Supreme Leader: Iran’s ideology spans N. Africa to India

Here’s a gem from our It’s-All-About-the-Wahhabis Department: from Iran Focus, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 25 — Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that the reach of the Islamic Republic’s ideology had spread from North Africa all the way through to Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. His comments, which were made while on a visit to the south-western province of Khuzestan, were aired on state television.

“The depth of our nation’s strategy and revolution has reached Islamic countries of the region, Palestine, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent”, Khamenei said to chants of “Death to America”.

“Today, 1.5 billion Muslims across the world are looking to the flag of Islam which has been kept aloft in this country”, he said.

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    There may be a little self-congratulatory inflation of facts there, not unlike how North Korea peppers its news with reports of gatherings in honor of Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung, Juche/Songun societies in various countries (usually fellow members of the Non-Aligned Movement).

    Not surprisingly, those gatherings never merit the attention of any other world media, but the Korean Central News Agency makes mountains out of these molehills and presents them as towering “evidence” to its people that their leaders and system are revered the world over, in order to create a false sense of reassurance/justification among its people by a fabricated sense of international approval.

    The NK media also makes a big deal about its country’s friendship with Iran, among other unpleasant states. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s been some cross-pollenation of ideas here.

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    So it is 1.5 bn muslims now in the world – last month it was 1.2 bn.

    This continuous claim by muslims that islam is fastest growing religion is myth. There was an article last year in the Arab News, a Saudi newspaper, that was concerned that some 6% of muslims worldwide, leave islam every year. The ummah is decreasing despite the stirling work by muslim women.

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    1,5 billion Muslims? The guy that did the math on that one probably the ancient Sumerian heximal system instead of the ordinary decimal the rest of the world chose to adopt.

    1,5 * 0,6 = 900 million

    Yep, that’s it.

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    The numbers may be exaggerated, but the general thrust of what is happening shouldn’t be.

    Muslims believe that the al-Mahdi, the End-Times world ruler that is going to come is going to come from Khorasan (northern Iran, central Asia region), Syria or Iraq. And the places he is going to control are exactly the regions that Ali Khameni mentions (as do the Bible in Ezek 38). And you have the Iranian President himself talking about the al-Mahdi in many of his public speeches, and himself being a member of a society who aims to create the chaos necessary for the coming of the al-Mahdi. Put all this together, and cutting through the slight exaggeration, you will see that they want to create or are expecting exactly the conditions ready for the Madhi to appear.

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    1.5b is not an approximation of 1.3b, which is the actual number. They keep shooting this up to bloat their numbers, and artificially increase their perceived political clout. Breakdown provided here (for methodology on how I arrived at this, check the following thread)

      Country Total Percentage Net
      Indonesia 217.558 87% 189.275
      Pakistan 152.061 98% 149.020
      India 1079.721 13% 137.125
      Bangladesh 140.494 83% 116.610
      Nigeria 139.823 50% 69.912
      Turkey 71.727 95% 68.141
      Iran 66.928 98% 65.589
      Egypt 68.738 94% 64.614
      Algeria 32.373 100% 32.373
      Morocco 30.586 100% 30.586
      Afghanistan 30 99% 29.700
      China 1296.500 2% 25.930
      Iraq 25.261 100% 25.261
      Saudi Arabia 23.215 100% 23.215
      Uzbekistan 25.930 88% 22.818
      Europe 0.000 100% 20.000
      Yemen 19.763 100% 19.763
      Sudan 34.356 50% 17.178
      Syria 17.783 90% 16.005
      Malaysia 25.209 51% 12.857
      Mali 11.937 90% 10.743
      Somalia 9.938 100% 9.938
      Tunisia 10.012 98% 9.812
      Niger 12.095 80% 9.676
      Senegal 10.455 92% 9.619
      Azerbaijan 8.280 94% 7.783
      Russia 142.814 5% 7.141
      Kazakhstan 14.958 47% 7.030
      Guinea 8.073 85% 6.862
      Ivory coast 17.142 40% 6.857
      Burkina-Faso 12.387 50% 6.194
      Palestine 6.000 100% 6.000
      Libya 5.674 97% 5.504
      Tajikistan 6.430 85% 5.466
      Jordan 5.440 94% 5.114
      Chad 8.823 55% 4.853
      Eritrea 4.477 100% 4.477
      Turkmenistan 4.931 89% 4.3 89
      United Arab Emirates 4.284 96% 4.113
      Kyrghyzstan 5.099 75% 3.824
      Cameroon 16.400 20% 3.280
      Sierra Leone 5.436 60% 3.262
      Uganda 25.920 12% 3.110
      United States 293.000 1% 2.930
      Mauritania 2.906 100% 2.906
      Lebanon 4.554 60% 2.732
      Albania 3.188 70% 2.232
      Oman 2.659 75% 1.994
      Mozambique 19.129 10% 1.913
      Kuwait 2.460 75% 1.845
      Benin 6.890 20% 1.378
      Gambia 1.449 90% 1.304
      Togo 4.966 15% 0.745
      Bahrain 0.725 100% 0.725
      Guinea-Bissau 1.533 45% 0.690
      Djibouti 0.716 94% 0.673
      Qatar 0.637 95% 0.605
      Comoros 0.614 98% 0.602
      Maldives 0.300 100% 0.300
      Brunei-Dar us Salam 0.361 67% 0.242
      Guyana 0.772 15% 0.116
      Suriname 0.443 20% 0.089
      Gabon 1.374 1% 0.014
      Equitorial Guinea 0.506 0% 0.000

