Fitzgerald: The jihad against Ethiopia

Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald discusses the importance of defending Ethiopia and other African countries against jihad:

Ethiopia is a country which, in the past thirty years, has repeatedly known major famine. We have all seen the pictures. Yet the headwaters of the Nile begin in Ethiopia, and intelligent irrigation projects could save many lives in Ethiopia.

Yet Egypt has been threatening, and screaming, that Ethiopia’s plans are outrageous. And if the threats and screams do not work, then the Egyptians try smiles, and wiles, and offers to cooperate, if only — oh, if only the Egyptians are given a veto over what Ethiopia does, and how much water it diverts.

Never mind that it the Ethiopians who for years have suffered, and that Egypt looks benignly on the massacres of the blacks in the southern Sudan, because it wishes to extend Arab Muslim power down to where it will immediately threaten what has always been seen, in Islam and in the West, as the celebrated Christian kingdom of Ethiopia. Securing the Sudan is one element; threatening Ethiopia from Eritrea and Somalia and from the Arabs of Egypt and the Sudan from the north, and also from within the country with a very aggressive program of da’wa (conversion) which can always become subversion, is another.

Ethiopia, in Islam, was once accorded special status because 82 families of followers of Muhammad supposedly found temporary refuge there from the pagan Meccans. Gratitude to the Christian Negus of Ethiopia entitled the country to a kind of special status, as dar al-sulh, a kind of halfway house between dar al-Islam and dar al-harb. But that gratitude, and that special consideration, however minor it may have been, is not demonstrated in the slightest by Egypt’s proprietary and exclusivist claims on the Nile waters.

If Ethiopia wishes to divert waters to feed people who have lacked, until now, the wherewithal and the technical assistance to use those waters for irrigation, that should be encouraged by the entire Infidel world. Egypt’s threats, Egypt’s wiles, should be seen in the proper context. The Arabs everywhere in North Africa essentially treat the black Africans with contempt. Indeed, in Darfur, the Arabs tried to wipe out black Africans — as there is ample testimony from survivors — even if they were Muslim.

It is not surprising that Egypt should attempt to arrogate to itself the water of the Nile, and deny, even in its nascent stage, the attempt of the oldest free black African country to recover its equilibrium. After all, Ethiopia is a country so celebrated for its long history of Christianity that, when Western Christendom imagined a Christian realm beyond Islam that represented an ally that might be counted on for succor and protection, they placed the Kingdom of Prester John first in India — and then in Ethiopia.

Those in Western Europe who claim to have the interests of the Third World at heart really have to be put to the test. They sided with the Muslims in Biafra. They have not moved a finger to aid the Christian blacks in the southern Sudan, and have done nothing to denounce the Arab Muslim genocide against them that has lasted more than 20 years. They seem not to know much, and care nothing about, the continued enslavement of blacks by Muslim Arabs in Mali and in Mauritania. They do not take the side of the government of Tanzania, trying to deal with Arab revanchism in Pemba and Zanzibar.
And what will they say about Ethiopia and its need for water? One suspects that the phony left, including the Anglican clergy who have never gone to the aid of the African Anglicans under attack by Islam, will say nothing — nothing whatsoever.

Really, it is important for the American government to do something dramatic — for nothing will come from Europe, not even from, or especially not from — the co-religionists of the black African Christians under assault in Africa.

I have repeatedly suggested that a small force could seize the southern Sudan and secure it until the local black population, Christian and animist, Dinka and Nuer and others, can vote on their own independence. Why should they not? And why should the sinister regime in Khartoum, which keeps denying it has anything to do with the Janjaweed in Darfur, be heeded in the slightest?

Why is the American government, too, hellbent on ignoring what is happening to black Christians throughout Africa, and doing nothing to help or protect them against Muslim depredation and aggression and threats?

Ethiopia is one test. Nigeria is another test. And the Sudan is yet another. Let us see.

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    Thank God for David Horowitz and his babies, FrontPageMag and the CSPC. JW’s venerable VP Hugh Fitzgerald seems to feel nothing but contempt for him, but Horowitz is at the center of the effort to reform our intellectually corrupt educational institutions…and his FPM provides a valuable forum to the anti-jihadis of the world, including our own Robert Spencer.

    Now to the issue at hand. Might the Pentagon be waking up to the REAL causes of Islamic terrorism. Read and hope…

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    Ethiopia is a country that despite its Christian king having offered asylum to the first persecuted Muslims, was later brutally attacked by the Muslims and besieged by them from both sides along many centuries.

