Halal meat served in secret for at least 17 years in UK school

An update on this story. “Brit schools feeding Christian kids ‘halal’ meat for 17 years!,” from Asian News International:

London, Dec 18 (ANI): At least four Reading schools have been serving halal meat to the Christian students for at least 17 years, admitted the Reading Borough Council.

And, the meat had been offered to the students without their parents’ knowledge, reported The Sun.

Halal meat, prepared after bleeding animals to death with a single cut at the neck, is popularly considered a Muslim meal.

The other meat – Jhatka – is the one where animals are stunned beforehand.

The children have been eating the meat for up to 17 years at four schools in Reading, Berkshire, without parents’ knowledge, the council admitted yesterday. The fact emerged after pupils were given letters from canteen managers to take home.

Following the revelation, parents are furious. One said: “I have nothing against halal meat – especially for religious reasons – but my daughter is Christian not Muslim.”

A council spokesman said: “It became clear following the introduction of the new school catering contract with Scolarest that some parents might not be aware. Letters have been sent home. We are increasing options and offering fish each day.”

“Increasing options” does not address the fundamental injustice of enforcing Muslim dietary rules as the norm for everyone. And when that has been done in secret for almost two decades, it hardly amounts to making amends.

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    What now becomes abundantly clear for halal purposes is that:

    1. An animal should not be dead prior to slaughter
    2. A Muslim should perform slaughter
    3. Any flowing blood of the carcass should be completely drained
    4. Choice of modern and in vogue method has to be considered with caution and, it should be mirroring to the Islamic ethos

    Since pork is forbidden, halal slaughtering must not be done where pigs are slaughtered or in the vicinity of pigs slaughtering area. There are a few more edicts and rules that have to be followed in the interest of animal welfare. For example, animal has to be fed as normal and given water prior to slaughter, one animal must not see the other being slaughtered, knife should be four times the size of the neck and razor sharp, and as far as possible the slaughterer and the animal should face Qibla or Mecca and, animal must not be suffering with any ailments or any lacerations.

    HACCP – Hygiene

    Halal Food Authority takes it for granted and are appreciative of the fact that all slaughterhouses and abattoirs in the UK have established HACCP systems in their premises and operations, and are approved by the EU.

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    I hold no candle for Islam, but I can give the devil his due if need be. In Chinese-speaking Asia, halal restaurants are actually quite popular, even though most Sinitic-speakers are avid pork-eaters. Muslim butchers have a reputation for cleanliness and thoroughness.

    And, speaking as a Christian, I’ve eaten kosher meat, too.

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    “Halal meat served in secret for at least 17 years in UK school…”
    — from the title above

    New meaning to the old school phrase “Mystery Meat.”

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    Imagine the backlash from the Moslem community if the situation were reversed! Moslem kids fed meat not properly slaughtered. The concessions demanded by Moslems would be unimaginable. And our feeble politicians would be sscurrying around like chockens with their head’s cut off trying to accommodate their every whim. Wait! Aren’t they doing that right now?

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    I will repost these links to extensive prior discussions on the acceptibility/nonacceptibility of halal meat just in case another Johnnie-Come-Lately innocently/maliciously decides to post that this is a trivial matter upon which (ala Rodney King) “c-c-c-can’t w-w-we a-a-all just…get along?”


    NO!!! We CAN’T all just go along with it.

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    But wouldn’t christians,jews, and other nonmuslims object to animals who have first been offered to a satanic pagan identity called allah? Since we don’t believe in any god called allah and think that he is another name for satan.
    Put in another way would nonsatanists not object to meat that is offered to satan first? what if muslims and other people were fed hindu prasadum for lunch? (Prasadam is food offered to hindu god first.) how would they feel?

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    I reckon Sir Oinks A Lot has nailed the main point. The idea that the default situation should be halal because muslims make the biggest fuss is the definition of dhimmidom. The Jews don’t demand that all schoolchildren eat kosher in case any of them are Jewish. The Catholics don’t make all schoolchildren refrain from eating meat on Fridays in case a Catholic child is present.
    I swear to God, we in this country are afraid of our own shadows. What a piss-poor bunch of saps.

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    The early christian apostles dropped the kosher laws as a requirement for gentile converts, but they did say that people should not eat meat sacrificed to idols.

