Ohio Muslim Leader Says 9/11 Planned by Americans, Praises Al-Qaeda-Linked Yemenite Sheikh

He is widely respected as a “moderate” Muslim leader. He has never attracted the attention of authorities, and why should he? He hasn’t blown anything up, after all.

Yet Sultan has asked Tariq Ramadan to reconsider his call for the setting-aside of traditional Islamic penalties (stoning for adultery, amputation for theft, etc.). He seems to revere Qaradawi, who has justified suicide bombing and violent jihad, as an authority. But no one in America thinks of that sort of thing as any cause for concern.

“Columbus, Ohio Muslim Leader Says 9/11 Planned by Americans, Praises the Wanted Al-Qaeda-Linked Yemenite Sheikh Al-Zindani,” from MEMRI, with thanks to all who sent this in:

Dr. Salah Sultan is president of the American Center for Islamic Research (ACIR), a non-profit organization registered in Ohio and located in Columbus. On his website, he asserts that the main purpose of the ACIR is to “serve Allah (God) in the best way possible through the principles laid out in the Quran and Sunnah,” to address misconceptions and extremism, to build bridges with non-Muslims, and to provide fatwas. [1]

Dr. Sultan, who has been called “one of America’s most noted Muslim scholars,” [2] is signatory to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) 2005 fatwa against terrorism, [3] and is a former professor and president of the Islamic American University in Michigan. [4] He is president of the American Institute for Religious and Cultural Studies, and active in the European Council for Fatwa and Research (headed by Islamist sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi [5] whom he calls “our great scholar” [6] );the Fiqh Council of North America; and the International Association of Muslim Scholars. [7] He previously served on the board of directors of Islamic American University, and on the Muslim American Society Board of Trustees. [8] Dr. Sultan’s resume states that he also serves on the board of trustees of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, and is a member of the Council of Indian Scholars and of the Association of Scholars in Germany. [9]

There is a lot more to his resume at MEMRI, attesting to his influence in the American Muslim community.


According to his online resume, Sultan’s “vision” is: “To live happily. To die as a martyr.” [14]


On May 17, 2006, Dr. Sultan appeared on the Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal-owned Al-Risala TV channel. [16] In his appearance on Al-Risala TV, Dr. Sultan praised Yemenite sheikh Dr. Al-Zindani, who has been categorized by the U.S. government as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” because of his loyalty to Osama bin Laden and his support of Al-Qaeda. [17] According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Al-Zindani “has a long history of working with bin Laden, notably serving as one of his spiritual leaders. In this leadership capacity, he has been able to influence and support many terrorist causes, including actively recruiting for Al-Qaeda training camps.” [18]

In March 2006, Al-Zindani appeared on Yemenite TV at a Hamas fundraiser. [19] TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT: http://www.memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=1086.

The following are excerpts from Sultan’s May 17, 2006 address on Al-Risala TV. TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT: http://www.memritv.org/search.asp?ACT=S9&P1=1143.

Salah Sultan: “The film ‘The Siege,’ starring Denzel Washington, portrayed the Muslims in a very bad light. They are shown calling for prayer, performing the ablution, praying, and then planning multiple bombings – a government building, a security agency, the FBI, a bus carrying young men and women, adults and children. They bombed shops.

“The film came out in April 1999. It paved the way for 9/11, since it was filmed in Brooklyn, New York. The truth is that immediately after 9/11, I said people should view these events in the context of ‘The Siege,’ because these events were identical.

“This scenario… I still believe to this day… This scenario still baffles me. I share the view of many Americans, French, and Europeans, who say that 9/11 could not have been carried out entirely from outside [the U.S.] – by Muslims or others. The confessions by some people could have been edited. But even if they were not edited, I believe that these people were used in a marginal role. The entire thing was of a large scale and was planned within the U.S., in order to enable the U.S. to control and terrorize the entire world, and to get American society to agree to the war declared on terrorism – the definition of which has not yet been determined.

“The U.S. remains the only country to determine who is a terrorist, and what is the definition for terrorism, and it can pin it on anyone. The most recent instance is the case of Dr. Al-Zindani, who has been accused of terrorism, even though he is known worldwide for his refinement, virtue, and broad horizons.”

