Jihadist seeks to rescind plea over NSA spying

Iyman Faris pleaded guilty. If he was illegally wiretapped, does that mean that he actually did not participate in this plot to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge? Should the question of whether or not he participated in this Brooklyn Bridge plot really be made to depend on the wiretapping issue? The legality of wiretapping is a serious issue. But surely no one would support the freeing of guilty mujahedin because that question is being debated…would they? “Terror operative seeks to rescind plea over NSA spying,” from CNN, :

WASHINGTON (CNN) — An Ohio truck driver and al Qaeda operative who pleaded guilty in 2003 to participating in a plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge wants to rescind that plea if the National Security Agency ever eavesdropped on him without a warrant.

Iyman Faris was sentenced to 20 years in prison in October 2003….

Attorney David Smith wants Faris’ May 1, 2003, guilty plea thrown out and is requesting “all documents relating to or concerning” electronic surveillance or any monitoring of Faris’ conversations “whether or not pursuant to warrant,” according to court filings.

Smith also wants documents from third-party conversations the government may have monitored in which Faris’ name is mentioned or in which he is “otherwise identified.”…

Based on media reports, it is likely that the government eavesdropped on Faris — with and without the backing of warrants — while the truck driver was a cooperating witness and being held under FBI supervision at a military base near Washington, D.C., Smith said.

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    Personally, I am not overly concerned about government-conducted illegal wiretapping unless something illegal or unethical is done with the information gathered this way. I do not see why the public is so het up over illegal wiretapping since domestic espionage has been an important part of our national security for generations–a good example of this can be seen in US roundups of Nazi and Japanese spies during WW2. This illegal activity may turn out to literally be a lifesaver. These people who carp relentlessly about the illegality of this government-conducted wiretapping are probably the same ones who will turn around and sue the government for dereliction of duty in the event of a lethal terror attack on US soil (assuming that we survive the next 9-11 type of attack).

    What concerns me much more is illegal wiretapping NOT being conducted when we have people such as these seen here who have truly malign intentions for our nation and people. THAT worries me!

    I have said many times before here and elsewhere that the most critical battle Americans have to fight on their own soil is against stupidity, ignorance, and sheer blindness.

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    Pythagoras…Couldn’t agree with ya more.
    The demise of our country’s intelligence was with the Carter Administration and continued thru Clinton. Carter should stick to peanuts as that’s what he contains for a brain. I’m all for tapping…Time to get rid of the ACLU. All they do is protect child molesters…did Mohammed know about them?

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    Just transfer any actual information – if it exists- from the NSA’s files to the CIA’s files and then truthfully say:

    Nope. Can’t find anything about your client in any NSA files. Sorry. Guess he’ll have to stay in prison for 20 years. Bye, now.

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    Iyman Faris pleaded guilty.

    If he would have pleaded not guilty … then maybe maybe maybe.

    But he did not … he pleaded guilty. He is guilty. He should do the time.

    And any and all costs to the state when this is over should be paid by the defendent if the conviction is held up.

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    Oh, for crying out loud. The restrictions on wiretapping barely exist. All they had to do was inform the court, and they had three days (or more, even).

    If terrorists go free because of Bush’s actions, we have only Bush to blame. Really, his adminstration has almost carte blanche and they still ignored the law. He willfully broke his oath of office and did so for years.

    He is as much a danger to us as terrorists, because whatever his admin has done to “protect” us is tainted with his illegal actions.

    In any case, this is an administration which ignored many warnings about OBL and, even in this late date, is in bed with the UAE, so trust them I would not.

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    The sad thing is, there will probably be a number lawyers from around the country virtually breaking the doors down in Columbus to get in on this case on Faris’ behalf.

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    This story highligts the fatal flaw of treating the Muslim war against America as a “legal” issue, rather than a WAR issue. These Jihadists and their infinite Muslim enablers in America need to be treated exactly like the alien spies and seditionists that they are — We should consider the death penalty under Military Tribunals for “dealing” with them, each and every one.

    They are spies engaged in espionage. They are enemies engaged in war operations. They are vile traitors.

    They are not average criminals engaging in “illegal activities”, and it is the height of insanity to treat them as such.

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    OT, but I got a mass email from my newphew today touting a short film that he calls “the most important investigative journalism I’ve ever come across.”

    It is in fact a 9-11 conspiracy film, where George Bush is said to have planned the entire tragedy in order to

    1) enrich himself and his cronies with billions in gold bullion apparently buried under the WTC towers

    and 2) use the tragedy as a justification for taking over the world

    Many of the allegations mirror those of French journalist Thierry Meyssan…such as that it was a cruise missile and not flight 77 that hit the Pentagon…(neither Meyssan in his book nor the producer of this film care to speculate on what actually might have happened to the real flight 77).

    My nephew is a loving, good-hearted, intelligent, upper middle-class techie whom anyone would be proud to call their own. And he bought this piece of trash hook-line-and-sinker.

