Norway Apologizes over Muhammad Cartoons

Lights out in Oslo. Norway is well on the way to becoming an Islamic State. If criticism of Islam is forbidden, then the rest of Sharia will ultimately follow. Freedom of speech and freedom of thought have been relegated to the dustbin of history.

From Brussels Journal, with thanks to all who sent this in:

The left-wing government in Norway apologizes to Muslims worldwide for the publication of twelve Muhammad cartoons [see them here] in the Norwegian newspaper Magazinet. Oslo sent out instructions to all the Norwegian embassies on how to respond to queries about the cartoons. Unlike the Danish government, the Norwegian government is not concerned about safeguarding the right to freedom of expression. Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, a leading member of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s Workers” Party, wrote the following e-mail to the Norwegian embassies:

I am sorry that the publication of a few cartoons in the Norwegian paper Magazinet has caused unrest among Muslims. I fully understand that these drawings are seen to give offence by Muslims worldwide. Islam is a spiritual reference point for a large part of the world. Your faith has the right to be respected by us.

The cartoons in the Christian paper Magazinet are not constructive in building the bridges which are necessary between people with different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Instead they contribute to suspicion and unnecessary conflict.

Let it be clear that the Norwegian government condemns every expression or act which expresses contempt for people on the basis of their religion or ethnic origin. Norway has always supported the fight of the UN against religious intolerance and racism, and believes that this fight is important in order to avoid suspicion and conflict. Tolerance, mutual respect and dialogue are the basis values of Norwegian society and of our foreign policy.

Freedom of expression is one of the pillars of Norwegian society. This includes tolerance for opinions that not everyone shares. At the same time our laws and our international obligations enforce restrictions for incitement to hatred or hateful expressions.

Come off it. Worse things are published about Christianity in Europe every day. No one has committed any violent act because of these cartoons, and if anyone does it is likely to be a Muslim. Freedom of expression without freedom to criticize Islam and Islamic violence means that Islam and Islamic violence will grow, while freedom of expression will continue to wither. Goodbye, Norway.

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    “Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, … wrote the following e-mail to the Norwegian embassies…”

    A shameful act by a shamefree fool

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    GUTLESS WONDERS sucking the oil rag. Oh well no wonder they want to resume whaling as whales do NOT shoot back.

    And I thought that Norwegians were proud of their Viking ancestry!! Poor old Rolf, Eric etc would be rolling in their graves!!(Okay I know about viking funerals)

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    What absolute cowards. What absolute friggin cowards!!!!!! The Islamic World shows absolutely no respect for non-Muslim religions. Not just private expression (like crapping in Jesus’ birthplace and wiping butts with the Bible) but legal enforcement of gross discrimination: Muslims cannot change religion but others can. Non-Muslims cannot prosyletize, but Muslims can. Non-Muslims must practice religion in the farthest reaches of privacy, Islam is blared from every streetcorner. Etc. etc. etc. etc.

    My Christian Uncle left Egypt after his family had lived there for probably 2-3000 years. They trace roots before the Muslim invasion. He left with his immediate family for reasons of safety and now lives in the US. NOBODY gives a rats ass about the plight of non-Muslim treatment in the Islamic World. I spent a number of military deployments watching the treatment of non-Muslims and cannot believe the silence about this travesty.

    Norway’s leaders are cowards and must be replaced by the people. Like the rest of the Western Nations, they don’t care about Muslim mistreatment of religious minorities. Yet they self-righteously play the Dhimmi while claiming moral high ground (we care about treatment of religious minorities..etc. etc.).



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    Relax hello123, stop calling names and realize that liberals and conservatives alike are under the same assault. Please stop pointing the finger at only liberals.

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    Kaffir Nonbeliever,

    I understand there are liberals who understand the threat. I also know all non-Muslims are in the same boat. However, the deafening silence from so many “L”iberal interests is appauling. Where are the “brave” feminist groups who scream about any perceived slight from Western males? I am conservative, yet feel like a voice in the wilderness in shouting about Islamic treatment of women. Where are the “brave” free speech, ultra-pornography, “anything goes” (including “piss Christ”, dung Virgin, etc.) “L”iberals in the face of the cartoon story? Why are only conservatives fighting for the issue of free speech in the face of Islam. Ditto for homosexual groups. I don’t believe in Gay Marriage, but I also don’t believe in the Sharia law death penalty. Why are conservatives the voice in the wilderness on this?

    What kills me are the European politicians who act self-righteous about tolerance, homosexual rights, feminism, etc. (when it comes to anything dealing with white men or Christians), yet are COWARDS when it comes to Islam. We all know the reason is that it’s safe to go after white Christians (they won’t fight back with violence). However, it takes REAL courage to take on Islam.

    I hope you see my point. I’m not talking about the individual Liberals with little voice. I’m talking about all the Liberals in media and politics who are showing GROSS inconsistency in their beliefs.

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    Sorry for not posting the link but the statement has been copied in full. This si what hte Danish Embassy says and as I stated in another post I think it safe to assume that the fat lady singeth!!! Read it and weep

    The embassy has recently received a number of e-mails concerning the publication of drawings of the Prophet Muhammad in the Danish Newspaper, Jyllands Posten.

    The Embassy would like to emphasize the position of the Danish Government on this issue.

    Denmark’s Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has in his New Year speech condemned any expression, action or indication that attempts to demonize groups of people on the basis of their religion or ethnic background.

    These comments were a reaction to the intense debate about freedom of expression and limits to freedom of expression that followed the publication by Jyllands Posten.

    In some contexts, the issue has unfortunately been portrayed as if the drawings were part and parcel of a smear campaign against Muslims in Denmark. This is certainly not the case. The Danish Government fully respects Islam as one of the world’s major religions.

    Jyllands Posten is a private and independent newspaper that is neither owned by, nor affiliated with, the Government or any political party in Denmark.

    In a letter of 6 January 2006 addressed to the Secretary General of the Arab League, H.E. Amre Moussa, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs H.E. Per Stig Møller stated that the Danish Government understood that Muslim circles had felt hurt and offended by the Danish newspaper’s drawings. In a January 4th op-ed in a Danish national newspaper the Danish Foreign Minister personally warned against disrespect among religions. It was, however, also underlined that freedom of expression is a vital and indispensable element of Danish society and that the Danish Government cannot influence what an independent newspaper chooses to publish.

    The Prime Minister’s speech has been transmitted to concerned authorities, including the Organisation of Islamic Countries and to The Arab League.

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    If The New Duranty Times covers this cravenness, will it also publish the cartoons for which the government of Norway — a state that does not require any oil from Saudi Arabia or anyone else, which shows that “energy independence” is not the deciding factor, not the goal or grail that once attained will allow the attaining country to unlock and remove its own mind-forged manacles.

    Unnecessary and disgusting. Disgusting because so completely unnecessary.

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    Anyone remember the case of Jerry Falwell vs Larry Flint? Falwell sued Flint over a satarical ad that appeared in Hustler magazine that alledged a drunk Falwell had had sex with his mother.The ad was vicious and a lot worse then the Danish cartoons. Whatever you think of Falwell the Hustler satire was ment to demean and humiliate him. The case eventually went to the US Supreme court and Falwell lost in a unanimous decision. The Supreme Court ruled that Falwell was fair game and that satire even satire that causes “emotional distress” is protected speech.

    “The court stated that satire (even outrageous satire) has a long and important history in America and that the Founding Fathers had specifically intended for the First Amendment to protect these types of parodies. The court cited many examples of famous, if bitingly satirical, political cartoons, “from the early cartoon portraying George Washington as an ass down to the present day.”

    Funny how Muslims “choose” to immigrate to the West yet can’t tolerate the Western tradition of free speech even if that speech is offensive and insulting.These cartoons should be publicized worldwide in defense of the principle of free speech.

    Falwell vs Hustler Magazine

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    Hugh, you make a good point. It seems that oil independence alone does not guarantee a country can escape from political correctness and dhimmitude. Hello points out the hyprocrisy of Norway and the liberals. Now if this was the Pope demanding an apology for some vulgar representation of Jesus, you can bet the bank, mortgage the house and bet that too – the Liberals would be screaming bloody murder and demand that a copy of the insuting image be sent to every home in America to stand up against the ‘oppressive and domineering Christians.’ Liberals = leftists = losers.