      Total 1305.049

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    From the Islam Awareness Week in Arizona:

    There are more than 2 billion Muslims in the world, she said.

    “If all Muslims were terrorists, and they all killed one person, there would be 2 billion people wiped off the earth immediately,” she added. “So this can’t be true.”


    I have to admit that I’m ‘aware’ of what Islam creates.

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    As long as Hindus exist in India and elsewhere in the world we will fight Islamization of our lands. If Ayatollah proudly boasts of India being in Iran’s ideological sphere then he is mistaken, Indian government out to appease Muslims may well be soft on Iran, but Indians are not. How easily he forgets Islam’s sword was blunted in India.

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    Muslims believe that the al-Mahdi, the End-Times world ruler that is going to come is going to come from Khorasan (northern Iran, central Asia region), Syria or Iraq.

    I thought this rubbish was specific to the Shiites. And they’re estimated to be 23% of the overall Moslem population, and are concentrated in the Middle East where the Sunnis are more widespread.


    Could it be that our Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei drops his filter when pumping the numbers?

    Sects that aren’ts sects. A religion that isn’t a religion. A nation that’s not a nation. A legal code that’s not really that legal. An army that’s unarmed and docile. Threats that aren’t real.

    What is it these people can’t do? Besides lie, mooch other people’s money and murder, that is.

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    Iran is awaiting the end of the Bush era. they’re hoping Bush is and abberation and no more than a brief nightmare and soon America will return to being the “paper tiger” of yore.
    Hopefully a new “Jimmy Carter” will be elected form the ranks of the Democrats and Iran will then stretch to the Med.
    REad it all from Amed Taheri at the Wall street Journal. Worrying times ahead if America’s resolve is weakened after Bush’s departure.

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    An excellent piece written by Patrick Devenny, one of Jihad Watch’s very own or former (I’m not sure which) very own:

    True Fanatic
    By Patrick Devenny
    Published 12/15/2005 12:07:50 AM

    President Ahmadinejad’s speech before the UN General Assembly in September was a towering diplomatic dud. Instead of assuaging the prim gentlemen in the audience — who are always willing to suffer through long harangues from third-world despots, as long as they paint the West as omnipresent villain — Ahmadinejad indulged in warlike hyperbole, threatening to “reconsider” his nation’s supposedly peaceful pursuit of nuclear energy if Washington and its allies continued to “impose their will” on Iran. The vitriol stood out in the staid chambers of the UN, giving rise to another round of vigorous brow-furrowing among the gathered elites.

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    The problem we face with the muslim facists is they believe we are weak and they have no doubt in a hard fight we will quit and it emboldens them to thinking they can get away with this sort of shit.

    But who will the left wing liberals put there efforts into slagging off? George Bush of course.

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    “1.5 billion”
    — from the article above

    My, was it just the other day that it was 1.4 billion, and the day before that 1.3 billion, and last month 1.2 billion. Despite the posting above that appears to suggest an actual figure of 1.3 billion, I have done my own, slightly different mathematics, and have not assumed that every last man, woman and child who has failed to declare himself a non-Muslim is, therefore a Muslim, and I certainly do not trust the population figures for all kinds of country, not least Saudi Arabia, which is the world champion in inflating its numbers, for the same reason that a frog blows up its throat to scare predators in the fables and possibly in life. I get 1 billion, no more.

    But in any case, let us admit that a large amount of copulation is going on, rivalling that of the fabled rabbits, quite possibly — who knows? — and certainly it would be fittingly, en levrette.

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    I’d agree with Hugh, especially when concerning Saudi Arabia.

    Infidel Pride posted this statistic concerning Saudi Arabia:

    Saudi Arabia 23.215 100% 23.215

    There are millions of guest workers in Saudi Arabia, and it is most certain that not all of them are Muslims.