    So help me God I fear for my country. This kind of propaganda is designed to destroy our faith in the institutions of this country…and to distract us from the very real dangers we face abroad.

    If my nephew is any barometer, the plan is working quite well.

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    So, if he was wiretapped, can we just let him go, or do we have to give him is old job driving tankers back and let him finish his mission? Any ACLU lawyers out there to help me out here?

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    I can appreciate how you must feel about your nephew. I have run into Jews who think that Israel was behind 9/11 on the basis of some conspiracy-theory propaganda being circulated, and they are well into their middle years.

    Amazing how easily people can be manipulated into seeing conspiracies everywhere and anywhere except for where they actually exist.

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    “Amazing how easily people can be manipulated into seeing conspiracies everywhere and anywhere except for where they actually exist.”

    Amen Waterdragon.

    I fired off a response detailing all the inconsistancies I noticed in my own precusory viewing of the film. God knows the extent to which an expert could dissect it. I’m sure he’ll resent my incredulous tone, but I couldn’t contain myself.

    It’s so disappointing.

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    If it is okay for our governments to ARREST PEOPLE WATCHING CHILD PORN ON THE INTERNET – why all this legal mumbo jumbo and supposed outrage WHEN TERRORISTS WHO WANT TO KILL AND BOMB US ARE WIRETAPPED?? The stupidity of Western Leaders is
    beyond belief : an open invitation to JIHAD.
    Watched comments on BBC Forum; you’d be amazed at number of Muslims in U.K who BELIEVE THAT SHI-ITE MOSQUE WAS DESTROYED BY U.S OR JEWS OR BOTH…

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    That shiite mosque was blown up by al-sadr and his group of murderous thugs. Which has given them the excuse to blow up sunni mosques and in general keep the pot stirred. sadr who is in mo’s nasty little tree wants to see Iraq have a government like iran has. sadr’s little army has in times past attacked our troops and killed some of our people. he quite simply is suffering from a swelled head that’s due to be removed from his shoulders any time now by Iraqi people who just don’t like the blubbery little sod.

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    While I think it was Zarqawi’s band of al-Qaeda psychopaths who hit the Golden Mosque to destablize the already unstable, and not al-Sadr (or is it al-Sodomy?), what I can’t fathom is- why we haven’t snipered this slug months ago?

    He has an outstanding warrent for his arrest by the Iraqi government in the murder of a rival “cleric”, already. Serve it.

    He is a shifty, wall-eyed maniac and has been breathing for far too many days beyond his “Use By” date.

    But our military strategy in this war seems more like Laurel and Hardy than Grant and Sherman.

    When trouble raises its ugly head, don’t call a lawyer, -shoot!

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    A Note to Seymour Paine—

    Current laws limiting wiretapping do not protect civilians from terrorist attacks or necessarily limit terror network using our country as a base for their operations. Terror attacks on US soil did not begin during the Bush Administration I should remind you. The first terrorist assault on the World Trade Towers happened in 1991. There was a downed plane over Long Island that was brought down in 1996 as part of a planned(Islamic) terror attack and there is suspicion that the Oklahoma City bombing involved al-Qaeda (according to Stephen Emerson, there ARE Islamic terrorism networks based in Oklahoma City).

    Islamic terrorism networks have been in the USA now for a long time–long before George W. Bush took office. Did it EVER cross your mind that this is so because terrorists knew of the limits to our laws and took advantage of them??? For that reason I am NOT sorry the Bush Administration took the actions it did.

    Likewise international laws, much heralded by anti-US Europeans, do NOT protect citizens anywhere from Islamic terrorists. And the Islamic terrorist networks know it and take maximum advantage of that. And partly as a result they multiply.

    Yes, Bush and Co. HAVE recently gotten cozy with the UAE and NO I don’t trust the UAE either, but from a strategic view this policy does make sense. Iran is currently cozy with Russia, India, and China and threatening the western democracies and Israel (which to be fair is a democracy). Iran is anti-Sunni and could be considered an adversary of many Sunni-Arab states. The USA siding with the UAE could provide a strategic counterbalance to Iran’s militaristic aspirations and possibly avert a war begun by Iran. So I suggest you give this matter some more thought.

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    Oh, c’mon, Pythagoras. You don’t have to crawl on your belly in front of Bush, do you? Excusing turning our ports over to an anti-Semitic, terror-supporting country? You are just plain dumb? Your fake chess move idea with the UAE is exactly the reason we are so completely f*cked in the ME. We treat them like stupid pawns, playing one off against the other and in the end, we get screwed royally.

    The FISA requirements are so totally loose and easy the “government” cannot even concoct a coherent reason why they didn’t comply. The reason they didn’t, I believe, is that Shrub thinks (that should be in air quotes) he is taking orders from God directly and is accountable to no one.

    Even during the Civil War and WWII, laws were followed and the Constitution upheld. Shrub’s reasons are so unbelievably bogus and laughable only fools would follow along.