UK: violent Muslim/non-Muslim clashes

Or in the deceptive and misleading racial euphemisms employed by the British press, violent clashes between “whites” and “Asians.” But they don’t mean Norwegians are fighting Hindus from India. “Race clashes hit Windsor,” from the Evening Standard, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

Extra police are being drafted into the Windsor area today after three nights of violent clashes between white and Asian youths.

Gangs have fought battles in the streets using baseball bats and pitchforks. A Muslim-run dairy which wants to build a mosque was petrol bombed.

Dozens of officers have been deployed to stop and search youths and mounted police are being brought in….

Tensions have been growing between residents and the owners of the dairy, who have applied to convert an office building into a mosque for their workers.

Despite a lack of planning permission to use Technor House as a place of worship, workers and visitors have been praying there.

Violence flared for the first time on Monday outside the building in Vale Road in the Dedworth area of Windsor.

There was an altercation between a teenage boy and dairy staff during prayers. It escalated and the windows of several vehicles were smashed.

Amid claims that the boy, his mother and teenage sister were assaulted, up to 50 young people clashed on Tuesday night.

Windows of the makeshift mosque and dairy vehicles were smashed. Residents said gangs of Asian youths travelled from Slough to fight the white gang. One youth was reportedly arrested for carrying a 12-inch knife.

Dairy manager Sikander Khan, 50, said the 50 predominantly Asian workers at the dairy were now worried about their safety.

The firebomb attack took place on Wednesday night. Mr Khan said: “The youths threw a petrol bomb at us.

“The flames damaged the front of the building, but we were able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. Workers are fearful now because we are under attack.”

Nearby, one hooded youth claimed the problems had started after the previous owners, Express Dairies, left.

The 17-year-old said: “I’ve been here all my life and there were no problems with the old owners, they used to give us milk and stuff.

“We have had a couple of fights with this lot before, but now they’re taking it seriously. We want them out of Dedworth.”

Police stopped cars full of white youths and searched them as other officers photographed and videoed them. Several youths hurled racist abuse at the dairy from their cars as police looked on.

A woman living nearby, who did not want to be named, said the trouble started on Monday.

The following night numbers on both sides had swelled and there was largescale brawling.

“On Monday three young lads, about 15 or so, were in Shirley Avenue when the men came out of prayers and attacked them with pitchforks, baseball bats and iron bars,” she said. “Whether they were provoked or not I don’t know.

“I’m worried that if they allow the mosque things will get worse.”

Other residents said that late-night noise from the dairy was driving them out of their homes and they feared a mosque would make things worse.

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  1. says

    Police stopped cars full of white youths and searched them as other officers photographed and videoed them. Several youths hurled racist abuse at the dairy from their cars as police looked on.

    So it will be the non Muslim white population that will bear the brunt of the police action.

    Stupid multiculti dhimmi policeforce.

  2. says

    The idea of a flying squad of Muslim youths heading to areas where conflict has broken out, to back up their co-religionists is disturbing. It’s as though a small number were trying to overcome a much larger one by mobility and ability to concentrate.Creepy!
    One interesting feature of this trouble is that non-Muslim asians are joining in with the white youths which will make knee-jerk accusations of racism and BNP involvement less plausible.

  3. says

    No doubt this is just another example of peace loving Muslims having their Allah-given rights assaulted by the hateful and violent non-Muslim world. They do this, of course, to please the United States and their Zionists overlords.

    It sure is nice to read more and more about non-Muslims fighting back!

  4. says

    Hmmm, French police are using water cannons to patrol their mulsim “districts” and English teenagers are using baseball (cricket?) bats and pitchforks to get their points across. I wonder which approach will get the muslim’s attention the fastest?

    Getting interesting now; I wonder how long it’ll take before we see the political apologies begin…..

    Get “them” out of Dedworth (for a start)!

  5. says

    It’s as though a small number were trying to overcome a much larger one by mobility and ability to concentrate.

    Very astute observation. They didn’t roll over 2/3’s of Christendom through poorly-executed mob violence.

    I’ve noticed this before as well. When they need to assemble a large mob it happens almost instantly. When the Islamic community talks about “unity,” which is to say all the time, they’re not talking about carroling or barn raisings.

  6. says

    Has anyone asked the Muslim youths whether they thought that the death of that boy in Scotland might have something to do with all this?


  7. says

    If you want to see what is in store for the U.S. just watch what is going on in the UK and other parts of Europe. People think it can’t happen here. It will. The Islamic Nazis have no problem when they can dish it out but we (the infidels) start giving them resistance and fight back they don’t like it. Well go figure!

    What happens when instead of bats and bottles it reverts to M-4 rifles and AK-47’s. What then? The French Police union claimed a few days ago that they are in a state of civil war with the Islamic street thugs. Why do we have to wait for this crap to come down on us in the U.S.?

    Yesterday in my county the local paper gave big coverage to the opening of a new Mosque in our midst. The Mosques I saw in Iraq were stockpiling weapons and giving sanctuary to terrorists. How are the Mosques in the U.S. any different? They are safe havens for the Islamic steetfighters but yet our media celebrates opening a new mosque. We don’t seem to learn very fast.

    Better buy your assault rifles while they are still available. Also buy plenty of ammo. They are coming.

  8. says

    It sure is nice to read more and more about non-Muslims fighting back!
    Posted by: Infidel [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 6, 2006 06:50 PM

    It is an improvement but it is still too little, in order to save the UK this needs to be happening simultaneously across 10 cities. Then people might sit up and do something.

