Pakistan: Call to boycott American goods

Notice the third reason why. Now “the US” did this. From the Daily Times, with thanks to Nicolei:

LAHORE: Tanzeem Hablillah, a non-government organisation, has called for Muslims to boycott American products.

Muslims should boycott American products because the US has desecrated the Holy Quran, ridiculed the Islamic way of life and made a woman into an imam,” said Dr Iftikhar Hussain Waris, patron-in-chief of Tanzeem Hablillah, at a meeting on Sunday.

Dr Waris said Americans were prejudiced against Islam. He urged Muslims to boycott American products as they were “minting money” from Pakistan and that money was being used against Muslims.

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  1. says

    Hope the boycott includes medicine. The muslims already have great medical cures, which are listed below.

    If a fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure (antidote for the disease)
    Hadith no.673 vol.7th

    Mohammed also said that camel urine is good medicine

    Muslims should get ready to import more dates.

    “He who eats seven Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.” Bukhari vol.7 book 65 no.356

    There are loads more, but I have to play in a poker tournament online.


  2. says

    Please! This is laughable. What American goods? Sadly, we don’t produce s–t anymore. Everything is produced in China. We are now a “service economy” and “information ecnomy,” remember?

    Betcha though that the Pakistani Nazi jihadists won’t boycott the F-16s the our dhimmi government gives them as part of military aid…

  3. says

    I agree completely with this Pakistani’s call to boycott American goods. In fact, I will do my bit, by boycotting any goods from Pakistan as well. Given that its carpets are produced by slave child-labor (yes, that smiling Pakistani rug-owner, the one who advertises under a neutral name that gives no hint of the owner, or of his wares, and who likely enagages in Interfaith Dialogues in your town or city — yes, his Pakistani rugs are woven by child-labor).

    I try to find out if the Indian restaurant I am going to is in fact run by Pakistanis, or by Indian Muslims. I look for alcohol. I look to see if there is evidence of Ganesha, or other signs of Hinduism. A Sikh turban instantly relieves me. If I see a sign anywhere — even where I until yesterday might have bought my chunda mango chutney — that reads “Halal Meat” I will not enter that store or that restaurant.

    Silly? Mean-minded? I don’t think so. I would not have bought German goods in 1938, and I would not have bought Soviet goods in 1953, or 1973. Why should I do anything to help make American life Muslim-accomodating? Is that to my advantage? Will that make my life or that of my descendants more secure, more the way I would like their lives to be?

  4. says

    We should be boycotting them all. Screw them! When are we going to say enough is enough and stop doing business with these countries?

    A true “war on terror” would include a boycott of all products coming from the nations in the Middle East. They all should be left to rot in their own mess.

    Oil is elsewhere people. Our “need” Middle Eastern oil is a self imposed one. There are other answers to our energy problems other than putting up with these throwbacks.

    Remove all Western money and influence from the Middle East and let them cook in their own personal Jihads all they want.

  5. says

    It’s OK to be intolerant of Muslim intolerance… Everyone is welcome in the US if they will cherish and honor our laws and culture – Prior immigrants have chosen to embrace America and settle into the great melting pot – Muslims however are showing repeatedly that they are unable to honor our laws or integrate … Rather, they devalue and undermine our nation with every opportunity…

    Pakistani, Saudi, or Palestinian rejectionism of all things American is a good beginning — If we can get ALL Muslims so allergic to the idea of coming to America or using American products the battle will be half won against Islamic fascism from America’s point of view … I welcome the idea that Muslims develop firmer ties with nations such as China, Russia and Canada (and even warmer ties with the EU) — the front lines of the Muslim menace will be permanently shifted onto these craven countries and regions — Let THEM be the front line confronting the jihad …

    At this point, due to the complete unwillingness of US Muslims to support America and fight the trends of Islamic jihad in their communities, and due to their apparent goal of supplanting the US Constitution with an Islamic system of governance, I support the idea of making them feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable in the US. Go to Canada. Go to France. Go to Great Britain. Don’t bring your fascist ideological filth to our shores. FASCIST MUSLIMS DON’T BELONG HERE — THEY ARE COMPLETELY UN-AMERICAN!!!

    All other immigrants who have illustrated their willingness to embrace our systems, culture, and laws are welcome. But we must make it clear that any immigrant population that wishes to subvert the US Constitution by supporting “holy war” or implement a fascist “religious” system on US Soil (sharia practices) shouldn’t be tolerated here, and we shouldn’t be ashamed to reject them outright. Simply put, they are a danger to our existence, and it’s hard to conclude that they will enhance our nation in any way — therefore THEY MUST GO!!!

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    He urged Muslims to boycott American products as they were “minting money” from Pakistan

    It’s Busharrif who’s actually minting money from the US. I imagine he has his personal cut of all the aid we are sending them, all squirrilled away in a Swiss or Cayman Islands account.

  7. says

    Boycott US good me God. That’ll mean half the Paki military arsenal will’ll b under boyvott. lmfao.

    I try to find out if the Indian restaurant I am going to is in fact run by Pakistanis, or by Indian Muslims. I look for alcohol.

    Hugh 1 advice, when in Britain stay away from Indian takeaways, they r mostly owned by muzzies.

  8. says

    Maybe the can boycott aid too and refund what they have already got.

    Yes indeed, the proud Muslims should return all that nasty infidel money and refuse to take anymore. That would really show us! Boy we’d really be put in our place, huh? The igits.