Jihadists arrested in Tajikistan

I can’t remember the last time we had a Tajik jihad update. Is there any place on earth where the tiny minority of extremists cannot be found? “Extremists detained in Tajikistan,” from Pravda, :

Members of the banned Uzbek Islamic Movement were arrested on Monday in the city of Khudzhand in northern Tajikistan.

“An Uzbek citizen, 37, and a Russian citizen from the Mordova
region, 41, who are accused of being members of the Uzbek Islamic Movement, were detained on December 5 in Khudzhand,” a source from the Tajik Interior Ministry told.

“Six other people from northern Tajikistan were also detained,” the
source said.

The men were detained while distributing leaflets calling for a
coup d’etat. The town of Khudzhand is an administrative center in the Tajik Sughd region. It borders on Uzbekistan and is the second largest city in the country.

The Uzbek Islamic Movement is an extremist organization, which says it wants to establish an Islamic caliphate in the Central Asian countries.

Several dozen people suspected of links with the Uzbek Islamic
Movement and Hizb-ut-Tahrir have been arrested in Tajikistan since the beginning of 2005, Interfax reports

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    Who keeps saying that China does not have an islam problem?


    Jacky Wu, a popular television entertainer, apologized again for an anti-Islam gaffe yesterday to end a dispute with Taiwan’s Muslim community.
    He offered his “sincere” apology to the Muslims before Chao Hsi-lin, chairman of the Chinese Muslim Association, at a press conference at the Taiwan Television Enterprise.

    Making a deep bow, Wu said he first offered his apology one week after he inadvertently slandered Mohammed, founder of Islam, in his TTV quiz show on November 19.

    That apology was made at the “IQ Quiz” part of his popular “Monkey King Show” on November 26, Wu told Chao. Muslim leaders did not consider that apology sincere enough.

    “His remarks revealed his ignorance,” Salahudin Chao-yen Ma, chairman of the Taipei Grand mosque. At the press meeting, Wu said: “I offered my most sincere apology to our Muslim friends.”

    TTV apologized two days after the gaffe at the “IQ Quiz.”

    “They were made inadvertently,” said Liang Heh-chun, producer of the “Monkey King Show.”

    During the “IQ Quiz,” Wu asked guests which religion forbids pork as unclean food. One guest answered that religion is Islam.

    Thereupon, Wu quipped, “Yeah. When Mohammed was in trouble, he got nothing to eat. So he drank sow’s milk to sate his hunger.”

    The quip touched off an outcry in the Muslim community. There are some 60,000 faithful in Taiwan.

    “It was an insult to all the Muslims of the world,” said a Muslim leader. Worse, he added, TTV repeated the mistake.

    Three years ago, the network slandered Islam. It was Hu Kua, another show host who is now involved in litigation over his alleged “gambling den.” An apology was offered and accepted.

    TTV show hosts simply do not understand what Islam is, other Muslim leaders charged. Muslims are taught not to eat “unclean foods,” pork being one of them.

    They must eat meat of animals with cloven feet that chew the cud. They include beef, mutton and flesh of the goat and the camel.

    Chao led Muslim leaders to the TTV office Tuesday to protest. They were met by David Cheng, TTV president.

    Cheng decided to call the press meeting at the TTV to offer a formal apology.

    Wang Li-cheng, TTV acting program director, promised at the meeting similar gaffes would never be made again.

    “We extend our most sincere apology to the Muslim community for the host’s ignorance and lack of knowledge of the religion,” Wang said. “We would endeavor to promote understanding of Islam and other faiths,” she vowed.

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    I read about muslims in Pakistans earthquake region throwing Christians out of their homes and taking the homes from the dhimmis. And of course the government won’t help them.

    While trying to relocate that story I came across this website.


    Lots of similar stories on the web, just google ~ Christians forced to flee their homes ~

    or any similar phrase for shocking stories from all over the world.

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    How absurd.
    This reminds me of the nonsense with the ban on pigs in British banks, last month, lauded as a solution in Britain, since it might offend muslims- the mere presence of a ‘pig’.

    Jews have a more strict and more comprehensive set of laws for all these matters, ‘Kosher’ laws, as such. Halal, the laws of Islam are a second rate knock off based upon the kosher laws of the Torah.

    This explains the kindness within so many muslim lands who showed on their TV programming how jews use christians and muslim children to drain the blood for ‘matzo’ and such.
    This is how they say ‘thank you’ to the Torah from which they took their second rate version of cleanliness.
    Imagine- the Torah, the laws of koshering, forbid the use of blood, and what does Islam, that religion of peace, that codifies ‘Jihad’ and blood letting do with that…. they accuse the people who’s laws they poorly copied, of being blood drinkers.

    Which might explain just how unclean, vicious, murderous and evilly minded they were, during their month of self examination, ‘Ramadan’ to show this evil lie to their brethren.
    And no apologies offered by any of them for any of that. Ever.
    And no great demands from any of the nonmuslims, in this regard- about any of that evil madness of the muslims.

    Jews have been there in Europe since before Islam was created. No religious jew would think of banning pigs as a symbol of a savings mentalit, for themselves or anyone else.

    First, because what a Jew is obligated to do, doesn’t obligate non jews, and no reasonable interpretation would obtain where the presence of a pig, would be determined to be ‘offensive’.

    So instead of all the people, standing up in Britain and telling muslims to go to hell with their tyrannic oppressionof others, by forcing their beliefs onto non muslims, we get the dhimmi attitude of ‘tolerance’ that only increases muslim ignorance, muslim lgnorance and muslim violence and intolerance.

    Now in Taiwan, some off comical comment, that is bland, not very interesting, is perceived as ‘offensive’

    And the nonmuslims apologize. For what? Lack of Knowledge… ?

    What other religion demands anything like this??!?

    Oh, and all these vicious, vile, ugly, demented, hatedful genocidal lies that Islamic nations process on a daily basis in muslim communities, in their countries and export to nonmuslim lands- that ,they don’t have to apologize for.

    It’s always amazed me how laughable this inversion of facts really is, and how this, is a surrender of the worst kind, to a lie, and a fraud., a hatefulness, a viciousness and an intolerance within Islam that should be highlighted, whenever that occurs.


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    I’m just beginning to clue in — this stuff all has something to do with Islam — doesn’t it? Did I get it right?

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    Jews have a more strict and more comprehensive set of laws for all these matters, ‘Kosher’ laws, as such. Halal, the laws of Islam are a second rate knock off based upon the kosher laws of the Torah.

    Posted by: mgoldberg at December 8, 2005 10:22 AM

    Actually, I’d say the “differences” between Kushruth and Halal were intentional ones that arise from “branding” Islam as unique and superior to Judaism. It just happens those particular rules are less rigerous than compared, say to the requirement to repeat the Sh’ma three times a day vs the five times a day of prostrating oneself with one’s butt prominently raised in absolute physical and mental submission to Mo’s personalized diety. The inherent difficulty he ran int was that to sell yet another variation of monotheism, was to be distinctive enough as to constitute a difference from the older and more established variants without making adherence too onerous. Consequently, halal doesn’t forbid the consumption of crustacea where Kushruth does. Not much of a sacrifice, really. As for the other aforementioned practicies, well… …think of how well it helped reinforce the message that Mo wanted to get out, requiring his followers to repeat it an extra two times daily.