“˜Army of Islam” wants Islamic Palestinian state

Of course, so do Hamas and Fatah. –˜Army of Islam” wants Islamic Palestinian state: Website,” from AFP, with thanks to Sr. Soph:

PARIS – The “Army of Islam,” which was involved in a brazen raid by Palestinian militants on an Israeli army post, vowed Tuesday to continue attacks until an Islamic state is established in the Palestine territories.

“Your brethren in the Army of Islam carried out an operation, along with the (Ezzedine) Al Qassam Brigades (Hamas”s armed wing) and the Al Nasser Salaheddin Brigades (of the Popular Resistance Committees), which heralds other operations … aimed at establishing an Islamic caliphate,” an Internet statement said.

The statement was posted on several Islamist websites, including one used by Al Qaeda’s branch and other armed groups in Iraq.

The statement, in the form of a fax message, carries on top the group’s name with an emblem featuring a globe partially covered by a book that seems to be the Koran and a sword.

The emblem carries the Muslim profession of faith, “There is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God.”

The Army of Islam first appeared in May by distributing leaflets in the Palestinian territories. According to Israeli press reports, the Israeli secret service suspected the group of having links with Al Qaeda.

We are not waging jihad (holy war) for the sake of (recovering) a plot of land, illusory frontiers or nationalism … Our jihad is much loftier,” a statement said.

“This religion (Islam) will not be able to triumph through a generation made rotten by (worldly) pleasures or broken by the security services of tyrannical governments,” it said.

“Our jihad is based on a solid foundation and aims to end occupation and tyranny as a prelude to the establishment of an Islamic caliphate” in the Palestine territories, the group added.

It did not define what the borders of the caliphate should be. The standard view among Palestinian Islamists has always included not only the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, but also the territory covered by Israel.

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  1. says

    These Muslims, what a bunch of thugs. Remind me of street gangs in L.A. , every corner has a gang with a different name, but all the thugs are involved in the same activities.
    We can still recognize a thug no matter what name he wishes to use.

  2. says

    “The emblem carries the Muslim profession of faith, ‘There is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God.'”

    I think they should change the Shahada to more accurately reflect reality. Something more along these lines: “There is no God but Mohammad and Allah is his mouthpiece.”

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    “It did not define what the borders of the caliphate should be.”

    For now, Planet Earth should be enough.

    But What are the chances that they get off the planet? Thankfully, nil. Unless they team up with the Borg.

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    Jewish State and Islam

    I had a question for Israeli (or Jewish) people in regards to the threats made by Hamas and other radical groups/countries such as Islamic Jihad and Iran against them (Israel). These are in order:

    1. The fanatic, radical Muslim groups assert that Jews must leave Israel, or elimination of all Jewish people and destruction of the State of Israel. Why can not the argument be advanced that in Makkah and Madinah during Prophet Mohammed’s time there was a thriving Jewish population, whom Mohammed decimated ruthlessly. So, because of this historical evidence (in the Quran and other sources) what is wrong in Israel asking that let Makkah and Madinah and some surrounding area be returned back to the Jewish people ? (This does not mean that posing such counter-questions mean that Jewish population have to surrender, and move elsewhere. It’s a rhetorical question.) Why should Jews be expelled ? Who says that Palestine belonged to Muslims ? What is the basis of their (Palestinians) statements and assertions ? Are there any historical proofs of such claims ?

    2. Why doesn’t Israel start with a methodical plan of eliminating the Muslim radicals in this world, by giving Mossad a free hand to dish out the Zarqawai treatment (meaning beheadings) to these Islamic radicals ? Will that be too tiresome and a bloody job for Mossad ?

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    Shy Guy,

    Why do you buy arms off the Americans if you don’t intend to use them? Give up what you can’t defend.

    The free and right thinking World is behind you.

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    And muslims in Hell want ice water. Neither group is going to get what they want. May their blood and the blood of their children fill the valley of Megiddo.

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    Wouldn’t this be a good idea? there was a landmass somewhere in Asia that could be declared an Islamic state or Caliphate?

    Then all the Muslims in the west, if they wanted to practise Islam could then be taken to the caliphate where we can keep an eye on them?

    There would be no excuse for Muslims to live in the west when there is a Muslim state for them to go and be… well, Muslims and do whatever they do.