    But lets not take anything away from those in this story. I applaud the brave warriors of Windsor who are taking the fight to the Islamic invaders.

    Lets hope more of your country men can find the same courage you have.

    Give em hell!

  9. says

    Other residents said that late-night noise from the dairy was driving them out of their homes and they feared a mosque would make things worse.

    What in the hell are these freaks doing in a “dairy” at night that would create such noise and arouse the ire of their neighbors? Do cows squeal that loudly when mounted?

  10. says

    It’s not just Windsor.

    Preston as seen some hefty violence recently, a four hour battle took place between White and Afro Caribbean lads against a Mosque in the town this week. Not so long ago the Callon estate saw a large gang fight after a Muslim was stabbed.

    It would seem that our youths are becoming radicalised just like the Muslims.

    Somebody said that the Muslim community would be ruling the country by 2050, but that’s not looking so likely is it?

  11. says

    The police action seems to be the same as what occurred in the Crunolla riots in Australia. “White” youths are easier targets than Muslim gangsters and it makes them look better in the press. However, if this kind of fighting escalates I wonder how many of the police will force the multicultural creed on their own breed? This is what happens when spineless politicians weild the power and the media bans dialogue the pictures the Religion of Peace in a bad light.

    What were they doing so late at night in the bowels of a dairy? Perhaps the police should find out.

  12. says

    Does this qualify as another one of those Ramadam riots? Now I’m sure we’ll hear all about how racist those white people are from the spokesmen of the peaceful ones (by the way, if a Muslim is from Somalia or Sudan is he also called “Asian” by the media there?). All this is news to me anyway since as usual this story is getting zilch for coverage. I’m sure that won’t last when those spokesmen start their incessant screeching, however.

  13. says

    This is wonderful. I hope that this represents the start of a movement. The begining of the fight to remain free.

    Like da’wa, this is also a numbers game. If enough non-muslims fight back, the ship can be saved. If not, it is lost.

    Don’t give up the ship.

    Remember, that these British youth are the future of Britain. The boomer generation, the ‘peace’ generation, sold out Britain. At that time, it was the thing to do. But this new generation might just get it back. Today, THAT is the thing to do. Every generation does what needs to be done. The kids represent the future. There is hope.

  14. says

    Regarding the noise comments, that’s certainly true. Mosques normally blast the call to prayer five times a day (even if nobody shows up). In Arab-occupied East Jerusalem, the Israeli goverment gave the Muslims permission to have a call to prayer blasting over speakers. Oh, that was so annoying, hearing those cursed calls over loud speakers. And I think the first call is around sunrise.

  15. says

    I guess I’ve been denying the truth about mainstream Islam calling itself a “religion of peace”. There is barely a call for moderation from any Muslims due to the self-policing nature of the religion and the fact that most of them agree with the jihad.

    Here in Michigan I saw firsthand the reaction to the Lebanon/Israeli conflict in Dearborn (largest Islamic community in the USA)as the “Death to Israel” signs came out. Who knows what terror they have planned for this area?

    I now refer to the enemy as the Islamists instead of extremists because it’s true. I’ts only a matter of time until we hit the streets here in the USA to defend our freedom.

    This is a sick, intolerant, violent religion and I am now firmly on the side that sees the situation for what it is: SURVIVAL!

  16. says

    When the ruling class becomes disengaged from the sense of the governed, bad things can happen, – which is why an electoral process is useful.

    Vigilantism (not a good circumstance) often happens when the leadership, here, a Tony Blair, is inadequate.

    Maggie, a totally different kettle of fish; she was great.

    To let islam loose in the West is madness.

  17. says

    This is what I have been talking about all along. God bless those brave souls in the UK. The Islamic threat has been brewing for a very long time and now it is in our face. These brave “White” men are fed up and their government that wont do piss about it.
    If anyone remembers, the citizens of Australia had to take action in their own hands not too long ago.
    We are dealing with brainwashed drones that have been told not to take it to the streets in the US yet…….YET!
    There will be no help for them when it starts in my town, or yours hopefully.
    God bless the USA

  18. says

    Major Congratulations both White and Afro-Carribean Youth of Britain for standing up to those savages.

    Big THANK YOUs are in order!!

    Know there are many in many countries who stand behind you and who wish you godspeed!


    PS.. THEY have countries to go back to – WE DO NOT!!! ALL WE HAVE is these countries we were born in!!!

  19. says

    This is good news. From these pockets of resistance in Windsor and Preston, this will start to grow until all muslims are rooted out of Britain and Europe.

  20. says

    The Warriors of Windsor
    rise up in the night.
    The Warriors of Windsor
    come out to fight.

    And valiant they stand
    mid treachery’s band,
    battling the evil
    that threatens their land.

    Fight brave Warriors,
    fight for our rights.

  21. says

    Wally UK, Mert

    Do you have any links which confirm that non-Muslim Asians or Blacks are joining in with the white youths against the Muslims?

    This is a welcome development if it is true, but I can’t find any confirmation of this anywhere on the web.

  22. says

    An electronically amplified call to prayer is an innovation in Islam and it is forbidden.

    Fatwa No. 0001 from Pelayo, October 6, 2006.

  23. says

    Does this mean a civil war has started?

    you mention Cronulla. That was ten years in the making due to police inactivity.
    People from both sides turned up in droves – thanks to the cell phone. (we call them mobile phones in OZ). Police confiscated a few of them.
    Multiple text messages were sent.
    That is also how the gang-rapers in Sydney operated.

    Of course the white Aussies copped most of the flack.

