Books preaching jihad sold in Saudi

More warm support from our friend and ally. From UPI, with thanks to Bryce:

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, May 2 (UPI) — Books inciting Saudi youth to enroll in holy war that include religious edicts condoning suicide bombing are being sold in bookstores.

Saudi daily al-Watan reported Tuesday that the books are being sold openly in bookshops in the city of Brida, north of the capital Riyadh, promising paradise for martyrs who come out to fight “infidels” by exploding themselves.

The books included edicts that inflame the emotions of young Muslims and encourage them to earn honors and virtue through martyrdom.

Some edicts also encourage suicide operations through extensive analysis of means and justification. Martyrdom was described as the highest expression of legitimate jihad, or holy war.

The paper said one of the books titled “Guideline for Soldiers in Jihad Mechanisms, a Summary of Jihad merit” was issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Education and Information in 1983 and published by a Baghdad publishing house.

The book, which stressed the necessity and merit of jihad, deals with liberation wars, conquest, army structures, military planning, arms and procurement of military equipment needed for mobilizing soldiers.

The book also comprises religious edicts regarding the results of jihad, or rules of war, including the division of spoils claimed by militants.

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  1. says

    The have to do something with the oversupply of young men in Saudi Arabia. They won’t work menial or agricultural jobs of any kind. It’s a bit like post-natal birth control.

    How convenient that Islam offers the perfect pressure-release valve, and an easy ticket to heaven, so long as the brother slays and is slain.

  2. says

    The author has obviously been hijacked. The book was surely intended to be about “the internal struggle,” not about some Western notion of holy war.


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    This from our good friend and ally, Saudi Arabia, sponsors of Wahhabism, which is the only radical form of Islam, as opposed to the peace-loving Shi’ites in Iran, who are our enemy, even though they are the enemy of the few radical Wahhabists, who are our enemy, but who are funded by our friends the Saudis, who….

    Ouch, my head hurts.

  4. says

    Ouch, my head hurts.
    Posted by: special_guest

    There is a phrase, I forget the exact wording but it’s something like “…. ’em all, and let…sort ’em out”

    I wish I could remember it, I think it would be appropriate.

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    If such books appeared in an American bookstore, would they violate our ‘incitement to violence’ or other laws against incitement? What laws?

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    I’m uncertain of what is surprising about this. It is to be expected. The only surprise would be if this kind of thing were not available. Presumably the Al-Saud don’t like the attacks on them within their wholly-owned kingdom. That’s not fair. That’s not right. Stick to full-fledged Infidels. Hence, perhaps, some in the Saudi government might wish, certainly not out of any solicitude for Infidels, but out of fear for themselves, might want to have such an article in Al-Watan.

  7. says

    Surely, these books preach ‘peaceful’ jihad. After all, is not Islam the religion of ‘peace’?????

    No? Come off it. What are you some kind of Islamophobe????

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    On April 28 at Front Page, Robert Spencer was in a symposium on apostasy.

    Salim Mansur “a Muslim writer and a professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario” participated, and at one point says:

    The redacted Qur’an we hold in our hands has 114 chapters of varying length and some 6,666 verses.

    Does anyone know if this count of 6,666 is agreed upon by most Muslim scholars in general? Or is Mansur expressing a minority view?

    Thanks for any tips. – Omar

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    But Bush said they were our friends, You mean their not?

    he meant they were HIS freinds.The bush’s are great freinds of the saudies,mo money mo money mo money.To the rest of us they are training there people that we are the great devil.Ready to destroy our way of life.

  10. says

    From the article: “The book also comprises religious edicts regarding the results of jihad, or rules of war, including the division of spoils claimed by militants.”

    So what’s the big deal? All religions have rules for dividing up loot, don’t they? You’re being too hard on poor, misunderstood Islam.


  11. says

    Stendec said

    All religions have rules for dividing up loot, don’t they?

    Careful, I once had people jumping down my throat because I said that Jesus called for as many beheadings as Mohammad. Apparently sarcasm can be hard to detect on the written page.

  12. says

    Its about time we just stand back and let them take over one of this vile country, then the gloves come off at last.

    We need to demonstrate overwhelmingly that jihad and the wrath of allah is no match for us good guys. Unfortunately, overthrowing the bearded rabble lunatic taliban in afghanistan never quite demonstrated this to the fullest extent.

  13. says

    They want islam do they? Ok, here is my plan: The simple solution is to impose the sharia here in the USA and other western nations. They claim they want that, so give it to them. All western countries should impose the sharia on muslims. The rest of us can follow the other laws.

  14. says

    Isn’t it lovely how these people want their children to kill themselves?

    They don’t want them to grow up and have a REAL purposeful life, such as getting an education, a career, see the sights of the world and life in general. No, they want to sicken their little minds, teach them to hate and to long for a brothel with women AND boys. Of course to taste wine, you must die first.

    Useless breeders…useless breathers….useless eaters.

