Minneapolis-St. Paul drops plans to institute Sharia

An update to this story. I think much of the credit must be given to Daniel Pipes for this welcome bit of anti-dhimmitude.

“Airport drops plan to mark liquor-free cabs: Backlash derails effort for different-colored light atop Muslim-driven taxis,” by Tad Vezner in The Pioneer Press, with thanks to RB:

Two weeks ago, Twin Cities airport officials were firming up plans to allow many Muslim taxi drivers “” staunchly opposed to transporting passengers carrying alcohol of any sort “” to alert potential fares of their beliefs with a different-colored light atop their cabs.

After a barrage of negative feedback, they’ve decided to scrap the idea.

“Since then, we’ve heard from Australia and England. It’s really touched a nerve among a lot of people. The backlash, frankly, has been overwhelming,” said Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan. “People are overwhelmingly against any kind of cultural accommodation.”

About 80 percent of the airport’s taxis are driven by Somalis, who are commonly Muslim, Hogan said. The Quran, Islam’s holy book, strictly forbids carrying alcohol. The result: Such drivers refuse to carry passengers and are sent to the back of the cab line “” typically a three-hour wait.

The plan, which proposed a $40 light that drivers could buy and a two-tiered pickup system, went so far as to be placed on paper. But nobody signed the papers, and the program never went into effect, Hogan said.

Airport officials responded to the backlash from passengers, and taxi drivers feared the publicity would make people avoid taxis altogether.

Interviews with about a dozen cabbies at the airport Tuesday night indicated that Muslim drivers intend to continue to stand by their religious beliefs and not transport passengers carrying alcohol.

“It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be really tough, I don’t know what’s going to be next,” said Ali Abdi of St. Paul. “We have the right (to refuse to transport alcohol). We are still human being(s).”

A couple went so far as to say they view the backlash as unfairly targeting Somalis and Muslims.

Sure. Fairness would have dictated that the dhimmis meekly accept the imposition of a Sharia provision in a Minnesota airport, and put up with both the inconvenience it caused and the precedent it set without complaint. It is unfair targeting of Muslims to dare to ask that they abide by American laws and mores.

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  1. says

    A couple went so far as to say they view the backlash as unfairly targeting Somalis and Muslims.

    Aw, what a shame. Go back to Mogadishu and carry weapons instead. I guess that’s OK but carrying booze is a no-no. Pretty funny stuff that Mo came up with.

  2. says

    Can I have a lift in you cab?
    Do you have alcohol?
    I’m not driving you
    Well get to the back of that taxi queue then sucker.

    Repeat as necessary.

  3. says

    It seems that the ‘whiskey rebellion’ has been put to bed for now, with no appeasement for the time being. If a cabbie doesn’t want to haul a passenger, go to the end of the line. No fare is one less dollar to CAIR.

    I wonder if pig skin suede clothing, little foo-foo dogs in large purses or fare requests for Porky’s (pork tenderloin heaven) will be the next offense to Moslem sensibilities. I guess a ride to the liquor store would be pushing it.

  4. says

    Take THAT!

    Got to love it. Minnesota, the historical land of the Lutherans in American. Denmark is also a Lutheran state. Is there a connection, considering how few Lutherans there are in the world at large?

    Don’t remind me about Sweden. Abba screwed them up.

  5. says

    “The Quran, Islam’s holy book, strictly forbids carrying alcohol.”

    Wait a hold it!

    I cannot find any chapter or verse in the Qur’an which prohibits a Muslim from transporting alcoholic beverages.

    Has anyone challenged the reporter’s assertion?

    His email address is:


    I believe that both he and the cabbies are mistaken, and such myths should be politely addressed.

  6. says

    We can ignore them and choose not to take their cabs. If they can refuse to take a passenger, we all can also refuse to set foot in their smelly cabs. I would rather take the airport shuttle – as long the the driver is non-muslim. Let thse e arrogant fools feel the loss of fares.
    They are giving us the opportunites to fight back.

  7. says

    “We have the right (to refuse to transport alcohol). We are still human being(s).” said the mahometan imbecile.
    Take a look at your cab license. It is a contract. You can do any damn thing your imam tells you to do, on your own time in your own car.

