Jihadists claim to have killed Japanese hostage

“Terror Gang: We Killed Hostage,” from the New York Post, :

The Army of Ansar al-Sunna claimed responsibility for shooting Akihiko Saito, 44, who had been missing in Iraq since May 8.

The video showed identification papers and a passport allegedly belonging to Saito, a former paratrooper and veteran of the French Foreign Legion.

The video displayed the body of a dead man on his back with a bloodied face that resembled Saito.

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  1. says

    The killing continues. They are telling us eveyday in everyway what their intentions are. The West is “running helter-skelter towards destruction with their fingers in their ears.” (from a song I love, “Adam, Where Are You?”)

  2. says

    And what in hell would they kill either a Japanese OR French citizen for?

    Are they now at war with kufr nations that have NOT invaded them?

    And allah knows least.

    Imam Geoff

  3. says

    And Michael Moore is off somewhere shoveling the food down his throat and thinking of his next anti-American movie that will make him even richer.

    Moore should thank God for the near 500,000
    dead American soldiers that died on the battlefields of Europe 60 years ago just so a obese ungreatful slob in his 50’s could mock the Nation he benefitted from by a movie that made him as rich as the people he claimed to hate for
    controlling the Country through their wealth and
    using censorship to stop the truth from getting to the masses.

    No doubt Moore will now buy a mansion with
    the tall wrought-iron fence to keep out the
    othes obese slobs that drive by in a IceCream
    truck using the loud speaker to read him the
    Declaration of Independance and US Constitution.

    Irony is so sweet,expect Moore to loose weight and promote slimfast or Subway Subs,then Rebok or Nike shoes on his private Court next to the pool
    and tennis area.
    God bless America Mr.Moore,land of the Free-loaders once in a while.

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    Just as the Japanese translator of Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses”, Hitoshi Igarashi, was murdered by a Muslim in Japan (how is that even possible, a Muslim in Japan?) in 1991. (The Italian translator was stabbed, but survived. The Norwegian publisher was shot four times in the back, but also survived.)

    I hope the people in the Land of the Rising Sun understand that inviting those -who kill your writers- into your house is not the wisest move.


    And this treatment of one of their citizens in Iraq will be a clue to the kind of treatment they can expect from the ‘religion of peace’.

  5. says

    Big Sleep:

    For some strange reason Japan -in the eighties- allowed several thousand (Iranian) day-labourers into the country. They were usually hanging around Ueno-station, I don’t know if they are still there but I also know that there is now a huge mosque somewhere in the middle of Tokyo.

    The Japanese are not immune to the Mo- virus, new religion is just like fashion for them.

    But the government has a duty to protect its citizens,
    so it won’t take long for them to pull the plug.

    Shintaro Ishihara is a right-wing politico who might have what it takes o push the issue.They are still shocked by the Aum Shinrikiyo cult and the subway attacks, but they didn’t get around to ban that cult either.

    Then again, ‘strike fear in the hearts of the enemy’- is written in the Koran, so its just a matter of time before they stgrike again.

    Islam is a criminal organisation, nothing else.