Jihadists in France “more agile, better educated” than 10 years ago

Why have they been allowed ten years in France to grow more agile and obtain this education? “‘Terrorists operating in France more agile at plotting attacks.'” from AP, with thanks to Romy:

Islamic terrorists operating in France are more agile at plotting attacks, better educated, and more ideologically grounded than a decade ago, and their numbers are growing despite advances in methods to track radicals, according to former and current intelligence officials.

French security services have thwarted several attacks and rounded up hundreds of suspects since deadly bombings by Algerian extremists in the mid-1990s jolted the nation. While the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks heightened global awareness of the threat, France was already on alert and has not suffered a major attack in a decade.

In a series of AP interviews, French intelligence officials described changes in how terror cells finance and plan attacks, and how they recruit and train. Terrorist funding is coming from ingenious and often small-scale sources: money laundered through halal butcher shops, cannabis dealing, ATM scams.

And most believe that the number of terror operatives in France, though impossible to pin down, is mounting.

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    On a slightly related subject, although this group the ‘Tribu Ka’ do not identify with Islam, this black rights organisation clearly share the same goals. A geocidal hatred of native Europeans and Jews.


    The video interview, (in French) was recorded following the group’s incursion into the Rue de Rosiers demanding to meet the jewish ‘terror’ groups Betar and the LDJ.

    Their hatred of Jews stems from allegations that Jews are responsable for the colonisation and enslavement of the black race.

    Several high profile politicians have now been repeating the stock phrase, ‘France, Love it or Leave it’

    The Tribu Ka reply (in this video)
    ‘France, we will leave her when she gives us what she owes us. We are not here for the Eiffel Tower’

    If anyone was wondering why so few immigrants bothered to visit the Louvre, well here is the answer.

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    Of course they are more “agile.” And that “agility” makes them a much greater danger. They are taught, at great expense, to speak French like natives. They are taught the rules of the game — the laws and customs and manners of France, the better to exploit those laws, the better to appeal to those French people among whom they now swim.

    In Soviet days, the KGB had entire camps given over to recreate Western countries — a little England, a little America. There the spies-in-training could learn everything from slang, both current and slightly demode, and the history of the comic strips (you had to know something about Rex Morgan, M.D., and Pogo, and Li’l Abner, if you were going to fit in), and radio shows (“Taint funny, McGee”). Oh, it was very useful.

    Muslims in the Lands of the Infidels, behind the lines which they, those Muslims, are taught to regard as enemy lines, as land still possessed by that Infidel enemy (the fact that some Muslims do not believe this, or do not act on it, is no consolation, for many do, and even the children of the unobservant or uncaring Muslim immigrant may, at some later date, metamorphose into the full-fledged Believer that their parents would hardly welcome), do not need those KGB camps.

    For in their thoughtless belief that if only they train those Muslims in langugges and customs, they will necessarily “integrate” and that will solve the problem, the governments of Western Europe are actually creating a far more dangerous enemy, one schooled in all the ways to appeal to, and exploit, out of real knowledge, the Infidels among whom they live.

    Who is more of a threat in France? The smooth, well-spoken, Tariq Ramadan, with his native command of French, or some bearded imam, who cannot speak a word of French, and who rants incoherently against them? Which one keeps Jean-Louis Breguiere up at nights? Which one worries Ibn Warraq and Ali Sina and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as they and thousands of other truth-telling defectors from Islam try, frantically, to warn us of what is past, and passing, and to come?

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    There might be some more awakening in Europe soon:

    Pourquoi il faut interdire l’Islam
    5.6.2006 (Pentecôte)

    Dans le cadre de la création, que j’espère prochaine, d’un Comité du 31 juillet (voir discussion sur ce fil: http://www.ludovicmonnerat.com/archives/2006/05/la_menace_islam.html ) regroupant des personnes et organisations décidées à lutter pour obtenir l’interdiction de l’Islam en Suisse, je propose ici le plan d’exposé d’un ouvrage qui devra constituer la principale annexe du manifeste du 31 juillet. Il explicite les motivations, les ambitions, les limites du projet. Si le Comité voit le jour, cette esquisse doit devenir un travail collectif réunissant les meilleures des références permettant de fonder son propos.

    Read on: http://www.ajm.ch

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    Very nice site ajm. I especially like the solid stone wall with Jihad Watch, France-Echos and LGF as part of the structure.

    Each one of us is part of the structure of truth, beauty and light which must destroy the ugliness of Islam.

    While muslims believe each one of us are natural born muslims who will one day revert, I believe that each one of us are natural born islamophobes. Instinctively we all know its a dirty little cult which inspires hatred and death.

    Ask yourself how you can help set free the inner islamophobia of every individual you meet.

    You know its the right thing to do.

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    And the “terrorist” population is directly proportional to the “Islamic” population, which amounts to upwards of 10% of France now. 10%! (And it might even be more.)

    But, yes, this is all just coincidence. Bloody, dirty, stinking coincidence….

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    The French gave these ingrates and infil-traitors arguably the finest country on Earth to enjoy, learn from and enrich.

    Instead, the refugees undermine and curse it.

    Time for the rotten fish guests to go home.

    And learn some human decency.

    And the word merci.