Jihadists behead photographer in Jammu & Kashmir

The misunderstanders of Islam are busy in India these days. “Abducted photographer beheaded in J&K,” from the Times of India, with thanks to Arjun:

SRINAGAR: Police on Thursday recovered the body of a photographer whose head had been chopped off after being abducted by militants in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir, triggering anti-Pakistan protest by local residents, official sources said here.

The head of Shabir Ahmad Dar was recovered from saffron fields in Chandhara area on Thursday morning, while the body was found from Kruenchh village, about a kilometre away, the sources said. Dar, a resident of Hathiwara village, was abducted on Wednesday night.

Angry local residents staged a protest demonstration against the militants and also raised slogans against Pakistan demanding an end to terrorism in the state, they said.

Memo to the angry local residents: don’t hold your breath.

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    Would it be wrong to suggest that any person who is known to have been involved in a beheading anywhere should be subject to the exact same treatment upon his capture. That ought to cut down [what an awful pun] on recidivism and stem any potential complaints about maltreatment of “detainees”.

    PS. I am still in stunned disbelief at yesterday’s news that US Forces had about 160 Taliban pigs in their gun sights and chose not to pull the trigger because they were gathered on a graveyard. The enemy will learn from this and use these as staging grounds and as safe areas just as they use moks and hospitals. THE GLOVES MUST change from velvet to STEEL!

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    VietNam too,was plagued by the asinine “rules of engagement”. Things, like calling in to request permission to fire, and this had to be done when being fired upon, or cancel an air strike because there “appeared to be civilians present” or “target not clearly identified”.

    When you got the man in the open, you have to take him out immediately. Especially (as the Muslims do so well) the man wears the same clothes as the civilians.

    The military was generally very good at identifying the targets. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the mortar rounds dropping on your head are coming from a location not far from you. On the ground observers can tell from which direction the fire is coming from. You call in an air strike and they kill everything in that direction. Problem solved.

    You eliminate the enemy when and where you find him. ESPECIALLY if they are in a tight group or formation in the open. Better than trying to fight your way out of one of their ambushes.

    Who knows? You just might get a leader or two.

    IN A CEMETARY—GEE, THE place is already full of dead people. A proper place to die.

    Who is the d**S*** that refused to attack. Let him lead the next several patrols in INJUN TERRITORY . Maybe someone else will cancel his air cover if he calls in.

    The last much longer if you do not kill the enemy. I am stupid and I know this.

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    The Ummah will be proud to know that these ‘militants’ are following the way of Allah and have not deviated from the path he (Allah) has set for them. These are ‘good militants’ and Allah is well pleased…

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    Somehow I can’t see General Patton holding fire because the Wehrmacht was forming up in a graveyard. Actually it should limit collateral damage. In WWII it was an axiom in the British Army that you can not make an omelette without braking some eggs.

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    It shouldn’t matter where the Taliban are at….
    They should all be vaporized where they stand.
    Taliban are the scum of scum. But then all Islamic fanatics are. Just shoot at the turban.

    I saw something on the commie network, CNN, that showed inside a mosque about self mutilation when all the sand monkeys were in their demonic state waving their heads around w/o their turbans on, stabbing each other with skewers thru their mouths and some pretty bizarre behavior.
    Obviously Satan was at the helm….very wierd to say the least. They call it Allah’s will…..I call it worshiping Satan.

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    Have you ever looked at the faces of Muslim Men when you see them protesting, burning flags, shaking fingers, screaming,and so on.

    They have the look of a possessed person, and it is evil that possesses them.

    We have to take em out.

    No more Muslim immigration, no student visas, no Muslim elected officials or muslim land ownership in our lands.

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    Beheading is consistently used in Islam, from the time of Muhammad’s slaughter of the Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza, threat over Abu Sufyan’s neck (at which point he converted), to the beheading today by Muslims. This trait has not changed. It is a distinguishing mark of Islam. Islam is the only global religion today that continues to use this method of execution consistently.

    The Bible also describes the Antichrist as using beheading in his global empire, assisted by the False Prophet.

    Al-Mahdi and Isa will do the same thing when the time comes.

    Al-Mahdi & Antichrist

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    I googled in chandhara and found a websitse give a listing of 170 terrorists attacks in 2006 for this area.

    Like most terrorist attacks, the victims are civilians.

    Islam -The Religion that keeps on killing.