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    “The left-wing government in Norway apologizes to Muslims worldwide for the publication of twelve Muhammad cartoons…”

    In case anyone missed it, the key word(s) here is “left-wing.”

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    see the website to view these vile cartoons of Jews found in muslim world.


    Major Anti-Semitic Motifs in Arab Cartoons
    An Interview with Joël Kotek

    The main recurrent motif in Arab cartoons concerning Israel is “the devilish Jew.” This image conveys the idea that Jews behave like Nazis, kill children and love blood. The similarity with themes promulgated by the Nazis is evident. Many Arab cartoons praise suicide bombing or call for murder. The collective image of the Jews thus projected lays the groundwork for a possible genocide.

    A caricature may have as much influence on public opinion as an editorial.

    Palestinian cartoonists often place emphasis on the anti-Semitic accusation of “ritual murder” of children. This is underscored by their claim that Israelis target Palestinian children. To dehumanize Jews, Arab cartoonists often depict them as malevolent creatures: spiders, vampires or octopuses.

    Several Arab hate motifs also have permeated Western society as they resonate with the long-standing anti-Semitic prejudices of the Christian world.

    Genocide’s Groundwork
    “The collective image of the Jews created by Arab cartoons lays the groundwork for a possibility of genocide. My collection of Arab caricatures demonstrates this. One can argue about whether these genocidal ideas are conscious or subconscious. My view is that they are still at the subconscious stage.”

    Dr. Joël Kotek, a political scientist at the Free University of Brussels, searched the Internet daily for anti-Semitic cartoons in the Arab media for over two and a half years and found about 2,000. Even an initial superficial analysis revealed that the cartoons not only targeted Israel, but were aimed at all Jews. His subsequent research resulted in a book co-authored with his brother Dan Kotek. Published in French, its title translates as In the name of anti-Semitism: The image of the Jews and Israel in the caricature since the second Intifada.1

    In a world where image plays a central role, the cartoon, Kotek stresses, has become a popular and efficient means of communication. A caricature may have as much influence on public opinion as an editorial.

    The visual impact of these drawings is further strengthened by the fact that many Arab cartoonists are quite gifted illustrators.

    Kotek says: “The main recurrent theme in these cartoons is ‘the devilish Jew.’ By extension, this image suggests that the Jewish religion must be diabolic, and the entire Jewish people evil. I even found a Greek Orthodox cartoonist of Lebanese origin, who conveys the message that the Jewish religion has caused the State of Israel to be so ‘evil.’ The cartoons convey the idea that Jews behave like Nazis, leading readers to conclude that the only logical solution is their elimination. As the Arab world is becoming increasingly convinced of these ideas, they have no inhibitions showing them on a multitude of websites.”

    Ten Major Themes
    Several hundred Arab cartoons from Kotek’s collection are categorized according to ten anti-Semitic themes in his book: “The first theme is based on the oldest anti-Semitic motif, demonization of the Jew. In the Islamic world the Jew’s status – like that of Christians – is that of a dhimmi, a second-class citizen.

    “Israel, an entire state of these ‘inferior creatures,’ has won military victories against the Arab world. By their logic, this was only possible, they believe, because Jews are ‘satanic beings.’ In the cartoons I collected, the Jew is depicted as inhuman and an enemy of humanity. This dehumanization is necessary to justify the hoped for elimination.

    “On 28 December 1999 – well before the second Palestinian uprising – Al-Hayat al-Jadida, the official Palestinian Authority journal, published a cartoon expressing this core idea. It depicted an old man in a djellaba, symbolizing the twentieth century, taking leave of a young man wearing a tee-shirt symbolizing the twenty-first century. In between them stood a small Jew with a Star of David on his breast, above which an arrow pointed to him saying, ‘the illness of the century.’2

    “A few months later on 22 March 2000, the same journal ran another cartoon showing a large Pope talking to a small Jew with the skin, feet, and tail of an animal, and a big hooked nose, wearing a kippa. The Pope exclaimed ‘Peace on Earth’ while the Satanic-looking Jew calls out ‘Colonies on Earth.'”3

    A second central theme in the cartoons Kotek has collected is the Jew as a murderer of God. “This is originally a Christian motif. Bernard Lewis has shown how this theme had been appropriated by the Islamic world. This representation serves in efforts to obtain the sympathy of some Christians by adapting one of their central myths.

    “Lewis said that the first manifestations of anti-Semitism in the Middle East originated among Christian minorities there who were inspired by Europeans. These ideas initially had only a limited impact. The poison spread after 1933, when Nazi Germany promoted hatred of the Jews in the Arab world. Thereafter, the Palestinian conflict enabled the diffusion of an anti-Semitic interpretation of history.4

    “In the Muslim worldview one cannot kill God, but can wound Him. Their discourse says that not only did the Jews betray Mohammed, but before that, they had turned Jesus – a prophet, according to Islam – into a martyr. In a dangerous mutation, Islamic anti-Semitism says, as if it were to the Christians, that the Jews treat Palestine as they treated Christ. In this way they transform the story’s main characters: the Israelis have become the Romans and Jesus has become a Palestinian.

    “Whenever there is a report from Bethlehem, the Israeli soldiers are depicted by Arab cartoonists as Romans, while Bethlehem is described as Christ’s birthplace. In the Islamic world the motif of the Jews wounding the prophet is not ancient. Its inventors are Christian Arabs in the 1980s.”

    Israel as a Nazi State
    “The third motif in these cartoons is Israel as a Nazi state. This is based on two contradictory allegations, which the Islamists try to reconcile. Their first claim is that the Shoah never happened. Their second contention is that if it did, it has caused more damage to the Palestinians because they believe they are being treated worse than the Nazis treated the Jews.

    “Long before Sharon came to power, the theme of the Israeli as a Nazi was well-represented in the Arab caricature. According to it, all Zionists from Peres and Barak to Sharon are inspired by Nazi methods. The paradox is quite evident if one remembers the Arab sympathies for the Nazis during the Second World War. After the war many Arab intellectuals denied the crimes the Nazis committed during the Holocaust. These were rarely denounced.

    “A cartoon in the Egyptian Al-Akhbar shows Barak dressed as a Nazi with a Hitler moustache, blood dripping from his hands.5 In another caricature in the Egyptian daily Al Goumhouriya from 1996, Hitler is shown wearing a swastika band on his arm, while telling Shimon Peres, wearing a Star of David band on his arm: ‘I made a mistake by not understanding the importance of American support.’6

    “A 1993 cartoon in the Syrian daily Teshreen shows one soldier with a Star of David on his helmet and another with a swastika on his helmet. The caption reads: ‘The Security Council has studied the case of genocide of the Palestinians.’ The long list is of Israeli crimes; the small list of Nazi crimes.7 In the Lebanese Daily Star in 2000, four consecutive drawings show how Sharon, with a Star of David on his lapel, becomes Hitler with a moustache, and on his lapel, a swastika. The cartoonist Jabra Stavro, born in Beirut, has won many prizes.”8

    Kotek says: “The fourth motif – zoomorphism – is a very common theme throughout the world. To abuse one’s adversaries, one dehumanizes them by turning them into animals. In Nazi, Soviet and Romanian caricatures, the Jew is often depicted as a spider, perceived as an evil animal. Stavro in the Daily Star portrays Barak, with a Star of David on his breast, as a spider interrupting the peace process.9

    “The two other predominant anti-Semitic zoomorphic motifs are the blood-thirsty vampire and the octopus. The vampire image is a classic theme used by anti-Semites. I have not found any other people besides the Jews represented as such. This genocide-preparing design originates in Christian imagination.

    “Another caricature by Stavro in the Daily Star of 23 October 2000, depicted a spider with a Star of David on its body and the head of Ehud Barak in a web on which the word ‘war’ is written many times. A cartoon in the weekly La Revue du Liban shows an octopus with the Star of David on its body, its tentacles strangling Fatah, Jihad and Hamas. This is another cartoon by Stavro.10

    “The Arab cartoonists often follow the Nazis as far as the bestial representation of the Jews is concerned. The messages transmitted are that the Jews are destructive, inhuman and evil. In 1934 a Nazi cartoonist drew an octopus with a Star of David whose tentacles covered the globe.11 A 2002 cartoon from Russia shows a Star of David with America throwing coins on it. The star then mutates into an octopus with rockets and planes in its tentacles.12

    Snakes, Pigs and Cockroaches
    “Occasionally, other animals are used to dehumanize the Jews. Emad Hajjaj, a well-known Ramallah-born cartoonist living in Jordan, designed a two-headed snake with Stars of David on its body, depicting the heads of Sharon and Barak.13 The cartoon’s message is simple: these persons are two faces of the same monstrosity. It was published in the Jordanian daily Al Dustour.

