1. We have an active Islamic center/mosque in my small midwestern college town city.

    Can anyone tell me how to ascertain if it is a Wahabi funded mosque? How to examine its website for clues to its orientation? I’d particularly like to know if the Imam and teachers are American or not.

    Any help would be appreciated. We all need to do our own educating.

  2. We may have to lose some of our own freedoms to do something about this problem.

    I say better to give up some freedom than lose it all under sharia law. What use is freedom and civil liberty if your either dead or enslaved?

    Tedious I know,,but when will the west take off it’s gloves?

  3. (1) cut off all overseas funding for mosques in the US.

    (2) don’t allow Imans educated in any country other then the US to serve in US mosques.

    (3) monitor, monitor, monitor. Then monitor some more.

    (4) Try American citizens plotting against the US with treason. Execute all who are convicted.

    “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States”.

    (5) Increase the punishment for seditious conspiracy, enlistment, and recruiting. The penalties are far too lenient.

    (6) Energy independence.

    (7) the last, and most important step, is to stop mass muslim immigration (except for apostates).

  4. AMERICA SHUT YOUR BORDERS TO BRITAIN. Give us support when we end up fighting in the streets but SHUT YOUR BORDERS NOW. I have no wish to see a rift between our countries, let’s face it Britains culture has a lot to owe to America but you MUST SHUT YOUR BORDERS NOW or you risk being overun by the scum our government has allowed to infest our country, people who claim to be British in order to exploit our freedom to impose their intolerance; people who will use British passports to gain access to your country with the express intention of destroying it. We have been infested and must now fight to eradicate it, don’t allow the infection to spread.

  5. From the article above:

    “…So mosques can be very dangerous places when the local imam preaches jihadism, as is done in the thousands of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi mosques all over the world, including the United States…”

    There may be some mosques that are not Wahabi-sponsored, but are there any mosques that do not preach hatred of the infidel and violent jihad until all the world belongs to the great omnipotent Allahballahwallah?

    I doubt it.

    Anyway, still looking for that “moderate muslim”- found one lately?
    Please let me know so we can take him to the taxidermist and put him on exhibit at the museum of anthropology…

  6. Their using our freedoms to wage their jihadi garbage. They’ve stated time and time again, they’ll use our laws to destroy us. Also the left will help them too.

  7. Sure, monitoring mosques is a good idea. Emptying them is an even better one.

    I’ll take either option right now.

    Seems I annoyed one of the mosque attendees today, because I just got a heated “love” letter in my email from one of them calling me a warmonger.

    Is the smile on my face tangible?

  8. All mosques are beds for jihad activity and terror against America and should be monitored and destoryed if found to be supporting any terror across the world.

  9. from the article: “But all this requires recognition that we are actually at war.”

    Yes indeed it does. And therin lies the lynchpin to all of it – this recognition that we are actually at war. Certainly it cannot be emphasized enough that this is not a war of our own choosing. That this is a war which has been declared on us. That this is a war which thrusts us as unwilling participants into 1350 years of human history (Fukayama deserves a serious thrashing for suggesting that history was over).

    But the sooner we recognize that we literally ARE at war (not of our own choosing), the sooner we can take the most simple and rational steps to end this war which we have been reluctantly dragged into. We would realize (once we have honestly acknowledged that it is Islam which has declared war on us – as it has declared war on all infidels for 1350 years), that to monitor the mosques is a no brainer, for the reason that the planning for this war (this jihad or holy war that we are defending against), largely takes place in the mosque.

    It’s really not all that complicated. And I really don’t understand why so many people seem to insist on making it so.

  10. How do I fix my url.
    Posted by: AMartinez at June 23, 2006 09:58 PM

    Get a bottle of jack daniels, a blond, a redhead and a brunette, won’t fix your URL, but you will be happy.


    It may be a mo plot, shoot your computer and buy a new one.


    Read several text books on the subject. Amazon can provide same to you.

    or and search for url and if you have an error message also search of it.

    I wanted to select the first one, but the wife said something about losing something that i prize very highly if i do. so will just keep posting. good luck.

  11. I agree with writers saying we have no need to tolerate hateful preaching of jihad in our midst. Preaching sedition, treason, treason and war against your fellow countrymen deserves no First Amendment protections whatsoever. It is way past time several of these imams were arrested, jailed and dealt with in the same manner as our brave soldiers were dealt with.

    You know, if Islam was anything close to the “peaceful” religion we are constantly told it is, us infidels wouldnt have to deal with this at all, because the 90% of “peaceful” Muslims that allegedly dominate the culture would be so shocked, so horrified, so outraged by the scum within their midst, they would throw out the cancerous individuals from their midst.

    The failure of “peaceful” Muslims to eradicate these diseased persons can be the result of only two things in my opinion: Either most of the “peaceful” portion of Islam is utterly complicit with the scum in their midst, or the entire culture lacks the testicular fortitude necessary to deal with their cultural sickness. Either way, the term “peaceful Islam” is the most utterly vile oxymoron in the English language.

  12. “Can anyone tell me how to ascertain if it is a Wahabi funded mosque?”:
    — from a posting above

    Pull the deed. See what names are on it. See if someone will help you determine who paid for its building (if it was built), or its renovation(if it was a building put to a different use), or possibly, who is paying the rent. Saudi money is all over the place, paying for the building and then, as important, the maintenance of mosques. Without that Saudi money, many would not exist.

    No minarets, I take it? No permission to broadcast the Call to Prayer?

    Visit the mosque. Be friendly. Full of interest. If there is a Mosque Outreach Night, or a “Muslim-Christian Dialogue,” by all means go. Take notes or, unobserved and still better, tape the proceedings. Then go home, read your notes or listen to the tape yu made, and analyze the appeals made, the blend of taqiyya (dissimulation about the Faith itself, or about what Believers believe, which is religiously-sanctioned in Islam) and tu-quoque. Write it all up. Put in the Internet, and spread the word.