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    Good grief, Robert, we just have to figure out what to call these “misunderstanders” and what exactly it is that motivates them to behave like they do. How can a religion of peace be perverted in this way? Are they just misinterpreting the Quran, the same Quran that all Muslims read and memorize? Paraphrasing Fitzgerald from yesterday, “we must make sure that we clearly identify what it is that distinguishes the beliefs of the “extremist” tiny minority [the bad guys] from the vast majority of non-extremists [the moderate or good guys].” And the bigger question is what guarantee is there that a moderate Muslim won’t morph into an extremist Muslim? What is the triggering mechanism(s) in the Prophet’s little book that is causing all of our grief?

    misunderstanders of Islam; tiny minority of extremists; Muslim extremists; Islamist extremists; Jihadis; Jihadists; Jihadi terrorists; Islamic jihadists; Islamic militants; militant Islamists; Islamo-fascists; Islamic terrorists; Islamo-terrorists; Islamist fanatics; Islamic insurgents; radical Islamists; radical Muslims; hardcore extremists; a few dead-enders; a few folks; literal interpreters; Islamic decapitators. . . Pardon me, there are more but my head is exploding. (:^O)

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    Funny how the “journalists” call the abductors and beheaders “MILITANTS”.
    Posted by: POITIERS-LEPANTO on September 14, 2006 01:07 PM

    Welcome to the Dhimmi Indian English media press. If you thought that the US press is maddeningly politically correct, you may be surprized to learn that it doesn’t hold a cake to the likes of the Indian Press which continually downplays acts of Islamic violence and finds the most harmless euphemisms to describe Islamic terrorists. Even the word ‘militant’ is a big improvement over the terms the Indian press has used in the past including words such as ‘separatists’, ‘rebels’ and (I kid you not) ‘misguided youth’.

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    Go to Religion of Peace and you’ll find their lists of every Islamic terror attack for every day, worldwide, since 9/11.

    These sorts of events are regular occurrences in India, who are taking the brunt of these attacks.

    I read every entry, line by line – the beheadings of civilians are frequent – the single worst event I recall reading was when they broke into a house and beheaded the entire family of six, including the youngest who was a girl of four. In another case they did the same, except that for the youngest, a boy of three – well, him they strangled.

    They are DISGUSTING ANIMALS!! They do this sort of stuff all the time.

    Another time, they kidnapped a cop, cut out his eyes, then cut off his ears and penis, THEN they cut his throat. In the whole of the five years since 9/11 I was only able to find three days when there has been no Islamic terror attack somewhere in the world. Hundreds of beheadings in various countries over that time – but most of them in India. OUR msm tells us exactly NOTHING about it, unless it’s a spectacular taking out hundreds of people – and there have been a fair few of those.

    I am so bloody angry after reading it all that I seriously can’t think straight, and all I want to do is eliminate the lot of them.

    As for the officer who refused to eliminate those jihadis just because they were in a graveyard – he should be cashiered.

    Got to sign off – I’m just too damned angry.

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    I’m sorry to cut in, but I am looking for the name of the Islamic idea of not harming your host, and I can’t think of the name of it.

    Googling for the millions of warfare rules in the Koran is hopeless.

    Please and thanks,


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    Kreuzueber Halbmond-
    we just have to figure out what to call these “misunderstanders” and what exactly it is that motivates them to behave like they do

    But THEY didn’t do it ALLAH DID!!!

    It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah.

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    “As for the officer who refused to eliminate those jihadis just because they were in a graveyard – he should be cashiered.”

    Sir Henry, that policy comes all the way from the highest rear ends in the Pentagon and the Whitehouse. We need some people in high places who aren’t afraid to get their humanity soiled.

  15. says

    Jihadists behead photographer in Jammu & Kashmir

    Someday a future Brian DePalma will make a movie re today’s Islam in the manner of the recently released The Black Dahlia film. Current Jihad will oneday be looked upon as a kind of collective Islamic Jack the Ripper time.


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    I’m reading the Downfall of the Netherlands right now. What a great link. If it wasn’t so damn long, I’d email it to people. We should learn from their example. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the link to The Downfall of the Netherlands. Outstanding and sad. The writer is a Muslim? Apostate? or of the quality of Hirsi Ali? Penetrating analysis of what will happen. One can forsee mass population shifts in and out of Europe, perhaps with all proud Dutch and other Christians and Jews and Hindus and other non-Muslim’s coming to America. Bottom line: it’s like oil and water. The US must learn from London and The Netherlands and Parisian youths. Enough is enough. No more Islamic immigration. No imported wifes or extended families. Freeze it. Freeze Islamic immigration, and recomend to the worldwide Islamic masses, yearning to breath free, try London. They hate Jews. They have lots of true Muslim men; lots of youths. Sad but true. Why any Western country would accept a single Muslim immigrant is beyond me. The only positive here is I never thought this way before 911. I never realized the menace. The positive here is that our national opinion of the religion of peace is changing. Many applauded W’s statements after 911: “Islam means peace. Islam is the religion of peace.” Now, Bush no longer makes such comments. Anyone who does is scoffed and laughed at, in private or in public. Fewer and fewer people are buying this garbage.