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    This above article does not surprise me. Goes to show that conspiracy theories are alive and active with 9/11. Thank you for another outstanding article.

  2. says

    The reason the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is still the law of the land is that the 2nd Amendment is the law of the land.

    So what does the 2nd Amendment have to do with a discussion of scumbags like “Dr.” Salah Sultan? If the American people do not clear the land of enemy agents like him and his roboton sycophants through peaceful and orderly government action, then it is inevitable that his kind will be neutralized in the more traditional American way, the way of our ancestors who achieved independence from the tyranny of the British yoke by force of arms. There will be no quarter.

    Let us hope that it will never be necessary to muster the citizen militia again in the United States. But if it ever does become necessary, I sleep soundly at night knowing that it will happen quickly and decisively.

    Woe to those who challenge the notion that the true American patriot is an historical artifact. If, or sadly it appears ever more likely, the call to arms is raised in the United States, a terrible retribution on a scale never witnessed nor ever imagined will be the sorry lot of those who have so foolishly conjured the appearance of the Spirit of ’76 in the 21st century.

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    The IAF fired missiles at a car in Gaza City on Saturday, killing Islamic Jihad’s most senior member in the coastal area and a woman who was in the car behind him, Palestinian officials and relatives said.

    The IAF confirmed the strike, but did not comment on the identity of the targets, Israel Radio said.

    Initially, Palestinian hospital officials said the two dead were Hamas operatives, but later the group denied their members had been killed.

    Relatives of Mohammed Dadouh, 40, described by Gazans as Islamic Jihad’s most senior military commander, confirmed he had been targeted and killed in the air strike.


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    Articles like this make be believe that Islam is a mental disorder. The idiotic aggression and feral imperialism of even the moderates is disquieting. When you get the moderates behind closed doors they let their true ideas of Jihad come out.

    Muslim imperialism is so stupid because the goal is to impose a stupid order (world Caliphate) on others. The stupid want to rule the world

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    Conspiracy theories about 9-11 being an American plot abound (and not, might I add, merely in Islamia). I have read that recent polls show that more than half of the German public now believes America staged the attacks on 9-11. I have seen books by Canadian authors asserting this position.

    So it is not only Muslims who are pushing the (ridiculous) notion that America was behind 9-11.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see explanations go so far as to say that the hijackers aboard the doomed planes were robots designed by the CIA!!!

    How to combat this hogwash?

    I would say that one effective way to do this is the economic argument. America’s economy is primarily market-based. The American government has been pushing market economics for decades and has poured untold billions setting up trade arrangements to expand market economics world wide. The effectiveness of market economics is generally believed to be built on the concept that the larger the population the greater the profits that can be gleaned off that population through a market economic system. If the USA didn’t believe all that, it wouldn’t be investing in market economics so heavily.

    On 9-11 America, lost thousands of its people. 9-11 MADE AMERICA’S population SMALLER. Which would undermine the profits on which its economy is built on. Why would America waste its time undermining its own economy doing such a thing??? (You mean Americans went nuts after 225 years just like that!!!!?????). Doesn’t America have better things to do than rigging disasters that cost it billions of dollars? Are Americans just sitting around all day, everyday, thinking up crazy things to do in order to stir up trouble? Lefties, Muslims and others moonbats would have the world believe that I guess.

    Staging a catastrophe like 9-11 therefore would be an entirely dumb thing to do and out of character with America’s market economic system. No theories will change that.

    Therefore the theory that America staged 9-11 just doesn’t wash and is out of step with virtually all the facts about 9-11, America,Islam, and reality.

    These conspiratorialists about America sure have a sense of humor, haven’t they?

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    Movie: The Siege

    I remember when this movie was filming in New York and Moslems were already so upset that it was portraying Moslems as terrorists that they phoned in bomb threats to the movie set. I fondly remember this now as my first intro to the irony-proof Islamic mind.