  8. says

    Well, I’ve got one for the muslim cab drivers.

    I don’t want to ride with YOU!

    That’s exactly what I was thinking, americaningermany. Even though I wouldn’t arrive at an airport with booze (I prefer to patronize our local, well stocked liquor store), the gall of Muslims as they try to impose THEIR Sharia values on us, while moaning and groaning about having to conform to the values of the Infidel lands they moved too is so typical of their feelings of superiority. And they don’t see hyprocrisy of it either.

  9. says

    No muslims. No thanks.

    Posted by: americaningermany at October 11, 2006 02:30 PM

    Yes! Passangers have a right to give / not give their business wherever they want. Muslims cannot have my business. period.

  10. says

    Strange – In Britain Muslim shopkeepers sell alcohol and porn mags both forbidden in Islam. I think the mullahs over here say its OK as long as they only sell both to infidels who are going to hell anyway.

    BTW one of the problems hotels in or near muslim areas have is a Muslim kid taking a room for a night so he and his friends can get smashed out of their minds. Its a problem because the amount of cleaning they have to do is not worth the charge but to refuse the booking is “racism”.

  11. says

    I actually like the different light idea. Let’s say it’s a blue light. Fine, next time I need a taxi, alcohol or no alcohol, I know what to avoid thank you. I wwouldn’t even need to talk to the driver. I bet the kuffar drivers wouldn’t complain either given the additional business.

  12. says

    I am boycotting any muslim business. (Embarrassed in Minnesota)

    BTW prior to my boycott, being a smoker I purchased cigarettes from three different “Smoke Shops” in my area all of which are owned and operated by muslims. In each of the tree stores they also sell “Drug Paraphernalia.” I would like to know if it is against their phony religion to have anything to do with alcohol how can they sell pipes, bongs etc. that promote illegal drug use. I suppose that it serves there purpose to try to make a stink regarding cabbies and alcohol which is legal to promote there cause, “Sharia Law.” They are such slime!

  13. says

    Actually, I kinda like the idea of them marking themselves…

    I was collecting money for a large, well respected charity in a crowded public place one day. A couple of people from a large, disrespected cult decided to try to collect money near where I was standing. People would look at them, then at me. Then, to snub the cult, they would get the biggest banknote they had and with flourish (so the cultists would see) give it to me. I never collected as much money for that charity as I did that day.

    Non-Muslim cabbies would no doubt have trouble keeping up with demand if Muslim cabs were so marked….

  14. says

    PRCS, I have read some opinions on some Islamic websites, and the opinion of most mullahs is that it is a sin to aid sin. It is an Islamic sin to work in a western style bank, work in a liquor store, work in a video store, etc etc ad nauseum.

    If they don’t want to carry a passenger who is also carrying liquor, let them go to the end of the line and wait three hours. Let ’em starve for all I care.

  15. says

    Has anyone noted that THEIR shari’a values, in this case, are not rooted in either Qur’an or hadith?

    Shouldn’t this be a golden opportunity to challenge the cabbies, and the reporter, to demonstrate where such a prohibition is prescribed?

    Isn’t this a wonderful opportunity to expose the Muslim cab driver’s ignorance of Islam?

    Isn’t this a great opportunity to remind the American public that many Muslims don’t really know much about Islam?

    Ain’t this a grand opportunity to foster doubt in the public’s mind about what Muslims tell them about Islam?

  16. says


    Didn’t realize you were responding while I was keyboarding.

    I could be wrong, but the Islamic sin of drinking alcoholic beverages does not apply to non-Muslims.

    How do you understand it?

  17. says


    Since the campaign started in 2002, sexual assaults in illegal minicabs have fallen from an average of 18 a month to 10 a month currently. There has been a reduction in the usage of illegal cabs by women from 19 per cent in September 2003 to four per cent in February 2006.

    The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said: “The Safer Travel at Night campaign has successfully bought together key agencies to tackle the issue of illegal minicabs in London.

    “Sexual attacks by minicab touts have fallen as a result of our work to license the minicab trade, as well as warning the public of the dangers of taking these illegal cabs, and by providing alternative late night travel choices.


    any chance that the illegal cabs in london are of “asians”?