    “Sometimes one also finds pigs representing the Jew in contemporary Arab cartoons. This classic dehumanizing motif has its origins in the Middle Ages, though everybody knew that the pig was a forbidden animal to the Jews.

    “This approach of zoomorphism exists in every culture and has cultural specifics. The snake is used by almost everybody. It appeared very often in French caricatures about the Germans before the Second World War and vice versa. The Hutus in Africa consider the Tutsis cockroaches.

    “In the Israeli press one rarely finds cartoons depicting Arabs as animals. In such instances, they do not appear in mainstream papers but originate from extremist bodies such as the forbidden Kach movement or the Women in Green. These occasionally present Arafat as a pig or snake.”14
    “Masters of the world”

    “The fifth anti-Semitic motif in Arab cartoons echoes the classic conspiracy theme, that ‘the Jews control the world.’ This explains Arab thought as to why they have not been able to win against these people. Before 1967, the classic theme – also in the Soviet world – was that the Israelis were the aircraft carrier of the United States in the Middle East.

    “Today the opposite idea is depicted. Israel’s opponents allege that the Jews dominate the United States. By implication, they also claim that the Jews are the ‘masters of the world’ – a classic conspiracy theme exploited by the Nazis. For the communists, the Jews were the bourgeoisie and the capitalists; for the Nazis they represented the essence of capitalism.

    “Many Arabs wonder why the United States supports Israel rather than their own cause. They find this mysterious and have developed a simple response: The Jews dominate the world. As the Arab world is in a rather poor state, they claim that its masters, i.e., the Jews, are the cause of their problems. This motif is identical to that exemplified in the Russian Czarist falsification of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Thus, subconsciously, they want to get rid of these ‘evil conspirators.’ In the caricatures Israelis are rarely shown. When they are, they are often represented as ultra-orthodox Jews, which is another absurdity.

    “The gifted American caricaturist of Algerian origin, Bendib, designed a monkey with a Star of David on its breast sitting on top of the globe on which small figures of the Pope and an Arab are drawn. The monkey says: ‘Jerusalem: from New York City to Kuala Lumpur, undivided, eternal capital of Israel; everything else is negotiable.’15 In this cartoon the domination motif is thus combined with that of zoomorphism.”

    The Jew, a Corrupting Force
    “The sixth recurring anti-Semitic motif is that of the Jew as a corrupting force. This is a derivative of the theme that Jews dominate the world with their money. Arab anti-Semites allege U.S. presidents are linked to Jewish banks and other Jewish money. What the Arabs forget in the caricatures is that George W. Bush was their candidate in the last American elections. Most Jews, who are liberals and thus Democrats, voted for Al Gore. Jews also supported Clinton. In the perception of the cartoonist, however, everything becomes possible.

    “Bendib draws God holding a fat bag of dollars. On it the names of major Jewish organizations are written: ‘ADL, AIPAC, ZOA.’ God outstretches his hand to Bush, who slaughters a child on the altar of the Holyland Foundation for needy Muslim children. The caption reads: ‘And the Almighty dollar [represented by God] said: “Sacrifice me, a Muslim son, or else.” And George the W. said “You’ve got it Lord, if this improves my chances for a second term.”’16

    “A caricature in Teshreen shows bearded Jews with sidelocks and a bag stepping on Hitler to access an open safe filled with money on which is written: ‘U.S.’ The Holocaust is thus introduced as a motif of blackmail in order to extract money.”17

    Blood Libel Motif
    “Yet another major theme in Arab cartoons is the bloodloving or blood-thirsty Jew. This originates in Christian anti-Semitism. The Christian anti-Semitic libel alleged the Jews needed Christian blood for their Passover service. Its claim is that the Jew is evil, as his religion forces him to drink blood. In today’s Arab world this image of unbridled hatred has mutated into the alleged quest for Palestinian blood.

    “There are so many of these cartoons that I could select only a few for my book. Blood-drinking Jews are frequently shown by Al Ahram, one of Egypt’s leading dailies. On 21 April 2001, it printed a cartoon showing an Arab being put into a flatting mill by two soldiers wearing helmets with Stars of David. The Arab’s blood pours out and two Jews with kippot and Stars of David on their shirts drink the blood laughingly.18

    “Another well-known Egyptian cartoon portrays Sharon with horns and blood dripping from his mouth.19 A Jordanian cartoonist Rasmy shows a plumber repairing a number of taps. From the American tap comes oil, from the Turkish, water and from the Israeli blood.”20

    Kotek says that to the best of his knowledge, the blood theme is anti-Semitic, and not a general racist theme. No other people has been accused of drinking blood. The origins of this myth are in twelfth century Christian England, where the blood libel was invented.

    “The eighth recurring anti-Semitic theme in Arab cartoons is the most extreme. The concept that the Jews not only murder, but preferably target children, is what the cartoonists try to convey through their imagery. This depicts the Palestinians primarily as children or babies. Thus, Arab and Muslim propagandists turn Palestinian children into the paradigm of the victim, despite the fact that most of their dead are adults.”

    Kotek observes: “The Palestinians do live a tragedy on a daily basis and have had over the last decade about 5,000 dead. Many Israelis have also been killed. During the same period of time, two million Sudanese have died; three million Africans around the big lakes; 200,000 Bosnians; 150,000 Algerians and 100,000 Chechenians. The media, however, concentrate on the Palestinians.

    “A Palestinian caricature shows the Statue of Liberty lifting with her right arm a Palestinian child dripping blood. In her left hand, she protectively holds Barak.21 A Kuwaiti cartoon shows an old Jew wearing a kippa and carrying a gun, shafting a child into a burning oven to bake matzot. The reference is both to the Shoah – which now the Palestinian child is portrayed as undergoing – and ritual crime.22

    “The official website of the Palestinian Authority’s press service carries a caricature of Sharon with a blood-covered axe slaughtering a baby, or fetus, against a background of a butcher’s hooks with children hanging from them, next to a sign saying ‘Palestinian blood.’ A large sign on the counter says ‘Sale.’23

    “In the Qatari journal Al Watan, Sharon is shown drinking from a cup on which is written ‘blood from Palestinian children.’ On the bottom of the cup it says ‘Made in the U.S.A.’24 In Al Hayat al-Jadida, Sharon offers the bleeding head of a young Palestinian on a plate to George Bush.25 The earlier-mentioned cartoons of the Jew as a blood-thirsty vampire thus combine two anti-Semitic themes in one design.”

    Arabs want Peace, Israel does not
    “The ninth anti-Semitic motif used is that Israel is a ‘perfidious’ country which does not want peace. The theme of ‘the perfidious Jew’ is an ancient one in Islamic anti-Semitism. Mohammed is said to have tried to make peace with the Jews at times, but, they allege, he was systematically betrayed, and he murdered them.

    “Rasmy shows a Palestinian throwing his weapons on the floor saying: ‘I give up my weapon to convince you.’ An Israeli soldier from behind the wall kills him saying, ‘That’s how I believe you.’26 In a Syrian cartoon, an Israeli offers a ball to Arafat holding a dove. On the top is written ‘The Oslo Accords.’ The ball explodes, killing the Arab. The Israeli walks away strangling the dove.”27

    Apologies for Suicide Bombers and Terrorism
    “The tenth motif concerns apologies for suicide bombers. I collected many cartoons calling for outright murder. In the hundreds of designs I analyzed on this theme I did not find a single one depicting the Israeli as a civilian. He is always a soldier or an ultra-orthodox Jew. He has no father, mother or child.

    “A Jordanian cartoon by Rasmy shows a Palestinian with his face covered and dynamite on his body, saying to a Russian Jewish immigrant shown as an ultra-orthodox Jew: ‘Come into my arms.’28 Another one by Emad Hajjaj shows a Palestinian mother raising her arms, holding up her children who are depicted as suicide bombers.”29

    Kotek concludes that these caricatures often express a new type of anti-Semitism. “They are frequently ‘calls for murder.’ To the cartoonists, death seems the only worthy punishment that ‘the Zionist enemy’ merits. As Pierre-André Taguieff notes in his book on the new Judeophobia,30 this Islamic-Jihadic version is explicitly genocidal. It defines its battle as a total elimination of the absolute enemy.”

