Palestinians: Jews come from pigs, monkeys

The Palestinian radio messages are simply reflecting the teaching of the Qur’an (2:52-65; 5:59-60: 7:166). From World Net Daily, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

JERUSALEM — Jews plan to take over the world by killing their opponents, Israelis are the descendents of pigs and monkeys, and Allah will soon dish out “the harshest punishments” to the followers of the “corrupt and racist Torah,” according to radio broadcasts and audiocassettes recently distributed in the Palestinian territories.

“The dissemination of anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic hate propaganda continues throughout the Palestinian Authority-administered territories” in spite of multiple pledges to reform the Palestinian media, according to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at Israel’s Center for Special Studies, which released a study that includes translations of radio broadcasts from last month.

On Nov. 17, Al-Huriyyah, a Palestinian radio station in Hebron run by the Fatah-Tzanim militia, broadcast a program called “The Struggle” in which the announcer repeatedly claimed Jews intend to take over the world by gaining control of global economic resources and financial institutions of various countries by “killing their opponents.”

That same day, the Information Center’s study stated, Al-Huriyyah played songs calling for jihad against Israel with lyrics that included, “Do not fall asleep, jihad warrior, because justice never sleeps. Take your bullets with you and bring death.”

The Center also released the translation of a lecture by a Hamas operative entitled, “The end of the Israelites,” that was reportedly distributed by a Palestinian charity en-mass on audiocassette in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

“Because of their corruption, the Jews will receive Allah’s harshest punishment,” says Hamas leader Dr. Bassam Nihad Ibrahim Jarrar in the taped lecture.

Jarrar claims a Jew is “not someone whose mother was Jewish, but someone who has accepted the racist and corrupt principles which appear in the Talmud and the version of the Torah distorted by the Jews.”

The Center says the Jarrar cassette is still being distributed.

In another audiocassette reportedly imported from Saudi Arabia and distributed in the Palestinian territories, a popular Saudi lecturer presents Jews as “the sons of monkeys and pigs” who “make practices of deception.”

“Allah will punish the infidels and the conspirators,” concludes the Saudi sheik at the end of the taped lecture.

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  1. says

    “Jews plan to take over the world by killing their opponents, Israelis are the descendents of pigs and monkeys, and Allah will soon dish out “the harshest punishments” to the followers of the “corrupt and racist Torah,”

    Blah blah blah….Blah blah blah blah

    Most of them can’t even read, so how would they know what’s in the Torah?

    Jeez, they’re like a symphony of busted chainsaws, just rattling and clanking away, never accomplishing a damn thing.

  2. says

    There is an authentic Hadith from Bukari in which monkeys surround a “she-monkey” and stone it to death for having “illegal sexual intercourse.”

    I kid you not folks.

    And some call Islam the “science of belief.”

  3. says

    Here the Arabs go projecting again. What they want to do and are doing they accuse others of, called projection in psychology.
    And then they are never held responsible for what they really say by the herd [or horde] of “leftist” academics, or by the media, 99% owned by capitalists, who in this behavior join with the Commies. When Arab govts broadcast on their official radio and TV [inc. PLO/PA radio and TV] all sorts of Judeophobic lies, they are excused because the Arabs are allegedly “powerless,” or similar lies. History is rewritten to suit Arab nationalist and pan-Islamist claims. In this vein, Arab-Muslim collaboration in the Holocaust is overlooked or even denied.
    I refer to Haj Amin el-Husseini and other Arabs and Muslims.
    On the other hand, participation by white racists in the Australian riots is used to discredit the grievances of Australians against Arabs aggressing against them on the beach, esp. against women. The Nazi sympathies and pro-Nazi history of the Arabs themselves are overlooked.

  4. says

    Thought I’d bring the original text of that hadith of Bukhari’s about the she-monkey:

    Volume 5, Book 58, Number 188:

    Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun:

    During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.

  5. says

    This will really upset the creationists as the erudite author of these comments is admitting to the truth of evolution however distorted it may be.

    I wonder what dear old Allah has to say on this subject?

    Then again what is the differnce betwen making love to a monkey or a camel? I suspect that only the average middle aged middle eastern bachelor could comment accurately upon that one, so just maybe he was speaking from vast expereince on the subject.

  6. says

    What would constitute legal sexual intercourse for a she-monkey? Would she have to be married first to a he-monkey? She and up to three others? And how does the he-monkey pronounce talaq?

  7. says

    Let’s follow the Palestinian logic here: Jews take advantage of Palestinians. Jews are apes and pigs.

    Query: If Jews are apes and pigs, and the apes and pigs take advantage of Palestinians, then what the hell are Palestinians?

  8. says

    “What would constitute legal sexual intercourse for a she-monkey? Would she have to be married first to a he-monkey? She and up to three others? And how does the he-monkey pronounce talaq? ”

    Now I really see the true reason for the Burkah.

    No wonder they keep their women covered. So would I if they had to do totally body shaves.
    It also explains why they cannot swim in public except in a burkah. However that tail must come in handy for something.

    If you really think about it not much difference between a monkey and 9 yo girl (well in size anyway) :)))

  9. says

    With the large grants recently donated to Harvard and Georgetown Universities, it seems that there might be enough for a course explaining the justification and use of such tapes, distributed to Muslims worldwide but not generally available to the greater world public.

    Such a course might work wonders for Muslim-non-Muslim Understanding.