  18. says

    “Strange – In Britain Muslim shopkeepers sell alcohol and porn mags both forbidden in Islam. I think the mullahs over here say its OK as long as they only sell both to infidels who are going to hell anyway.”

    Simple. They are hypocritical.

    And they hope we all end up corrupted and join their cult because we fear.

  19. says

    A little sharia here, a little sharia there… a separate swimming day for women here, a special taxi there… THIS is the battleground and we cannot give an inch.

    Incidentally, 80% of cab drivers in the Twin Cities are Somalis? and the other 20% – some of them might be Moslem too! This didn’t happen by sheer chance.

    Pressure, low key threats, monopolization, ganging up to drive out non-Moslems. “I think you better approve this loan if you know what’s good for you…” That sort of thing. You NEVER have such an ethnic domination without some form of pressure.

  20. says

    Let them decline fares for religous purposes I say

    AND go to the back of the Line.

    Cab is the next up, if it declines a fare it must leave that parking position and go to the back of the taxi line.

  21. says

    I cannot find any chapter or verse in the Qur’an which prohibits a Muslim from transporting alcoholic beverages.
    Kinda reminds one of the Piglet flap back in England last year.

    Images of Pigs had to be hidden to avoid offending Muslims.
    Funny thing is no mention was ever made of Dogs which are SEVEN times more unclean than Pigs.

    I remember getting a nice plug in Cox & Forkum’s Perils Before Swine on that issue

    for First Piglet Then Lassie?????????

    PS thanks to all the folks from here dropping by my blog, jihadwatch just passed littlegreenfootballs hit count on my sitemeter stats. 😉

  22. says

    PRCS, it sure is hard to know what other people are posting. When I surf websites like AskImam.com or IslamOnLine, I get the idea that it is not proper to act like an infidel. Several opinions have been stated exactly like that. Even though an being infidel is a sin of itself, its not proper to help us commit any more Islamic sins. There was one opinion that said it was sinful for a Muslin to work in a video store even though most, if not all, customers were non-Muslim

  23. says

    if the cabbie asks if you’ve got alcohol, why not just say “no”? if he asks to see the bottle, tell him it’s cooking oil and your religion forbids non-believers from looking at the bottle.

  24. says


    Yes, I have often wondered about sexual assaults by cab drivers in Britain. About 5 years ago the number of rapes by taxi drivers called Mohammed was so frequent people were beginning to notice. Talking generally an old man asked me “Have you seen all these girls being raped? A young woman said, “You NEVER get into a taxi on your own!” She was only surprised I did not know.

    About then there was the famous case of the alleged rape of the Swedish TV presenter by the sex mad Scottish TV presenter. No names, but no charges were brought and quite conveniently it was decided that men accused of rape should be granted the same anonymity as women. So not having the names we cannot tell the ethnicity of alleged rapists.

    However if you look on the web you should find the figures for Scandinavia were the PC clampdown has yet to take full effect. The authorities there are trying to keep it quiet but if it is any guide Danish muslims were quoted as 4% of the population but account for 80% of the rapes.

    Red Ken and the Met will know the answer for London but I doubt they will give it.

  25. says

    Robert says he does not boycott Muslim businesses. I think we can do one better. Let them boycott us. It should drive them right out of business and into the welfare office again. Well, they are probably collecting welfare while they work.

    Anyways, approach a cab driver or smoke shop pwner or whatever business the Muslim owns and say, “I am an apostate of Islam. Do you want my business?” If he says get out, call a lawyer, the MSM and the local better business bureau.

    With this approach, they are discriminating against you. Put the onus back on them and we can show the world their true colours.

    Otherwise, sorry Robert, but i boycott as best i can.

  26. says

    These psychos don’t get it! We each and all have the right to practice our religion. If I were a devout Muslim (GOD forbid!!!), I certainly would not obtain employment in a situation that would compromise my religion.
    A generic American diner who refused to serve meat on a Friday would either go out of business or attract the Catholic and Orthodox crowd.
    Some Jews handle pork in stores and restaurants. They don’t care. They’ve made adjustments. Other Jews might denounce them. Oh well.
    It just seems clear that Muslims have no place outside of sharia-land.
    One thought puzzles me: If the whole world were to convert to Islam, who would fill all the murderer vacancies? I mean, just who would do all the killing? I do realize that the whole world would be in squalor and education and culture would die out.