    The Fascination of a Child
    When asked how he became so interested in cartoons, Kotek says that when he was nine years old – shortly before the Six Day War – a book published by an Israeli scholar on anti-Semitic caricatures already fascinated him. “Some books you read when you are young, can influence your entire life.

    “Belgium has always focused a great deal on cartoonists and their iconography. Living there, one’s mind is more open to this art form. I even wrote an article on Hergé, Belgium’s most important cartoonist, who was an anti-Semite.

    “I was thus predisposed toward the caricature. It is a simple and convincing tool to demonstrate quickly the extremely serious developments taking place in the Arab world. Their themes are used in the Western world as well. The similarity of these cartoons with those of the Nazis is evident, which has already been demonstrated in an earlier book by Arieh Stav.”31

    In order to obtain the copyright for the caricatures, Kotek wrote to many cartoonists in the Arab world. As Belgium has an anti-Israeli image, especially in view of the law suit brought against Sharon, many of those queried automatically assumed that he was anti-Israeli. Quite a few gave him permission to use their cartoons without payment.

    A Peace Camp Rightist
    “In Europe, being an anti-racist makes one automatically a leftist. When you fight anti-Semitism however, you are seen as a right-winger – a supporter of the Likud and of Sharon. This is untrue, as I am a conscious Jew who belongs to the peace camp. I see myself as a friend of Israel, yet critical of some of its policies. But once you become aware of the enormous Arab hate and demonization of Israel you have to defend Israel. I am horrified by the impact of anti-Zionism combined with the great ignorance I often find among people about Israel.

    “The cartoons in my book – representative of a much larger collection – show how old Christian myths of the diabolic Jew are resuscitated in the Arab world. Palestinian cartoonists often lay the emphasis on ritual murder of children. They then try to give this tenability by claiming that Israelis target Palestinian children.”

    Kotek says that these allegations have also permeated Western society as they resonate with the long-standing prejudices of the Christian world. He follows the French and Belgian media closely. “It occurs regularly that when French or Belgian radio reports a Palestinian being killed, they also tell his age. This is the only conflict in the world in which the age of the victim is mentioned.

    “In the collective sub-conscious of many Christians, and now Arabs, anti-Semitic myths cannot be eradicated. They present the Jews as ‘the Eternal Jew,’ a warmonger and a danger for the world. This is no longer just an Arab concept. Many recent polls in the European Union confirm how strong these prejudices have permeated this continent.”

    Interview by Manfred Gerstenfeld

    * * *

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    * * *
    Dr. Joël Kotek was born in Gent in 1958. He studied history at the Free University of Brussels and has a doctorate in Political Science from the Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po) in Paris. He teaches Political Science at the Free University of Brussels, specializing in the subject of European Integration. He is also director of Training at the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris.

    The cartoons in this interview have been taken from Dr. Kotek’s book. Other cartoons with English explanations from this book can be found in the booklet, “Fighting Anti-Semitism,” published jointly by the JCPA and the office of the Minister for Diaspora and Jerusalem Affairs, Natan Sharansky. A Hebrew version of this booklet can be seen at:

  12. says

    Shameful? Cowards? Gutless wonders?I’m not sure why we expect Norway and Denmark to carry the freedom of speech can for the rest of the free world. If no one else in Europe or the west is going to take on the Koranic Killing Cult by publishing similar stuff, then forget it. Let them apologise, and freedom of expression die a slow, quiet death.

  13. says

    Incitement is, of course, entirely relevant to those incited. One might slap a Christian across the face and call Christ the devil, and a good Christian, who follows traditional teachings based in the Gospels from very early on, should offer the other cheek. But the Qur’an and Sunnah sanction violence for very little indeed: an insult of the Prophet, paganism, atheism, violating Sharia, opposing Islam, or even a disobedient wife, may deserve at the very least a good whipping.

    So, whose interpretation of incitement is Norway concerned about? Obviously, the Muslim interpretation. But, why? Its like worrying about inciting an ill-spirited teenage boy. Why worry about the irrational, the senseless, the insane, the repugnant, the ridiculous, the paranoid, the oversensitive.

    Potential violence in response? Perhaps, that’s a reason. In which case Norway is no better than Neville Chamberlain: cowardly, ineffective and complicit in encouraging the violence it seeks to discourage.

  14. says

    Now we are seeing the first cracks in the government’s policy.

    According to Politiken (Danish newspaper) conservative parliamentary spokesman Helge Adam Moeller has called on Jyllands-Posten to
    apologize for publishing the cartoons.
    Helge Adam Moeller believes that the crisis has reached such a stage that Jyllands-Posten should publish an apology in an editorial and on its front page.
    Fearing the loss of thousands of jobs, the
    spokesman argues that it should be incumbent on Jyllands-Posten rather than on the government to calm the situation.

  15. says

    The liberals and democrats are treasonous. Kerry, Carter, Clinton, Michael Moore, Barbara Streisand they are all screaming against America but they do not even whisper against the death cult of islam. I wish we could send them to live in the Sudan. Fu*k you liberals!

  16. says

    In one of my past jobs, our newly hired Sales manager for the Nordic countries (from Denmark), in his first presentation, was showing a map and briefly describing the business opportunities in those countries. His introduction of Norway was “The people there are idiots.”

    Looking at Norway’s reaction, I can see why. They aren’t oil dependent, all they have to do is ban Muslim immigration, and they wouldn’t have a problem. They also have such a small population that it’s not like they’d suffer heavily if the Muslim world boycotts them.

    Also, in Viking history, did the Norwegians play a major role? I thought the heavylifting was done by the Danes, and some by Sweden. Norway was a part of Denmark for much of that history.

  17. says

    I see the spirit of Vidkun Quisling still lives on in the Norwegian Government. What next? Apologies to Germany for the activities of the Norwegian resistance during World War II, as shown on films like the Heroes of Telemark?

  18. says

    To Shunkleash;

    Can’t you read?

    “It was, however, also underlined that freedom of expression is a vital and indispensable element of Danish society and that the Danish Government cannot influence what an independent newspaper chooses to publish.”

    Denmark hasn’t caved in, it the same thing we’ve been saying all along.

  19. says

    I think some of you need to remember a couple of things:
    The letter to the embassies was meant to be kept secret from the Norwegian people.
    If there was an election in Norway today, the left would be out and the right would be in, with the “nationalist” party receiving some 26-27% of the vote.
    I doubt the Norwegian people support their government on this issue. I know many of their newsmedia don’t.

  20. says

    When they went for Salmon Rushdie I said nothing for I was not Sslmon Rusdie.

    How long before this bloody cult has your name.

  21. says

    If “liberals” are the bad guys in this movie, how come we hear such butt-kissing rhetoric as “we know the benevolence that is at the hear of Islam” from the likes of Dr. Rice?

  22. says

    Ive read that the Norwegians dont rely on ME oil, that their trade with the ME is minimal, that contact with the arabs is casual at best, so why then did the Norwegians do this?

    Is it a leftist government decision, an attempt to forestall the teapot tempest that is hitting Denmark, or is it something worse?

    Would the Norwegian people REALLY punish their government over this incident, or would their sober personalities simply shrug it off as a problem not worth arguing about?

  23. says

    what freedom has to do with this .. freedom is not attacking others in a racist way a muslem .. no cracks or insults to any religon or any prophets is aceepted .. jesus .abraham .moses .muhummed all the same , our reaction will be the same if we see any insults to any of them … i say to the guys who are cheer leading to this cartoons , do not let hate and racicem and prejudece shap up your mind towards the matter …the same thing is to any muslem attacking jews in a racist way is not acceptable at all by any sides …

  24. says

    European countries will fall to Islam, one by one. Why? Because they don’t seem to understand that principles have to be fought for; furthermore, they don’t have the courage to fight for them even if they do.

    This climbdown is a disgrace to Norway! Shame on the Norwegian government for being so weak and craven. Shame,too, on the Norwegians themselves for allowing their government to get away with it!