    On another thread
    Odyessus (sorry if I have mispelled your name) posted the link to

    I want to acknowledge this poster’s contribution.

    One of the first things mentioned is the fact they have declared war on us.

  24. says

    The Call to Prayer…

    Pelayo, you got me to thinking…

    Lets say that an average Muslim guy lives to be 65 years of age.

    Not allowing for Leap Years (Don’t know if they have those in the Muslim calendar), our years, anyway, have 365 days per year.

    65 X 365 = 23,725 Calls to Prayer Days in this guys lifetime.

    He gets called to prayer five times a day. The math now becomes 65 X 365 X 5 = 118,625 Calls to Prayer in his lifetime.

    Now if these guys bang their heads on the mat in front of them three times during each Prayer Session, the math now becomes 65 X 365 X 5 X 3 = 355,875 Head Bangs in a lifetime.

    Now if they bang their heads on the mat in front of them five times during each Prayer Session, the math becomes 65 X 365 X 5 X 5 = 593,125 Head Bangs in a lifetime.

    I don’t know what this is telling me…

  25. says

    now what if those “white gangs paired up with the “other Asians” the Hindu Asians.. what would the media say about that? if you have White Brits and Hindu Brits go against Muslim Asians.. would they still insists on race riots? or whould they have the nerve to say it is a defensive war against islam?

  26. says

    SVC, all I can think about when I see their arses high in the air, with their noses in the dirt, worshiping that pedophile, is one gigantic boot to give them all a kick in the ass.

  27. says

    As a professional warrior .(retired)it sickens me to see civilians forced to do what a weak government will not. God Speed and cover your six.

  28. says

    About 6 weeks ago, a little bird with a British accent perched itself up on the bar I happened to be sitting at, and chirped that something other than fine ale was brewing over across the pond in Britain,….And I thought I was just seeing and hearing things. Looks like the hooligans are being unleashed.

  29. says

    This should be done by the army.

    I agree, when I am feeling optimistic I like to think there are those within the UK that see the danger and are now organizing resistance, through other less than conventional means, nudge nudge.

    What I want to know is where are the so called Irish holy warriors.

    They kill each other for scraps of Ireland, but will they not recognize the bigger threat.

  30. says

    Right now, it looks like the rest of the world will have to take its cue from the United States and Australia. Both countries have their dhimmi politicians, media, and academia. However, both countries have a majority of their populations who are not willing to take any more crap from their elites. We are fighting back. Young Americans are giving it real hard and good to the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. Aussies have decided to give the Pigslamists a real thrashing after Muslim men assaulted Aussie women on the beaches. We are made of better stuff than the European EUnuchs.

    At least there are some British youth fighting back. Doesn’t sound like there are any citizens’ groups in France willing to take on these savages.

  31. says

    Ronin, all the tribes of the British Isles are fierce warriors. I remember when growing up in the UK all sorts of explosions taking place because the Southern Irish (Catholics) didnt like the British(mainland)/N.Irish (Protestants) dictating what they should and shouldnt do.

    What I find unusual now is this; How come all those networks that were in place to wage that kind of religious warfare have now suddenly vanished, in light of what is a far more bigger ideological and I might add spiritual threat?

  32. says

    km, my last word for tonight, do not worry about numbers, they are Irish, I have seen them work. I would not mess with them, islam made a very bad move.

  33. says

    violent clashes between white and Asian youths

    Youthful violent clashes between patriots and interlopers are a precursor to civil war. More evidence that Western society and Islam do not mix.

    “…593,125 Head Bangs in a lifetime. I don’t know what this is telling me… ” – SCV

    Tells me that the average 65 year old Muslim guy has a head full of loose marbles if the math is correct.

  34. says

    Whenever the English were threatened in the past, Ireland was on the side of that threat. At least Catholic Ireland. I wouldn’t be surprised if the IRA has been shipping arms to Islamic jihadists in Britain. Or at least toasting them in some pub in Shannon. Their hatred for the English is far greater than their love for any monolithic entity we know as The West.

    I would love to see bombs going off at mosques in England, bombs planted by the IRA, but really, what are the chance of that? Less than 0. They would rather bomb a British police station.

  35. says

    The Irish should show their previous commitment to their own heritige and stop fiddling with the shahids.

    Posted by: km

    Ok second to last post: I have no Irish bloodlines but even I understand, they will lie, cheat, and trick you until they crush you. The only thing that stops them are other irish. So they tricked muslims, so what? I am at least a fan, go Irish.

  36. says

    Gerry Adams said:

    On Tuesday, during a news conference in Jerusalem Mr Adams said the aim of his visit was “to encourage the search for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.

    “The Anglo-Irish conflict was once labelled as intractable. Talk of peace and of peace processes was dismissed as nonsense, as fantasy. But we proved the pessimists and cynics wrong,” he said.

    I put it to you Adams that the Anglo-Irish conflict, is something so completely different, that for you to even bring it up in this context shows just how stupid you are.

    Like August 22nd said, where are the (drrrrumm rrrollll)

    bombs going off at mosques in England, bombs planted by the IRA..?

  37. says

    The next time the crazy Muslims have a rally in London and hold up their signs that say, “Your 9/11 is coming,” the Brits should come out in full force. When I say Brits, I mean native British people whose ancestors have lived there for hundreds of years. I don’t consider a second generation Pakistani an Englishman.

  38. says

    My great grandaddys name was Patrick Moynahan, my grandmothers name was O’Donahue, but speakin of the Irish I gotta ask my blood brethren,what’s wrong with this picture ? :

    Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport

    BOMBS destined to be used by Israel are being flown via Scotland only because the Irish government refused to allow them to land on its soil.