    If the state is kept pure, no non-Muslims are allowed in and no Muslims and anything other than food and essential medical equipment (what else would Muslims need to worship Allah?) is allowed in we should all them be happy!

    As long as Israel is kept intact.

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    Of course Islam has nothing to do with it.I mean almost 5 years after 9-11 and two wars.With Iran wanting to nuke Israel the sheep that sleep walk around calling Islam peace…But then Nazi means peace to, it was just hijacked by Hitler.Why? Where are the voices of sanity?..Logic says this cant go on much longer..soon the world will see the true face of Islam.

  9. says

    OK. Here’s my takes on the caliphate. I know mnay of you will disagree but here goes.

    In a post at my blog ‘Winds of War: Why We Need a Caliph’ at http://the-gathering-storm.blogsource.com/post.mhtml?post_id=321824
    I wrote that the Caliph is the face of Islam. He’s the spiritual, temporal and military leader of the ummah – the nation of Islam. Ever since his demise, Muslims have claimed that Islam has been in disarray leading to a colophony of fatwas from official and self-appointed clerics and imams from around the Islamic world. I have stated in this blog that we are living in a comparable time to the 1930s where the Islamists are using the tactics of the Nazis and Imperial Japan to “soften us up’ for the war to come.

    But there is one thing missing in the comparison. The personal face of the enemy.

    The Nazis had Hitler. Imperial Japan had Tojo. These men were the leaders of their fascist ideology and what they said and did represented the nation of Germany and Japan. There was no confusion then who the enemy was. There was a clear understanding what they stood for – unlike the confusion the free world has today with the Islamists. Their disinformation campaign is running pretty well right now. That’s why we should hope for the re-creation of the Caliphate.

    Once the Caliph is appointed, what he says and does will be the official policy – and identity – of Islam today.

    That means the Islamists can’t use double talk anymore and confuse us with he said, but he said disinformation tactics.


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    Another Muslim “revert” up to mischief, this time of all places, Romania. This is getting ridiculous. It seems a fortnight doesn’t go by without another batch of western Muslims trying to murder their fellow citizens. Can anyone recall a Muslim convert to Christianity engaging in any form of terrorism against his/her former coreligionists?


  11. says

    Can anyone recall a Muslim convert to Christianity engaging in any form of terrorism against his/her former coreligionists?

    I’ve never come across a case.

    I have, however, heard that there are estimated to be thousands of “secret Christians” among Muslim communities across Europe. I don’t know whether that figure is right, but it is a sobering thought that there are people living in 21st-century Europe who cannot openly worship as they please – for obvious reasons.

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    Yojimbo: A very good find, that Indian documentary. I’m making a copy of the video. I’m not sure it is small enough to preserve at my blog right now, but eventually I will post it.

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    Sal –

    Don’t you have better things to do — like blowing yourself up?

    Posted by: champ…..

    Good one Champ!!

    I have an idea. Get all the suicide bombers together, (somewhere in a desert with nothing around) have each one blow themselves up and the best blown up muslim wins………ok, well we can say he won and his family can dance around. We can say allah instituted this because he wants ALL of them home NOW.

  14. says


    Romania is not such an improbable place for mischief like that; on the contrary: it’s practically next toor to the former Yugoslavia; there’s a lot of traffic among the countries in the region, and has always been. Lasch seems to have converted in Bosnia. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. I’ve read reports of Arab students getting organized, holding mysterious meetings in dark corners, “conventicles,” and such. Interesting.

    In any case, the police seem a little more apt that under Ceausescu.

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    Its a MAJOR stretch to call anything the Palestinians have an army. Its like calling MS13 or the bloods and crips an “army”…..

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    I was trying to post something last night. Strangely, my posting wouldn’t go through. A few seconds later, my connection dropped. Before I could try to get back online, my modem stated a-trillin’ and a-beepin’. It didn’t sound like it usually does and lasted longer than normal. Even though I have a pop-up blocker, on my monitor opens a window. Turns out, it’s ghAllah (yeah, I know. “They never get my name right”, he lamented).