    The carnage described in Futuh ul Habasha, shows how Ahmad Gragn systematically slaughtered thousands of Ethiopians in his Jihad against the Ethiopian infidels. Chilling reading about ways of the religion of peace.

    Ethiopia deserves our admiration for having been able to stand as an island of Christians surrounded by fanatic muslims.

    Long live Ethiopia!

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    Interesting that you seem to be alluding to — sending Muslims back to the Hejaz from whence they came.

    As I recall, until Mohammed’s day, the Hejaz was a Jewish date palm oasis. Despite the dhimmi laws and massacres, presumably the Jews remained in diminished numbers until such time as the Al Sauds and their Wahhabbi friends took power and enforced Mohammed’s decree of “only one religion” with great gusto, as there was a Jewish population in Yemen until the founding of Israel.

    Ergo, following Ahmadinejad’s “reasoning”, Muslim “Palestinian refugees” should be sent back to the Gulf of Arabia and their whining proponents told to shutupaboutit.

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    “Wasn’t Ethiopia Communist?”
    — from a posting above

    You must be thinking of the adjective “Marxist” commonly affixed to the dictator Mengistu, primus inter pares in what was called the Dergue, some thirty years ago. The Dergue is gone; Mengistu is dead; the Soviet Union that once supplied the regime with some military aid no longer exists.

    Ethiopia is a country that has repeatedly suffered from famine, and the famine is a result of drought, and the drought is a result of Ethiopia not having had the means to use any of the waters of the Nile. And that has been a result, recently, of a deliberate campaign by the Egyptian government to frighten away potential foreign donors for such projects, and making all sorts of outrageous statements to the effect that “the Nile belongs to Egypt” and then, alternating this kind of remark with smooth talk about “negotiating with Ethiopia” which is meant to delay any irrigation projects, and has put off foreign investors. Ask yourself: why does Ethiopia need to go hat in hand, yas-massuh style, and beg permission from the Egyptians to divert waters within its own borders, waters that the Egyptians seem to think belong to them alone, and furthermore, say the Egyptians, their populatin is exploding and they will need even more water. Tough. What about the Ethiopions and their famines, and their population?

    Egypt’s intermittent soft words and promises to talk are inteneded only to delay. Meretricious delay is a tactic that has been learned from the war-manual of the Sira. Delay, or the pretense of negotiation, is a standard Muslim tactic, on display in Iran’s pretend-negotiations with the Europeans on its nuclear weapons project, or the “Palestinians” who keep putting off that famous requirement that they disarm, or even begin to disarm, or even think about beginning to disarm, their half-dozen separate terorrist wings, or Egypt, wanting to prevent action by Ethiopia until the islamization of the southern Sudan and arabization of Darfur, and the islamization of Ethiopia itself, through Da’wa and Muslim outbreeding of Christians, are further along.

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    I have spoken about that in my blog: and there are a catholic priest who in a strong message, have demanded to christians in the world, more missioners, priests and money, because the wahabbi islam, is giving much money to muslims there.
    In addition, it´s a shame, that NGO´s didn´t build reservoirs in Ethiopia, with that, there wouldn´t be famine.

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    “the Nile belongs to Egypt”

    Hmmm. Nope. Not if the headwaters are located elsewhere, it doesn’t.

    While Ethiopia was a Christian bulwark until the end of Haille Selasee’s days in the 1970s, it also had, up until a certain point, a very vibrant Jewish population. The oldest “university” on the continent of Africa, was a Jewish university in Ethiopia, established some time in the 16th century.

    I do not know who was responsible for the complete isolation and persecution underwhich the Falasha (Ethiopian Jews), lived until they were ransomed out of Ethiopia by Israel in stages, starting in the 1970s, but given the status of about 20,000 Falash Mura, who claim to be Ethiopian Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity, and are currently who are seeking to return to Judaism pursuant to immigrating to Israel, I guess we can’t blame it all directly on Muslims.

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    “Indeed, in Darfur, the Arabs tried to wipe out black Africans — as there is ample testimony from survivors — even if they were Muslim.”

    What’s ironic is that the “Arabs” involved in these Darfur attacks on blacks are themselves — brace yourselves for an archaically politically incorrect term — Negroid, and virtually indistinguishable from the (often Muslim) blacks they are terrorizing. The Muslim janjaweed terrorizers believe themselves to have more Arab blood, and therefore consider themselves to be superior; but apparently no ethnographers can really tell the difference between the two populations.