    Alcohol/multiculturalism humor:
    What’s the difference between Baptists and Catholics?
    Catholics greet one another in the liquor store.

  27. says

    Fred wrote:

    Strange – In Britain Muslim shopkeepers sell alcohol and porn mags both forbidden in Islam.

    We had a nasty series of incidents here in Oakland, California late last year. (Oakland is right across the bay from San Francisco.) A lot of Oakland is really lovely–Lake Merritt, wooded hills, lots of artists and writers, great restaurants, cafes and bookstores. But parts of the city are also gritty and dangerous, with a disturbingly high crime rate.

    A lot of rougher neighborhoods lack proper supermarkets, but have plenty of corner liquor stores. I have pretty mixed feelings about these places. Often they are the only places for locals to buy bread and milk without taking long trips. A lot of their customers are also school children buying chips or popsicles.

    But the profit margin at these stores is pretty small, so almost all of them also sell liquor, cigarettes, soft porn mags and lottery tickets. A lot of them attract drug dealers and other kinds of criminals, especially at night.

    Years ago, most of those running liquor stores were Italian, then Greek, then African Americans. Usually these are new immigrants who get out of the business, which is low-profit and dangerous (lots of robberies), as soon as they have put away some money.

    Today most of these shop keepers in Oakland are Yemeni.

    + + +

    We have an offshoot of the Nation of Islam which owns Black Muslim Bakeries here in Oakland, which was run by the late Yusef Bey. This guy was pretty nasty. In addition to the usual Black Muslim rhetoric about “White Devils” and advocating the oppression of women, Bey was also found to be a pedophile (what a surprise!) who impregnated a whole slew of girls as young as thirteen, then threatened them and their resultant children to keep them quiet. He was also suspected of violence against rivals in the organization. Bey was finally apprehended and going to trial when he died of cancer.

    This led to a murderous power struggle in his organization between various sons and others that resulted in several killings and at least one unsolved disappearance.

    The eventual new leader decided he needed a fresh cause, and went with a cadre of thugs late last year to attack one of the local small liquor stores, breaking up display cases, destroying merchandise and visably menacing the proprietor. It was all caught on the store’s video tape. With all of the vandals dressed in trademark suits and bow ties, it wasn’t hard to trace the perpetrators. They said they did it becauseit it is “unlawful” for Muslims to sell alcohol.

    They went after several other stores in the same manner in the next few days. Finally, the whimsically named New York Market was torched, and the owner kidnapped. He turned up in a neighboring city, terrified, locked in the trunk of a car. Technically, this crime has not been solved, but nobody doubts who was responsible. I drove by the store a few weeks ago, and it is still boarded up and abandoned.

    Insanely, several members of the Oakland City Council, instead of condemning this unprovoked violence, joined in, condemning the shopkeepers instead. They (non-Muslims all) repeated the charge that these people should not be selling liquor. As I noted above, some of these shops do attract undesireable elements, but I should think it would be obvious that vandalism, threats, arson and kidnapping are the greater crimes. It is not illegal to run a liquor store here.

    All of this is still pending in the courts.

    I found that JW/DW did cover an aspect of this story. Here goes:


  28. says

    Look, if it’s just a matter of telling your wife not to offer to shake hands with an orthodox Jew (his fear of touching a woman who is niddah) or keeping pork off the table when there are Jewish or Muslim guests you don’t know very well, or asking discretely about alchohol if there are certain stripes of Evangelicals in the house, I can live with it. It’s a simple matter of respecting your neighbors.

    But the imposition of Sharia on an American city? Pfui!