    Scotland on Sunday can reveal that after the conflict in Lebanon began three weeks ago, Ireland turned down a United States request for planes carrying 600lb so-called bunker busters to refuel at Shannon airport in Co Clare.

    More @

  39. says

    THEY have countries to go back to – WE DO NOT!!! ALL WE HAVE is these countries we were born in!!!
    Posted by: germaninamerica

    This is a very important point, I agree completely and don’t see how in this sense the US is any different from Germany, France from the UK,…. Think about it, we really have no place to go, it is either stand and fight for our homes or become dhimmies in our countries. Therefore it is unhelpful to look down gleefully at another country which may have already gone down the road to dhimmitude further than your own. We either stand together and win or fall one by one.
    However, I believe that certainly at this time the fight has to be an ideological one.

  40. says

    When I said;

    I put it to you Adams blah blah (see previous)

    It would of sounded better if I had just said ‘I put it to the JW forum….That..

    …. the Anglo-Irish conflict, is something so completely different to the concept of jihad that to bring it up in the context of a normal religious conflict shows just how ill -informed we all are.

  41. says

    August22 – “I wouldn’t be surprised if the IRA has been shipping arms to Islamic jihadists in Britain.”

    I recall reading somewhere that the IRA trained Arafat’s group and many other ME terrorists.

  42. says


    Do you have any links which confirm that non-Muslim Asians or Blacks are joining in with the white youths against the Muslims?

    I know of only one reported instance. About 5 years age Kurdish “Asylum seekers” attacked a pub at Wrexham in Wales. The Sunday Times reported the Blacks were praised by the locals for “fighting shoulder to shoulder” with their white neighbours.

    This is not to say it does not happen as apart from their colour many “Afro-Caribbeans” are as English as anyone. As you can imagine the MSM would not report anything that suggests everyone is getting fed up with Muslims.

    This might amuse you.

    We have a comedian called Bernard Manning he is quite old and not much seen now. Absolutly hated by the PC brigade who would like to have seen him jailed. Had he not been so popular he would have been jailed. So non-PC that a group of smart PC comedians had a party and burned him in effigy. 30+ years ago before he was dropped from TV he said,

    “I dont think there should be any of the predjudice, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Whites, Blacks, Indians should all get together …………. And fight the Pakistanis.

  43. says


    “I guess all the Hindus and Sikhs are observed by the British under the same suspicion as Pakies.”

    No – The Hindus and Sikhs keep to themselves, are quiet and generally tolerated. However there are reliable reports that in some areas they have asked for their areas to be fenced off to protect them from attacks by – guess who? The Pakistanis!

  44. says

    I hope the UK fights back. Yes, the tribes of Britain are fierce warriors, and so are the Saxons who invaded them.

    When I saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I thought of the Rohans as like the Anglo Saxons of Britain…

    Muster the Rohirrim!

  45. says

    “Or in the deceptive and misleading racial euphemisms employed by the British press, violent clashes between “whites” and “Asians.” But they don’t mean Norwegians are fighting Hindus from India.”

    We fed up with the British Press when they USE any trouble by Pakistani Muslims as ASIANS whereas Asia Includes India, Srilanka, Japan,Korea,Nepal,to name a few . ARE the people from this country creating trouble.NO a Big No the people creating trouble are precisely Pakistani,Bangladeshi Muslims.

    Please don’t call this MORONS as ASIANS as most ASIANS who are not Muslims are very PEACEFUL and love the British hospitality and work for the progress for this beautiful Host country.

    Its the PAKIS who are making all the problems and its high time that British Media refer to it as Pakistani (Read Paki Thugs) Fundamentalist. Also stop visas to these Morons immediately.

  46. says

    The British Press Must call a “SPADE A SPADE” Please don’t be Politically Correct.

    The trouble makers are Exclusively Pakistani Muslim Thugs who want to make Britian a ISLAMIC REPUBLIC and to build a Mosque in every Nook & Croner of Britian.

    The Asians barring Pakistani & Bangladeshi are peace loving people. There are no major Trouble created by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or Jews.

    The trouble makers are the Paksitani Muslim …holes”

  47. says

    Somethings going on in the UK

    its a fact that your average person has had it with Islamic whinging and bad behaviour.

    But even politicians are geting in little digs against Islam now and all top 3 stories on the news last night had a muslim theme – none of them showing them in a great light.

    We seem to give them more air time to defend themselves and their ideology and they (to me anyway) just dig themselves a little deeper.

    Could it be in these pc times the politicians have actually found the B*lls to start chipping away at Islam and setting the scene for any further actions required?

    I read the link provided by philr07 and that made my blood boil.

    I cant help thinking the Islamists have made their move too early…. we are a warrior nation and there are far more of us than there are of them.

  48. says

    “They wouldn’t fight on the side of “whitey”. If it came down to it, they’d most likely help the Pakis, if it meant they could kill or maim some whites.”

    They’re generally… angry. But from my experience they’re just as at home fighting muslims or each other as they are fighting whites. I wouldn’t write them off just yet.

  49. says

    ….we are a warrior nation and there are far more of us than there are of them.
    Posted by: g hadi hater [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 7, 2006 06:08 AM

    Get stuck in then == tbe longer you wait the harder it will be.

  50. says

    Also dont write of the AfroC’s yet, I have seen them have it out with Mustapha and believe me there were no prisoners taken.