    I’m glad that government doesn’t represent me.

  25. says


  26. says

    You’re not only a liar, but a ridiculously
    stupid one too. I guess that comes with
    worshipping the pedophile prophet. But here is a
    lesson for you, free of charge. My saying that
    to you, and calling your religion what it is
    (a pack of lies), may be offensive, may be true,
    and may be false, but since I didn’t mention
    race anywhere, it isn’t racist. Get it? Muslims
    are not a race.

    Also, having seen those cartoons, I can
    assure you that Jesus and Moses have received FAR
    worse treatment, and not a peep ever from one of
    you pedophile followers. So, there you go. You’re
    a liar, like the maniac you worship.

  27. says

    thats a new one – the muslim “race”

    is that some sort of backward de-evolution of the human species into some sort of 7th century barbarian with no brain cells?

  28. says


    Exactly. It is a Race to the bottom.

    Denying intellectual freedom, humor, art and women’s rights, all with a prophet who raped a 9 year old, stole his son in law’s wife (and got Allah to write special verse to absolve it), approved of assassinating a poetess who mocked him in verse and them decreed that theft in the name of his “God” was divine.

    And people swallow this tripe like a crocodile gulping down guppies.

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” as old P.T. Barnun noted.

  29. says

    Well it’s clear where Musa stands on the issue of “free” speech (in quotes for Musa).

    This apology is not an act of courage and the cartoons were not acts of hate. The apology was an act of cowardice and showed the West’s inability to stand up to bullying Muslims who cannot seem to comprehend that this is not Saudi Arabia.

    The cartoons were acts of defiance to eroding civil liberties due to demanding, and yes, lying Muslims, most of whom are TRAITORS to any country they live in.

    I have seen Jesus and Confucius used in jokes, albeit innocent ones. Unlike the prophet of Islam, they came with peaceful teachings on how to deal with others..ideal behaviors. Muslims cannot truthfully make the same case for their prophet..

    You don’t like em’, don’t read em. And on behalf of all the people who have died on behalf of this right and others: Piss off!

  30. says

    Musa, right, your religion is SO respectful of other religions.

    I’m going to Saudi Arabia right carrying a cross in one hand and a bible in the other.

    Then I’ll be going to Pakistan to build a nice big Christian church.

    Of course, I’ll get a nice, respectful welcome there, won’t I?

    Muslims spout a lot of pretty words about tolerance, but you never PRACTICE them. Even among your fellow muslims.

    When it comes to words versus deeds, I’ll pick deeds every time.

    So, what are YOU going to do about all those muslims giving your religion a bad name?

    Nothing? That’s what I thought.

  31. says

    “stop calling names and realize that liberals and conservatives alike are under the same assault. Please stop pointing the finger at only liberals.”

    Perhaps you didn’t read the story carefully:

    The left-wing government in Norway apologizes to Muslims worldwide for the publication of twelve Muhammad cartoons [see them here] in the Norwegian newspaper Magazinet…

    Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, a leading member of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s Workers’ Party, wrote the following e-mail…

  32. says


    “If “liberals” are the bad guys in this movie, how come we hear such butt-kissing rhetoric as “we know the benevolence that is at the hear of Islam” from the likes of Dr. Rice?”

    Because Leftism as a cultural mentality has become so dominant in the modern West over the past 50 years or so (increasing its dominance exponentially with each passing decade since the 1950s), that even many conservatives and Republicans and right-wing politicians like Rasmussen of Denmark have to kowtow to the PC Givens that form its worldview. Among those PC Givens are:

    1) Islam is a great and noble world religion of peace
    2) Only a tiny minority of extremists are trying to hijack it
    3) Any and all substantive criticism of Islam qua Islam is not permissible, since it reflects racism, Islamophobia and bigotry.

  33. says

    thats ridiculous Dr. Pepper – didnt George Bush himself say those things too? that islam is a religion of peace, hijacked by “extremists” and such like.

    you cant just go around tarring all “leftists” about this , when the right has equally been just as bad – what about all that Bush – Saudi stuff, or that George Bush senior recently gave a speech in Kuwait for a cool $1 million. Or the fact that the Brits sold weapons for years to Islamic governments , when Margaret Thatcher was PM.

    lets face facts – 9/11 changed everything. Its just taken some folks on both the right and left a few years to really understand the full rammifications of this. People really are finally getting a clue about it.

    But we need to stop this left-right crap – as Islam doesnt give a damn about whether an infidel is left or right.

  34. says

    some people when they want to discuss some thing ,they want to dictate their views on the others ..first .. u say jesus and moses peace to be upon them received worst treatment …so is it fair they did or does that justify it and .. of course no , and is your free of speech u are bragging about mind what belivers in these great prophets how they feel .. u are not practicing freedom doing this and insulting simples of any religons … u are creating hate and corruption on this earth …

  35. says


    You may not think you insult Jesus, but islam’s rejection of Jesus as the only Saviour is insulting to Jesus Christ. Muslims insult Jesus all the time by rejecting his divinity, and they dont even realise it.

    This thread is about freedom of expression, something muslims have no real concept of, and your last post vindicates that view.

  36. says

    well ..u are getting now into belives which is fair for people to discuss , first islam means total submission to almighty god .. we belive in one the only one .. and what we belive in this is the same message since adam time … all prophets including moses ,jesus and muhummed call for the worshipping of one god … we have in the quran complete chapter about mary and jesus when u read it ,u will see the amount of respects towards them …this is a fact … second thing , jesus never said that he is god and worship him , it is never mentioned in the bible .. this trinity came after 150 year of the raising of jesus to heaven as he was saved by god .. PAUL who was the worst enemy of jesus and he never belived in hime when juses was among them , PAUL is the one who invented trinity to mislead people from the teaching of jesus peace be on him…

  37. says

    i dont believe in any “god” – and so i dont buy this “submission” thing.

    submission to what? some imaginary moon god in the sky? grow the fuck up.

  38. says

    ok… many things around u tells u that our creator is one and a mighty one … when u look to any product made by any manafacture , it can tell u alot about the maker of it how smart, creative he is ..if we say that such a product is made by its self ,no one will belive us … the coplication of any product made by man ,nothing copmaring to others .. look at your self, and all around u , and u will see your creator through his creation .. and u will know your god through his creation and what cabibility he has… just reflect

  39. says


    Islam has corrupted everything it has touched. Jesus is the only way to everlasting life. That is what Jesus himself taught. By following the murderous path of mohammed you reject the peaceful and enlightened teachings of Jesus.

    Mohammed killed those he did not like or those who opposed him, while Jesus allowed himself to be crucified for our sins as he loved us all. By rejecting Jesus as the only Saviour, you not only insult the divine sanctity and meaning of his death, but you crucify him again.

    But as I said before, the discussion on this thread is not about any insulting mohammed or Jesus – it is about freedom of expression. This freedom to discuss any and all matters, is deeply ingrained in our societies and is part of our ongoing Christian heritage. Part of this tradition is that we engage in quite ferocious assaults on our most famous and respected personages. No one is immune. And it is through this unfettered discussion that we get a better understanding of the historical figures that have shaped our destiny. So Jesus, Paul, Peter, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther etal, all have been criticised and evemn lampooned. In this mode of thought, you should be proud that mohammed has been thought worthy enough to be lampooned. In fact I’m surprised he has been thought worthy of such lampooning.

    I will pray for you musa that you will see that tbe way of mohammed is not the way, and that you will adopt Jesus as the only path to redemption.

  40. says

    More news concerning Denmark.

    Libya closes embassy in Denmark to protest drawings of Islam’s prophet

    TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – Libya announced Sunday it was closing its embassy in Denmark to protest caricatures of Islam’s prophet published in a Danish newspaper, becoming the latest Muslim country to angrily condemn the drawings.

    “Due to Danish authorities not taking a responsible stance in this concern, Libya has decided to close its (embassy) in Copenhagen,” said a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

  41. says

    we do not argue over your freedom … we are against any prejudice towards any religon or a race .. u can not attack others and say well thats freedom

  42. says


    Your post indicates a hatred of Paul. As you may know Paul is a revered saint of Christianity, in fact he is St. Paul. By criticising him and saying that he did not love Jesus, or denying the Holy Trinity, you may well be insulting millions of Christians. But you will find that none of them, including myself, have any desire to make you apologise or cause you any physical harm. Quite different to the case with the mohammed cartoons, and the way muslims worldwide, are threatening the lives of cartoonists and the editor of the newspaper.

