Ohio: Parents Claim Discrimination Against Christian Students

In Mason, Ohio, as well as in many other places around the country, religious observance suddenly appears to be acceptable in public schools, after decades of court rulings against it — provided, that is, that the religious people in question are Muslim. “Parents Claim Discrimination Against Christian Students,” from WCPO.com, with thanks to Janet Levy:

Some Mason residents are claiming their school district is discriminating against Christian students, and giving special treatment to Muslim students.

The accusations came after office space was made available to two students who were observing Ramadan.

District leaders said they set aside the space so Muslim students who were fasting for Ramadan didn’t have to be in the cafeteria during lunchtime.

They said the students could have prayed in that room if they wanted to.

Some say that decision is favoring one religion over another.

Sharon Poe and Mason School Board Member Jennifer Miller said public schools like Mason High School are forcing Christianity out of the hallways.

Examples they give include the fact that Easter break is now called Spring break.

And nativity scenes are also not allowed on school grounds.

They claim that Christian students are being discriminated against.

They argue that if Christian students can’t share their religion at school, no one should be able to.

Sharon Poe is a Mason resident.

“I want to make sure that it is being fair for every religious group in the school. We can’t stipulate that’s what’s good for one is not good for another. This is a public education facility.”

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    Agreed. And it would be good if other religious groups, such as Jews and anyone else (dunno the religious mix at Mason) would speak up as well, so that it can’t be spun by the MSM as Christian vs others.

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    Hurray ! At last people are beginning to speak out. It seems simple – either schools allow expression of all religions, or none. Perhaps every school could – and should, given the state of the world today – offer a course which studies all religions, explaining the basic beliefs of each. One would hope this would lead to more tolerance and understanding, two attributes which are in short supply these days !

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    Either every religion is given equal time in public schools or none of them are.

    Supposing that religion is eventually given equal time (doubtful), then it should be on equal footing . . .exposed only as the faith is currently practiced – that would certainly leave the mohammedan faithful tap dancing their way around the rape jihad / of western women, jihad du jour, misogyny, female genital mutilation (graphic content warning)as accepted under mohammedan law, and draw direct lines to their sacred texts which outline muhammed as ‘uswa hasana al-insan al-kamil’ (their prophet’s excellent example for all mankind).

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    The Christian parents will win this lawsuit if federal law is followed. If the school wanted to avoid this controversy, they could mandate that any student skipping lunch for any reason be accommodated in a study hall. This would include Jews on Yom Kippur or Orthodox Christians during lent (vegetarian food is rare in most school lunchrooms) or just any kid who wasn’t hungry. It is by making the accommodation specific to only one group that the school is in violation.

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    I notice from the original site that there was a picture of someone’s cross; as in, a cross necklace.

    Now, why would that picture be up on the source site?

    Could it be that it was banned, too?

    My prophesy says: yes.

    Prophet Geoff

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    Hello everyone,
    I am from Cincinnati which is 30-45 minutes south of Mason.

    Mason is an old farming community that has been up and coming in the last 5-7 years. Lots of new development adn growth.

    With this growth, there comes new, younger folks moving in. With that, muslims have found a place to live in a quiet community to practice islam freely. And if they choose so, slowly spread jihad/sharia under the guise of tolerance, multiculturism, and so called muslim traditions. In Mason and other areas like West Chester, large pockets of muslims live free to live quietly and/or promote their adgendas. And since the nonmuslims don’t understand all too well the threat from islam, they become more content to accept it adn go back to watering their lawns and having grillouts.

    One thing the muslims may not realize is the heavy Christian and patriotic tones that emminate from the community at large. So their attempts to sneak little things like praying in a public school won’t go unnoticed nor unchallenged. If the Christians and Jews can’t do it in the public schools, then the muslims won’t be allowed to either. The more education that the community recieves at large about the threat of islam, PC, and multiculturism, the less these things will happen.

    -St. Joseph

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    I am an athiest and proud of my enlightenment. I don’t need to believe in a fantacy called god to enjoy my life and be a productive person. I follow the golden rule. It will get you by in this world quite well. I have a problem with no christmas being in our schools. We alway celebrated christmas, but not the birth of jesus. Santa came and it was a time for family to get together and have a good time. We had christmas break because it was christmas. We had easter break because it was easter. Now you cant have halloween, christmas, easter, etc., but it ok to TEACH islam in the grade schools for a month at a time. Why? When did we become a muslim nation? I did not get that memo. They are a tiny minority, trying hard to out breed the rest of us, our only hope is the mexicans. They can really breed too. Muslims want their holidays in our public schools, when we cant even have our traditional ones. To hell with that. When they are here for a couple centuries, then we can talk. Just look at MLK day. Slavery ended 150yrs ago and we just gave King a holiday in the 1990s.

    Our big problem is political correctnes. Fucking 1960s hippies are now running things. Cant make anyone feel offended. That is not in the constitution.


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    Islam is not a religion.
    It’s a war-creed.

    Posted by: Mother Ecclesiastica at October 26, 2006 10:44 AM

    In the mean time, dubya, condi, karen hughes and the ilk are selling America out. Oh.. and those who think Clinton was any better, here is how he sold our children to Islam: http://www.blessedcause.org/clinton.htm

    No matter which party they are from politicians are traitors, selling out Americans while honest and hard-working Americans work to put food on the table, raise kids (who politicians sell-out) and pay taxes (which politicians give-away). So, remember to hold their feet to fire when they come grovelling for your vote….

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    While I am not a christian I still feel that it is disgusting that Islam can crawl into precedentce anywhere within the western world at a cost to christianity.

    Christianity & Judaism are the only religions where evolution has managed to successfully remove mankind’s violent and greedy touch from the doctrines although it took until the industriall revolution for this to occur. As a result Christian attitudes and altruism are at the heart of the benevolence of every western society and should ALWAYS be given precedence over that monstrosity posing as a religion: Islam.

    While we can recognise that other religions have different views NONE have any right to be recognised as a source of holidays, law or human rights etc in western societies.

    However ONLY those religions which have followers who actively condone violence should be both persecuted and prosecuted.

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    I have read stories of bibles being grabbed from students who brought them to school to read. Grabbed by screaming teachers no less.

    And any students that don’t want to eat lunch should work in the office or the library. That’s what my school used to do. Not given a special room. Plenty of kids don’t eat lunch. They just sit and read. Or talk to friends. Or work for the school.