Indonesian jihad chief: naked women worse than the Bali bombings

Abu Bakar Bashir, whose outrageous utterances we have covered here since the beginning, didn’t specify which naked women he meant. “Alleged Indonesian terror chief says naked women worse than Bali bombings,” from AP, with thanks to all who sent this in:

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Alleged terror leader Abu Bakar Bashir said TV shows featuring scantily clad women were more harmful than the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed 202 people, the state news agency reported.

The remarks were likely to anger Australia, which lost 88 citizens in the attacks on two crowded nightclubs.

Likely, but not certain to anger Australia, because Australia is a civilized country that doesn’t erupt into violent rage at the slightest imagined provocation.

Bashir, recently released from jail after serving 26 months for conspiracy in the bombings, said images of naked or semi-naked woman on television were sinful and chipped away at the moral fiber of Muslim believers.

“So, if I am asked which is more dangerous, naked women or the Bali bombs, then my reply is of course those women in skimpy clothes,” Antara quoted him as saying at a public rally calling for the imposition of Islamic law in Indonesia.

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  1. says

    BULLETIN: New weapon in the War on Terror:

    US suspected in conspiracy to drop masses of scantily clad women into Iraq and Afghanistan causing mayhem and murder!! Plan includes the torture of mujahadeen using koran reading ‘pole dancers.”

    For the love of…Awwwgggghhhh!

  2. says

    I guess their belief system is so rickety that a shoulder or ankle bared will cause them to lose control? Couldn’t just look the other way or take a moral stance?

    Ohhhhh, yeah….right….Ahem.

    Sorry, I forgot for a second who we were discussing.

    Abu Lahab was right!

  3. says

    I’ve stopped laughing. Not really. If it wasn’t so insane it would be hilarious.

    If women were allowed to wear what they wanted, even if skimpy, that would mean they would have CONTROL, and muslim males can’t have that.

  4. says

    If the above is true, then Hugh Hefner is in some deep kimchi…hope he knows that…

    As a previous poster to this site stated:

    “Islam wants your clitoris.”

    Ladies take notice, these are not nice men. If push comes to shove, a nice, demur .22 caliber Magnum derringer might be just the thing for your purse or valise as you travel about town.

    Protect yourself…protect your children…the moonbats are coming.

  5. says

    This bashir is just another mahometan pervert, just like his pedophile “prophet”. He is equally distressed about “unteathered” (diapered) female goats.

  6. says

    This is par for the course for a country that gave a twenty year sentence to a woman for possesing drugs while mass murderers get a slap on the wrist.

    Any Australian who vacations in Indonesia is a bleeding idiot and a moron.

  7. says

    Freewoman, that is exactly what they just don’t get: in a society where women have control over their own bodies, and men respect that, it doesn’t matter what we wear: if we consent to sex we’ll jolly well say so!

  8. says

    This is why I’ve always said that they should force Jihadi detainees to watch MTV’s “Laguna Beach”, “My Sweet 16″ and E channel’s “Simple Life” non-stop until the mo-fo’s confess.

    Amnesty International won’t recognize it as torture but I’m thinking they’ll confess to ANYTHING in under three hours.

  9. says

    Well put Lili – From one man’s perspective, strong smart independent women make life exciting. Even when it’s bad, it’s good. I can not imagine a romantic relationship with a woman who was a compliant servant.

  10. says

    Its good to know that he is an “alleged” terror leader…in fact the indonesian legal system was so sure he wasn’t that they gave him 26 months (soft labour) for “conspiracy” in the bali bombings. As if there is a difference when it comes to this piece of cud.

    Yeah, he is a really good guy…

    Oh if only mohamed was here to see what absolute nonesense he has set upon this world in the guise of a religion. Come to think of it I think he would be pleased, chuffed even,…after all he is the person they are emulating. Wasn’t he a murderer, sex fiend, a war monger, and allround low life pig.

    By the way if I’ve offended anyone, please let me know and I will immediately send a written apology on some recently used toilet paper imprinted with the face of mohamed to make sure that you know my apology is genuine.

    Peace and love


  11. says

    Top selling new videos for Indonesia,

    Burka’s Secrets


    Jihadi’s Gone Wild

    The poor old guy doesn’t need Viagra to get him excited, just a little C4.

    This is a sick religion.

  12. says

    He actually said half naked women not naked women which makes it even more laughable. What he’s referring to are the buxom women that are part of comedy programming on late night here. Their outfits are not that revealing and his imagination must be running wild. If he wants to criticize then he should criticize the background dancers in the dangdut (traditional Indonesian Muslim music) shows so popular with Muslims here. But even then the outfits they wear are normal or not provactive by Western standards. If Ba’asyir weren’t so repressed and actually took time away from plotting to bomb Western interests and infidels and taking over southeast Asia then maybe He’d actually enjoy life instead of being the miserable bastard he is. Hey Ba’asyir, if you love Shariah so much then why don’t you move to Saudi Arabia and stop messing with Indonesia.

  13. says

    Ladies take notice, these are not nice men. If push comes to shove, a nice, demur .22 caliber Magnum derringer might be just the thing for your purse or valise as you travel about town.

    Posted by: SCV

    Try a .38 special Ladysmith.

    If not, a .32 gun in your pocket for fun and a razor in your shoe.

  14. says

    Well, they do have a point. It depends. If the naked women were Cindy Sheehan and Hilary Clinton…

    Would that be a violation of the Geneva Convention?

  15. says

    Oh come on now people! Don’t we all,deep down, really prefer the sight of various human appendages scattered all about VS the female form in all it’s God given glory. Let the truth be told!

    Do I even have to? Yes, sadly I do–(sarc)

  16. says

    Those degenerates need to cover their women because they would look ridiculous walking down the street with their wife after marrying six-years olds in their fifties like their “prophet” did.

  17. says

    I hate these AP reports! It merely says “88 Australians” were killed. That is as false as it is misleading and downplaying the atrocity. In the first Bali bombing about 200 people lost their lives, and in the second (as far as I remember) it was around 60. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) To present this as only Australians need to be mentioned is morally repulsive!

    Old Bucktooth Bashir is one nasty piece of work, but mark my words, he has the backing of the Indo-government and just about every believing Mohammedan coffee-filter in or around the Indonesian Islands. They will execute Christians -on whatever flimsy evidence- and Australian kids who were silly enough to lend themselves as drug-mules, but as you know: A believer must not be killed for taking the life of and unbeliever… This is the garbage they believe and I think the Australian government has to come to some kind of agreement with these bastards to get her people off. Doesn’t mean I condone drug-smuggling, capital punishment by a nation as corrupt as Indonesia is never ‘justice’… NEVER when infidels are involved!

  18. says

    Citycat: We could make those muslims watch those endless loops advertising “Girls Gone Wild” on cable tv.

    For the detainees at Gitmo, Pamela Anderson tapes could torture detainees and hasten global warming at the same time.

    But for really diabolical torture, I think we should make them watch Jane Fonda Exercise tapes. The detainees would see just enough shape to want more, yet be perpetually unsatisfied, leaving them acutely aware of their own anti-islamic moral corruption.

    And the political left would be speechless. How could Jane Fonda be objectionable??

    Alas, the war goes on.