  51. says

    I heard this on the BBC radio whilst driving in my car Thrusday. I don’t live too far from the area and I was quite surprised hearing a discussion on it…Members were calling into voice their complaints about a mosque and backing the youths…Not one caller called in to voice disapproval against the youths. These people feel like their community is being hijacked. They are serious about wanting to stop the spread of islamic ideology into their community. I say, BRAVO for them. If it were to happen in my community we’d see the same thing except the elderly would have bats, too.
    Things are stirring up and people are very aware of what islamics are doing…Hooray for Jack Straw…We’re sick of islamics telling us what we can and can not say and do.

  52. says

    I’m proud of those young Brits, don’t back down. Stay strong in your fight against these parasites. I want to buy a plane ticket to Windsor and join in the festivities, sounds like a great time. Don’t mess with the English bulldogs!!! Hopefully the rest of the EU is taking notes.

  53. says

    There will be many of these kind of clashes in the future no doubt – violence in the name of the “Religion of Peace”. Ironically, there is so much fuss about Jack Straw [i]requesting[/i] Muslim women in private to remove their veils, whilst police officers in Windsor are [i]demanding[/i] white youths remove their hoods! Chief Superintendent Brian Langton stated “We will not allow any section of the community to be intimidated by mindless violence” – hurray, I thought, but I read on and he didn’t mean us Dhimmis as I had hoped…

  54. says

    The boys who are taking the fight to the Jihadis are going to need legal representation.

    Are there British JW members that can help?

  55. says

    Cabs refusing dogs for blind

    MUSLIM minicab drivers were rapped yesterday as some REFUSED to take “unclean” guide dogs.
    The Royal National Institute for the Blind said dozens flouted the law on religious grounds.
    MP Neil Gerrard, who introduced the anti-discrimination legislation, said: “There is no excuse.
    “We consulted various Muslim organisations. They told us there should not be a problem.”
    Cabbie Abdul Rasheed Majekodunmi was this week fined £1,400 for refusing to pick up a blind woman and her dog from the BBC’s West London HQ

  56. says

    km that is the truth. If those riots were happening over here in the US, CAIR, the ACLU, and others would be piling on the lawsuits. Stupid laws never help the victims of crimes anyway, it seems as if they are set up to help out criminals. Just look at who writes them. Corrupt dhimmi bought out by the sauds politicians.

  57. says

    Cabbie Abdul Rasheed Majekodunmi was this week fined £1,400 for refusing to pick up a blind woman and her dog …

    They should have clapped him in Irons and had him in the stocks as well.

  58. says

    I have no wish for Britain to be like a banana republic, but why not have an explicit clause and policy that British culture has primacy in the UK? Then people who wish to demand the right to wear the veil, ban Christmas trees or commit so-called “honour killings” would know exactly where we stand? In some countries it is illegal to make certain comments against the country and its culture – I don’t wish to go that far, but it is an interesting contrast…

  59. says

    We have seen here in Birmingham there is no love lost between the Afro-Caribbean community and Muslims – look at the riots in Lozells, where a young black man was killed in a racist attack by Muslims.

  60. says

    Yes, it is Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and East African Muslims that cause nearly all the problems, although in Birmingham a couple of years ago there were problems with the Sikh community over a play called Bezkti (spp?), which saw a theatre stormed and the Sikh playwright threatened.

  61. says

    Problem with the white youths is that they do not understand the nature of the Islamist threat – to them anyone with brown skin is a ‘paki’. We need to educate the youth to understand the threat and equip them with an articulate voice to combat the PC mulitculti nonsense around them.

  62. says

    exfidel, I agree but I hope the youth aren’t that ignorant. I know that when the towers fell on 911 a bunch of mo’s where dancing in the street outside their mosque in Bridgeport,Ct. They got their asses handed to them by a bunch of black, white & mostly hispanic Americans. They ran back to safety in the mosque really quick. I believe they even called for police protection. typical. Carlos Mencia has a funny bit on this but it happens in L.A. Anyway, if the UK is like BPT those mo’s have it coming to them in heaps!!!!! When the mo’s hear us bicker about the differences in all the cultures of our melting pot, they assume we won’t stick together. One should never assume. I know that no matter what color you are, in BPT anyway, when the s%*t gets goin’ there are alot of people that are ready to drop the gloves. Trust me.

  63. says


    Don’t make the mistake of grouping all Afro-C’s in the same way the MSM groups “Asians”. The Jamaicans and to a lesser extent the Trinadians CAN by pretty nasty but the rest called “Small Island People” (hicks)by Jamaicans etc. are a quite decent lot.

    Incidentally the alleged rape of an Afro-C girl by a Muslim, which she did not report because she was an illegal immigrant, started the trouble in Lozzels. As usual when the MSM investigated they found the story was untrue.

    The Black kid was killed after the first round of riots and was actually going out of the way to avoid the Muslim area when he was picked up. He was lucky the last white kid they took alive was Kriss Donald in Glasgow and what they did to him beggars description.

  64. says

    yes the problem with the story of the alleged rape of a 14 yr old girl was that the rumour was spread by a pirate radio station. the media to their credit never said the story was anything but a rumour

  65. says

    You asked for evidence that the groups blockading the dairy were mixed white / Asian.
    After re-reading the Times online article, there is a possibility of ambiguity:

    “The incident is believed to be linked to ongoing disorder in the area involving gangs of Asian and white youngsters gathering outside the Medina Dairy in Windsor, Berkshire, tormenting its staff in what police are describing as ‘mindless violence’.”