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    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said:

    “The depth of our nation’s strategy and revolution has reached Islamic countries of the region, Palestine, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent”, Khamenei said to chants of “Death to America”.

    Well, Aleemuddin Ahmed needs to have a good talking to with this man, because Ayatollah Ali Khamenei obviously does not have a proper understanding of Islamic “juridprudence.” Since Mr. Ahmed DOES understand what the “holy” Koran says, and he’s a proper “scholar” of Islamic “juridpurdence,” he’s certainly the right man to comment on the proper course of action within the country of Iran, and to put his name on a manifesto condemning this so-called “ayatollah.”

    Shall I wait for THAT to happen?

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    I thought this rubbish was specific to the Shiites. And they’re estimated to be 23% of the overall Moslem population, and are concentrated in the Middle East where the Sunnis are more widespread.

    No, belief in Qiyamah is one of the main beliefs in Islam, Sunni or Shiite. Every Muslim is expected to believe in it. It is an established doctrine not subject to disgreement. The specifics may be subject to some disagreement, but the main thrust of the coming of the al-Mahdi and Jesus (Isa) in the Last Days are agreed upon.

    What Shiites and Sunnis disagree upon is the actual person of the al-Mahdi. Shiites believe him to be the 12th Shiite Imam, who has disappeared and will reappear again. The Sunnis believe al-Mahdi to be another person altogether.

    However, when he appears, Muslims are expected to submit to him and support him in his jihad against all the other nations.

    Take a look at this book:

    It contains a lot of documentation about Muslim hadiths and Muslim expectations.

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    About the fuzzy math: It all makes sense now.

    After so many centuries of misogyny and repressed sexuality, small groups of devout believers, in the midst of their many regressive aspirations for the human race, have finally acheived asexual reproduction.

    No sinful wives, no inconvenient nine-month gestation period. Just simple mitosis– splitting like a unicellular organism.

    The process is known to be accelerated by specific sources of light and heat such as flag and effigy burning. Consequently, this must be done as often as possible for maximum population growth.

    Side effects include a mental capacity similar to the unicellular organisms whose reproduction they emulate.

    But more troubling is the proliferation of tautonyms, as believers self-replicate. Just ask Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Abdullah, a seventh-degree product of this process.

    Fatwas are being considered in regard to allowing exponential notation to streamline the writing of names, which will be a great boon to the inevitable Googolplex Abdullah.

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    To zonie kafir,

    Muslims have different categories of hadiths, from sahih being the most trusted ones, to hasan, widespread, isolated, fabricated. The trusted ones are obligatory to be followed (unless one rejects the Sunna), while some are treated to be good but not obligatory. The attitude does differ as one goes down the rung of “authenticity”. (By authenticity, it really means the chain of narrators, whether it is possible for the chain to have been made, whether there are liars on the list, etc … One can of course find a lot of loopholes in the “Science of the Hadiths”).

    The hadiths on black flags do not have a high degree of authenticity according to the “Science of the Hadiths”. It is generally, but not necessarily universally, accepted. Black flags have been used by Muslims in the past, so it is very possible that al-Mahdi’s army may want to use it.

    The Greater Khorasan region does include parts of Afghanistan (and some Central Asian republics).

    As for the Taliban and Ali, Muhammad’s son in law, I’m not too sure what you are saying. Ali was a very ferocious warrior (he burnt some of the apostates) and fought very bravely in many battles. Ali himself was assassinated. The massacre of the Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza is really the mastermind of Muhammad when he got the tribe to accept Sa`d to be the judge.

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    There are millions of guest workers in Saudi Arabia, and it is most certain that not all of them are Muslims. Posted by: Aiken Bryce

    The above list just lists citizens, not guest residents of any country. Therefore, anybody in KSA from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Phillipines, India, et al have already been counted under their respective countries, and shouldn’t be factored in here.

    The Saudi population of 23m is their actual population, guest workers not included.


    Can you publish your numbers here, and how you arrived at them?

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    Infidel Pride,

    My mistake and apology. From wikipedia:

    Saudi Arabia’s population as of 2005 is estimated to be about 26.4 million, including about 5.6 million resident foreigners.

    There is still a deliberate exaggeration by Muslims to make more of what they are than they really are. That behavior is a definite sign of paranoia.

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    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that
    “Today, 1.5 billion Muslims across the world are looking to the flag of Islam which has been kept aloft in this country”.

    And islam is not a nation that can be warred with??

    Bush continues to delude himself about islam.

    How many more violent islamic nations does it take for islam to be called a hate filled cult???

    Washington will finally see the light when the WMDs and Nukes go off in DC.

