US grants visa to Khatami

Well, why not? I suppose even Goebbels would have no trouble getting a visa these days. “US grants visa to Iran’s former leader,” from Reuters, with thanks to Senator:

The United States has issued a visa to Mohammad Khatami, the former Iranian president, to visit next week.

Tom Casey, the US state department spokesman, said on Tuesday that the visa allowed Khatami to make a private visit that would include giving a speech at Washington’s National Cathedral next week and attending a UN conference in New York on September 5 and 6.

The Shia Muslim cleric would be the most high-profile Iranian to visit the US since Washington cut diplomatic ties with Tehran in 1979 when 52 Americans were held hostage at the US embassy there after the Islamic revolution.

“The visa for former president Khatami was issued approximately an hour ago and that is in keeping with the functions that he had outlined,” Casey told reporters….

“This is an opportunity in part for former president Khatami to hear the concerns of the American people,” Casey said. “He is going to get some tough questions.”

Yeah, surrrrre.

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  1. says

    Tough question number 1:
    How was your flight?

    Tough question number 2:
    Are you staying at the Holiday Inn Express?

    And the tough questioning goes on and on … grueling ain’t it?

  2. says

    Tough question number 3:

    “What can America do to make itself more amenable to the needs of Iran?”

    Tough question number 4:

    “Can you tell us what we did to make muslims hate us so much and how can we change to make it better?”

  3. says

    I would like to coin a new word:

    dhimm-i-ot [dee-mee-uh,t]
    1. an utterly foolish or senseless dhimmi.
    2. Psychology. a dhimmi of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.

    (BTW, did you know that the word “dhimmi” is undefined at!)

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    Question #5:

    Do you know of any well paid positions at K Street lobbyist firms or think-tanks for a hypothetical middle-level State Department official who is planning his second career and has a “sensitive” perspective on Middle East issues?



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    I think it is Tom Casey, or his superiors in the State Department, that should be facing some tough questions.

    As an example, given the fact that the Iranian regime has shown just about zero regret for the taking of US hostages in 1979, given the blatant calls by the Iranian regime for the destruction of Israel, given the evidence that Iran has provided material support to Hezbollah in their continuing campaign of terror against the Israeli people, given the Iranian regime’s stated intent of developing nuclear technology -albeit for “peaceful” purposes, what news or thing of value does Khatami bring to the United States? Is his visit to the National Cathedral a courtesy visit to determine the position of the qiblah once the building is converted to a mosque?

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    More evidence that it is going to take more education through another terrorist strike for this country to wake up:

    Juan Cole actually giving a lecture on policy. I am still waiting for some of the families of 9-11 victims to start bringing these whitewashers and apologists into court some day and show their complicity in not adequately advising or preparing our leaders pre 9-11. Have to agree with Walid Phares; this country has never lacked “imagination”, it lacked EDUCATION and does to this day.

  7. says

    Is this the same former Iranian president Khatami who stormed out of the 2006 World Conference of Religions for Peace in Kyoto, Japan, taking the Iranian delegation with him when Israeli Chief Rabbi Metzger was given the floor??

    Sheesh, the Brits embarrassed themselves with Qaradawi, now the US seems determined to embarrass themselves with Khatami!

  8. says

    The US State Department behaves in a manner one would expect from the enemy. What is wrong with the dunderheads over there. Inviting this muslim into America for the purpose of spreading islam is an overt act of jihad. The US State Department is part of the jihad. What other possible reason could there be?

    The US State Department is crawling with jihadis and raghead sympathizers. The jihad continues on all fronts.

    We may as well just give in, convert, and start praying to a black rock from space.

    What a great way to memorialize September 11th.

  9. says

    Khatami, the “reformist” former president of the Islamic Republic is a “moderate” in comparison to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad only in his demeaner. That means that he is more sophisticated when representing the Khomeini line to Western audiences.

    Yeah it’s true that Khatami is less extreme (more moderate???) in his application of Islam. He would allow a few more Western movies to be shown and is willing to look the other way if unmarried couples hold hands in the park, but that is only moderation in degree… NOT in substance! Khatami is just as dedicated as Ahmadinejad to the goals of worldwide Islamic revolution. The primary differences are only tactical: appearance not substance!

    The better comparision is that Ahmadinejad is a Islamic Goebbels while Khatami is an Islamic Albert Speer or Karl Donetz. Speer would personally shrink from mass murder while turning a blind eye while others committed genocide and, despite personal reservations, did not resist the Nazi policy of using slave labour. Unlike the great general and true German patriot Erwin Rommel who, seeing the monster Hitler really was, joined the plot to assassinate him, the so-called “moderates” Speer and Donetz remained loyal to the very end. The “moderate” Khatami is clearly in this latter category.

  10. says

    “.. allowed Khatami to make a private visit that would include giving a speech at Washington’s National Cathedral..”

    What the heck! Why on earth is this goon being allowed into the USA? And permitted to rant at our National Cathedral? Can you even begin to imagine mullah-mosque reciprocity ?

  11. says

    Khatami will be visiting the National Cathedral? Remarkable – a Muslim entering a naji enclave. I hope the State Department will allow this august individual to take a scalding shower immediately afterward, to cleanse himself of the infidel filth adhering to his immaculate Muslim body after visiting a Christian pesthole church. What courage this man displays…he’s a true statesman, willing to risk disease in his quest for peace and understanding.

  12. says

    Clueless Condi and her minions really need to be fired. They are all clueless dhimmis. I am sure they are thinking this is a good thing, but it is appeasement, it is stupidity. As they continue their search for the ‘root cause’ be sure not to look under Khatami’s skirt.

  13. says

    Any chance we can get some ‘students’ to kidnap him and his group for some 400-odd days?

    Then Jimmie-boy-the-dhimmi can negociate for his release….

  14. says

    Hey, maybe he’ll defect and ask for asylum!

    Seriously, our State Dept. is completely spineless and The National Cathedral bishop should be ashamed. They did not even ask if one of our former presidents could visit Iran and talk directly to their people in the main mosque, did they?

  15. says

    Tough Question #6 – Are you bringing any drugs, weapons, fruits, vegetables, or terrorist related material into the country? NO, then welcome to America.

    The State Department entirely screwed up granting a visa to this terrorist.

  16. says

    I wonder if the khatami pig is going to be strip searched and have his luggage opened as they look for a bomb. Hey you never know. After all he could be a suicide bomber. Maybe he will take jimmy the idiot pig eater with him!

    Tough question #7: Sir, would you step this way?

  17. says

    This man is a known terrorism sponsor. Who the hell cares what he has to say? Who would even want to talk to him? I can’t even stand to look at him!

    I can only hope the US government arrests him on multiple charges of accessory to murder.

    By the way, an Assyrian Christian family from Iran I know has told me more than once that Khatami is the REAL mastermind of the attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building ten years ago and is an admnistrator of Hizbollah. Oh, yeah–I forgot–the FBI DROPPED its investigation of the OK bombing case after it decided to exclusively blame a couple of white guys!