    This is what differentiates us in the Christian world, whether they be practising Christians or not, to those who have adopted the way that mohammed layed down. We do not kill people for having a digfferent point of view. We respect them for that. Apostasy to islamn OTH attracts a death penalty in muslim nations. See what a difference.

    So even when one looks at the problem from a secular point of view, it seems to me that Mohammed’s way perverts the cause of humanity and civilisation.

    And yes, Paul was a Jewish scholar and did hate Jesus, but what is important is that he saw his error, and he became the most fervent disciple of Jesus. I will pray that you too may seek Jesus and he finds you.

  43. says

    musa posted: we do not argue over your freedom … we are against any prejudice towards any religon or a race .. u can not attack others and say well thats freedom

    But ofcourse these threats against the cartoonists are an attack on our freedom to express ourselves in anyway we wish. If you feel insulted that is fine, that is your freedom; you can also insult right back, just as you have been doing by denying the divinity of Jesus and demeaning St Paul, and hurting the deeply held feelings of many Christians. However no Christian, Westerner or non-muslim, is ever going to threaten you or limit your freedom to criticise Jesus, Paul, Krishna or anyone else.

    It is now so obvious that the way of mohammed has perverted the way muslims think. Paul also used to have the same views on Jesus, as you and many muslims have. But he saw the Truth.

    I will wish you goodnight musa. I will pray for you.

  44. says

    there is adiffrence between discussions , u can say that your prophet or your religon is wrong in this or that ,and we can discuss it ,and either one convince the others or accept eash others …thats civilized dialough .. but when u make racist or prejuidce remarks , and u are cornered then u say thats freedom which is not is a way of displying hate

  45. says

    musa posted: but when u make racist or prejuidce remarks , and u are cornered then u say thats freedom which is not is a way of displying hate

    What on earth are you talking about? No one has insulted mohammed, and I have not insulted you, on racial grounds or terms. What has been criticised is the example of mohammed’s life. So really it is quite inexcusable and dishonest of you to clutch at “racism” as a straw.

    Now I hear that Christian churches have been attacked and Christians killed by muslims, just for being Christians. Now this is what I call hatred, not racial hatred but hatred born of bigotry.

    As I said before musa, there is something very disquiting with the way you think. I sincerely hope that it is social environment that is the cause. I wish you well. Good night.

  46. says

    Musa says:’Paul is the one,who invented Trinity”
    Musa, you talk as if you were there at the time to witness that Paul invented This Trinity,and all Christians believed. Your un educated Mulla would have told you that in that Friday Hate sermon in the mosque.
    First of all,the whole Koran is a fabricated lie by invented by Mohamed.
    Second,Mohamed wanted to pull Jews and Christians to his new invented religion,so he had to refuse the Sonship of Jesus to God.Mohamed pushed Jesus in to a staus,inferior to Himself,as a Prophet.
    Thired,Mohamed wrote in Koran,that Jesus never died on the cross,and never rose again-this he does, to weaken the faith ,the Christians had in cross,and resurection of Jesus,so that all will join his new religion. Mohamed was born five hindred years after Jesus, and how the hell he knew that Jesus was not died on the cross?There were eye witnesses,and even the many historical Jewish manuscripts mention about the death of Jesus on the cross.
    Fourth,Mohamed says Bible,and Thorah are corrupted. Did he have a original copy of the Gospel and Torah to proove this? If Paul have changed the Gospel,what benefit he got out of it? He was mortiered for the sake of Christianity. If he would have altered the Gospel would he ready to sacrice his own life for it? There were hundred of thousand followers of Jesus,who have bihearted the Gospel by that time. They all knew if a single word is altered from the original. How can Paul change the Gospel?
    Fifthly, You say , Holy Trinity is invented by Paul. Your Mohamed wrote this in his Koran ,mistaking Mary as a partner in the Trinity. Musa,tell me, if God had written the Koran,will he make such blunders? Accoridng to Korn,God,Jesus,and Mary are the Trinity. But the Real Trinity is Father (Jehova God,Not Allah),Son-Jesus(the Word of Jehova) ,and Holi Spirit-(the acting spirit of Jehova) are the three elements of the one true God Jehova(Not ALLAH) Musa,even koran accepts God is spirit. So when he wanted to come to earth he took the human form of Jesus.This was possible possible by the power of God -the holy Spirit. Now you know? We are not worshiping three Gods,but the same oneJehaova?

  47. says

    Now the Danish newspaper has also apologized. I have reposted the original 12 cartoons on my blog along with the Brussels Journal reporting thread. I urge all bloggers who believe in free speech to do the same. Use the internet to keep theocracy from muzzling free speech. See Farenheit 451 Alert

  48. says

    musa writes:
    “there is adiffrence between discussions , u can say that your prophet or your religon is wrong in this or that ,and we can discuss it ,and either one convince the others or accept eash others …thats civilized dialough .. but when u make racist or prejuidce remarks , and u are cornered then u say thats freedom which is not is a way of displying hate”

    Man are you thick. No one made racist or
    prejudiced remarks. I deliberately insulted your
    “prophet”, since I believe he deserves it, and
    that nothing I say can match the horror of his
    actual deeds.

    But, “racist” and prejudiced remarks are indeed
    allowed in a free society. “White men can’t
    jump” is a racist statement, and it may even
    be true, but we’re allowed to say it, and even make a movie with that title. Speech is curtailed
    typically when harm might result, and the speech
    is demonstrably false, say in the case of libel.
    There are other cases too, but satirical cartoons
    of Mo, or even Jesus or Moses, are allowed.

    But here in the West (and not in Islamic Iran!)
    we call some 50 plus year old with the hots for
    a 6 year old who nails her when she’s nine a
    PEDOPHILE, which is what the creep you worship
    was, according to your own holy books. Caravan raider, pirate, murderer, treaty breaker, the
    list really goes on. Mohammad was a scumbag, and
    if there is a Heaven and Hell and Divine Justice,
    he’s being sodomized in Hell by syphillitic
    hounds, or worse, right now.

    In any case, I’ve already shown that you’re a
    liar, that mohammadans don’t riot when Jesus is
    treated worse than mo. I also remember some
    Buddhist statues destroyed by mohammadans, so
    respect for the religions of others is not part
    of the mohammadan cult.

    Is there any reason at all that you should be
    treated as a civilized person? I can’t think of
    one, liar.

  49. says


    “thats ridiculous Dr. Pepper – didnt George Bush himself say those things too?”

    Please read my post carefully before responding to it. I wrote:

    “even many conservatives and Republicans and right-wing politicians like Rasmussen of Denmark have to kowtow to the PC Givens that form its [Leftism’s] worldview.”

  50. says

    A well known fact about Saudi Arabia, one of the countries calling for boycots and UN sanctions against Denmark….

    “Freedom of expression and association are nonexistent rights, political parties and independent local media were not permitted, and even peaceful anti-government activities remained virtually unthinkable. Infringements on privacy, institutionalized gender discrimination, harsh restrictions on the exercise of religious freedom, and the use of capital and corporal punishment were also major features of the kingdom’s human rights record.”


    “It is absurd to impose on an individual or a society rights that are alien to its beliefs or principles,” Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, head of state, Islamic hypocrite.

  51. says


    “we do not argue over your freedom”

    Yes you (musa) do. Right now you are trying to tell us we shouldn’t have freedom of expression. This has gone a lot further than “arguing”. Many Muslims in positions of power (e.g., Saudi government) are trying to destroy the livelihoods of non-Muslims and Muslims alike in Denmark over this cartoon incident. Islamists have made death threats against the cartoonists.

    “…we are against any prejudice towards any religon”

    Who’s “we”? Anyways, as a Muslim you must take at least some of your guidance from the Koran. Here’s some of what your book says about non-Muslims:

    60:4 says followers of Allah will hate the disbelievers forever until they believe in Allah only.

    8:55. “Lo! The worst of beasts in Allah’s sight are the ungrateful who will not believe.”

    4:144 “Believers, do not choose the unbelievers rather than the faithful as your friends. Would you give Allah a clear proof against yourselves?”

