Stupidity Without Borders “” The Alliance of Utopias

Fjordman at Gates of Vienna (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist) unmasks an unholy alliance to beat all unholy alliances:

In the middle of the massive waves of migration in the 21st century it is suicidal to cling on to ideas of a “borderless world.” Yet in the West, there seems to be an alliance between the anti-national forces of the political Left and the Libertarian ideals and short-term desire for cheap labor of the political Right, who denounce their critics as “racists.” Perhaps we can call it an Alliance of Utopias. What these Western Utopians don’t understand is that there is another, competing Utopia of a borderless world: The Islamic Caliphate. As long as the Islamic world can dump their excess population in infidel countries and Muslims make up a majority — some say 70% “” of the world’s refugees, any policies of not maintaining our borders will only pave the way for the Islamization of our lands. And it will happen with the blessing of many of our intellectuals, both right-wing and left-wing.

A plague on both their houses.

Read it all.

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    I agree with the above poster that of Fjordman’s many superb writings this is one of the best. Fjordman know that this American deeply appreciates your hard work.

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    In addition to Fjordman’s points it might be noted that the world economy is ticking along right now. In the event of a sharp downturn ( capitalism tends to go through these cycles) a large population of unemployed would prove even more destabilising if they saw themselves as having nothing in common culturally with the host community – with all sorts of implications of crime and civil unrest. This is not to mention permanent structural changes, where industries migrate from one region to another. Immigrants came from Pakistanto work in the northern textile industries of the UK – these no longer exist but the immigrants stayed.
    The other factor is global warming which could result in food shortages and things like flooding, making highly populated regions virtually uninhabitable. It may lead to increased competition for diminishing resources around the world. This may well start to kick in during the next few decades, adding a possibly murderous dimension to population movements.