    Now ghAllah, he’s the Belighted, Encrimsoned Emperor of Dar-al-Mars, Ruler of the Outer Host, Protector of the Grey People, Warrior-God of the Saucer Men. GhAllah tells me, he does, that we have it all wrong, and he’s getting pissed. First Abraham, then Jesus, then Mo-Dogg. What does a Celestial Throne-sitter-inner have to do to get his point across? “At least Abe and the J-man got the gist of what I was telling them.”, he tells me through my commandeered, now interplanetary, IP connection.

    “Now Mo, he was the problem child. Always with the ‘what if?’ and ‘how about?’. Didn’t listen to the answer before asking something else. Like he was mining for things he wanted to hear.” I could tell by the tone of his text that ghAllah had more than a couple of wrinkles after a few decades of dealing with this guy.

    GhAllah tells me that they’ve been watching through their big telescopes and have even sent Lieutenant-Commander Gabriel of the Imperial Planetary Defense Saucer Corps on more than a few occassions, trying to figure out what went wrong. Turns out, His Majesty wishes he’d stopped with The Big J. Turns out He and Abe were close enough.

    I asked him about the Hindus and Buddhists, he said that the Enjoined, Divided-yet-United One, Overseer of Venus, He of Many Hands and the Serene Questioner, Tamer of the Cosmic Cobra, Rider of the Trans-Spatial Lotus Blossom were in charge of the aforementioned faiths, respectively, and all three ruler/divinity/wisdom-fonts met for beers and poker every other Thursday. The other religions in the world, the tree-worshippers, ancestor-respectors, and transcendantal-philosophy types were okay in his book as they didn’t run around causing trouble.

    Now ghAllah, the Belighted, Encrimsoned blah, blah, blah has been busy for the last thousand years or so, mostly dealing with a number of incursions by the comet-riding Blue Buccaneers of Proxima Centauri. “So?”, I asked as not only did I want to post something (I closed Notepad without saving and lost it, waah.) but I needed to find out where I could recycle an old tv. “The reason I tell you, smartass, is because that thingy in Mecca that Mo’s followers worship, well that’s what’s left of a Blue Buccaneer comm system from the wreckage of an intercepted Cometary Corsair. The BB’s are telepathic, you see, but only over short distances. The ‘rock’ is a booster. And it’s been whispering into the brains of the believers. Started with Mo. That’s when things went “wonky” (his word, not mine). The guy was already a little off, and the BB’s didn’t help.”

    I guess he could tell I was wondering “wtf are you tellin’ me all this?”, so he summed it up. Now I’m not saying I’m a mahdi or a prophet or nothin’, I gots bills to pay like the rest of ya and proselytizing seems like a badly-paying, full time activity. But he tells me that he just wanted me to get the word out. I sent him a copy of this posting via a transmitter I cobbled together out of parts from that tv I was trying to get rid of as well as some pieces from an old lawn-mower, a lava lamp, a rusty bird cage, a busted toaster, and three rolls of aluminum foil. I’m pretty sure he got the message, assuming no microsingularities between Earth and Mars swallowed the signal, and has no problem with my presentation as I think it only took a few minutes to get there and I haven’t heard back from him yet.

    I may be wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time after my many dealings with non-Earthicans), but I’m thinking that Emperor ghAllah is getting a little fed up and may be visiting in the near future. I doubt he’ll be popping out of a well, though.

    My advice, watch the skies.

  17. says

    I am happy to read on CNN that Israel is flying planes and choppers over Gaza to rescue the Israeli soldier.

    Putin has ordered his men to hunt down the killers of the Russian diplomats.

    Pakistan (arch enemy of India) has paid attention to USA and amassed 10,000 troops as Condi Rice is on tour there, to hunt down and kill the Talibans.(Hamid Karzai is probally all teeth, grinning ear to ear.)

    In India, a country infested by Islam, Muslims (members of the banned SIMI) are roaming scot free with daggers, bombs and religious hate manuals (Quran) for legitimizing their demands for Nizam-i-Mustafa (Islamic Caliphate).

    Infidel Pride, why India appears to be so weak ? Do they need nukes to prevent domestic Islamic terrorism ?

  18. says


    Apparently DOG(swt) had some nice things to say about me to ghAllah regarding my ka’ba suggestions, the Bone Throne, and on-site barbecue shack described here when he sat in on the game the Thursday before last.