussis have taken countries in Africa Kill, Bribe, and Steal the Farm Land then kill who helped them? And a lot of this was done through the courts?

    Will the the American People just lay down and take it?? Part of the problem is press are not putting the dots together for the people.

    Hillary Clinton against missile defense, But not in D.C. seams there is a missile defense in Washington D.C???

    Plea Deal in Detroit Islamic Terrorist only gets 5 years??

    Remember the Terrorist hand book use their own laws against them??

    Of course they are going to prison just to be able to recruit??

    Why did the Syrian army stop in the Baca Valley??

    Faracon stated during the T. Smiley’s big who ya. That he could not make it happen?? Could he mean that the Christian Blacks will not Riot with the mussis?? So this would mean??

    Saw Bat Yo’er on Cspan on Sunday she talked about the treaty the EU signed with the Arab states in the 70s And this is bring down the EU!! The USA told them not to sign that we would give them the oil??It only took 2weeks for the EU[France] to fold to the arabs? Can Europe be saved? Will they save themselves??

    Hear People are leaving Holland because of the mussis there is no where to run what FOOLs they are letting the mussis win the battle without even a fight what SISSYS!!!!!

    Mexican T.V. says they are shocked about their People are running Islamic Terrorist across our borders??

    Earthquake 6.8 to 7.1 in Indonesia??

    Ubl[ YELLOW COWARD WHO RUNS AWAY] lost 600 in the snow fall in Kashmir could this be why he is calling on the z MONSTER?? I would think that SOME HINDU WOULD WANT THAT 25,000,000

    UN=LON more trouble we are pulling out of E. Timor!!! GET THE USA OUT OF THE DIMMI UN!!

    Judge strips man of citizenship in the USA!!! This is what we need to to every Islamic Terrorist now in our Jails and Every member of the ACLU!!! This is a good thing!

    For all you young’ns Don’t be so happy about the courts ruling in Europe they don’t drive until 18 and go to school 6 days a week and have the draft?? & Big people they tell you what kind of car you can drive by how much money you make so some of you had better get used to 2 cylinder cars?? ROTFL!!


    Part of the American Tribe
    Squirrel Hunter
    Spider Killer

  17. says

    Posted by: kentim at March 2, 2005 08:20 PM


    Part of the American Tribe
    Squirrel Hunter
    Spider Killer
    God Bless the USA and her Fighting Forces and ALL who Fight with her give them Strength, Wisdom, Sight, and Courage to stay the course to Victory[FREEDOM] to Destroy ALL Islamic Terrorist and ALL who Support them Open the Worlds Eyes to their Threat give the World Courage to Stand Up and Fight this Evil Amen

  18. says

    Hate to bust yer bubble head, KJ… But, in the next election it’s going to be McCain vs. Billary. AND America spoke loud and clear in the last election, so I would imagine you’ll have to suffer not just 8 years, but 12 years (and maybe more) of Republican rule. Gettahold of yourself, mon! Libs like you make America weak. Americans know this and have rejected it, and your kind, with fervor. Next time you libs pick a candidate, at least TRY to ensure that the ketchup he stands for can last, and the wife on his arm “ain’t an ass”.

    Americans are strong. Libs are not. Get over it.

  19. says

    Hi Catherine,

    Yep, he’s a slut. And he’s NOT “the most decorated soldier alive today” either. The Medal of Honor trumps all, and he don’t have it. Though there are in the neighborhood of 200 M.O.H. recipients alive today.

  20. says

    ..You cons have ALWAYS fought for tolerance, haven’t you? LOL. ~ kj

    As a matter of fact, history will show we have.

    In 1870, Hiram Revels (R) of Mississippi became the first African American senator. Five years later, Blanche K. Bruce (R) of Missisppi took the oath of office, and became the first African American to preside over the Senate in 1879. It would be nearly another century, until 1967, before Edward Brooke of Massachusetts followed in their historic footsteps. It was not until 1978 that a Republican again took a senate seat for Mississippi.

    The Republican party only freed the slaves and had the first African American senators, from Mississippi no less…

  21. says

    Just a minute. Let’s not demonize ALL Muslims.

    Yes, Islam is indeed a false religion and it certainly does affirm and sanctify violent impulses in man that the Old and New Testament condemn as sinful. It may be impossible to brand the terrorists hypocritical in terms of basic Islamic doctrine the way it is possible (necessary, I’d say) to brand the KKK as hypocritical on the basis of fundamental Christianity.

    However, journalists like Steven Emerson have pointed out that many Muslims in America are indeed against the terrorists and making a difference. Others note that some Muslims have been yawping for years about radical takeover of mosques and charities. Yes, Kourani is a bad egg and should be treated as one; but there are others in the Islamic community who look askance at such people and their doings, and they should get the full protection of the Bill of Rights, just like anyone else.

  22. says

    Naseem, you’re quite right – everyone needs to contribute to the round-up of these people.

    Could you help out American law enforcement and please indicate which members of your Wahhabi mosque are supporters of terrorism, or which contribute monies to such causes, or which move weapons and distribute anti-Semitic tracts to the public? That would make things much easier.

    Thanks again for your assistance.



  23. says

    Wait a minute, let’s do demonize all muslims; then, deport them. These backward, needy primitives have no place in America. We owe them nothing.

    muslims, Get out.

  24. says

    Havoc says “These backward, needy primitives have no place in America. We owe them nothing.
    muslims, Get out”.

    Havoc, I am very disappointed that people hold this viewpoint. Can you not see that it is your brand of people who attract the Hizbollah workers. They reply violent and repellent words like that with repellent action.

    Please remember that your god and mine are one and the same. Jesus (pbuh)was a prophet of Islam too. Muhammed was the last prophet in a line of prophets…..in essence we are the same people with only slightly different cultures due to where we live.

    So Havoc, honey please remember a bit of care and humane wording won’t kill you.

  25. says

    Great to see you posting again Catherine, I’ve missed your links and interesting input and feared you’d been chased out by a few asshats who nitpick about your spelling.

    As far as members of Hizballah, Hamas, or any other islamist group, deport them by launching them from a catapult based on an aircraft carrier about 100 miles from any shore, see if their false rock-gawd can save them.

    mohammed cursing Christian.

  26. says


    Your reply to Havoc’s sarcastic suggestion leaves me as speechless as Geoff’s question to you apparently left you.

    And anyone who would imply, as you recently did, that Iraqis applying for positions with the police or civil service are somehow blameworthy if they fall victom to suicide bombers knows nothing about care or humane wording.

  27. says

    Please remember that your god and mine are one and the same. Jesus (pbuh)was a prophet of Islam too.. ~ Posted by: Naseem

    Naseem, that is completely wrong. Islam hasn’t a clue what Jesus taught, the Qur’an makes the claim about Jesus, yet never describes one thing Jesus taught. Your above statement use’s a lower case “g”, if your God and mine are the same, well you better start to wash up, because you just disrespected your God. And now you must earn his love again!

    I know you will claim that our books have been corrupted, but this just shows how simple minded the Moslem is. God has the power to create the earth and all that is in it, yet doesn’t have the power to perverse his own word. What a farce. What a weak God the Moslems believe in.

    To compare the Qur’an to the Bible, well it just doesn’t compare. The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by 40 different authors, over a period of 2,000 years. There is not one contradiction found in these books, impossible by man’s standards. The Qur’an is one book, written by one man that is full of contradictions and historical error. The Moslems want this book to be holy so bad, they completely rewrite history to fit there book of contradiction.