    Perhaps there is, for there certainly should be, a website called “Taqiyya” devoted to posting the experiences non-Muslims have had at various mosques during such gatherings. It would be goo to record, catalogue, and then analyze the lmiited appeals,the handful of Qur’anic passages, and rhetorical devices, used in such gatherings. This could help prepare non-Muslims for preparing themselves adequately in advance, or even posting, on-line, answers for the unwary who might otherwise be taken in, or perhaps were taken in, at a Mosque Outreach, and are in need of being brought back to their senses.

  13. Christian philosophy is stuck 2000 years ago along with most dogma and all religious philosophy and it appears “The End” was begetting just another end.
    Waiting for the sky to fall Christians eventually found masses of bad breath Huns and Saracens- pirates and parasites, sharp swords breeding death, sand fleas and camel dung.
    Both now have something in common for Saracens know what to do with sheep-kaffir heads. The Koran is blessed with many evil traditions, all blessed by an enlightened sponsor of an enlightened Moon god, Allah.
    And now what to do with all these sheep, kaffir, looking for “The End”, self-immolation, trying to catch-up with Christ?

    Wednesday, February 16, 2005
    Christians Inadequate to Modern Challenge

    “It has been a long time since Paul wrote about breastplates of righteousness and helmets of salvation. Warfare now involves artillery, air forces, long range combat. But Christians might as well still be using sticks and slings for all their tactics have updated.

    Christians follow the religion of truth and of heaven, but they have failed to produce educated cadres capable of implementing a social, political, religious, legal and intellectual order.

    Christians lack dedication. Despite owing their General an escape from hell, they fail to advance his strategic situation. They watch TV, hang out with friends and play video games, wasting God’s time.

    As a result, other movements have sprung up, exploiting new methods of organization and dissemination. They have taken advantage of opportunities created by the evolution of human society in history, while Christianity has remained largely stuck in the period of the Roman Empire. Imagine the uselessness of a Roman legion today.

    We can see the results of this backwardness and ignorance in the way Christian population is distributed. In the developed world, where it faced competent and highly organized competition, Christianity has been routed. It has retreated to the undeveloped world, making large numbers of converts where its 1st first century tactics work best.

    Therefore I call for the formation of Christian leadership cadres, along lines similar to those of other successful modern ideological movements. I call for the end of the thumb-sucking, do-gooder complacency that says we need not meet the challenges of the modern world. And I call for a military solution to the hemorrhage of world population into the House of Islam. With World War III against Communism drawing to a close, it is time to begin World War IV.”
    posted by The Hajj @ 6:53

  14. We should look at mosques the same way we would a military base. The Saudi’s have built their military bases in America and they have brought their war manuals and are training their “soldiers” for war.

  15. Thanks Hugh! i will follow through:

    This is from my local Islamic center’s website: does it ring alarm bells?

    …To further the cooperation with other organizations. In addition, to support and act as an umbrella organization for other Muslim organizations that follow Holy Quran, Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), and the traditions of Ahl-Al Sunnah Wa Al-Jama’a in the Lawrence community.

    SO as part of my education I Google “Ahl-Al Sunnah Wa Al-Jama’a” and this is how THEY describe themselves:

    The Most Important Qualities and Distinguishing Charateristics of the Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah

    Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah are the “Saved Sect” in the Hereafter and the “Victorious Group” in this world.
    Despite the disparity which exists between them, they possess certain qualities and characteristics which distinguish them from all others. These include:
    (1) They attach importance to the Book of Allâh by their memorization, recitation, and explanation of the Qur’ân and to the Prophetic Narrations by their knowledge of them, their comprehension of their meanings, and their distinguishing between the authentic from the weak among the narrations. For both the Book of Allâh and the Prophetic hadith are the source for the acquisition of the Creed and the Law. Furthermore, they follow up their knowledge with action in accordance to their knowledge.

    (2) They enter completely into the religion. They have faith in all of the Scripture. They therefore believe in those texts which mention Allâh’s promise of reward, as well as those which mention His threat of punishment. And they believe in those texts which affirm Allâh’s Attributes and those which negate any resemblance to His creation. They join between faith in Allâh’s decree (qadr) and affirming the possession of a desire, will and action for the slave of Allâh. They also gather between knowledge and action, the qualities of strength and mercy, taking the necessary measures and renouncing the world (zuhd).

    (3) They adhere to the Sunnah and repudiate all heresy. They spurn sectarianism and any disagreement in matters of religion.

    (4) They follow the guidance of the trustworthy scholars Рnamely, the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and all those who travelled upon their path Рin matters of belief, action and in the manner of calling others to All̢h. They remain clear from those who are at variance to the path of the Companions of the Prophet.

    (5) They adhere to a median position. They, therefore, adhere in matters of belief to a median position between the sects at either end. While in acts of worship and their conduct, they adhere to a median position between the extremists and the negligent.

    (6) They strive to gather the word of the Muslims upon the truth, to unify their ranks upon Tawheed and obedience to the Prophet (al-ittiba’), and to eliminate all causes leading to argument and difference between them.

    From this standpoint, they do not distinguish themselves from the rest of the Muslim nation, in the fundamentals of the religion, with any name other than that of “al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah”. Nor do they befriend or show enmity towards anyone due to any other bond other than that of Islam and the Sunnah.

    (7) They call others to Allâh, command good and prohibit evil, wage jihad, revive the Sunnah, act to renew the religion, establish Allâh’s shariah and Rule, in all matters, minor or major.

    (8) They have equity and justice in dealing with others. Hence they observe the right of Allâh in dealing with people, not self desires or the desires of their group. For this reason, they do not exploit or wrong others, or belittle those who deserve esteem no matter what they may be.

    (9) Notwithstanding the great distances between their lands and times, they possess a conformity in understanding and similarity in position. This is from the fruits of their possessing a single source for their religion and a single methodology for its aquisition.

    (10) They show kindness, mercy and good character towards all people.

    (11) They show sincerity (nasihah) to Allâh, His Book, His Messenger, the leaders and general body of the Muslims.

    (12) They show concern with the affairs of the Muslims, aid them, discharge their rights and prevent any injury from reaching them.


  16. Robert post’s above in his description of the piece:

    “And I’ll bet you a good-sized farm that if we ever get to the bottom of 9/11 we’ll discover that mosques were central in maintaining contact with and discipline over the terrorists.”

