Fitzgerald: Paying for the stupidity of others

“One day, my professor even had us act out the five pillars of Islam in class…”
— from this article about the teaching of Islam at Butler University

This is a dead giveaway. The focus is on what is hardly doctrine, but essentially, for Infidels, the utterly trivial rituals of worship. They are trivial because they are seemingly devoid of ideological content.

Who would object if some people in some religion or cult pray five times a day? Or once? Or twenty? Who would object to those people prostrating themselves toward Mecca without knowing the significance of this in making Islam a vehicle for Arab imperialism? Who would object, unless they understand the ferocious collectivism of the prayers, and especially of the Friday Prayers, and especially of the sermons (khutbas) at those Friday Prayers? And who would object to the hajj, unless you knew exactly what was done at the hajj, the primitive pagan worship, the throwing of stones at a pillar that symbolizes not merely Evil, but the evil embodied in the Unbeliever. And why should you object to Ramadan? Or to the giving of zakat — but only to fellow Muslims, unless by occasionally giving to Unbelievers that furthers the cause of Islam (see bin Talal’s check ostentatiously handed over to Giuliani just after 9.11.2001)?
No, the “acting out” of the Five Pillars — it’s the kind of thing one would assume might be tried on Third-Graders in their World Religions unit on Islam (and there too it would be unacceptable, but at least, as a pedagogic tool, not out of place). But instead, we encounter it in a college course. This is, among other things, an attempt to focus the attention of students on the trivial and not what matters — not on the view of the world that divides it uncompromisingly between Believer and Infidel and requires endless hostility between the two until all obstacles to the spread of Islam are removed. And those obstacles are interpreted to mean any attempt to retain one’s own ways and beliefs, as anything that is other than complete appeasement and abasement. In this way, Dar al-Islam will simply take over whatever still remains of Dar al-Harb, the Domain or House of War, where Islam does not yet dominate, and Muslims do not yet rule, as they ultimately must.

What the teacher does not teach, because he is so busy with this acting out of the Five Pillars, is what is most important. The business of where the Qur’an is to be placed sickens, of course, but is not the main thing.

What is on the syllabus? What does the teacher say? Other faculty members, with heads on their shoulders, should take a much greater interest in what is taught — or not taught — about Islam. And that is true at Butler, at Columbia, at Harvard, and everywhere that, in a display of criminally negligent behavior, administrators and faculty have allowed the apologists to completely dominate the teaching, the transmission, of knowledge about Islam — at the very moment when all of our lives, and certainly all of our policies, depend on an intelligent and widespread apprehension (in both senses) of Islam.

Soviet schools taught children to do all kinds of things in support of the reigning orthodoxy. One was to turn in all those whom the little schoolgirls in braids, and the boys in their caps, had heard making anti-Soviet remarks. Thus the famous story of Pavel Morozov, who turned in his own parents for punishment. There used to be statues to him everywhere; I saw one myself in Minsk.

Now some schools have taken it upon themselves to teach another kind of orthodoxy, and that orthodoxy appears to be that which will encourage a false and dangerous — because utterly misleading — view of Islam. And if done at an early age, it will have an effect.

This kind of propaganda, even if undertaken only by those who are hideously naive (and so a menace to the rest of us, who may have to pay the civilizational price for the naivete and received ideas of others — “all religions are good” or “all people want the same thing” or “if only we understand each other there will be no wars” or “(fill in here the stupidity of your choice).”

I don’t want to pay for the stupidity of others. I’ve already given — at the office, the university, every damn place. I’m tired of it.

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    Indoctrination via the educational system. The Islamaniacs have learned well from Stalin and Hitler. Get them fast and get them young and then exploit the mind controlled adult to the hilt. We’re in for one hell of a time if this sort of insanity isn’t stopped.

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    Absolutely right Hugh. We are all paying for the stupidity of others. All I can say is that my two sons are going to be well versed in the dangers of Islam.

    They are too young to understand now, but they are the future and we need to stop this kind of lunacy that keeps spreading through our educational system.

    These types of moral relativists with little or no knowledge of what they are saying have been poisoning western society for too long now.