  7. says

    Movie: The Siege

    I remember when this movie was filming in New York and Moslems were already so upset that it was portraying Moslems as terrorists that they phoned in bomb threats to the movie set. I fondly remember this now as my first intro to the irony-proof Islamic mind.
    Posted by: poetcomic1


    I remember after existing that movie, I saw a flier on my car windshield, apparently left by a Muslim group, stating that the Quran forbade violence. It was a pity that I didn’t get to confront whoever left it, or I’d have given him/her an earfull. Anyway, I took the flier, put it under the wheel of my car, and drove over it while backing out of the parking lot.

    What wussies! One would think they’d have the guts to stand outside the theater and distribute fliers to the movie audience. That too before 9/11.

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    If they responded that way to The Siege, then I wonder how Moslems are responding to the movie Flight 93.

    My husband and I saw Flight 93 a couple of weeks ago, and it dispenses with any notion that America had anything to do with the attacks on 911 – absurd!!

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    The irony here is that these type of statements imply Muslims are too stupid to pull off such a complex and devoted mission to give their lives for Allah.

    Since they originally blame “The Jews” it tells me that Muslims are subtlely admitting most Jews are intelligent enough to create a complex plot .
    The Paradox for Islamists is that there are about 6 billion people that can’t cite one case of a suicide/bomber Jew going into a Cafe of Civilians, or taking public transit to murder immigrant civilians and the working poor on buses and subways heading to a low paying job.

    Today in the Paper I read how the “Islamic Supreme Council of Canada” has Hijacked the Divinci-code issue and plans a 3-city protest of this insult to the Prophet Jesus.
    Too bad the ISCOC didn’t take on the Iran ID issue of forcing Jews and Christians to wear Badges in public to show who the non-Muslims are.
    Iran claims it only want to enforce a Islamic Dress-code, but we all know how the Nazis used a loyalty to the “Fatherland” emblem that actually helped to ID the un-Fatherland people.

  10. says

    It will matter if the Senate wins the immigration battle, and dumps millions upon millions of new immigrants upon this country.

  11. says

    We’re going to be a third world country before long. Too many cultures unwilling to assimilate or work for the betterment of the country and fellow man.

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    On the day of 9-11, two of the captured aircraft nearly collided over N.Y., before they hit their targets. Was this part of the coverup? If it was, a pretty through job.

    There are no “moderates”, only those who follow Islam.

    To hope for a “lesser” Islam allows them to promote “real” Islam, bit by bit.

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    That movie was a abomination! Altough it did indeed portray terrorist attacks carried out by muslims, the real villain was the trigger-happy power-hungry army commander played by Bruce Willis who used the terror attacks merely as a pretext to impose martial law upon Manhatten and fulfill his mad vainglorius desire for world(or at least peninsular) domination; in the process of course-opressing,scape-goating and demonizing the Vast Majority of Moderate Muslims.

    The movie serves as a perfect example of the PC Multi-Culturalist mindset that sees our response to terror as a greater threat than terror itself-actual pre-9/11, 9/11 conspiracy-theory.

    A must-see

    I laughed I cried I stuffed my face

    but still, two thumbs down, way down


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    “President Hosni Mubarak opened the World Economic Forum in a booming Red Sea resort Saturday with a surprisingly tough speech that signaled deepening strains in the once-ironclad links with Egypt’s American allies and benefactors.:
    — from the story to which a link is given in the informative posting ($71 billion rather than the modest $60 billion I had calculated — a useful thing to know) above

    “once-ironclad links with Egypt’s American allies”…

    What “ironclad links” were those? Taking the money, and voting consistently against America in the U.N., and doing whatever else Egypt could conceivably do to prevent American foreign policy from working?

    There never were, there are not, and there never can be, “ironclad links” between Egypt and the United States, or between any Muslim country, and the United States, or between any Muslim country, and any non-Muslim country. If everyone in Washington, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and even in the offices of the E.U., that will help. And if they realize exactly why that statement is true, and does not depend on a particular leader or regime in any of the Muslim countries, or Infidel countries, that would be even better.

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    Hulequ Khan & km-

    My sentiments exactly!

    Enough of these brainless bamboozling blowhards.

    Off to plink a few tin cans.

    And think of a guy named Sultan.