    Well, look at the facts. The non-muscle Hamburg cell–two of the pilots of the 911 ‘Planes’ operation were nurtured and radicalized in a Hamburg Mosque. Ziad J. was a reportedly happy-go-lucky guy who can be seen dancing in Western suit at a wedding in a Lebanese video–he was even educated at a Lebanese school and had a ‘secular’ Turkish girlfriend.

    Then he changed. Why did he change? He was radicalized in his local Mosque in Germany.

    We know he had occasional misgivings before 911, and Atta kept him in line. We know the brass in the Afghan caves were worried about him. He was under pressure from both his family in Lebanon and his wife to come home. Did anybody else help Ziad J stay on the firm and narrow path of Jihad?? Say, a local friendly Imman in contact with Atta?

    No, we are told. These were Islamic James Bonds. So, unlike the rif raf of the Miami 7 recently captured. Really! Many of these 19 sound liked confused jerks, immature, losers. Perhaps the experience in the Afghan camps gave them a sense of purpose for the first time in their lives. They were no longer losers, but suicide kings of UBL.

    Remember Atta bragged about his relationship with UBL to an official of the US Dept. of Agriculture. Doesn’t sound that smart to me! Didn’t some of the muscle settle in Patterson NJ and San Diego???? Were not they visitors to the local Islamic Center.

    But, I’m sure they told no one. They were too smart you see. Right. I believe there is indeed an untold story of 911, and, no, it does not involve Israel or Jews or the Pentagon; it involves elements of the Islamic community here. I could be wrong. Perhaps the mosques in the United States are distinct from anywhere else in the world. Surely, Saudi Wahabists do not influence the ‘word’ here in the US? Right.

  17. Do we forget or has a pattern of Mosque inspired Jihad allready occured within the US? How about the shooting of Meir Kahane and the first WTC attack? Remember the refugee, lovable blind shiek in NYC.

    Question to the board? What was the first stop of Ramzi Yousef(the brains behind the first WTC attack and cousin of KSM). It was to the lovable mosque in NYC with a big wet one for the blind shiek.

    But this is just a tiny fraction of rejectionists? LOL. Yea, I forgot: Islam means peace.

  18. We should look at mosques the same way we would a military base. The Saudi’s have built their military bases in America and they have brought their war manuals and are training their “soldiers” for war.

    Posted by: freewoman at June 23, 2006 11:23 PM

    I like your comparison between mosques and military bases, only I would change “military base” to terrorist training facility, a one stop venue for weapons, terror manuals, jihad financing, spiritual advice, and moral support.

    It just amazes me that the hundreds of erudite, “expert” intellectuals who sit in their plush, think-tank offices day after day and compile statistics, do research, network with their peers, and keep up with current events, cannot see what has been starkly obvious to a dummy like me for years:
    Islamic clerics are the instigators, the inculcators, the promoters, and the heart and soul of jihad. Their vile rhetoric instills rage and a sense of victimhood in their brainwashed minions, encouraging them to seek revenge for imaginary injustices and to please allah by killing infidels.

    If we can’t get rid of Islam altogether, we can certainly eliminate insurgent, warmongering Islamic clergy within our own country. Mosque surveillance should have begun immediately after 9-11. I fear that the delicate balance of international diplomacy (or Saudi ass-kissing) will prohibit our gutless government from doing anything about the hate and incitement to jihad that are preached in almost every mosque in this country. Islam should be officially declared a death cult and banned in the U.S. Muslims would leave if they couldn’t practice their vile “religion” and our problems would be solved.

    It is completely insane to fight terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq so “we won’t have to fight them here” if we are going to leave our borders wide open and undefended; continue to allow muslims to immigrate to America; and allow Islamic clerics to teach jihad, hate, and Islamic supremacy in American mosques. I mean, what’s the point? Before long, there will be an army of rabid jihadists right here under our noses, born, radicalized, and trained in state-of-the-art terror techniques in their local mosques.

  19. In response to Susanp:

    The think tanks, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI — none of them have even close to perfect employment rosters. I’ve mentioned an example from my own life before on these forums, but have not until now given any real clarification. I gave my own resume to both the CIA and NSA after 9/11. I received letters of receipt and that was all. Never so much as a phone call, let alone an email or other personal communication or, God forbid, right, an actual interview process.

    I knew right then that we were fighting an uphill battle. Not to sound more arrogant than I usually do, but I’ll now clarify: back in my earliest years of school, I remember finding out that I had a unique capacity for out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving. This manifested through a series of extra-credit “brain-teasers” in a Geometry class. They were administered by my teacher each week. In that class I had two future Rhodes Scholars, more than a half-dozen other “gifted” students and the future valedictorian of my high school class. I barely passed Geometry that year, but who do you think was the only person to get every single one of those dozen or more riddles/puzzles correct. That’s right: me. After about the fourth week of puzzles, in fact, people began fighting to get into my group so that they would be sure to get the extra credit points!

    And yet, nobody at the CIA or the NSA ever followed-up on me. So, here I sit, day after day, knowing full well that I could be of use catching the bastards that are endangering this nation and the world and just because I happened down a different vocational path before 9/11, and because some suit and tie in Washington or at Arlington never had the brains or the foresight to even call me after 9/11, my talents are squandered.

    Believe me when I tell you, I couldn’t agree with you more, Susanp. Practically not a single day passes that I don’t find myself cursing the fools I see leading this parade. So many that are in positions of power or responsibility are there for the wrong reasons, because someone was a legacy to an Ivy League fraternity or Daddy is a U.S. Senator. This is no way to recruit people to fight this kind of war. They should have sifted the talent available in this country with a fine-toothed comb after 9/11, but they did not.

    I have done the analysis on my own with what information I have been able to put together since 9/11, and when I say things like “Islam is the Enemy” and “Outlaw Islam”, I swear to you, if I did not firmly believe that these were the best lines of defense for the United States, I would not utter a word in either regard.

    Some answers are so simple that cowards and fools refuse to see them. We have brain-rot at work in so many parts of the bureaucracy, I pray that we can survive the next 5 years, let alone the next 50.

