New York: Moroccan Consulate official arrested for videotaping ConEd facility

Just a Power Station Tourist, no doubt. “Suspicious recording in Yonkers handed over to terrorist task force,” from the Journal News, with thanks to Cindy:

YONKERS “” A 34-year-old employee of the Moroccan Consulate and his wife drew the suspicions of two police officers after they spotted the woman videotaping a wooded area near a Consolidated Edison facility and Ridge Hill near the New York State Thruway, police said.

No charges were filed, but state police did confiscate the camera. The driver is a security officer with the Moroccan Consulate, and his wife is unemployed.

Yonkers Police Officers David Cenelli and Ruperto Medina of the 1st Precinct were on the Thruway when they saw the red Honda Prelude parked on the side of the road at 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

The officers became suspicious because the 30-year-old woman in the back seat was videotaping a quarter of a mile south of the entrance ramp where the power facility is located.

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    In addition to Niagara Falls, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore, Sears Towers, Empire State Building, et al, tourist offices in every major city can provide extensive information on power stations and grids, so that Muslim tourists from around the world get to admire all those specimens of architectural achievements that so escape Infidel tourists visiting the same cities. Maybe we can have AAA arrange for such tours in school buses.

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    The nice thing is Morocco played the US in a friendly in Nashville on May 23rd, the same day the article came out. War is deceit, and anything can and will used to further islam.

    BTW, does anyone know if Iran’s Ahmajihad has been granted permission to attend the Finals in Germany?

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    CHAOS IN IRAQ…UMMMM..WHO WANTS CHAOS?….Some of the men assigned to guard the oil pipeline, the officials say, appear to have maintained links to the major Iraqi insurgent groups. For months, American and Iraqi officials have been trying to track down death squads singling out Sunnis that operated inside the Shiite-led Interior Ministry.

    But the 16th Brigade was different. Unlike the others, the 16th Brigade was a Sunni outfit, accused of killing Shiites. And it was not, like the others, part of the Iraqi police or even the Interior Ministry. It was run by another Iraqi ministry altogether.

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    My own fear is that the next 9/11 level incident, or the blow-up with Iran
    will be accompanied by numerous guerrilla style attacks against many
    soft targets across America. This is just one example of the target
    assessment which is ongoing.

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    Are we seeing a new prelude to another attack?

    Mr. Bush needs to tell the world that , if there is another attack, the black rock is gone. I’m sure there would an uproar in the M.E. (there usually is anyway, they are always upset over something) but, oh well. We have to protect ourselves. Getting rid of the black rock could be the start of getting rid of the cancer of islam. All we’ve done since 9/11 is slap on the wrist here and there. It’s time for a real smackdown.

    Muslims have the mindset of backward wild children. We have yet to really punish them for acting up. They are a danger to themselves and to the world around them. If they aren’t going to join the human race and get along, then …..they have no business being here.

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    Don’t all foreign tourists have a consuming interest in American power stations, dams, chemical facilties and nuclear plants?

    Not to mention bridges, tunnels and school buses?

    Haven’t the cops got better thing to do than be blatant Islamophobes?

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    Hey government! You have a very active 5th column in your own country! What did the government do during WWII? Do we have to get a “Cluebat?”

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    profitsbeard is right, I know when I pull over with a girl on a deserted offramp, she is in the back seat, and we have a video camera, we would have more than tourism in mind. But if the cops were to come we would definitely say we were shooting nature videos, or ….errr yeah videos of the nearby …errr …. power plant… yeah that’s it we love to collect footage of …errr… power plants…and we were just getting ready to change into our power plant videoing clothes….yeah that’s it….

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    Free Woman & Profits Beard;

    The 4th season of 24 come to mind whenever something like this comes up. I mean how did they know to go to this location in the first place? In the show 24, the defense contrator had the Arnold Vosloo chracter hired in a security sensitive position where he had access to top secret information on and about, You guess it, NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS!!! And who’s to say that life isn’t imitating art in this case? Law enforcement and other goverment agencies are playing with the national security of “We the People” and our nation. There’s no telling if this was their first visit or one of many! After September 11th, 2001, can “We the People” afford to let anyone in an certain area not common to the public just walk without being 1000% sure of the intent of said individual(s)? i personally think not.

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    My own fear is that the next 9/11 level incident, or the blow-up with Iran
    will be accompanied by numerous guerrilla style attacks against many
    soft targets across America. This is just one example of the target
    assessment which is ongoing.
    Posted by: NoMo at May 24, 2006 07:47 AM

    WWII targets were: Power plants, government offices, military bases, manufacturing plants, bridges, dams, roads and other integral sites necessary to wage war.

    Who would have thought????

    America and the free nations are at war with islam and refuse to realize this even with all of the facts daily displayed across the world.

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    Hey Hondo, I agree. Too many muslims in sensitive positions. There should be a law passed that, if your ideology interferes with the Constitution of the U.S., then you cannot have certain jobs.

    And then we need to have their addresses in case we need to round ’em up.

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    They seem to have a penchant for wanting to hit the power lines, thereby interrupting communications and creating a media blackout. This may be what they intend to do.

    What will probably not be expected is that they will be dragged out in the streets by angry mobs who intend to rip their beards off and they won’t have any way to call for help because of their own actions. Maybe they want that to happen. Maybe they have a martyr complex. I don’t care anymore what happens to them. Same as Moussoui and all the muslims in Gitmo, innocent or not. Don’t care if they die in captivity or never get a just trial or disappear forever to a secret prison in Eastern Europe.