    Having said that, I watched a street interview with young people near the dairy on BBC news and one of the most vociferous complainants was a girl who, by accent and appearance was clearly of Indian origin.
    This dairy seems to have been getting up everybody’s nose, locally. Those living nearby must be really cheered by the following:

    “Slough MP, Fiona Mactaggart said: “At any time Islamophobic attacks are unacceptable. In this holy month of Ramadan it is particularly distressing for the Muslim community to be victims of hatred.

    “I am determined that all other commmunities in this area should stand by them.

    “I have contacted the local police to ask them to make tackling the dangerous violence and anti-social behaviour a top priority.””


  66. says

    This story is shocking. I cant fathom why some here are overjoyed by this. Who would have thought that cities in the heart of Western Europe would one day be over-run by savage third world mobs. If these savages are not removed, they will destroy Europe. It is just a matter of time. The political will to remove them is not there.

  67. says


    Don’t be concerned that the British youths do not understand (intellectually) the nature of the Islamic threat. My father was a high school drop out and he joined the US Navy when he saw the Japanese bomb our fleet at Pearl Harbor and the autrocities committed by the Nazis. He knew they were evil and he was willing to give his life fighting them by what he saw them doing.

    How do you expect these youths to form an intellectual concept that Islam is bad when their media, schools and Universities present nothing but the PC bullshit. They are reacting to gut repulsion of what is happening to their community and way of life. Leaders will eventually arise especially when they bring with them a wave of sympathy from indigenous Brits who are fed up with the way the Muslims are taking over their country and its culture.

    Jamaicans very much present a Zionist nature to their view of the world. They are in a direct, idealogically opposite corner from the Islamists. It is wonderful that they are joining in with their “white” kinsmen. Because of their youth, their reactions may not take on a “wise” point of view, but their perceptions are no the less correct and because their society has blocked any way for them to respond “intellectually” to the Muslim onslaught, their response (like their youthful kinsemen in Australia) comes in the form of violence which in some cases are misdirected.
    This will be a fruitful opportunity to “educate” them as to the why of their actions. I’m sure many of them right now are trying to gain the intellectual ammunition to further their cause and save their country. Hopefully, sites like JW and LGF will be helpful.

  68. says

    Drip drip drip….

    Yeah, and if you fly the Union Jack, you’re a bigot. I’m tired of watching those in government support Islam as it robs the British public of their history, faith, culture, etc.

    These are the YOUNG and THEY are fed up. When are the adults going to catch on and support them? Thank heavens SOMEONE is fighting back.

  69. says

    I agree, the UK should bring back the death penalty. A 15 year old white boy, (I say white because we all know whites are who they need to get rid of first) is set on fire by the filth and very little is done by the alleged authorities? Those authorities who have joined with the filth should be the first ones tried and executed, and I am not talking lethal injection, how about an eye for an eye? These filthy white rats are the murders assistants and deserve, no quarter, no mercy, no compassion. Proud Britons, where have you gone? You have an obligation to protect the young and the weak among you. Get moving!

  70. says

    She said: “It was my daughter’s car, her pride and joy. They smashed through the windscreen with a pitchfork and then continued to smash the whole car up.

    “I have not been able to find a reason at all for why they did this. I asked the police why there are weapons kept in a place of worship but they didn’t answer me.

    “These were grown men coming for two small women. We did nothing to incite this. I think it was reverse racism.”

    The above from WallyK

    These men emerged from the dairy with weapons and engaged in violent acts on two unarmed women. Why the hell don’t the police obtain a warrant and search the dairy? If the police will not act to protect ALL the citizens of its community, do you wonder why the youths are taking the law into their own hands!?

  71. says

    Sounds famular to other countries eh,
    Dec 13 2005… see

    I gather these riots were also because of 20 years of ridicle against Australians, those young middle eastern men would probably be the fathers of the ones in Sydney now…this problem of riots and terrorising the locals seems to be a problem throughout the world where ever the middle eastern people migrate to, so this is how they reward us.
    The 2005 Cronulla riots were a series of ethnically motivated mob confrontations which originated in and around the beachfront suburb of Cronulla in Southern Sydney, a coastal region within the Metropolitan Area of Sydney, Australia’s largest city. The violence soon spread to other regions around Greater Sydney.

    On Sunday, December 11, 2005, approximately 5000 people had gathered in a protest to “reclaim the beach” from reported incidents of assaults and intimidatory behaviour by groups of non-locals, most of whom were identified in the earlier media reports as Middle Eastern youths from the suburbs of Western Sydney. The crowd had assembled following a widely-reported series of earlier confrontations, and an assault on three volunteer lifesavers (lifeguards) which had taken place the previous weekend. This was widely seen as the “tipping point” after years of intimidation, mostly directed at white female beach goers

  72. says

    It’s about time someone challenged the endless dhimmitute displayed by the English in particular. The media will naturally blame the white community for all of this, as they truly
    believe that it’s only whites that are racist to the core. Islam is a supremacist doctrine, we all need to stop it spreading through out our
    communities, and if that means stopping the construction of their Mosques so be it.

  73. says

    This is the same thing thats happening in Minnesota, except the cabbies won’t pick you up if you are carrying alcohol.
    Posted by: americanmadestrat

    Yes, but in Minnesota they are requiring the cabbies that will not transport alcohol have a specific colored light on their cab. This makes it very easy for the customer to spot the potential jihadi cabbie and hence select a safer mode of transportation. This serves two purposes, the first pertains to basic no brain security, the second denies “your” funds from going to the jihad.