  20. First, let me acknowledge “Caroline”, for the insightful post. I had been walking around the house thinking about the issue at hand – and the reality that we are at war – and, as she put it, “[i]t’s really not all that complicated. And I really don’t understand why so many people seem to insist on making it so.”

    I want to follow that line with the another point, which tries to explain why so many people insist on making the whole thing complicated: simply put, the answer lies on the concept of “asymmetric war”. In essence, the concept is simple: it is a war in which one side won’t admit limits of any kind, being free to do whatever it wants, and, to compound matters, exploits to its advantage the moral, legal and social frameworks that ties the adversary’s hand. To be effective, the asymmetry must be deeply ingrained in the public opinion, rendering people unable to grasp the intrinsic immorality of the supposedly “moral” demands of one of the contenders, while offering the other nothing but indifference or, worse, illogical antagonism. [*]

    The examples to support this concept are easy to discern: many Westerners are more likely to support measures that guarantee the rights and freedoms of the terrorist scum, than to raise their voice in support of those fighting for these very same rights and freedoms.

    Having said all that, (1) all legislation in the world won’t make a difference as long as the MSM goes on unchallenged, as they are the ones who, at least right now, have a hold on the minds and opinions of the people; and (2) the real work to be done in our neighbourhoods is to get rid of the nonsensical notion of multiculturalism, which, in my particular case, being in Canada, is a virtual imposibility. Good luck to my fellow Americans on that one.

    [*] de Carvalho, O.; Arma de Guerra

  21. “Some answers are so simple that cowards and fools refuse to see them”.

    I agree, Foehammer so here is my wish list

    Close the borders
    deport all illegals
    Outlaw islam
    deport all muslims
    close all mosques
    stop foreign aid
    bring our boys home…we’re going to need them here.

    I’m sure I could think of more but those are the first things that come to mind and I’m tired.

  22. poetcomic,


    No need to worry: as Spencer showed in a previous thread, a major American defense think tank, the National Defense University, would tell you that “jihad” is most likely harmless:

    A case in point is the term “jihadist.” Many leaders use the term jihadist or jihadi as a synonym for Islamic extremist. Jihad has been commonly adapted in English as meaning “holy war.” But to Muslims it means much more. In their article, [the think tank said that] in Arabic – the language of the Koran – jihad “literally means striving and generally occurs as part of the expression ‘jihad fi sabil illah,’ striving in the path of God.”

    We at Jihad Watch all know this is sugarcoating nonsense. How many people in Kansas (and elsewhere in the West) know?

  23. The country needs to go on a declared war footing against Islam and a general mobilization. These interior problems can then be quickly dispatched by execcutive order as they were in WWII.

    WE have Europe as Exhibit A of what will happen if we do not stop them now.

    Before this happens though we will probably need another 9/11 to slice through the mindless political correctness, as well as the general mindlessness that smothers the Beltway.

  24. to dms:

    Your list would definitely be a fine start towards victory for the West. I would simply add — destroy the nuclear capacity of Iran before we bring all the boys home.

    And then, afterwards, ship gift boxes of dates to all the leaders in Pakistan, both Islamic and military, with notes in Arabic tied to them, reminding Pakistan of the still-smoking Iranian example.

    No other Islamic nation should ever be allowed nuclear capacity as long as Islam remainds unreformed and a dire threat to world peace.

  25. Once we have the right people in local government, why not unleash that lovely new socialist tool called Eminent Domain and simply confiscate all property on which mosques sit, and convert them into commercial ventures that can be used to raise tax money that would fund the jihad on Jihad?

  26. The content of Islam’s sacred scriptures is in and by itself a hateful message. So monitoring mosques is wishful thinking. At least as much as banning Islam. The latter would be a better solution, though – more efficient, more feasible, and less expensive.

  27. I have some questions;

    Canada has the War Measures Act – to be enacted when the country faces a crisis?

    The powers of the War Measures Act takes precedence over many civil laws?

    When the crisis is over, the War Measures Act is rescinded?

    Very simple. Have a similar law put on the books for just this problem?

    Therefore, it takes precedence over the all of the roadblocks that CAIR, ACLU, and the PCs etc. people throw up?

    We need the law enforcement the freedom to protect the freedom of the citizens.

  28. I would like to add a few items to dsm’s list; kind of a pre-flight checklist, which I believe is essential for the success of the mission:

    (1) acceptance, by Western people, of the fact that the essential component of this war is the ideological struggle between the principles of liberal democracy and the tenets of Jihad, Sharia law and other 7th century oddities;
    (2) strengthen the network that uncovers and divulges the crimes, atrocities and excesses committed by Jihadists – pointing out that these are not the acts of an isolated minority (which JW does very well, but I am unable to judge how effectively);
    (3) challenge the leftist, multicultural, politically-correct monopoly of MSM;
    (4) perhaps the more important: create and train conservative activist groups able to take to the streets (case in point: how many NGOs, how much leftist, multicultural activism was needed to mobilize the massive demonstration pro illegal immigration? Which one is more likely to be seen: a pro-Islam demonstration, complete with media coverage, or an anti-Jihad protest?)

    I honestly believe that without implementing (1) to (4), it is unlikely you’ll see the “wish list” implemented.

  29. That’s why I called it a wish list. It doesn’t stand a chance of being implemented by the p c politicians of today. I’m also for profiling whenever necessary.

  30. I do not know about the West, but over here in India, every mosque has a “musafirkhana” (inn for travellers). That goes without saying that the travellers should be muslim. ANY muslim can stay at a mosque free of cost provided he establishes his credentials of being a devout muslim (a call to a mullah of his home city, or maybe a state or country head honcho mullah). And as for the food, they saw off heads of animals daily at the mosques, some of the meat goes to the “musafirs” (travellers).

  31. THSIMJ – I am not, by any means, a legal expert (or even a lawyer..) but off the bat I can tell you why you can’t invoke the Emerency Act (The War Measures Act was repealed in the 80s, I think) in this circumstance: the human rights crowd will throw the “Canadian Cherter of Rights and Freedoms” right at you and say that invoking the EA violates the whole Section 2 of the Charter, and will probably find a way to weave section 15(2) into the mess.