    Ka’aaba is an idol… it was an idol before Islam and still is… it is a fetish still prayed at five times a day and circumbobulated in cult-like fashion so that hajiis can get the ‘heavenly goodies’.

    Islam is a set of rituals and instructions that are supposed to ‘earn’ a practioner some paradise-time. Cutting animal throats in the direction of the stone fetish named Ka’baa is part of idolatry.

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    I guess what bothers me the most is why they felt the needed to keep this secret for 17 years. Obviously they knew non muslims would be offended, I guess they figured non muslims wouldn’t kill them when they found out about it.

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    Is anyone here really surprised it has been that long. The path to dhimmitude was set in motion a long time ago, it is only now we are begining to wake up.

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    “Ka’aaba is an idol… it was an idol before Islam and still is… it is a fetish still prayed at five times a day and circumbobulated in cult-like fashion so that hajiis can get the ‘heavenly goodies’.

    Actually – come to think of it – yes – it is – a pc of rock from Space.

    But wait….you should see the item one has to go through before touching it or KISSING it. The entrance looks like a woman’s yoni.

    As you can see by the hands on the pic, they can’t bear to stop touching.

    How they love a woman’s parts – the swine just will not admit it!


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    and what is worse, The study of Islam , the Koran and the study of Islamic traditions has been creeping into the curriculum of the schools. This needs to stop now.

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    Eating halal doesn’t harm one in any way – if serving it in schools makes Muslims happy (which in itself is quite a task) why can’t we be conciliatory and let ’em have it? That is,provided THEY pay the extra expense…Yes, it takes more labor and supervision to maintain a halal slaughter establishment than it does for ordinary slaughter…It looks like the citizens of the UK have been paying that extra amount for decades – (wow, the British ARE a generous bunch…)
    But I’d think that responsible, fair-minded Muslims would not want to dip into non-Islamic pockets to support Islamic rituals – wouldn’t the money of infidels corrupt the whole enterprise…?

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    wouldn’t the money of infidels corrupt the whole enterprise…?
    Posted by: sonnyboy [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 19, 2006 11:00 AM

    Not at all they just consider it Jizya.

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    Assalamau Alaikum all,

    17 years of Halal meat and served to Reading Schools only …outrageous. What about all the other schools in the North and down south.

    Looking at it the other way, Are we saying that muslims were fed haram meat in other districts…outrageous.

    Halal meat is cleaner, leaner and better for you.

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    You cannot use the words “fair-minded” and “Muslim” in the same sentence. There is nothing fair about it when Muslims move into a country, start demanding their rights, infiltrate government institutions, make specific changes, breed themselves into a majority and finally institute Sharia law. If you don’t think that happens check out Somalia over the past couple of months. Non-Muslim women were told in the past few months that if they did not wear the Islamic headscarf they would be beheaded. That’s right, I said BEHEADED. Also in Somalia, men were told, in the past few weeks, that if they didn’t pray five times a day they would be beheaded. This us the result of Sharia law being implemented in Somalia, a heretofore unknown set of laws brought in by the Muslim oppressors who won’t take no for an answer.

    If you are not impressed with Somalia’s woes, let’s take a look at Aceh, Indonesia. Did you send any money for relief of the tsunami victims a couple of Christmases ago? No, well that’s good, because it wasn’t used to rebuild the water-logged countryside. It was used to implement Sharia law and now the people who live there are regulary treated to the spectacle of public lashings for minor infractions, but, hey, in Islam there is nothing too small to go unpunished, right?

    The point I’m making, my new friend, is that if you let the camel stick his nose under the tent, pretty soon he’ll be all the way inside, making a big mess of the place. If you don’t believe me, ask Brigitte Gabriel from Lebanon. She can tell you all about it.

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    Once again you are misinformed. Please refer to the above links offered. I believe Dominic roundly refuted everything you could potentially offer in that regard at the first link (post 321938 above).

    Have a nice day.

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    “Halal meat is cleaner, leaner and better for you. ”

    Who are you to decide for us? Are we moslem women in veils to accept what men or others decide for us?

    I like my pork! I’m having ham for christmas – and just had bacon for breakfast – and NOW I’m going to buy “un puerco fresco” for the holiday!

    And I’m having red wine with it!

    Al-lat -Goddess before the userpter allah

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    Once again you are misinformed.