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    I want to do this right. Instead of a back-of-the-envelope, let me consult with some professional statisticians, especially about those countries — and there are many of them — where the census has not been taken in decades, and where figures are pulled out a hat. Remember, just because you read something in, does not mean it is true. The methods used in the Western world to calculate, to take censuses, and so on, are very far from what goes on, say, in Northern Nigeria, or Egypt, or Algeria, or Saudi Arabia or Iran. And just how do you think the census is taken, or population figures kept or extrapolated from, and by whom, in such places as Indonesia and Pakistan? When I have the figures that as of April 2006 appear to have the imprimatur of Western specialists in demography — assuming they are aware of the tendency of, for example, the Saudis to inflate, their numbers, then I’ll put them up — not here, but as a separate little piece.

    That would be better: spelling out exactly the considerations, and also how Western demographers extrapolate from past (possibly faulty) data, and how accurate, in the past, those extrapolations appear to have been.

    For example, one hears about conversions to Christianity — secret conversions — in Algeria and Iran. True? False? How many? How likely that the figures given are lower, or are higher, than the real ones? What would one take into account? How does one find out about the number of people declaring themselves Christians in Turkey, where things are freer (and those Jehovah’s Witnesses appear to be doing alright)? Any reason why Christians would continue to hide their new faith, or wish to de-emphasize their own success?

    And so on. A little time. I still have a contest answer to complete.

  22. says


    I for one definitely look forward to that. Once it’s there, do put it in a permanent place on the index links for easy reference. As for my data, I hadn’t factored in those considerations. Also, here in the West, Athiests are not counted in as members of the religions they might nominally have been born into. Whereas in a lot of these countries, people might list their religion as the one that is used for identification purposes only, even though they may be staunch Athiests. If there is a way of filtering them out of this mix, I’d definitely like to know about it.

    I don’t know about Pakistan or Indonesia. In India, the example with which I am familiar, the census takes place once every 10 years, and the last one took place in 2001. This typically consists of an interview by the census taker of one of the members of a household, and for something like this, if a household happens to be, say, Parsi, you can assume that that is what is tallied for every member of that household, even though half the members of that household may be athiests. The interviewer doesn’t probe every member for what they actually believe. (The only time I experienced this was in 1991, when I was there.) (Incidentally, the Muslim figure in the 2001 census was around 138m, but that assumes that all Muslim households are 100% Muslim, and no athiests fall into the mix. So one can cut down that number. Of course, same would apply to Hindus and everyone else.)

    Assuming that you get such lopsided data from several countries, it would be interesting to know how such data would need to be processed in order to come up with a reliable estimate. In the absense of that, all we are left with is the triumphantalist claims of those who increment the Islamic population by 0.1b every other day.

    The other important factor in this discussion, not to be overlooked, is that when one talks about what percentage of Muslims actually support Islamic supremacy worldwide, does the denominator include those “Muslims for identification purposes only”, or is it just those who are serious Muslims in the same way that a devout Christian or a Jew here describes himself/herself as a Christian or a Jew. In either case, the absolute number shouldn’t vary, but the percentage will vary wildly. It is important to note that Muslim “moderates” will use the inflated denominator to parade their taqqiya about the “tiny minority of extremists”, while the Islamic supremacists will use the lower number to inflate their percentage support. In either case, what will matter is the absolute number of Muslims who either support this actively, or worse, acquiesce in their actions.

    Oh, and the contest. It’ll be the Ides of April by the time you post the answer. What are you doing – still finding out what it is? ;->

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    To ZK:

    Indeed Ali was involved in that battle. He was well known for his devotion to Muhammad and for his fighting. He was the one who refused to back down until the garrisons of Banu Qurayza be stormed or he himself be killed.

    However, the split of the Shia (lit. party) is more complicated than that. Ali may or may not have been the person to be one to have started the Shia party. Ali showed great restraint when the other Muslims out manouvered his supporters and choose Abu Bakr to be the Caliph after Muhammad. Then we have Umar, and then Uthman. That means Ali had to wait out three Caliphs, in order to ascend to what his supporters believe to be his rightful place. Even when he became Caliph, he was opposed by Aisha, Muhammad youngest wife (married him when six and consummated when nine). The Shias held that the Caliphate should be held only by Muhammad’s household. Obviously, the Sunnis disagree.

    Even then, Ali was still regarded as the one of the “Rightly Guided” Caliphs, before the Caliphate went to the Ummayyads. Of the culmination of all this conflict was at Karbala when Ali’s son, Hussein, was brutally killed.

    Now as for the Taliban and their exaltation of Ali, it is really hard to say what was in their mind. Nevertheless, Ali was still a person revered as one of the “Rightly Guided” caliphs, and for his bravery and visciousness in his battles. That may be the reason, but I can’t say for sure.