  32. DMS – Oh, I disagree, I think that, in some form, the “wish list” is achievable (even if it means I won’t be going south for a while…), as long as the required leg work is done to lay the proper foundation. And that’s the self-examination I have been doing lately: I hold the views; I come to JW and read the posts of like-minded individuals; I mumble profanities against MSM; and I am convinced that much of this whole debacle is a direct cause of PC and multiculturalism, which robbed Western culture of all of its pride, leaving only enormous amounts of self-criticism and guilt. What’s missing is that sparkle of activism which the left monopolizes, along with the necessary funding and media coverage… For me, that’s the key. Once that’s in place, all the rest follows…

  33. (my apologies if I double posted…)

    DMS – Oh, I disagree, I think that, in some form, the “wish list” is achievable (even if it means I won’t be going south for a while…), as long as the required leg work is done to lay the proper foundation. And that’s the self-examination I have been doing lately: I hold the views; I come to JW and read the posts of like-minded individuals; I mumble profanities against MSM; and I am convinced that much of this whole debacle is a direct cause of PC and multiculturalism, which robbed Western culture of all of its pride, leaving only enormous amounts of self-criticism and guilt. What’s missing is that sparkle of activism which the left monopolizes, along with the necessary funding and media coverage… For me, that’s the key. Once that’s in place, all the rest follows…

  34. The First Amendment may give one the right to free speech politcally, but it does NOT give one the right to verbally or otherwise commit treason/sedition, plan acts of violence, declare war or plot the overthrow of the government. These things are very much against the law and those who do these things can be stripped of their US citizenship(if an American citizen), deported(if foreign national), jailed or even executed in a time of war. When the Muslim extemists etc. speak or plot to commit acts of violence and/or overthrow the government, they most certainly are breaking the law and are not covered by the freedom of speech.

  35. But that is what each and every Muslim is supposed to do according to his laws. When the number of Muslims is sufficient in a community, those laws are de facto, albeit partially at the beginning, applied. Because those who want them are the “good Muslims” and those who prefer some other laws are, well, say, less respectful of their religion.

  36. This was exactly the outrage muslim scholar, Ahmed Mansour, expressed when he saw the pamphlets of hate and calls for undermining America in a Cambridge mosque that he was visiting. How did the Islamic Society of Boston handle the situation? They sued Mansour for Defamation.

  37. ElephantWalker,

    Your comments is one of the best that I have read. The problem is that it is much easier for Christians to fight among themselves and forget what we are all up against. At least in the sub-Saharia Africa area where the Christian faith has been booming, the believers there know that the Christian church is really up against bigtime, to name an example.

  38. dms:

    We will need troops on the ground to protect airbases, refueling facilities, etc. Carrier warfare is not nearly as potent as it is when combined with landbased air capabilities.

    What fools we would really be to not use our hard won strategic positions, the thumb and the first finger positions in Afghanistan and Iraq, to squeeze Iran until it pops.

    Once we are sure the job in Iran is done, then bring them all home. If we begin the bombings today, it shouldn’t take more than a month to get rid of Iran’s nuclear capacity at the very least, and its Islamic government at the very best. However, I would prefer to just hurt the Iranian militay and nuclear capacity enough to allow Iran to implode upon itself, with little or no U.S. intervention. If the Persians are as ready to rebel as they profess, then breaking the back of the ayotollahs should help bring about the necessary civil strife that could very well spell its own regime change in Iran.

    The United States can not, and should not, be expected to sacrifice our own blood for every country on this Earth. People must start fighting for their own freedoms or that freedom is not appreciated, and the history of the U.S. is less respected.

    Our legacy is spit upon too often as it is, from both foreign and domestic enemies.

  39. I am wondering how many European countries have only one race now,, Mutilculturism seems to only apply to countries which were once all white. China and Japan are seem to be two of the only pure races that I can quickly think of, am I correct???…

    Imam preach jihadism, as is done in the thousands of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi mosques all over the world. So if Muslims are moderate, peaceful and against terrorosm, why dont moderate Muslims stop their Imams preaching these horrors, this is of course if as Muslims tell us that terrorism is NOT in the Quran??? yea like…

  40. Treehugger, I agree with you, but if we didnt by their oil, they would still have their faces in the dust… they would not have what they have now, and we would not have this threat, so why do our countries still buy their oil, is it treason in itself…??? We have enough of our own to keep us going, and now that China has risen from the paddy fields and become friends with Russia, Iran etc, we dont have much of a chance eh…
    The Australian left have openly said that they want Australia to be an Asian country, why??? treason again eh… but of course I am being counted as racist by saying that no where in history have two totally different races ever been able to live together peacefully for long, simply because of biggots on all sides…there will be internal wars in Australia, England, France etc once these immigrants numbers grow enough to become a force…
    There are now more Asians in NZ than Moaris…they have a left wing government…. but Asians dont seem to realise that the left are in favour of all the things that is against what they morally believe.

  41. I’ve mentioned an example from my own life before on these forums, but have not until now given any real clarification. I gave my own resume to both the CIA and NSA after 9/11.

    Foehammer, if you really want to work for the Feds, there is a specific form and a specific path to follow. You need to search the federal data base online to find the specific jobs you wish to apply for.

    Then you need to download the employment application for those jobs – these are long, 16-30 pages. Fill out the form. If you are applying for the same position at several facilities then you have to send a separate application form to each facility. Every single one of them has to have an original signature. The easy way is to fill out one, take it to the photocopier and make a stack of copies, then sign each one individually – black ink.

    Mail, return receipt. Then wait. It usually takes at least a month, even for a job they needed to fill yesterday.

    Resumes and CV do not count. No form, no job interview.

  42. THSIMJ asks: “Canada has the War Measures Act – to be enacted when the country faces a crisis?….Have a similar law put on the books for just this problem?….Therefore, it takes precedence over the all of the roadblocks that CAIR, ACLU, and the PCs etc. people throw up?”

    No. It does not. Not in America. The Supreme Court ruling Marbury v. Madison (way back in 1803) established the principle of judicial review of laws for constitutionality: Any U.S. law can be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court and be overturned if the Court finds it to be unconstitutional.