  16. says


    Let me ask you this about the debris after 9/11.

    What would you conspiracy experts do while knowing there were decaying corpses and possible survivors trapped in the remains , and with an act of War against the USA on 9/11, would you just leave all the evidence of a mass murder until the rain and snow arrived in about 8 weeks.

    I get the feeling that if nothing was done you’d be claiming THEY were afraid of the truth being uncovered in the debris.
    But I guess if it was your Mother or sister in the debris and possibly still alive, you would sue the Port Authority for not working quick enough to save your relative.

  17. says


    “irony-proof islamic mind”

    That’s a keeper


    “…economic argument…”

    There you go again, clouding the issue with facts and coherent thinking. You are engaging in a battle of wits against unarmed men.

  18. says


    I didn’t comment about the debris. I asked about the ‘collapse’ of WTC7. Was it an accidental/random or a planned collapse?

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    hulequ khan, your knowledge of American history appears to be negligible-what British tyranny? what British yoke?

    Average tax burden on an American colonist- 1 shilling per annum.

    Average tax burden on an Englishman- 20 shillings per annum.

    Suspect you are unaware that the Boston tea-party was a protest against the reduction of import duties, thus making smuggling by the colonials uneconomic and not, as normally advertised, a demonstration against those iniquitous high taxes we British had imposed to help defray the costs of the war against the French.

  20. says

    what British tyranny? what British yoke?

    I am with my British friend UK761 on this one :

    There would never have been a United States only FOR the British ! Every American who cites “American” values, these are all BRITISH values :
    (what incidentally are “American” values” ?
    The tyranny merely consited of asking the BRITISH colonists to help pay for their defence against the French. Hardly a Yoke.
    ALL the revolutionaries and ALL the signatories of the Declaration of Independence, were actually (As any US Historian will tell you) BRITISH : ie Washington, Jefferson etc etc – these are all BRITISH Names. HELLO America – tell us some “American” names ?

    This isnt British jingoism, it is merely to point out that it ill-befits Americans, to portray the so-called “tyranny” they endured, to the genuine tyranny they face at the hands of the Islamists !

    The British by comparison were merely Teddy Bears!

  21. says


    From your link.

    WTC 7 was the third skyscraper to collapse into rubble on September 11, 2001. According to the government, small fires leveled this building, but fires have never before or since destroyed a steel skyscraper.

    Ok, to call them “small fires” is brainless, but don’t believe your lying eyes.

    When was the last time you recall a building burning for over 6 hours unchecked and did not collapse? Show me that, and then maybe this asinine theory could hold some weight.

    The collapse of WTC 1, which was 1,368 feet tall, caused major structural damage to WTC 7, which had a unique framing system. It was built over an existing Con-Edison electrical substation. It had a truss system on both the 5th and 7th floor which transferred loads from one set of pillars to the next, with damage to pillars on the south side, the loads place on the existing pillars would have easily exceeded their capacity.

    WTC 7 also had two pressurized 6,000 diesel fuel tanks that feed a generator on the 5th floor, it has been documented that this floor burned intensely for about 7 hours unchecked, and possibly feed by the pressurized fuel system. Now steel does not have to melt for a building to collapse, it only has to lose enough strength to deform, something this fire could have easily accomplished.

  22. says


    What’s this? Poop on America time? Consider:
    There would be no England, only FOR America’s aid, during a certain World War… You’re welcome!

  23. says

    I was going to write this whole long post shooting back at the two Anglophiles with their knickers in a twist, but why indulge their fit of pique? In any case, study American history before you criticize someone else’s knowledge of it. If you have, go back and reread the part of about the little war that was fought over colonial independence. I don’t recall the Crown just handing over sovereignty without a fight.

    You’d do better with your time growing a thicker skin and worrying more about the mohammedans in your own backyard than lecturing about American history. Those of us with Irish and Scottish ancestry could ream you to death if you want to get into a discussion of British (who are we trying to fool? read ‘English’) tyranny.

    BTW – Fact is, the British depended as much on the Colonists to fight the French in North America as the Colonists depended on British support. But this is not an American history forum. If you want to attack Americans to defend Crown and Country, take it somewhere else. Better yet, sit down, have couple of pints, and reevaluate your priorities, especially for things that upset you.