  29. says

    This is absolutely absurd. Muslims are required simply not to consume alcohol; there is NOTHING in their religion forbidding them from transporting alcohol. “What’s next?” is a good quesiton indeed. There have already been many incidences in Britain of Muslim cabdrivers refusing to allow animals of any kind in their cabs, even animals in carriers, tiny lap dogs, or certified assistant dogs. Where does it exactly say in the Koran, “Thou shalt not transport dogs nor liquor in thy cab?” Who are the sick religious “leaders” brainwashing these people to the point that they are refusing the paying customers that put bread on their tables? I’ve been driven around by many Muslim cab drivers in Toronto and elsewhere, often loaded down with bottles of wine to celebrate the Christmas season. Yes, and I’ve un-selfconsciously wished them a merry Christmas too, while handing them a generous tip, and none of them have ever thrown it back in my face. And I’ve transported cats to and from the vet in cabs driven by those same drivers, with nary an objection raised. These are not the drivers they are talking about in Minnesota; this is a completely new kind of Muslim we are talking about here.

  30. says

    Yes this very welcome that the Sharia crowd has had a set-back and it is very hearting to see the public reaction to this non-sense. That being said I think that there will more to this story, there is definietly going to be lawsuits and the fact of the matter is that the end of the day cabs are still prettty much a Muslim monopoly here.Cair is going come to town and tell us how big a bunch of filthy Islamophobes we are.

    As I mentioned in a post yesterday, the Somalis here are huge in number (I have heard and read that there are about 35,000 of them here and growing.) and aggressive and they aren’t and don’t take no for an answer. And God forbid Keith Ellison being elected to Congress it will get worse. He has been very much campaigning among the Somalis in Minneapolis. There is several large Somali bizaars or markets and he has been out making promises to the Ummah. They are pushing this because they know or think that we are weak here in Minnesota and that they have the numbers to begin demanding and enforcing their ways.

  31. says

    “This is absolutely absurd. Muslims are required simply not to consume alcohol; there is NOTHING in their religion forbidding them from transporting alcohol.”

    I tried to explain in a previous posting that Muslims are not to “aid in sin.” Even though kuffars are sinners to begin with, Muslims are not allowed to help us commit more sin. Several Islamic opinions have been written stating that it is forbidden to work in video stores, where alcohol is sold, in savings and loan banks, or music stores, or every other place that commits Islamic sin. So, a Muslim is allegedly aiding in sin when he transports a kuffar (one of us) with alcohol. However, a passenger with groceries containing a pound of bacon, or a music CD, or wearing pig skin shoes is also committing sin. This is called a “find out what irritates a non-Muslim and do it” attitude.

  32. says

    This is off-topic, but is a head shaking example of dhimmitude. I regret I only found this out today, after doing some research on Freddie Mercury, lead singer for Queen. Freddie, whose real name was Farrokh Bulsara, and was raised a Zoroastrian, was to be honored in his native Zanzibar, posthumously on his 60th birthday, for his life’s achievement.

    Until the muslims got wind of it.

    In August 25, 2006, an organization calling itself the Islamic Mobilization and Propogation, or UAMSHO, petitioned the Zanzibar government’s culture ministry, demanding that a large-scale celebration of what would have been Freddie Mercury’s sixtieth birthday be cancelled.

    UAMSHO had several complaints about the planned celebrations, including that Mercury was not a Muslim, had a homosexual lifestyle that was not in accordance with the laws of Islam, was not a true Zanzibari, and that ‘associating Mercury with Zanzibar degrades our island as a place of Islam. The planned celebration was cancelled.

    So, for all you anti-jihadists out there, and for all you rockers, raise a belated toast to Freddie, and blast your Queen anthems from the rooftops.

  33. says

    We have the right (to refuse to transport alcohol)…

    Not so. These activist Moslem cabbies have a contract with the City of Mpls in the form of their hack licenses issued to them by the MPD. I know the guy who used to run the License Enforcement Division of the MPD, and he told a story or two of how one could lose his medallion. You must follow the terms & conditions or you are de-licensed. Indeed, transporting drunks is a mission specified to hacks, a mission actively promoted to drinkers in several advertising venues.

    If there were equal protection under the law, the MPD would set up stings wherin undercover posing as downtown revelers and airport duty free booze purchasers at MSP approach cabs and, when refused service, tow in the Moslem activist’s cab (purchased with SBA taxpayer dollars), issue a ticket to the activist, and pull his hack license pulled on the spot, leaving him in the dark of night to hitch-hike to his HUD Section 8 home to complain to his HHS Medicaid beneficiary Moslima wife(s) and many young MosleMites.