    Thus civil libertarians always have a way to oppose any law–argue it up the courts, first to the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals and from there to the U.S. Supreme Courts. That was how earlier laws like the Sedition Acts were eventually modified or thrown out altogether.

    The only way to enact something that cannot be overturned that way is to pass a Constitutional Amendment. And that is difficult; it takes a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress plus votes in three-fourths of the state legislatures. It’s only happened 17 times since the Constitution was ratified in 1789.

  43. DaveMate – fair say… though it would be prefferable if our govt. took their heads out of their sand-filled asses and screened all moslems travelling to the US and elsewhere. Foreign nations shouldn’t have to worry about visitors from our shores, a British passport should be a de facto clean bill of health. Your comment reminded me though of certain English towns and villages during the bubonic plague, who shut themselves in for the duration – both to prevent the disease getting in, but in also some cases to stop it getting out… but back then we lived by Christian values.

  44. corli writes: “The First Amendment may give one the right to free speech politcally, but it does NOT give one the right to verbally or otherwise commit treason/sedition, plan acts of violence, declare war or plot the overthrow of the government.”

    That is correct, and that’s how the Government goes after Islamic terrorists.

    But it won’t stop the “soft jihad” of an increasingly large and vocal Muslim community, consisting of Muslim immigrants and the large litters they breed, demanding more and more “rights” until they win the “right” to sharia. The First Amendment definitely does protect Muslims’ right to advocate radical change to the U.S. Constitution to allow sharia in America, just as long as they advocate for it peacefully.

    Indeed, Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence says it’s the duty of the people to abolish a government they feel is irremediably abhorrent and oppressive and institute a different government. It’s quite a radical document; and as long as the Muslims engage in peaceful activism rather than violence, what they are doing is entirely consistent with it.

  45. I agree with you Freewoman……

    We should look at mosques the same way we would a military base. The Saudi’s have built their military bases in America and they have brought their war manuals and are training their “soldiers” for war.

    Also, we should not forget their other “military bases”….American prisons where they recruit and brainwash with hate the lowest of the low….the common thug and dangerous slug! The Constitution is for religions adhering to a God” and peaceful teaching of good and freedom for a better life. The Constitution is not there to protect anything that would destroy our Nation from within. Common sense must be used, muzzle the Liberals and political hacks. Ban the muslim “religion”, ban mosques, ban imams, ban and deport all muslims. Show them we mean business and will retaliate any agression a hundred fold…….. each time! See how they run!

  46. A simple but radical and certainly not PC solution.

    because the absolutist interpretation of the First Amendment protects the imams and the incendiary sermons preached at such mosques. Freedom of religion forbids the state from meddling in the religious activities of the mosques, and freedom of speech forbids the state from telling the imams “you can’t say that.”

    As with communism beforehand this seems an easy answer to the above problem. During the Klintoon era it was common to sick the IRS on religious groups and take away their tax exempt status for preaching politics. Islam is easier explained as a way of government rather than the largest cult religion in the world anyway.

    Pull their cover of religion and then charge them with sedition. Sure the PC left, Murtha the diaper boy, the Klintoons, Kerry the coward, Pelosi the panderer, bubba the pimp farahkan and jesse the shill will all scream and yell. But lets face it. Farrahkan’s black muslims believe and preach that raping white women is an obligation to breed out the white race. We could do without such people having a pulpit to poison from.

    But a few convictions would sure get the islamofacists attention. possibly they would become more radical and then the “good ol boys” would finish the problem.

  47. Small steps that may help in the fight against the Islam ideology
    1. Ban the Koran (best choice but may not be possible – legal experts speak up!!)
    2. or add a harmful effects advisory as in tobacco or some music to the Koran and Hadiths.
    3. Make compulsory display of advisory on mosque fron door or any place where publicly the Koran is read.

  48. van der Ley
    I am not a legal expert nor a lawyer either. I do know in Canada the War Measures Act was enacted in about 1971 by Prime Minister Trudeau. There was howls and screams saying “you can’t do that.” Trudeaus’ famous answer – “Just watch me.” I think you are right – it was repealed in the 1980s. Then came the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is similar to the US Constitution. This opens the door wide open to the very thing that is taking place now – use these freedoms by the enemy to defeat us. I know what you are saying – they will throw the mess right back in our face. That is the problem. I feel when the enemy has us by the throat, there should be something in place to put an immediate stop to it. However, the way the mess is now, it can’t be done without being in violation of the Charter of Rights or the Constitution. As a result we negotiate and appease until the enemy has won.

    Steven L.
    I know what you are saying and you are right. It looks like the Circuit Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Courts are infested with civil libertarians backed up by civil rights groups – ACLU etc. to where it’s going to come a time when the citizens will have to take matters into their hands and defend themselves.

  49. “(2) don’t allow Imans educated in any country other then the US to serve in US mosques.”


    “(7) the last, and most important step, is to stop mass muslim immigration (except for apostates).” posted treehugger..

    your (2) is probally trouble in any case, as the imam still has the koran, and will be teaching from this. Still islam, and still the threat of a moderate going mustang on us.

    and (7) is fine but for the exception, as for the same issue as (2), a apostate from islam is very much in line with a moderate, but it is still islam, ready to turn from running, and doubleback to get on your trail at any time. I would say, (7) the last, and most important step, is to stop mass muslim immigration (except for those who reject and leave islam).

    Otherwise, a good list to work with.

  50. I am totally mystified as why Islam was ever permitted to enter the United States or any other western democratic nation and here is why I say this:

    There are a number of Kuranic passages which clearly command Muslims to perpetrate (what is deemed in western jurisprudence) FIRST-DEGREE MURDER and CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MULTIPLE MURDERS. Since the Koran is held by Muslims to be a direct pipeline from God Kuranic verse is basically untouchable by outside interference–so it would not not be possible to excise the homicidal elements from Islam, unfortunately. Both first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit multiple homicides are capital crimes in the western world (need I remind anyone)!!!To permit Islam in any society where laws outlawing first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder are active is discriminatory because one group (the Muslims) are being given a de facto “Ok” to violate these laws while the remainder of such societies is still firmly bound to obey these laws! That is discrimination. Ignorance by our government officials that Islam incorporates first-degree murder into its core doctrines is no excuse at all. Because the lives of civilians and non-civilians alike are threatened with murder by Muslims here (and Islam calls Muslims to kill non-Muslims).