  74. says

    The best thing about the expansion of the EU isn that the UK no longer requires immigration from outside Europe eg non-EU doctors now require work permits, whereas before they seemed to believe it was their “right” to have training posts in the UK.

  75. says


    “Tell me what the Fin’s, or the Irish for that matter, did to deserve mass immigration from third world countries?”

    A very good question. Scandinavia has little or no Colonial past, no involvement in the Middle East so what is going on?

    There is a video on the web (maybe on Gates of Vienna?) about trouble in the Southern Swedish city of Malmo. I think it may have been made by NBC but basicly 20-25% of the city popluation is now Muslim, most from the Middle East. Most are on welfare and generations of whole families have moved in. They do not speak Swedish and many of the children have never been to school before. One school now has just 2 native Swedish students out of 1000.
    Even the Police dare send less than two cars into the new Muslim areas.

    How did this happen in Sweden of all places? Could the politicians have done a deal behind the peoples backs? So many Muslim immigrants for X number of barrels of oil?

  76. says

    Be realistic – there are many 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims in the UK and other Western countries which it would be impossible to deport. In any case, all that is needed is some moral fibre on the part of government. The Islamists are shooting themselves in the foot, and Jack Straw’s comments show, I believe, a hardening of resolve (at least I hope).

  77. says

    Where about in England is this? Is it time to cash in the frequent flier miles? I think I can lend the services of a 6’3″ 280 LB Kaffir to the “Whites” over there. Funny how they call all that oppose the “Asians” the “Whites”. As if there is no way that inter migled in the crowd there could be Indians, Continental Europeans or others, just “Whites”.

  78. says

    americaningermany, I understand where you’re coming from – in the West we have a large number of people who do not share the same values as us, and are willing to commit mass murder and suicide to further their cause. with us, but not of us – a fifth column of huge proportions. a problem far larger than the American Japanese interned in WWII I would imagine? however no country would accept people born in another country even if ethnically they are Pakistani for example- so we must find another solution.

  79. says

    Regarding the muslim cabbies and dogs.
    I’ve personal experience of this with my dog Daisy.
    A very sweet Staffie/collie cross refused in a cab by a mobot..
    And this was 5 years ago!
    I’m a big and take no prisoners so I put the fear of god into him before having to walk home.

    The story here has a comments page.
    I posted a comment regarding hostile creeds and demographic jihad but it hasn’t appeared.
    No even the daily mail has it’s dhimmis on staff.
    I never said anyhting tha wasn’t true.

    I’m from a small town in the midlands U.K. with a sizeable muslim community and I can tell you all that the tide is turning.
    We just need to keep up the pressure.

    Yes I am an English Celt and Biker and we dont take any shite from anyone.
    Least of all little mummies boy muslimas.

  80. says

    I don’t know if anyone has already posted this as I am having problems opening links on here.

    from the article

    The source said: “A gang of local Muslims set about keeping them away. They hurled bricks through the windows and then wrote offensive graffiti across the front of the house.” The vile messages included one in 4ft letters on the drive ” warning: “F*** off”.

    Sources inside Windsor’s Combermere Barracks ” where the officers are based ” confirmed Muslims had made calls threatening the men.

    Read the rest here:,,2-2006460631,00.html

    Our returning squaddies are under attack from Muslims now IN THE UK!!!!!

    The UK public will not stand for this.
    Believe me!

    This is the final nail in the coffin

    This is interesting:

    Tory MP Philip Davies said of the attack: “This is outrageous.

    “If there’s anybody who should f*** off it’s the Muslims who are doing this kind of thing. Police should pull out the stops to track down these vile thugs.”

    Yes, he actually said that!
    A tory MP!!!

  81. says


    Thats a disgusting story, Robert should post it. I hope the boys from the barracks go get some payback when they are off duty.

  82. says

    Johnathan & American IG,

    The real question is how is this pig who tortured and murdered in cold blood, with premeditation added to boot, only getting five years?

    Let’s see what the marauders do now that these English boys have called their bluff. Now that the tables have been turned and the native born English are not being picked off so easily, it’s a good time to start making the Muslims squirm. Hmmm…mosque burning. An idea whose time has come?!

  83. says

    You may want to consider posting at the following:,,1889769,00.html

    A slimey taqqiya teamstress has been tarred and left in tatters for her disingenuous whining, by a host of your well informed countrymen, although some gullible dhimmis and lefties keep breaking in there to self-flagellate apologetically from time to time.

  84. says

    Good point a-i-g, in an attempt to stem the flow of people into the country as brides/bridegrooms for Muslims, the UK govt said the person must have MET their prospective bride/bridegroom before they could come to Britain. SO a Pakistani man with major medical problems such that he couldn’t travel to Pakistan at all complained this infringed his human rights!!!

    In Birmingham the rate of consanguineous marriages in the Muslim community is 2 out of 3, double that in “uneducated” Pakistan!!!

  85. says

    I predict that there will be lots more violence in Europe between Muslims and non-Muslims in the future.

    Muslim gangs are a big problem in the U.K, France, Germany and a whole host of other European countries.

    They are involved with crime and instigate violence throughout Europe. Look at what happened in France as one example.

    Although I don’t condone random acts of violence towards innocent Muslims, I believe that non-Muslims in Europe have absolutely every right to protect themselves from Muslim intimidation and aggression, especially if law enforcement doesn’t appropriately intervene.

  86. says

    Yes, of course, when the state and appointed law enforcement don’t act, the citizen retains the right to protect himself. Also politically an anti-Muslim response must be mounted for our culture to survive.