    Thank you Karl. And thank you Lutheran Synod for bringing them here. Thank you both so terribly, terribly much.

    610 * 623 * 732 * 1066 * 1215 * 1453 * 1492 * 1683 * 1928 * 1938 * 1948 * 1996 * 2001

    Having dealt with RT, I guarantee you he’s on the phone with the Minneapolis Airport Commissioner working hard, so hard, for his tax-mooch Somali constituents, 100% of whom voted for his deluded Marxist white ass.

  34. says

    Just thought of something. Would these Muslims also refuse to carry people wearing shirts or caps advertising alcohol or beer?

    On an related note, this one Muslim Indian I know owns a liquor store. Though I fancy him to be a cultural Muslim and not really religious. The only Muslim thing he does is not eat pork. Sometimes I wonder if he’s actually an atheist but says he’s Muslim for business or cultural reasons.

  35. says

    Sharia controls. Dear Moslem taxi drivers, it is strictly forbidden to transport an infidel. Cabbies, change your profession now. And Allah knows best.

  36. says

    These psychos don’t get it! We each and all have the right to practice our religion. If I were a devout Muslim (GOD forbid!!!), I certainly would not obtain employment in a situation that would compromise my religion.

    Posted by: Sansantiago at October 11, 2006 07:51 PM

    I personally know a man who turned down a $25,000 US raise and a promotion because it would have required him to work on Sunday. He chose to avoid being in the situation rather than take the position and then claim he was being victimized/harassed/discriminated against.

  37. says

    In a post I did on the Piglet Flap last year

    First Piglet Then Lassie?????????

    I have a link to a list, (correction that link doesn’t work) of Najjis (unclean) things.

    ,84. * The following ten things are essentially najis:

    Dead body
    Alcoholic liquors
    The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat.

    anyone see alcohol there?

    I don’t

    I do see that Kaffirs are Unclean, that happens to be US, so why are they letting unclean Infidels into their cabs, but not alcohol?

  38. says

    Duh yes alcohol is najjis was in too much a hurry. So the booze is unclean and the person carrying the booze if not a Muslim is unclean.

    That simplifies matters, Muslim Cab drivers can only carry Muslims.

  39. says

    Further musings from the land of 10,000 dhimmis.

    There is another very real explanation why the Metropolitan Airports Commission MAC) chose to scrap the colored light solution. DHS’s recent restriction on transporting liquids as carry-on items has rendered the issue largely moot, thus allowing the MAC to avoid a politically charged decision.

    The airport taxi story has received a great deal of coverage in the Twin Cities and there was a related story that has not received as much attention. A local television reporter aired a story of a transgender woman who has been routinely denied service by what was described as Muslim taxi operators.

    And in yet another case reported in the St. Cloud Times, a group of nine Muslims at a Cold Spring, MN poultry processing plant are suing, in part, because the company is not providing enough short breaks to allow them to pray at work. The Human Resources director of the facility is quoted in the article explaining that the plant has made accommodations since 2003 for Muslim employees in an effort to provide them with opportunities to pray and just recently, prior to the lawsuit, has made further changes to allow a greater opportunity for prayer in the workplace.


    My point is, don’t look upon the MAC decision as evidence that civil authorities are necessarily standing up to the demands of political Islam. Rather, it is just the opposite. In these situations government and companies will seek to limit costs of litigation or potentially bad publicity by accommodating “rights” beyond those of other religions. I doubt the St. Cloud case makes it to trial. In all likelihood the company will surrender to their demands. Muslims will secure the “right” to pray on the company dime all the while their fellow Muslims will be free to discriminate at the taxi stand.

  40. says

    What seems strangely missing from this story is that while most of the drivers may be Muslims, how many of them actually own the cabs they drive or the licenses to operate cabs?