    Admitting Islam is also inherently and irrevocably contrary to the Constitution for the reason that citizens of the United States are guaranteed the ‘right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happines.’ So far so good–but a key Kuranic verse reads “and when the forbidden months have passed, slay the infidels everywhere they are found, besiege them, capture them, torture them, prepare every stratagem of warfare upon them…” This Kuranic verse very obviously includes and commands killing of non-Muslims by Muslims. Yet the US Constitution is clear on thi matter: a person’s life is to mandated to be protected by the US government and that is one of the reasons we have a Department of Defense. Now, by inviting Islam to set up shop, non-Muslims’ lives are threatened by core Islamic ideological beliefs and the Muslims that would carry them out (there’s plenty of them of course). The contradiction couldn’t be more obvious: Islam endangers the very lives the US Constitution has authorized the US government to protect! This is so elementary to grasp it is disheartening and diffulcult to believe that nowhere does anyone in the government (or elsewhere) seriously discuss this! How DID this fly by our government???????

    Our government clearly (and miserably) failed to live up to its Constitutional duty to protect American lives and to correctly enforce US legal statutes by permitting Islam to arrive here. We have no real choice but to outlaw Islam in America and keep it outDO need to monitor mosques for our own safety since Islam IS here for the time and we will have to deal with it intelligently to survive it.

    But the bottom line here is that Islam MUST BE MADE illegal in the United States and removed. Islam is inherently homicidal, un-American, and unconstitutional among other (acutely negative) things–and that’s what we need concern ourselves with in order to successfully accomplish the removal of Islam from America.

  51. -pythagoras,

    The phrase “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. The former is a notice of intent and a documentation of grievances rather than a legal instrument. Something like “the pursuit of Happiness” is impossible to objectively define since one person’s concept of it might impringe on the rights of others, especially their Life and Liberty.

    See mohammedans for a great example. I’m not too thrilled by how they pursue their happiness, and I’m sure they wouldn’t like how I’d pursue mine.

  52. THSIMJ – You got my point. I believe that invoking EA (or any measure remotely related to it) is not possible in Canada under the current circumstances. Had the country been able to successfully create a sense of unity and national pride around its original cultural heritage (such as the Anglo-Franco duality; the constitutional parlamentarist monarchy; the geographical proximity and hystorical ties with the U.S.; our Christian roots), the forces that today threaten to take over our corner of the world would be seen as foreign and hostile. However, years of official multi-culti governement have taken all that away from Canada, at least in the larger centres. We have no culture, because we are all cultures; that is, Jihad is no more foreign than Hockey. And when the enemy sees that its all up for grabs, it will seize the moment, as you said.

  53. van der Ley

    Thank you for your answer. You said it much better than I tried to do. It is sad to see this in the EU, US, Canada, Australia, and other countries being taken over by the same process and every one of them are caught up in the very same multi-cultural garbage. The laws as they are today are constructed so there is no defense. I hope I said that right.

  54. van der Ley — good post. I grew up across from Windsor — and have always loved Canada — but I have grown increasingly disappointed in the way Canadians felt the need to define Canada as the unAmerica. Through this reflex she has been directed by successive governments to adopt the calamitous policies which are now coming home to roost. But all isn’t lost. Set about writing to your media — Agitate your cable company to carry things like Fox News if they don’t already. For those who don’t know, many areas in Canada were allowed to subscribe to Al Jazeera before they’d permit a US right wing News service onto their system! (Insane)

    I am now a resident of Los Angeles, but a couple times I have demanded investigations at the CBC for undeniable bias in their reporting — and for what it’s worth — at least I placed my concerns into their editorial mix. The first time I did this was prior to 9/11 and the theme was immaterial. The second time was just prior to the 2004 elections where the CBC made a big deal of all the people supposedly leaving the US in droves because it had become so unbearable here for our citizens. The hysteria of this hour long “expose” was so over the top that I could barely see straight. Over an hour devoted to stories about supposed defections — an audience filled with extremists Canadians all speaking anecdotally, and about 3 expats from the US. The CBC was so desperate to portray the USA as 1933 Nazi Germany, that they concocted this “special” right before the US elections. For those who don’t remember, the CBC, along with the BBC and dingbats at rags such as the Guardian along with all their fellow marxist travellers around the world tried in a concerted effort to sway the US elections in 2004. It was the first time I’d ever seen such unacceptable interference from foreign agencies in a US election — and I tell you I saw FLORID RED in more ways than one.

    I will henceforth consider these media outlets my absolute enemies — and I will continue to work in my small way to undermine them, repudiate them, harrass them, and do everything else in my power to reduce their influence. The CBC was forced to investigate and correspond with me. The matter wasn’t resolved at all to my satisfaction, and they denied the show was an example of biased reporting, but I think if enough Canadians such as yourself wrote and forced them to investigate allegations when you see them, they’d eventually have to change. The government would also have to acknowledge a disconnect between the operators of such organs, and the population at large. If you care about your country — you and everybody else should do these things. It will happen bit by bit, and email by email.

    Also — write your government and implore them to stop using your tax dollars to support these Marxist Megaphones in your fabulous land. Work to destroy such poisonous Government controlled edifices.

  55. Thanks THSIMJ and JSLA. It is comforting to find others that share the same sense of frustration although, as I hinted in others posts here at JW, it always feels a little bit like “preaching to the converted”. JSLA, you actually got me seriously thinking on taking a more active role in poking some of the Canadian media outlets, both at the regional and national levels. As I often talk about the need for pro-West, pro-capitalism activism, this would certainly be another good area to tackle.