  24. says


    You posted a link as some sort of credible backing for a position your hold on the whole
    9/11 Conspiracy issue.

    But the WTC-7 collapse is all hinged on wtc-1&2
    being hit by planes and collapsing on cue to PULL it as part of Pre-set demolition charges as some claim for the twin-towers coming down.
    Sherlock Holmes said once that “The dog that didn’t bark was just as much valid evidence as the dog that DID bark”

    So if this elaborate plan was a giant conspiracy then where are all the people that Didn’t bark when the plot unfolded or was dreamed up . Surely someone somewhere would sing just for the fame and to get on King or Oprah , the Blair Witch Project was taken as true by some people but I pointed out that the video would have been taken by the Police as evidence like the Sapruder film of JFK.

    With all the rantings coming out of Iran and other Islamic based Nations or leaders, I’m only more assured that “19 Muslim males from Saudi Arabia ” did murder those people for Allah and used the Koran to justify it.

  25. says


    WTC7 was outside of the zone of major debris impact from the collapse of the twin towers. Even if major strutural damage had occurred, it would have only been on one side. Even if the fires in the lower floors had been hot enough to bring about a collapse, it is highly unlikely that ALL supports would have gone at the same instant bringing about a perpendicular fall. Any uneven failure of structural supports in lower floors would have toppled the building to the side to some degree – as occurred to the top of the south tower for a few seconds – see http://911research.wtc7.net/talks/towers/disintegration.html .

    Further, fires in lower floors would not have substantially weakened upper floors, thus there should be no expectation that upper floors would have collapsed totally into a two storey heap of rubble – either on the buildings footprint or not. The collapse was at essentially free fall speed 6.5 seconds as opposed to free fall time of 5.9 seconds, indicating that the structure of the building provided no resistance to the collapse.

    ala sux:

    Forget about jumping all over the place to other things. WTC7 (47 storeys) totally disintegrated without deviating off vertical, onto its footprint at essentially free fall speed. If this is raises questions that head elsewhere, so be it. It certainly opens up a critical appraisal of the collapse of the Twin Towers. I don’t like the implications any more than apparently you do, but for me the unpleasant facts tell me this was planned. Who by, I don’t know. Why? I don’t know. Other people have ideas about these things and maybe some of them are right.

    I am not an American but am not opposed to America. I imagine I am as opposed to Islam as anyone on this site. I’m just reading ‘The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims’ by Andrew G Bostom at the moment.


    Makes your blood run cold!

    However, loading all blame onto a convienent scapegoat which we utterly oppose, is not handling 9/11 honestly it seems to me.

    9/11 appears to be far more complicted than the official story makes out – there are a huge number of anomalies involved – smoking guns if you will.

    And yes, there do seem to be any number of conspiracy fruit cakes out there, but that this is so does not discredit all critics of the official story.

    http://911research.wtc7.net/ seems to me to be pretty hard nosed about things – you may not think so but that is the way they come across to me.

  26. says


    Are you a structural engineer or a metallurgist, or perhaps you have some experience in a related field, like civil engineering?

    However, loading all blame onto a convienent scapegoat which we utterly oppose, is not handling 9/11 honestly it seems to me.

    So what are you saying? That 19 terrorist did not fly planes into the WTC 1&2 and we are just using them as a convenient scapegoats? One word comes to mind, and that word is asinine!

    And yes, there do seem to be any number of conspiracy fruit cakes out there, but that this is so does not discredit all critics of the official story.

    It would help if these fruitcakes knew what they were talking about before they criticized and proved otherwise.

  27. says

    eisenhund, is this an anger management problem I see before me?

    Being a former historian/archaeologist, I happen to have quite a knowledge of matters historical and, just because I left them unmentioned, does not necessarily indicate ignorance. Ps I’m also of Irish descent

  28. says


    Not engineering but building.

    And nope, I’m not saying 19 terrorists did not fly planes into WTC 1 & 2 – though the fact that all the planes could be flown from the ground with pilot override is interesting. All I’m saying is that such a scenario does not seem to me to account for everything about 9/11. As the collapse of WTC7 looks like planned demolition, it supports the idea that there is more to it than we have been told – or think we have seen.