    Maybe Minnie-St. Paul’s is very different from Toronto, but in my hometown, most of the cabbies only have licenses to drive cab. The vehicles and the taxi licenses are usually owned by fleet owners and “plate owners” respectively, and the switchboard/dispatch by yet another commercial interest. So, by refusing fares, and sitting idle while waiting for passengers who don’t have any duty-free booze in their baggage, these pious drivers aren’t only passing up income for themselves, they are damaging the economic interests of others who are obliged to abide by human rights legislation and not refuse to employ these Sharia freaks.

    I’ve also heard of an incident where a Sharia freak cabbie denying service to a legally blind woman with a seeing-eye dog.

    Years ago, a law teacher noted that “the more rights you have, the fewer rights I have”.

  41. says

    “I’ve also heard of an incident where a Sharia freak cabbie denying service to a legally blind woman with a seeing-eye dog. ”

    Dogs are considered to be the Most Unclean thing under Islamic strictures of Najis.

    Seven times more unclean than say Pigs

    For touching a dog, they must wash 7 times one must be an earth scrub.

    For other unclean items only once.

    By the way, Non-Muslims are as Unclean as Pigs and Alcohol. We need to accomadate their religous sensitivities and tell them they do not need to be driving cabs.

  42. says

    What I don’t understand is the thing about music stores. Hopefully, someone can explain to me the sharia laws that forbid music. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this issue, but it leads me to many questions.

  43. says

    “What I don’t understand is the thing about music stores. Hopefully, someone can explain to me the sharia laws that forbid music. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this issue, but it leads me to many questions. ”
    Posted by: americanmadestrat

    It’s not your fault you’re confused. Some Islamic societies have tolerated many forms of music, including Western music. Some tolerate only their own indigenous music. Some tolerate indigenous religious music, but not secular music – eg., no love songs. And some, like the Taliban, ban music altogether. No harmonias, no recorders, no drums, no singing… nada. There is no all-encompassing “Islamic” policy re. music, any more than there is a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or Jewish one. But it is a fact that the hard-line Islamist, or the “Sharia freaks” as they are accurately termed, tend toward the zero-tolerance end of the music spectrum. Hence their unwillingness to work in music stores, and their discouragement of other Muslims from doing so. Need I reiterate – places like these have employed Muslims for decades, without any apparent damage to their religious identity. It’s only recently that the hard-liners have started to make an issue of something that never was an issue before.

    Am I the only one seeing unpleasant parallels in all this to what was happening in the Canadian Sikh community twenty years ago?

  44. says

    Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said

    People are overwhelmingly against any kind of cultural accommodation.

    That’s an odd way to put it. It is the Muslims who are unwilling to make cultural accomodations after they moved from Somalia to Minnesota.

    But this spokesman says that we infidels are the ones who are unwilling to accomodate the Somalis’ unwillingness to accomodate our culture. It takes some convoluted thinking to make it appear that we infidels are the ones being unreasonable and strict.

  45. says

    Another opinion from AskImam.com
    I’ll not put the question in, the answer explains the question


    Answer 14031 2005-03-17

    It is permissible for a Muslim to sell an item to a non-Muslim in an un-Islamic state or to accept a gift from him or to work for him in lieu of a wage even though his (non-Muslim’s) income is derived through unlawful means such as interest, gambling etc.

    Similarly, it is permissible for a Muslim to transport a non-Muslim to which ever place he wishes to go, even if it may be a casino or bar etc., as he enters these places on his own accord and one cannot apply the rules of Shari’ah on a non-Muslim residing in an un-Islamic state. However, in a case where the passenger is a Muslim and it is known that he wishes to go to such places, than it would be better not to transport him to such places. (Imdaadul Ahkaam, Vol. 4, Page 386)

    Mufti Muhammad Ashraf

    I’ll modify my previous posting on this subject. By extrapolation, it is OK for a muslim to transport an infidel with hootch is his/her pocket/purse.

    It appears that some hack drivers are hijacking a peaceful, tolerant religion. cough cough

  46. says

    angloirishslav; – Thank you for the explaination, I guess I can’t get over the hypocrisy. If I’m not mistaken, some “charitable foundations” set up booths at music festivals to collect monetary gifts from the concert goers. I wish I wasn’t so messed up, and had taken more note in my younger days. But in my foggy recollection, I could’ve sworn to remember some muslim cause, struggle somewhere.