    As you stated on jihad watch we need to find someone with the capability to send books like “The Truth About Muhammed” to the appropriate institutions and educate our society with actual knowledge, not touchy feely mythology.


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    These insanities are deeply entrenched in the academic class. Because of the decades-old attempt to render any worldview other than hard materialism indefensible (including Christianity), there is now a reluctance on the part of academia to admit that the current conflict goes beyond simple geopolitics.

    I shudder to think what sort of cataclysm it will take to rouse them from this kind of fantasizing.

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    I decided my temper was too touchy and my nerve too delicate to attend the university, but if I had someone else paying for it (the ridiculous is that you have to PAY to attend this crap) it would have turned REAL ugly for some professors.

    Of course I would never get the degree, cos the liberal professor are fascists.

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    We had to read a part of the Koran for a World Literature class at City College, Part of City University of New York. This was 1990. I refused to do it. So instead the instructor had me write a 2-3 page report on the Communist Manifesto.

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    Oh, I think Islam could give a few pointers to Stalin and Hitler on how to get them younger and more thoroughly, how to sacralize violence, and a few other things leading to much greater longevity of islam vs Hitler’s and Stalin’s amateur experiments.

    There is still a possibility, I think, to show the public opinion the danger of jihad and sharia ideology in a similar light as the communist ideology was seen, as calling for overthrow of our government and installation of the inhumane regime (sharia) already in power in many states.

    And yes, Hugh, Pavlik (diminutive of Pavel) Morozov was the preeminent child saint of the communist pantheon; most of the Young Pioneers school-level organizations were named after him.
    Btw, the martyr’s dad managed to hang him on his Young Pioneer red tie just before the Reds got the whole family.

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    I had the opportunity today, while reviewing the state of the art in receiving television over the internet, to view a few minutes of the Islam Channel, from the UK. (

    It was enlightenting, if dreary. (Only a profound sense of duty to educate oneself could keep an infidel tuned to such incondite and soporific ramblings for any length of time.)

    The first fright in watching the particular call-in show that I happened upon is that the callers all seemed to be british women, not middle eastern. Of course, the show was in english so the audience is largely self-selecting, but the fact remains that an english-language call-in show, with a title–judging by its content–of something like “Haram or Halal,” ACTUALLY FINDS AN AUDIENCE!

    But the main lesson was simply a reaffirmation of the Hugh Fitzgeraldism that Islam is “Total Regulation of Life.” The poor women were calling in to ask such questions as:

    1) Am I permitted to consume vinegar, say in a salad dressing? (A: YES)
    2) Am I permitted to dye my hair? (A: If it is grey and displeasing to the husband, yes, for any other reason, no. For men, only if you need to for purposes of warfare.)
    3) May I pluck my eyebrows? (A: You may pluck if you REALLY NEED TO PLUCK in order to please your husband, but not for any other reason. And if you have perfectly reasonable eyebrows, it is an offense to God to pluck them further.)
    4) My husband’s job is rated as low income on some kind of UK government tax schedule, but my husband receives much of his income in cash, so we he actually makes more than is allowed by that bracket. Can we apply for the child care credits that we are officially eligible for even if our true income is too great? (A: No. There are auditors that may catch you and this would reflect badly on muslims and Islam. Even in the infidel states, this type of fraud is not permitted.)

    It was interesting how he threaded the needle on the last one. Kind of made you wonder what the answer sounds like in arabic.

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    Like in Stalinist Russia, anyone who questioned the genius of the regime was sent to Gulag, or execution. Where do Islamists send their dissenters? In their own minds they send us infidels or their apostates to hell, but in reality they would wish to send us all to death. Same difference. We mustn’t let them. Stalinism fell. If we do not foolishly empower it, so will Islam.It doesn’t matter Islam’s been around for 1400 years. It’s ripe for the fall. We know it, and I suspect that deep down they they know it too, hopelessly out of date. Stopping the stupidity, we will win.

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    indeed, and Bat Ye’or in her “Islam and Dhimmitude” delineates the relationship between the massacre of Armenians in Turkey during WW1 and Shoah; apparently Hitler explicitly mentioned the Armenians as an example that a state can do this sort of thing and the rest of the world will just let it happen.
    Birds of a feather…