  87. says


    “In Birmingham the rate of consanguineous marriages in the Muslim community is 2 out of 3, double that in “uneducated” Pakistan!!!”

    The first thing Jolly Jack Straw did on becoming Home Secretary was to pay off Muslims for supporting Labour. He/they immediately scrapped the “Primary Purpose Rule”. This stated that if an immigration officer considered the Primary Purpose of a marriage was to gain admission to the UK, admission could be refused. Straw on behalf of the Government declared it to be “Racist”. The Immigration Service on the other hand said it was the only control they had left.

    As it happens in a culture that requires dowries from a girl’s family a British Passport is a considerable asset. It saves the girls family a fortune when they bring in a husband and any British Resident man can get a much better wife from Pakistan for the same reason.

    Just how much better is shown by the family who got a bride for their mentally retarded paraplegic son who went on to have 3 children. In fairness I should say that the Educated Muslim who told me of this considered the families action outrageous.

  88. says

    Just how much better is shown by the family who got a bride for their mentally retarded paraplegic son who went on to have 3 children. Posted by: Fred

    That’s not only outrageous, that’s disgusting.

  89. says

    “Problem with the white youths is that they do not understand the nature of the Islamist threat – to them anyone with brown skin is a ‘paki’. We need to educate the youth to understand the threat and equip them with an articulate voice to combat the PC mulitculti nonsense around them.”

    I Agree whole heartedly but it seems to me there is a distinct lack of resolve of the British Hindu community to distance themselves from the Pakistan/Indian Muslims. It makes it difficult for your average Brit to differentiate the two.

  90. says

    Tory MP Phillip Davies…

    What district does he represent, and where is it located?

    Is it true that the Norwegian word ‘Quisling’, translated into English, is ‘Tony Blair’?

    English Blondie…
    Seeing as how Tony Blair has already run up the White Flag before the Muslim hordes, what would be a good beach for US Forces to land on, when we have to come over there to ‘liberate’ your country?

  91. says

    From the original article: A spokesman for letting agency Kings, who are marketing the property, said: “It was an isolated case of vandalism. We do not know the reasons behind it.”

    The Kings Letting Agency is either unconscionably ignorant, or just plain cowardly. Either way, they should be boycotted after making such a pathetic statement.

  92. says


    Cheers for the link but I wont post anything as the gaurdian makes my blood boil.
    To think I used to buy it.
    I like what orwellsghost has to say.
    As I sometimes like to joke to people more erudite than myself.
    “Sir,I like the cut of your Jib”

    Anyway this is what i posted about the dogist islamics.

    “When will the penny finally drop for the liberal policy makers?

    Islam is a hostile creed and should be declassified to what it is,a CULT.
    According to islam dogs are haram or najis which means unclean.Also,on this top ten list are pregnant women and infidels.
    Yes,infidels that means all of us.
    Periodically in Iran dogs are slaughtered on an unimaginable scale.
    This includes pets kept by innocent Persians and the Beleaguered Arab christians.
    All because mohammed was scared of dogs.

    Wahabbi and Salafist money pours into the U.K. to fund mosques that preach hate and the doctrine of demographic Jihad in Europe.
    This is just one minor incident of a taste of things to come.
    We could be looking at another Balkans here the U.K. in 5 to 10 years time.
    We have been sold out by marxist social engineers and now we see the fruits of there naive experiments.

    It’s time for all western governments to do a bit more research on Islam and it’s expansionist imperialistic goals in Europe before it’s too late.”

  93. says

    ovinesongs, I totally agree with you – Islam is a cult, pure and simple. It is a personality cult which has survived the death of its founder. You just have to look at the way that Mohammed is worshipped (despite not claiming divinity unlike Jesus) and that no criticism is allowed of Mo. It shares all the characteristics of a cult, not a religion.

  94. says

    tgusa, I did not know the cabbies had a special light. Thanks for that info. If it was only that easy to see every where else where our funds might be diverted to wage a war against ourselves.

  95. says

    The Strategy also wants to “pursue, in order to fight intolerance, racism and xenophobia, the dialogue between cultures and civilisations.”

    There’s your answer as to why only modern, prosperous, Western nations are being “multiculturalized.” It began in America with the 1965 Immigration Act; the floodgates were opened to the Third World, compliments of Ted Kennedy and the New World Order elites. Before a one world government can be established, the elitist social engineers believe that they must abolish all forms of prejudice, discrimination, racism, etc., ad nauseam. In fact, it is their most cherished desire to destroy the white race in the process.

    These idiots really think that importing millions of third-world, non-whites and planting them in predominately white, Western societies is the only way to level the playing field and ensure “social justice” for the world’s oppressed non-white masses. They think that by forcing every ethnic, cultural, and religious group to live in close proximity yet separated by cultural mores, all people will learn to love each other, get along, and war will become obsolete! They believe this; their experiment is in full operational mode; we are the guinea pigs. Also, national borders must be erased; the nation-state is dead. We’re going to be one, big, borderless world with no separate countries, no national identities. That’s what multiculturalism is—–tribalism.

    What do you think the despicable bureaucrats in the United Nations have been planning, plotting, and growing for fifty years? A one world, socialist government is the future, if we let it happen. They are destroying every Western nation in the world as we speak. That is indisputable. Now ask yourselves why, and if anyone has another theory, I’d love to hear it.

  96. says

    “The EU has sold its soul to the Devil.

    And the Devil always collects his debts.”

    Posted by: americaningermany at October 8, 2006 05:06 AM

    It was a very thoughtful way to say it, americaningermany!