    Posted by: Concerned Citizen at December 19, 2006 12:14 PM

    … like Naseem, an Ahmedia, a discriminated muslim, listens to a Kaffur…. how naive of you, Concerned Citizen.

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    Let me tellyou. I always felt sorry for the Moslems that they were kicked out by Isabela of Spain – I called her “Isabella the Visigoth.” BUT now I see that the old girl had the right idea. There was NEVER going to be peace in Spain with Moslems there. Moslems were ALWAYS going to block changes in gov – and would always hv imposed their own ways. There was NO other way.

    Isabela was right. Too bad the Sp. didn’t learn fr history.

    I’m scared when they start going en masse to other countries in S.Am.

    This may sound off topic – but everything effects other things.

    That’s the value of the 2nd amendment – and the right to Bear Arms for the common citizen here. We haven’t be defanged – like even the Brits, & as you can see, like the Mexicans in Oaxaca.

    Instead islam is seemingly sneaking in thru the backdoor, legally. At least they’re trying. But it’s not working. But people are NOT accepting it – like the furious parents with the school lunches.

    By the way, you people, not the schools are NOT backing down on the halal meals – simply adding fish.

    In general, what kid likes fish? And as prepared by the schools?

    Which means between fish & going hungry, the kid will eat the islamic food.

    Parents need to push more so that the regualr – lunches will be reinstated.


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    As a parent (of adult children admittedly these days), I would be furious to learn that the school system has been spending more than necessary on the purchase of halal meat in order to accommodate a few Muslims.

    If the Muslims are so concerned about halal meat then they should provide lunches for their children.

    The provision of school lunch is a luxury that most schools elsewhere do not provide. I see no reason for parents to not provide lunch for their children. It is an unnecessary expense to provide these lunches, especially if more money is being used than is necessary by providing “halal” meat.

    On the subject of the use of meat that is sacrificed to idols, this is forbidden to Christians. On the other hand, Christians who are secure in their faith, and who are not so weak as to be scandalized would not care how the animals are killed, except for one thing, the halal slaughtering methods are extremely cruel to the animals.

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    I saw on another thread where jihadlove was referring to himself as a former Muslim. Let’s hope Naseem is next.

    Posted by: Concerned Citizen at December 19, 2006 01:22 PM

    Citizen could you point me to that thread I had wondered what happened to jihadlove. Or if Jihadlove is reading this maybe he could confirm it his self.

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    “Halal meat is cleaner, leaner and better for you.”

    Come on, explain.

    Does that mean that BSE infected meat is rendered halal after a few words and orientation towards the rock or is it still infected?

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    “The United Kingdom has done a great job. Keep it up and hopefully the UK will be islamic before the end of this century.


    Ah, I wondered when the Great Anglophobe would stick his oar in. How about starting BritWatch, Elucard?

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    That cat stevens guy makes me sick…i had to listen to him when i was a muslim convert…and that Kahlid yasin guy too…hey folks…i was a muslim convert for a while and there was this young bangladehis guy, very devout with the beard and all, here in the USA at my job…and this guy would give me all this radical stuff to read and listen too…especially this Khalis Yasin wanna be malcolm X guy…anyway…if any of you have ever heard this Khalid guy he has the most horrible reasoning…i mean, his target audience is usually the down and out and uneducated…not that i am brilliant, i do have degree but, i dont know how anyone with intelligence would buy his messages…anyway..geez…and this bangladeshi guy, well…i offer him a CD of Jojuuka musicians to listen to, from Morrocco and I tell him that they are Muslims…he says that he does not listen to music…whatever…i listen to your stuff listen to mine for crying out loud…shoot!!!

    Posted by: jihadlove at December 18, 2006 05:55 PM

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    There’s nothing like a little proactive dhimmitude…, as we see in:


    Brit airline bans Bible on Saudi flights

    “London: A British airline has banned its crew from taking the Bible into Saudi Arabia for fear of upsetting Muslims.

    BMI bosses have told staff to take the Quran instead, and this without any intimation to this effect from Riyadh.

    As expected, things have not gone down too well with the staff. One middle-aged stewardess is planning to sue BMI for religious discrimination at an industrial tribunal due to take place in the New Year.

    In the meantime, BMI has decided to exclude her from flights to Saudi Arabia.

    A BMI source said, “Foreign Office advice is that non-Islamic religious material is not permitted in Saudi”.