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    Never see this discussed anywhere, but the destruction of the original Caliphate had NOTHING TO DO with Christians, Crusaders, Jews, or the West. It was destroyed by the Mongols under Hulegu, grandson of Genghis Khan:


    Moreover, in an illustration of how little things have changed, Genghis Khan himself was provoked into starting his conquest of Asia by the intransigent behavior of the Shah of Khwarezm, who beheaded Genghis’s ambassadors of friendship:


    Any Jihadists headed for Ulaan Baatar?

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    Den_Man, It is possible in this country to amend the Constitution to change any number of things. I say possible, but improbable. But here is the problem, by definition, an amendment cannot be un-constitutional. So, 200 years from now there might be enough Muslim congressmsn and senators to change it.

    I am surprised that it hasn’t shown up on Dhimmi Watch, but in the 5th District of Minnesota, a Muslim (Keith Ellison, the worst kind – a convert)won the Democratic primary to possibly be the first Muslim elected to the US House. That district is supposed to be a shoe-in for any Democrat.

    My comments would be so ugly and vicious concerning the voters in Minnesota, that I am going to engage in some self-censorship and keep my fingers still – for a while.

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    Pelayo: Perhaps you misunderstand – I would be in the same underground as you and Ronin – should anything as frightening as an islamic majority were to occur in our republic.

    I agree – the election of an islamist to congress would be a major misstep in the wrong direction but I’m not really surprised – look at what’s happening is Michigan! Dearborn is lost to the muslim just as here in SoCal is lost to the mex…

    I merely wanted to read the comments to story. There surely MUST be some opposition to this unholy infestation of muslimes of the Netherlands.

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    Pelayo: In case you are wondering, the 5th District of Minnesota is Minneapolis (Minnehopeless the socialist heaven aka my sad hometown) and several suburbs. The reason why it’s considered an automatic win for Dems is because the last dude, Martin Sabo, literally owned that seat for 44 years due to his popularity. The party endorsed Ellison but Sabo did not, endorsing one of his former secretaries instead. He still won with 44%.

    Lastly, as the Twin Cities area becomes bluer, the rest of the state is turning redder.

    Oh and Dhimmi Carter’s son, who’s never run for anything in his life, suddenly moved to Las Vegas and is now running for Senate. Setup indeed.

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    “Have you ever looked at the faces of Muslim Men when you see them protesting, burning flags, shaking fingers, screaming,and so on.”

    Yes, it always amazes me how identical they look, whatever their nationality or ethnicity. From Indonesia to anywhere in the ME, the cartoon protesters looked uniformly angry and, as you say, kind of obsessed or posessed. They don’t look like rational human beings at all. The idea of the ‘ummah’, a kind of ant-heap of unthinking robot-people, makes a lot more sense when one sees these photos.

    Why, oh why, don’t rational, really moderate muslims distance themselves from this? Why don’t they form a separate, reformist movement if they insist on remaining muslim??

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    I would just imagine the leader antics are seen regularly in mosques every where. By the way did you notice the wall of apparent bodyguards. In the video you see the men facing away from the “raving” cleric and scanning the people in attendence. Are they looking for other terrorists from the “other” Muslim sects. Are they looking for followers who are not showing proper lunatic behavior. I noticed the men patting their heads when the “raving” cleric tossed his headgear. What does this symbolize. Was it sign language meaning “he has flipped his wig”. or “he has lost it”. This clipped shows the fevor of the Muslim clerics. His words no doubt were inspiring those in attendence to go out and kill the infidels.
    I think this clip should be shown on the tv news programs.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  25. says

    I have too seen the rave video. Hitting one self, self punishment is the shitte way of showing devotion to their prophet ali who was killed in battle. to this day they still grieve for that murderous maniac. thus the crying, hitting, cutting, and other various self punishment.

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    Pelayo that travesty in Minnesota, and the other in Detroit as well as many others, combined with the travesty in the White House and those travesties in Congress is the reason that I stopped registering to vote after Goldwater lost the election.

    There is absolutely no person in any party that I could in all good conscience vote for, the closest, the very closest (depending on Issues) would be Ron Paul or Tancredo..the rest of them are vermin.

    Politics is a cesspool (and Washington the biggest and smelliest of all) and we all know what rises to the top in a cesspool.