    The worst possible sin is disbelief in or denial of Allah (10:17, 11:18-19, 18:15, 18:57, 29:68, 32:22, 39:32, 61:7). Disbelief or turning away from Allah is a persecution worse than warfare (2:217) or slaughter (2:191). (for a discussion of 2:191, see ).

    Allah boasts of having carried out multiple genocides throughout history to wipe out the disbelievers (17:17, *10:13, 38:3, 32:26). Allah has destroyed whole towns/townships of disbelievers (7:4, 17:16, 21:6, 18:59, 28:58, 46:27). (How could the whole town or whole generation be guilty?). Allah destroys all of a people due to what a small number of them have done against him (27:51). Allah brings death through disaster upon those who disbelieve and dismiss his words as fable (16:22-26); He strikes at the foundation of their building, causing their building to collapse on them.

    Disbelievers (non-Muslims): are “worst of created beings” (98:6), are “miscreants” (2:99, 24:55), are the worst beasts in Allah’s sight (8:22, 8:55); (Christians and/or Jews are) turned into “apes and/or pigs” (2:65-66, 5:58-60, 7:166); (idolaters are) unclean (9:28); “evil” is upon them (16:27), evil (2:91, 2:99); “wicked” (80:42, 9:125); the “wrong-doers” (42:45, 2:254, 5:45); evil-doers (42:44); they have no good in them (8:23); are “guilty” for disbelieving (45:31, 83:29); on the side of Satan and are fighting for him (4:76-77); of the party of Satan (58:19); Allah assigns them devils for protecting friends (7:27); they choose devils for protecting friends (7:30); are partisan against Allah (25:55); “enemy” and “perverted” (63:4); disgraced lives (22:9); hypocrites (4:61); have a “diseased heart” (2:10, 9:125); are ill (84:20); deaf, dumb, and blind, and have no sense (2:171); deaf and dumb and in darkness, Allah sends them astray (6:39); have no sense (5:103); a folk who do not understand (9:127); their fathers were unintelligent and had no knowledge or guidance (2:170, 5:104); are “a folk without intelligence”/ “most ignorant” (8:65, 6:111); losers who are deceived by Allah (2:6), and deceived by Satan (4:60); liars/they lie (2:10, 9:42, 16:39, 16:105, 59:11) “losers” (7:179); foolish and liars (7:66), liars and losers (58:18-19), in false pride and schism (38:2), the lowest of the low (95:4-6)

    What Muslims should know about disbelievers and how they should regard/ act toward them:
    Muslims must _____________ the non-Muslims/disbelievers: fight/oppose/shun/strive against/regard as the enemy/never help/never befriend/sever family ties with/never compromise with/never obey/never forgive/chastise/curse/be ruthless toward/be stern toward/etc. 3:118; 3:28, 3:56; 3:87-88, 4:50, 4:63, 4:101, 4:139-140, 4:144, 5:54, 5:57, 8:65, 9:14, 9:23, 9:29, 9:73-74, 9:123, 25:52, 28:86, 31:7, 33:48, 45:7-8, 48:28-29, 53:29, 58:5, *58:22, 60:1, 60:4, 60:10, 60:13, 63:6, 66:9, 68:8-9, 76:24, 84:24. Note that the “never help” (28:86) command means that Muslims’ good works are limited to helping other Muslims or to otherwise pursuing Islam’s interests. 60:4 says followers of Allah will hate the disbelievers forever until they believe in Allah only.

    When disbelievers are allowed to join together, there will be confusion and *corruption in the land (8:73) [‘there goes the neighborhood’]

    For an annotation of such problems, see this site:

    Note: When you read the Koran, you need to read tafsir to clarify the meaning.

    Next, you said:
    “or a race…”

    The ahadith contain conflicting information on this issue, with some instances clearly forbidding racism, but others suggesting that it was not consistently forbidden.

    “u can not attack others and say well thats freedom”

    The posters above have made some intelligent comments about this.

    “but when u make racist or prejuidce remarks, and u are cornered then u say thats freedom which is not is a way of displying hate”

    Racism doesn’t have anything to do with it. (As for hate, see above). You are confusing one category (race) with another (ideology). Are apostates racist because, having learned about Islam and having experienced life as Muslims, they come to reject Islam as false? Islam is an ideology based on interpretation of the Koran, and Muslims are people who believe at least some of the elements of the ideology. As for prejudice, I would say some people tend to pre-judge Islam as bad, others pre-judge it as good. Once non-Muslim people get past the pre-judgement phase and actually look at the core Islamic ideology (Koran), I expect most of them (non-Muslims) don’t like most of what they find. Having read the Koran, they would be quite justified in not liking it.

    I think it is fair to question the moral judgement of anyone who fails to detect problems in the Koran. Do you disapprove of the practice of forcing female captives to have sex with their Muslim male captors? I hope so. But the Koran gives Muslim males permission to rape non-Muslim female captives and slaves (Koran, 23:1-6, 33:50-52, 4:24, 70:30). Abul Kasem’s article covers many of these issues, on sex with captives, etc.

    As for word choice, I generally try to use terms like “Islamist” etc. to identify those Muslims who want sharia and who justify jihad (that’s perhaps about 30% of all Muslims world-wide), and I use terms like nominal/casual Muslim, moderate Muslim, progressive Muslim, etc., to describe other Muslims. I do sometimes use the general term Muslim if I think it is appropriate/defensible. But what you are asking for, musa, is to have immunity from not just unfair criticism, but from fair criticism as well. You are using your claim that you are Muslim to try and make yourself or your views immune from criticism. In other words, you are asking for a priviledge over and above what any other religion or ideology enjoy. At the same time, you wish to freely attack the Christians’ Paul. Do you think it is fair that you should be able to criticize Christianity, but Christians and other should not be allowed to criticize Islam?

    I should add that many progressive Muslims would disagree with your claim that Islam should not be criticized. Some of them do acknowledge some of the problems in the Koran, and they criticize it openly (e.g., Irshad Manji), without apology. Are they “racist” too?

  52. says

    “Some of them do acknowledge some of the problems in the Koran, and they criticize it openly (e.g., Irshad Manji), without apology. Are they racist too? ”

    and dont forget Ayaan Hirsi Ali – she’s a “racist” too…

    i love the way these Muslims pull out the “race” card as a means of argument, while knowing full well about the transnational concept of “ummah” – a concept we Jwatchers also know about.

  53. says


    “u are creating hate and corruption on this earth …”

    Maybe non-Muslims would like to know that you may have just made a death threat. The Koran’s penalty for “corruption/mischief on earth” is death (by beheading), or crucifixion, or amputation of the hand and foot on alternate sides of the body, or banishment (or capture and imprisonment), and of course those guilty of corruption on earth will be tortured for all eternity in hell-fires by Allah (5:33). (The punishments (with the probable exception of crucifixion) are still used today in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and elsewhere).

    So, do you believe the Koran or not? If you believe it, you’ve just suggested that some of us at this site should be subject to one of the penalties in 5:33, plus the permanent penalty of hell-fire.

  54. says


    Hirsi Ali: Thanks for reminding me. Here’s an interesting excerpt. (Pepper, you’ll like this). I don’t want to start another right-left debate here, but I think Ali comments are fair from what I’ve read about the Dutch left.


    Tuesday, May 24, 2005
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the “Left” and “Multiculturalism”
    The Somali-born Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali has long been the object of death threats from Dutch Islamists. Since the murder last November 8 of Theo Van Gogh, she is under 24 hour police protection. Hirsi Ali describes herself as an “apostate” from Islam. In an interview published in last week’s issue of the French weekly L’Express [link in French] she says: “Since the September 11 attacks, I no longer believe in God. In the eyes of the fundamentalists who threaten me, that justifies my being put to death. They accuse me of “insulting’ the Prophet, of saying that Islam oppresses women, of “collaborating with the enemy’, that’s to say, with non-Muslims.”