    About the CBC “reverse brain-drain” piece (I guess that is the one you are talking about), I somewhat relate to it, because I was part of the droves who left the US in 2003/2004 (curiously, I was in California then. I am starting to think that just about everyone has to have a California phase in their lives…), although the reasons for my return to Canada were primarily for family reasons. Was then, for the first time, that I realized the magnitude of the anti-American sentiment in Canada, which I came to realize exists not out of malice, but out of ignorance, and worse, mostly media-fed ignorance. Adding to it the fact that some of the most caring and compassionate folks I had the pleasure to meet in my life are Americans, well, you can imagine the frustration when dealing with those who, while boasting their “multicultural” smarts, by default excised “American” from the cultural lexicon, and along with it, the best that the West has to offer today.

  56. Nevertheless — the concoction of the “Brain Drain” really ignored the true story. Canada mainly attracts the worst that America has to offer, not the best (present company excluded) , and the particularly malignant spin the CBC decided to place on the hallucinatory “exodus” was absurd. I quoted statistics from both governments proving there was actually a slight decline in the numbers of Americans emmigrating to Canada in the period from 2000-2002 (’03-’04) stats were not yet available.

    So the CBC decided to take an extremely flimsy story and attempt to turn it into a blanket indictment of the USA. This was red meat with blood clots dripping for the ravenous kooks in Canada. It was also a bald lie.

    Anyway — I think the premise was “Brain Drain” now that you mention it — aside from excoriating them for this cancerous conceit, I pointed out the fact that the hour long discussion, which was held in an insane replica of a “town-hall” meeting and which was totally staged (not a single person objecting to the construct was available — no person quoted the actual statistics to prove the supposed “brain drain”), they had about 3 American hippie expats — you know the type: whole wheat righteous menopausal dropout female/male pot growers, wrinkly apple cheeked over-exposed tree-hugging last-name-hyphenated persons who’ve decided to ‘opt out’ after nature and society opted them out and rejected their rejectionism already ) and about 97 rabid anti-American Canadian insurgents. It was trial by kangaroo court. Disgusting. Unacceptable.

    For what it’s worth — Canada does itself no favors in “welcoming” our human refuse — Canada has simply volunteered to serve as America’s convenient dumping ground for broken toys and rejects. I’d think red-blooded Canadians would be as interested in keeping these types out of there as red-blooded Americans want them out of here. If anything — it was a brain drain — but not in the manner CBC wished to depict — more of a dumbing down of Canada by dint of American defectos defecting there.

  57. JS – I know what you mean; as we speak, Vancouver is hosting some “World Peace Forum”, and one of the highlights is none but everybody’s favaorite military mom, Cindy Sheehan. Look, I am all out for peace. There is nothing else I want more than peace-and-quite, really. But not the cowardly Cindy peace, who’s been finding quite a following here.

    One issue that may have been neglected on the CBC report (I am guessing it was, really) was that, then, there was a tremendous financial advantage in moving to Canada from the US, specifically anywhere West of Quebec: (1) the Canadian dollar was at a low, at about C$1.00 = US$ 0.64; (2) no language issues; (3) most goods and services were equivalent, or mostly so.

    And that’s how I bought a house… so why wouldn’t many, many others? I wonder whether this tidbit of info was part of it or not.

  58. van der Ley — That’s a good point about the financial aspect. This is just conjecture, but the circumstances you describe were extant for over a decade at that point when the 2004 show aired. One might imagine then that the stream of Americans leaving for greener pastures had been part of a steady exodus, and one not based on the heinousness of the American political climate. It was clearly the choice of the CBC to attempt to fashion the facts to comport with their world view about American politics at that moment — e.g. America is becoming an increasingly evil nation. It was truly a poisonous slant to put on the story.

    As I said, quotable government statistics from both govt’s made the political claim demonstrably false. That was the main basis for my challenge to the CBC — the stacking of the town-hall solely with Canadians who agreed with the premise being a secondary criticism. The fact they could only find a few expats to go along with their thesis was pretty transparent — still they devoted a full hour to the “Special”.

    Anyway — if you ever find yourself objecting to the bias on the taxpayer funded CBC — there is a board of governors, an ombudsman, and a formal complaint process you can follow. They make it very simple which is great.

    It forces them to address the issue you’re worried about. They even have time frames in which they must respond in some manner — and at least I’m convinced that my concerns were discussed by editors and others.

    It’s also good to try to get a coalition of friends and family from other areas to make similar complaints if possible — I have lots of television and advertising friends — their assumption is that 1 original letter represents a huge swath of their target constituency. Well formed and polite complaints will get their attention. The truth is, the media might want to sell us a bill of goods or ram their elite political views down our stupid throats, but they also know where their bread is buttered. They can’t be completely unresponsive. It’s also good to complain to any sponsors on commercial TV — that gets two entities involved. The advertiser doesn’t want his product associated with crackpots — and the provider wants to protect his revenue stream. That too is a worthwhile approach.

    I am constantly writing to the media to challenge their whitewash of Islam’s role in terrorism. That’s paramount. I also refer as many of them as possible to sites such as this and others — hoping they’ll educate themselves a little about Islam before they buy the crap the Muslim spokespersons are spoon feeding them. That too works. I’ve gotten thankyou responses from editors and even a couple talking heads who say they have or will check out such sites. It really works — bit by bit.

    Oh well – now I’m just repeating myself. I can’t believe I’ve become a kind of activist in this regard — I used to chug away happily in my little world — 9/11 ripped that fantasy away from my eyes — and I’ve been playing catchup ever since. The Cindy Sheehans have the most dangerous and distorted view of reality. That corny sounding phrase “Freedom isn’t free” is true. Think of all the brave souls who have died to secure the freedom, for example, for us to be having this discussion? We owe them more than we ever can repay — and to our children — we owe them even more than that. It’s simply our responsibility to take the West back from all who would harm, degrade, or destroy her.


  59. Eisenhund:

    Your first point is well-taken. I need to do some brushing up on that…

    However, we ought to be be far more concerned about the “life and liberty” part as being killed by jihadists pre-empts all chances one has of “the pursuit of happiness.”

    Also–the Constitution mentions “cruel and unusual punishment” does it not?
    Sharia’t law is loaded with these (beheadings, dismemberment,etc). The Founding Fathers are likely spinning in their graves at the thought of Islamic law taking root in America.

    Thus, Islam is STILL clearly unconstitutional and has no place in America.

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