    If WTC7 was demolished rather than just collapsed, of course that raises bigger questions, maybe ones we would prefer not to face. But if that is what happened, lets follow the questions, come what may. Truth is often stranger than fiction, and maybe that is the case here.

    RE the fruit cakes. Well we can forget about the fruitcakes – after we have really checked out that they are fruitcakes and don’t have something valuable to say – and listen to the critics who have substance. The missile into the Pentagon idea seems to me to be a fruitcake theory – and a distraction.

    For your interest, just yesterday the owners of http://911research.wtc7.net/ have posted that they have officially challenged two leading journos at the New York Times to a public debate. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

  29. says


    The demolition theory is just not in the least bit plausible.

    How were these demolition charges and miles of detonation cord installed plus the hundreds of holes cut and covered all without anyone noticing? Oh, and all this stuff survived the massive impact of a “remote control” aircraft hitting the building at high speed and with complete accuracy, then survived the massive fire, and all this takes place not once but three times, with pretty much the same thing happening to WTC 7, with the exception that it wasn’t hit by aircraft, but by giant sections of WTC 1. Just look at pictures of Vesey St., but I guess CBS could have Photoshoped those pretty easy.

    And then to top it off Betty Ong must have been some kind of “covert agent” along with all the passengers on Untied flight 93, who must have faked their eyewitness accounts of “terrorists” hijacking their plane, or are the terrorist real and working with the demolition teams so as to get it right?

    It couldn’t get anymore ridiculous…

  30. says

    Salah Soltan (aka Sultan) came to Boston last October (2005) as the main speaker at a fund-raiser for the Al-Huda Society. They rented the Hibernian Club in Malden, of all places! I tried to raise a fuss about it back here in Massachusetts, but wasn’t successful. I did some research and Solomonia posted about him:
    Check out the comments by Soltan’s family members too.

    He has written apalling stuff about women too, at IslamOnline.net, telling a woman she can’t leave the house w/o her husband’s permission, and telling another American woman she has to accept that her Egyptian husband has taken a second wife.

    I also wrote about this MEMRI tape, evidence of the typical pattern of saying the radical stuff in Arabic outside the US, and saying sweet nothings in English in the US.

    What a creep. And what an offense to our country that this guy raises his family here and simultaneously is a traitor. Talk about a forked tongue.

  31. says


    Some not bad questions – though framed in a pretty reactionary manner.

    Got any links to the pics of Vesey St you think I should look at?

  32. says


    Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out – though see that at least one of them doesn’t pretend to be definitive. Pity all the evidence was destroyed so quickly such that effectively no forensic work could be done to determine cause.

    The damage to wtc7 doesn’t look at that bad, just a bit of a corner off. I’ve ordered a NYFD dvd which apparently refers to the wtc7 fires. Just saw a clip of a fireman on 9/11 telling everyone to start clearing out as there was ‘a bomb in the building’ – not sure which building – didn’t say.

    Also I see that a new poll shows that heaps of people think that the US Gov is covering 9/11 up something like 89% – though not a ‘scientific’ poll.

  33. says


    Your first link is interesting and informative about the structure of wtc7 but hardly definitive re the collapse and does not claim to be – hedged bets all over the place. No real knowledge is claimed about the extent of damage to the south face of wtc7 – in fact no real knowledge is claimed about much – even the extent of the fires. Various scenarios are put up but nothing verified.

  34. says


    These reports are based on scientific facts, though it is and could never be definitive, just like when an airliner crashes or a car accident or any number of other disasters.

    These reports contain a plausible scenario.

    Unlike your scenario, which is comical and yes, “just a bit off the corner”, what a ridiculous uneducated statement that is. Can you even begin to comprehend the force that this debris hit at? Perhaps the cars in this area that are burnt and smashed could be a clue?

    Which scenario is the easier one to believe, the one in the report, or the reactionary one I posted above? I will assume, you pick the latter.

    The two most common elements in our society are Hydrogen and stupidity.