    Hirsi Ali’s break with Islam has been widely publicized. Perhaps less known is her break with the “left”. Originally, a member of the Dutch Labor Party, Hirsi Ali left the latter to join the classical liberal (I think this term will now be understood by Trans-Int regulars. In case of doubt, see discussion here.) VVD. L’Express asked her why. Here is her response:
    Because the left is exactly like the Muslims! I wanted to give priority to the defense of immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence. They said to me: “No, that’s not a priority! The problem will take care of itself when the immigrants have jobs and are integrated.” It is exactly what the Imams say who demand that we accept oppression and slavery today because tomorrow, in Heaven, God will give us dates and raisins…. I think we need first to defend the individual. The left is afraid of everything. But fear of giving offense leads to injustice and suffering. The sexual revolution, the affirmation of individual rights, improving the living conditions of immigrants – these were once the great causes of the Dutch left. In their eyes, the simple fact of belong to a minority gives one the right to do anything. This multiculturalism is a disaster. All one has to do is scream “discrimination” and all doors are open to you! Scream “racism’ and your opponents shut up! But multiculturalism is an inconsistent theory. If one wants to let communities preserve their traditions, what happens when these traditions work to the detriment of women or homosexuals? The logic of multiculturalism amounts to accepting the subordination of women. Nonetheless, the defenders of multiculturalism do not want to admit it.

    posted by John Rosenthal at
    Transatlantic Intelligencer


  55. says

    “The Koran’s penalty for “corruption/mischief on earth” is death (by beheading),”

    Slight correction: Not just beheading. The Iranians, at least, also have recently used stoning to death to punish ‘corruption on earth’. Interpretation of 5:33 appears to be flexible enough to allow for other forms of execution.

  56. says

    Here’s something else on Hirsi Ali. Islam Online sounded upset…


    Speaking on a Dutch TV channel, for his part, head of the Belgium-based Arab-European League (AEL) Dyab Abu Jahjah said MPs should be up to their duties and not degenerate into insulting people or communities.
    “She (Ayaan) would better have shut her mouth about Islam, because she has become a politician,” Jahjah said.

    Noble Prophet
    Dr. Ali Juma”ah, professor of Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, states that such insults against the Prophet stress his high status and noble character.
    In Islam, it is well known that the punishment for the one who insults the Prophet is to be killed because it constitutes an attack against the Seal of the Prophets and the symbol of Monotheism. However, we Muslims are ordered to be forgiving and pardoning, Dr. Juma’ah said.


    No, generally Muslims are not ordered to be forgiving and pardoning toward non-Muslims, because in disbelief the non-Muslims have committed the greatest crime against Allah. Here’s what Juma’ah left out:

    48:29 “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves…”

    Disbelievers are not pardoned or forgiven except if they convert to Islam.

  57. says

    “Having no inkling about Islam or Sharia (Islamic law) as it appears in her curriculum vitae,”

    errr. excuse me?

    Hirsi Ali biography:
    “She attended the Nairobi Muslim Girls Secondary School in Kenya. Here, she was influenced by her teacher, Sister Aziza, who was an Islamic radical. Hirsi Ali has said that she and other students wanted to become martyrs in the struggle against Sadam Hussein’s Iraq, which had invaded the Islamic Republic of Iran with Western support. At the time, Hirsi Ali wore a long and full headscarf, or hijab. For a while, Hirsi Ali was also a sympathizer of the extremist group Muslim Brotherhood.”

    and she has repeated the above, more or less , in her recent interview with the BBC.

    you see – this is what really gets up the moon-god worshippers noses – Hirsi Ali WAS ONE OF THEM. no ifs, buts, or anything -she was a fully paid up member of the islamo-jihad nutcase mindset.

    that is important – and that’s why she should be listened to.

    “She (Ayaan) would better have shut her mouth about Islam, because she has become a politician,” Jahjah said.

    “shut her mouth” – well, that says it all about Muslim tolerance about free speech.

  58. says


    Musa really did not grasp what is at stake here i.e., freedom of expression. But I hope that he will understand that we bear no malice or ill will to him, even though, and unknowingly, he insulted the dearly held beliefs of many – Christians, non-Christians and secular.

  59. says

    The record of Islam is obvious: It is very dangerous, on the order of the Nazis. The only proper way for civilized countries to act is to eliminate it by any means.

    When I read about Moslems, Islamic terms and “theology” (to stretch a point), I feel as if I’m in a large, dirty bathroom.

  60. says

    This is what happends when liberals are in charge and are running the show, You get Neville Chamberlainesque government and diplomacy. “just gave them what they want and they’ll go away.” And just like that Hitler had carde blanche to invade Poland. And while I’m on this point, Didn’t Hitler make the claim that Poland was originally a part of Germany? Thus his reason for invading?
    Anyway, Prime Minister Stoltenberg has just sold the Norwegians down the Fjords. And it won’t belong before the Muslims start showing what gracious company they are. Just like they showwed the French. By burning cars and raping non Muslim women. Rampaging on the public rail system. Killing anyone that isn’t Muslim. But I have to remember, this is the Norwegian government, not the people speaking. There is hope that the Norwegians will do what the Candians did at the ballot box. Vote in a more conservative government that will at least stand up for their sovereignty.
    their government now is nothing more than a bunch of milksops with over cooked linguine for backbone. These are the type of “girlie men” that the Islamist love. They won’t fight back and are always trying to “get along.” Nuts to That!!!”
    Free people of Norway, live up to the heritage of your viking fore fathers, and show the Islamofeces that your government isn’t reflective of your point of view. And that you have a right to express yourselves as you see fit in “YOUR” country. Let the Islamofeces know that you will defend “YOUR” own sovereignty even if the linguine spined Parlament, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister won’t.
    Nuts to Islam, Nuts to Muhammad, and Nuts to Allah!!!”
    The entire free world is behind you, ALL THE WAY!!!
    God Bless Norway and the Norwegian People!!!

  61. says

    I realised how strongly our beliefs clashed about 20 years ago when I saw a sign up over a Mosque in East London near where I was brought up.

    God is only one.
    He has no son.

    It was a slap in the face, especially as my late mother had joined the counter demonstration (against the National Front who were opposed – this was 1976ish) in support of that Mosque being allowed planning permission. She thought all religions should be allowed to worship freely and our new neighbours should be welcomed.
    How she was betrayed!

  62. says

    Dr. Pepper, if it makes you feel better to blaming all the bad politics in the world on creeping liberalism, feel free. From where I sit, there’s enough blame to go round the entire mulberry bush. It wasn’t his liberalism that had Prescott Bush bumping uglies with the Nazis, and it isn’t liberalism that has many in the State Department doing the same with the Nazis’ modern-day clones.

  63. says

    “Vote in a more conservative government that will at least stand up for their sovereignty.”

    but i grant you that – in the current climate , and if the conservative opposition is anti-dhimmi, they could do well to “do a Canada”.

  64. says


    “Dr. Pepper, if it makes you feel better to blaming all the bad politics in the world on creeping liberalism, feel free”

    I’m not blaming all the bad politics in the world on creepling liberalism. I’m blaming only our inability as a society (on cultural, political, police and military levels) to deal adequately with the problem of Islam on Leftism.

    Secondly, I don’t characterize the blameworthy process as “creeping liberalism”. I favor classical liberalism as mostly beneficial for the West. I oppose a mutation of liberalism called Leftism which, unfortunately, has become socioculturally dominant in the West and is, as a result, hobbling our ability to recognize, analyze and neutralize, our current enemy.

  65. says

    Gutless wonders indeed. But, everyone, forget about Viking ancestry. The descendants of the Vikings are in the British Isles, northern France, and perhaps, in the form of a few stray genes, among the Inuit of Greenland.

    However, in World War Two, the Norwegians sang Ein Fest’ Burg to protest the closing of the Trondhjem cathedral by the Nazis. Now, with no brutal occupying army or even oil dependence, they cave in on free speech. For shame!

  66. says


    God is only one.
    He has no son.

    That is trouble with muslims. They have no idea that they are insulting the religious beliefs of others while claiming all the while that they respect Jesus and Mary. Then go on to then denigrate, insult and negate the ultimate sacrifice for love.

    Islam is a very literal religion invented for a simple and literal minded people of the 7th century desert. To expect them to understand the reasons for coming up with the concept of the Holy Trinity, is asking a lot.

  67. says

    What are you rallying about! There’s still fredom of speach in Norway. I should know, I live here. There is nothing in the letter saying that things will get otherways, read again!! What it does, is clearify what the government’s position is, in a layered and ordely fashon. The government didn’t ask for and doesn’t need all this truobled.

    If by all means this newspaper will get punished for what they published, it would be up to the courts, not the politicians. Infact we already have a law against blasphemy, but cannot be used due to our freedom of speach!