    “We understand our embassy has confirmed that the Saudis never enforce this rule,” another BMI worker added.

    “The stewardess is deeply religious and takes her Bible everywhere she travels. The bottom line is BMI don’t want to jeopardise the Saudi route, which is worth millions to them,” The Sun quoted the worker as saying.

    Interestingly, the ban follows British Airways’s climbdown on a rule prohibiting staff wearing crosses ” which triggered mass protest.

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    I don’t care how sharp or how big the knife is and I don’t care what spells the dirty old git with a beard is chanting; Mohammedan slaughter is primitive and barbaric and should be illegal in any civilised country.

    A study published by the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council stated that animals could take several minutes to die when slaughtered in the barbaric Mohammedan way, and would be in extreme pain during this time. They recommended that the dispensation given to Mohammedans to slaughter in this way, without stunning, be withdrawn.

    That was about five years ago.

    Nothing has happened.

    The reason stunning was introduced in civilised countries was that the people care about the animals, and do not want to cause unnecessary suffering. This is NOT the case in Mohammedan slaughter. They don’t give a damn whether the animal is caused pain or not – they just follow their stupid superstitious rules, with neither thought nor feelings.

    They will happily slit a human throat with the same complete lack of feeling. You’ve all seen the films.

    The same study by the FAWC pointed out that a large proportion of the meat, even though tortured to death in the prescribed Mohammedan way, was still unacceptable to Mohammedans, and is sold off to the normal meat market. They recommended that such meat should be clearly labelled as to its origin.

    Again, nothing has happened. If you buy a cheap ‘special purchase’ cut of beef, now you know where it came from.

    Something MUST happen soon. Perhaps the school meal scandal will be the turning point.

    Happy Christmas, everyone.

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    One of the reasons that I continue to eat Pork, the last pig’s name was Allah, is that BSE hasn’t been found in pork yet. I can’t say that for beef. Especially for the beef that’s served in the EU.

    I think that maybe BSE and Islam could be related? Well, what would I know?

  29. says

    The idea that a billion people want to have their livestock killed by turning them in a certain direction and slitting their throat so they bleed to death while being held disturbs me, because it makes no sense and seems to be sort of crazy. But to each his own.

    I haven’t been to a movie in years, but got the urge to so see Apocolypto last week. Mel has convinced me that, if I were a cow, I’d rather be stunned and put down than be bled to death with a single cut to the neck.

    Oh PETA, where art thou?

  30. says

    Thanks Concerned Citizen, that is very good news about Jihadlove. One down, 10 b-zillion to go!


    Yes, I love that old girl Isabella myself. That’s why I took her name. I read a kickin’ book about her by William Thomas Walsh that was written around 1930. It is so vivid and the thing reads like a big soap opera. Isabella of Spain was a most amazing person and she never lost faith and always tried to do the right thing, even if it didn’t always look that way. When it came to Islam, she understood the concept of never ending trouble and always having to look over her back if she didn’t get rid of the problem. She was the ultimate Orkin man. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her.

  31. says

    credit man/

    Sorry, you are probably wrong. See:









    … oh Google it for yourself. You’ll get at least a million hits.

    Pork is no safer than any other meat. BSE is in our food chain and unless governments take serious action – which they won’t (they’re goverments in the 21st. century after all) it’s here to stay.


  32. says


    In support of your viewpoint, which I, on this site (use Google) have argued about before, see:






    However, be warned that the site at


    has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH the British Library and is an apologetic site attempting to justify the islamist point of view on this issue. This site is deeply dishonest and is attempting to masquerade as an official site of one of the UK’s national libraries, which it most definitely is NOT.


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    Gees you people are a bunch of haters!!!!!

    Is this what Christianity is all about? Hating other people. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    So what is British school kids were fed halal meat. Its not poisoned, nobody died from eating it, its not evil.

    Instead of hating anything about Islam, why don’t you read an learn something about this religion and then you can make informed comments, rather than having ignorant views just because you people are intolerant about other people’s beliefs.

  34. says

    By-the-way, most of the Education Authorities in the UK use halal meat as the protein source in school meals and have done for decades. Email any of them and ask.

    Creeping islamisation. I think so, oh so very so.