    Hey now islam, see that? Mu attitude is just the mirror reflection of society looking back at you. See what kind of reaction your “great” religion has created? lol, idiots.

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    Interesting site Ironman. I noticed in the first column a lot of those “commandments” have come to pass.

    It’s time to clean house of legislators and others who won’t stand up to the Saudi’s, Mexico and others who don’t have OUR best interest in mind. We need lawmaker’s with guts to call islam what it is. And one that’s not afraid to do what it takes to round them up and ship them out.

    I do not go to doctors who are from the M.E. I do not go to muslim restaurants,(for one thing I can’t stand the smell of curry) and that was really funny about marrying an American woman every five years because she would become islamicized. Right. American women would use birth control and immediately run from islam after divorce. And they wouldn’t let their children stay muslim.

    The guy that wrote those “commandments” doesn’t really know individual Americans.

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    I’m with you Freewoman. The author of those “commandments” failed to take into concideration the individual American’s patrotic resolve, the 2nd Amendment, and the willingness of the “true” American Patriot to exercise the rights and powers given to protect ourselves and the Constitution of the United States against such an insurrection by Congress and/or the President.
    I avoid ME doctors like the plague. I receive my medical care from a doctor at the V.A. Hospital. An American doctor. And did you catch the article about the Muslim from Minnesota that’s running for the U.S. Congress? As a DEMOCRAT!?

    Freedom, It may be free,
    But it aint Cheap!!!

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    Profits Beard & Free Woman; It was Fire Angel that posted this webpage on an entry made May 21st, 2006. The article was about the two “Fraudi Muslims” that couldn’t tell the difference between a school bus and a transit bus.

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    Well, Ironman, all I can say is Minnesotans need to get out in the open the fact that islam contradicts our Constitution. He cannot honestly take the oath to our country.

    muslim = Liars

    This cannot be allowed.

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    “There should be a law passed that, if your ideology interferes with the Constitution of the U.S., then you cannot have certain jobs.”

    Every immigrant has to take an oath to uphold the Constitution when he/she becomes a citizen. I think that working for the US government has this also as an implicit requirement (although explicit for some jobs). The thing is to make these laws/regulations more tightly enforceable and enforced. People on visas should have to swear to the same requirement. Just as Mexicans should not be sneaking across the border, Muslims should not be committing treason.

    I think there is currently no way of separating out the support of violence and treasonous activities of Islamic Americans from the non-violent and treasonous activities, mainly because Islam does not honor American law.

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    That’s just it, HaMalach, I’ll bet he’s running for the benefit of the mohammedans. Get a sharia law passed here, one passed there and then voila….they have a start. If he wins and takes an oath, being muslim, he doesn’t have to honor it.

    The muslim women who live in those enclaves and are still basically living the sharia way, should start screaming now or get out while they still have AMERICAN FREEDOMS. That means not to be covered or jailed at home. The best things muslim women can do for themselves in America is get a job, stop going to mosques, get on birth control and throw away your burka!!

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    Freewoman: “The best things muslim women can do for themselves in America is get a job, stop going to mosques, get on birth control and throw away your burka!!”

    ‘Muslim Girls Gone Wild’?

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    I must say, I was on vacation once and went straight from the airport to the power station and took some great pictures. There seems to be no better way, than to spend a sunny day out photographing that countries utilities and rail and road infrastructure.

    In some places there is even a bus tour to the local power station and the whole family can go!

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    This is how that censored episode of 24 started out before CAIR and Prince Walid bin Talal (who is a co owner with Murdoch of Fox) managed to jump and cause a disjointed rewrite of what would have been the best and most accurate season every produced.

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    Pass It On-

    My brother, who does computer repair, had to drop something off with a guard at a nuclear power plant gate, a year or so after 9/11, and was astonished to find no one one duty. The guard station was as empty as a scene from a bad twilight zone episode.

    He could have driven onto the complex unchallenged, or parked and walked in undetected.

    He left them an anonymous note on their forgotten clipboard.

    Something like:

    Thanks for the superior security fellahs. Love, Osama.

    They probably just threw it away.

    Anything else would have indicted themselves.

    That anyone is ever caught (as these Moroccans were) or that none of our nuke plants have been over-run and sabotaged, is what I find amazing.

    Glad to see one of the cops in this incident was named Medina.

    Maybe Bin Laden will finally be caught by an officer named Mecca?

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    To Nariz;

    The 4th season of 24 is now on sell. And if I’m not mistaken, unedited. And there is nothing that Prince Walid bin Talal and CAIR can do about it. Just incase anyone wants to know, you can order the 4th season of 24 on line from or directly from Screw CAIR and the Fraudi Prince. This is America and if the need arises, “We the People” can and will get the truth whether they like it or not.
    It not the fault of “We the People” that 90 to 95% of the known terrorist in the world are Muslim and of Middle Eastern desent. And no amount of censorship will change that. These “moderate” Muslims need to address the ones that they claimed “hijacked” Islam and censor them, not Freedom of speech. But don’t hold your breath on that one. It’s easier to silence civilized folks than uncivilized.

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    My thinking is , if there are things you are doing that you aren’t proud of and don’t want other people to know you’re doing it…..STOP DOING IT!!!