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    Ethiopia is a prime example of the lack of compassion that the politically correct crowd. Islam, Muslims, and the koran get critisized, the demands for heads to roll come in from every corner of the PC world. But if Islamofeces attack Christians, nothing is said. Ethiopian Christians are inslaved by these Islamofeces and the United Nations, that bastion of humanity, just stands there and does nothing. Sudanese Christians are allowed to starve and Kofi Annan says nothing. The United States says nothing but yet we’re supposed to be a Christian/ Judeo country. Yet the PC crowd is ever present to make sure anybody but Christians get a fair shake at “life’s lottery” (Dick Gerphardt where are you?) while so called Christians, in this country, say nothing. This “religion of peace” shows it’s tolerance in countries like the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania by slaugtering and inslaving Christians in Africa. If Eygpt won’t allow the Ethiopians to irigate their land, then the U.S. needs to step in, like we did with “Sadman Insane” and show them why they should. Besides, wasn’t it Islamofeces, the followers of that “religion of peace”, that assasinated Anwar Sadat? Then president of Egypt? Just thought I’d ask. We, as a Christian nation, need to step in and let the U.N. know that we will stand up for our fellow Christians in Africa, and expell the Islamofeces invading their borders, making the Egpytian government more complaint to the needs of the Ethiopians as far as the irigation project is concerned. They may think that we’re the “great Satan”, but they sure love our money and weapons!!!

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    Hugh proves that international humanitarianism is a great fake. And that is a lesson to be repeated over and over. The EU govts are extremely cynical, or is it hypocritical. Always criticizing Israel for “human rights” violations, but disregarding the Sudan and other places of Muslim persecution, oppression, mass murder, etc. If the Arab charges against Israel were true [such as the “Jenin massacre”], they would still be nothing compared to the immense crimes committed by the Sudan with Arab League complicity.
    The Sudan by rights ought to be divided. The Arabs/Muslims historically raided the south of the Sudan for slaves. By what right do they deserve to rule over the south today after the 3.5 million victims of genocide in southern Sudan since 1956 when Britain gave Sudan independence as an Arab/Muslim-dominated unitary state, heedless of the welfare of the southern Sudanese blacks?
    By the way, to comprehend what the Sudan meant historically to the Arabs, you might understand its name. Sudan is simply an Arabic word meaning “blacks.” In the name of the country, it is short for bilad as-Sudan, Land of the Blacks. So the Arabs themselves saw it and its people as distinct from their countries and their peoples. To be more precise, bilad as-Sudan referred to all Africa south of the Sahara.
    On Ethiopia too, Hugh has supplied a good proposal to be offered to Washington, and the American black community.

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    Ethiopia is now a majority Muslim country according to the CIA. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have spent millions on Al-Azher missions to spread Islamism and Arabism in Ethiopia. The Muslims of Ethiopia consider themselves Arabs. Actually, several Muslim Ethiopians are currently working fro the government as Arabic translators.

    Muslim 45%-50%, Ethiopian Orthodox 35%-40%, animist 12%, other 3%-8%

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    With material help from Western Christians, Ethiopia’s Christians can regain their proper role. Campaigns of re-Christianization should not be based on the appeal of Christiantiy alone, but on the appeal to history, even to Muslim history, whereby Ethiopia was left alone as a Christian state, given special immunity from conquest because about 80 early followers of Muhammad had once found refuge there. And that history should include the Arab slave trade, which began earlier and lasted longer (and still continues in places), and because it often involved castration in situ and then a march to the slave markets of the Islamic world, resulted in many times the deaths that can be ascribed to the Atlantic Slave Trade.

    And, then, of course, there is the Muslim Arab treatment of both black African non-Muslims, and of black African Muslims — why should not the recent events in the Sudan be used as part of the attempt to persuade recently-islamized Ethiopians to return to Christianity, and for that matter, those who for generations have been Muslim, to become Christians. And finally, why is not the Egyptian government’s repeated attempts to claim almost exclusive use of the Nile waters not used, given great attention, as part of an “Islamic plot” against black Africa –and not inconsequentially, in order to get the American and other Infidel governments to lend their moral, diplomatic, financial, and other support to the Ethiopian Christians. Start simply by contacting Ethiopian Christian groups in this country — they can be found, they are ready to go to work, they need support. Give it to them.

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    According to the CIA World Fact Book, Ethiopia, which was once a Christian nation, is now 45-50% muslim, 35-40% Ethiopian Orthodox, and 12% anamist and 3-8% other religions. Therefore Ethiopia is now primarily a muslim country. Very sad.

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    The new reality has affected the Ethiopian national symbols.

    Formerly the Ethiopian flag had the lion of Judah carrying a cross in its middle yellow band.

    Now it has a Moroccan-style pentagram in the middle of a blue circle.