  10. says

    Howard,Fine & Howard:

    That would be a good question to put to a Palestinian; If Jews are decendents of monkeys, and pigs thwn what are Palestinians decendants of?

    Does anyone have an answer?

    That is of course if we really are able to stoop to such a ridiculously low level of human intelligence as that.

  11. says

    “Those descendants of pigs and apes have won 166 Nobel prizes.”
    — posted by 3812Michelle

    And most of them in science, not the fake kind of Nobel that cretins like Jimmy Carter and Yassir Arafat were awarded.


    And just what’s so wrong with pigs, anyway?!

  12. says

    Howard, Fine & Howard asks: “If Jews are apes and pigs, and the apes and pigs take advantage of Palestinians, then what the hell are Palestinians?”

    ANSWER: Fruits and nuts, of course!

  13. says

    Prophet(?) Mohamed proudly declares himself as a direct desendant of Prophet Abraham.Every body knows Abraham was a 100 percent Jew.My question is, how come a direct desendant of a Jew becomes a Arab? There goes the Koranic truth,and in case if it is true, then Mo(hamed) too is a Mo(nkey)!

  14. says


    Do you have a link to a list of the Jewish Nobel Prize winners? A couple of years ago in a post at LGF, someone posted a list of Jewish winners in science and medicine and compared it to a similar list of Muslim winners. As you might expect, the comparison was very telling.


  15. says

    Rafia – but don’t Muslims think that Abraham was a Muslim, along with Jesus (and Shakespeare and Neil Armstrong)?

    I think the Koran says that Jews were turned into apes and pigs because they didn’t accept Mohammed’s message and go back to the original (Muslim) path that they had strayed from.

  16. says

    Neil Armstrong may have been a moonbat.

    But from there to saying he’s a Muslim is one giant leap for mankind.

    Or maybe not.

    Excuse me. Banana break!

  17. says

    The Jews are Gods people..

    I dont care weather the muslims believe it or not..

    Any nation that curses the Jews will be cursed by God..

    Any nation that Blesses the Jews will be blessed.

    With all of the OIL with all of the Gas and petroleum…

    The ENTIRE Muslim world is pretty much a waste…

    I dont see people Lining up to Immigrate to IRAN..

  18. says

    “Jew hatred” amoung Muslims started right from the Prophet Mohamed times. Though Jews helped Mohamed by giving refuge ,when he was chased out of Mecca, they refused to accept his new vision-Islam, even after Mohamed offering to direct all muslims to face towards Jerusalem,instead of kaba in Mecca, while worshipping. This infuriated Mohamed and, this is the starting point of Jewish -Muslim hatred to be passed on till the present generations.
    Mohamed ordered the murder of the then most popular Jewish poet Kaab Ib’n Ashraf, just because he was not writing any poem ,favourable to Islam.
    This explains the thread of revenge and hatred,that is running down to generations,among Muslims. Added to this fury, the success stories of this small community of Jews in the world,with their inventions,and acheivements create a ‘welldeserved’Inferiority Complex among Muslims,when they compare themselves with what the Jews have given to the betterment of the world!!.

  19. says

    But Islam comes from satan–which once appeared to man as a serpent!

    Notice how the word itself “Islam” sounds like the hiss of a cobra?????

    Notice how the Babylonians and ancient Egyptians worshiped the snake.

    The snake is Islam’s origin. Maybe monkeys and paigs ain’t so bad after all.

    (though that depends on how you feel about snakes…some folks actually like them).

  20. says

    I wonder where that rumi person is…

    I wonder what his response will be twards this
    Obvious expression of the Islamic LOVE that muslims have for the jews and ALL Infidels.

    Come on lets see the islamo faschists and their supporters explain the pigs and apes statement…

    Could it be that since its in the KORAN
    and Mohammed absoutly was a psychopathic genocidal maniac mass murdering monster.

    maybe thats were the muslims derive their
    Love of the jews from?

    I am just asking…

  21. says


    Thanks – after I slap my head. Yeah, I should’ve Googled. Oh well.

    BTW – I didn’t realize that dipshit Harold Pinter was on that list. Talk about a black sheep of the family. As far as science and medicine go, there are two Muslims on the list – from a total population of 1.2 billion. Talk about under-achievers.

  22. says

    Mohammad said, “If a kid asks where rain comes from, tell him Allah is crying. And if he asks why Allah is crying, tell him, it’s probably because of something you did.”


  23. says

    You do not have to look at Nobel Prizes to find islamic underachievers…just name ONE invention of any real worth from the last 1400 yrs…and do NOT include suicide bombers.

    I can only think of one: propaganda as they have been spewing disinformation for 1400 years.

    I always laugh at the standard jihadic picture with his taiwanese made headscarf, his Chinese AK47 firing Vitnamese ammunition, his Indonesia pseudomilitary trousers, his Chinese Tshirt and his Thai made joggers. Even the beheadin knives are now made in China

    Remove all of the trappings of western society and they would be grovelling around in the sand like pigs and probably eating each other.

    If there is a God I dislike his sense of humour in giving these people oil as withoutn the west it would still be there

  24. says


    “Thanks – after I slap my head. Yeah, I should’ve Googled. Oh well”

    Yeah, try Google, you know, invented by those two JEWISH guys, Page and Brin. It’s pretty handy.

    (If Page and Brin are monkeys, the brilliant “Doctor” bassam nihad ibrahim jarrar is a microbe on the evolutionary scale.)