  15. says

    both parties in government in power have used the Sauds as their best pals. even more so with Clinton and algore going to middle east putting down the US!
    the saudi will ultimately have to make a decisions either modernize and get rid of your cult, or it will engulf the whole royal family and country.

  16. says

    We’re lucky.

    Their iconoclasm about images saves us from:

    The Koran- the Graphic Novel which would be a lot more incendiary to the type of juvenile spiritual cyclops that hungers for violence.

    These current Saudi morons will at least have to have one among them who knows how to read.

    Perhaps we should flood Islam with talking books.

    (The current best-seller’s been beaten to death, plot-wise.)

    Maybe Sinbad would inspire something more useful?

  17. says

    It’s a good thing Muslims are not permitted to think for themselves about “religious” matters.
    If they did some of them might figure out that a Muslim is worth more to Islam dead than alive!

  18. says

    The cult of death,
    so cruel and primitive
    it takes the breath
    away and freezes
    the blood in the veins.

    The cult of death,
    recruits its soldiers
    from the ever replenishing supply,
    from the wombs of the mothers of molech,
    slaves to allah, perfect jihadi machines.

  19. says

    Since a good muslim can not live in the same universe as an infidel, he is forced, by the laws of Islam, to kill himself, the infidel, or both. The problem with this is that there are 1.2 billion muslims but only about one billion Christians. So in a one for one attrition rate, they win.

    This is why nuclear weapons are a great thing to have on our side.

  20. says

    so many hateful messages here. Strange.
    Well, the reason could be that JihadWatch deletes any message that disagrees with their own hateful attitude.
    Arbitrary censorship to keep the regulars happy.

    Very sad

  21. says

    Tell you what Melanie, why don’t you go to the one million anti-US blogs out there. Because if you want censorship, that is where you will find it. You will also find it in the universities, college campuses, government offices, newspapers, major media outlets, high schools, libraries, corporate offices, retail stores, everywhere but jihadwatch.

  22. says

    Yes, it is called jihadwatch. Why don’t you to to watch jihadwatch. LOL

    You complain of censorship, what hypocrisy. All of our media outlets censor any bad talk of Islam. But I bet you haven’t complained about that censorhip.

    So why don’t you go rent Farenheit 911 while we stay here and blog about the threat of islam to the west and the remedies for this threat.

  23. says

    melaniefromgermany wrote: “so many hateful messages here. Strange.
    Well, the reason could be that JihadWatch deletes any message that disagrees with their own hateful attitude.
    Arbitrary censorship to keep the regulars happy.”

    This site is about exposing the ideology of Islam, a totalitarian creed that divides the world into “us” versus “them,” and declares “them” to be subhuman. And if you know the least little bit about the teachings of Islam, you know that is is literally dripping with sacralized hatred, to include calls for the extermination of certain groups of people and the subjugation of everyone else. You would know that Islam authorizes its adherents to carry out Islamic judgment and to mete out punishments, whereever and whenever the opportunity arises. You would know that Islam requires every one of its adherents to spread the ideology by all means available, including lying, deception, and violence of every kind.

    You apparently think the posters’ comments above are somehow exaggerated, revealing some kind of underlying hatred. They are not. Not by a long shot. Telling the truth is not hatred. If you have any contrary evidence, we’d sure like to hear about it, and will be glad to discuss. And no, your postings certainly would not be censored. That is an outrageous insinuation based on no evidence. You sound like a typical hard leftist–you cannot make an honest argument, so you accuse the other side of hatred. That doesn’t wash.

  24. says


    Bad news but that Jihadi with a bomb strapped to his backside would just as soon blow you to kingdom come as he would any other infidel.You are as viable a ticket on the virgin express as the rest of us.

    Telling it like it is may seem hateful, but not nearly as hateful as the video clip on the internet in March of an actual impalement, with all the attendant cheering and clapping. That is, all except the guest of honor.

    That is far and away the most awful thing I have ever seen. Islam has a few hateful things said about it. Most are completely justified. What is happening is websites like this are showing the true face of Islam. It ain’t pretty!

  25. says

    melaniefromgermany whined

    Well, the reason could be that JihadWatch deletes any message that disagrees with their own hateful attitude.

    I sincerely doubt that you wrote anything original enough to be worthy of deletion. Just remember to click the “Post” button next time, and spare us the paranoid delusions of grandeur.

  26. says

    “[I doubt your postings were deemed] worthy of deletion.:
    — from a posting above

    No. In the end I got tired of enduring her nonsense and often viciousness, and enduring as well the spectacle of others taking her seriously (this taking of others seriously occurs far too often) and responding with good will to her. So she’s gone. That’s what makes this a “police state.” Let her go to some other website, of which there are hundreds of thousands, that has absolutely no regulation at all, and join the idiotic free-for-all there.

    If I ask someone who has invited himself to dinner, and who proceeds to tell me all about how awful Americans are, practically Nazis (“nd by the way, we in Chermany are sick and tired of hearing about the Nazis — get over it” or implied sentiments to that effect) and I ask that person to leave, has my house become a “police state”?