    Since the UK’s Education Authorities are contiguous with the local authorities they can be searched at








    You’ll find contact details for all of them if you drill down. As I said (above) most of them admit to using halal meat in order to satisfy moslem demands and most of them say that they have done so for many years and that such meat is routinely served, without choice, to non-moslems.

    Sickening, isn’t it!


  35. says


    We have read and learnt – which you obviously haven’t. Go read your koran, the ahadith and the surah. Read them, understand them and then tell us we shouldn’t be worried.

    islam is not Christianity writ different, it’s not Buddhism differently expressed. It’s not Hiduism with a different slant nor Shintoism nor Taoism with a different viewpoint. islam is a religion of hate and intolerance that has never reformed itself. Read it – read its own so-called scriptures and jurisprudence – and see it, oh ignorant one – then, if you feel able, come and challenge us.


  36. says

    Dominic; Enjoy your comments and hope all’s going well you. Still regret a mistake from a couple of months back. Tom, read the Qu’ran. Here’s to awareness.

  37. says


    I have no idea what mistake you might be talking about – I have a dreadful short-term memory failing (too many Tramadol, probably, which I use to ward off early-onset arthritis) – but I am glad that you enjoy my comments – as I enjoy yours.

    I have followed the link given in your hotlink ‘posted by: limes’ and I want to say that I agree with you and what you have written.

    ‘Tom’ needs to read more – a lot more!


  38. says


    I have little to add to what Dominique said, but FYKI, not everyone who posts to this weblog is Christian, and nor are we intolerant of each other’s beliefs. We are a motley mix of Christians, Athiests, Agnostics, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and any number of other people who have a serious anger against Islam, having learnt what its history was, as well as what it stands for. And more often than not, most (if not all) of us respect each others’ religious, or even anti-religious views. Christians are by no means the only religious group to have been targeted throughout history by the Mohammedan vermin.

    A lot of people – non-vegetarian – who may normally have no problems having meat, do nonetheless have ethical problems with animals being slaughtered in this manner. For you to act as if it’s no big deal is despicable. Let somebody take a death row inmate, kill him halal style, cook him in your favorite dish without telling you anything and then let’s then see your reaction to it when you find out. If you have any complaints about it, screw you – you wouldn’t have been poisoned.

  39. says

    Is this what Christianity is all about? Hating other people. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    So what is British school kids were fed halal meat. Its not poisoned, nobody died from eating it, its not evil.

    Well Tom let’s start at the beginning. We have LAWS. These laws emerge from The European Commission in Brussels as Regulations and Directives and become British Law…………these laws lay down how animals are to be stunned, slaughtered, in which abattoirs with which licences, under which supervision, with which licence fees, and how the waste is disposed of.

    Muslims wanted an EXEMPTION from these laws to permit Halal slaughter. As a minority it was granted minority rights – it can have a Muslim only permitted to slaughter in an ancient manner – halal.

    But when those who uphold the LAW find that they do not get catering contracts because they are being awarded to Halal Butchers employing ONLY Muslims and that far from serving a minority Muslim population – ALL those eating in mass-catering facilities are being fed HALAL there comes a question of tampering with the market and competitive tendering and discrimination in employment by only allowing Muslims to slaughter such animals as non-Muslims are unclean

    Now i don’t suppose this worries you Tom because you probably enjoy Halal meat anyway; but many children find pork or bacon or even black-pudding an enjoyable meal. and I see no reason why they should be denied these pleasures because a Muslim refuses to prepare them

  40. says

    I can’t believe these are the descendants of the people that rulesd the british empire. Not so great Britain is a fallen society. I feel sorry for any veteran of WWII who is seeing what he fought for and what his friends died for be given up by a bunch of self loathing PC pricks that make up the elite in that country.

  41. says

    Voyager quoted halal requirements

    2. A Muslim should perform slaughter

    Maggie4Life said

    I would be furious to learn that the school system has been spending more than necessary on the purchase of halal meat

    necessitasnonhabetlegem said

    most of the Education Authorities in the UK use halal meat

    Put it all together, and I see descriminatory practices that are sending alot of government money to Muslim-only butchers, while non-Muslims are prevented from competing for the contracts.

    Non-Muslim butchers lose work, while non-Muslim parents have to pay more to get halal food. Brilliant!

  42. says

    Instead of hating anything about Islam, why don’t you read an learn something about this religion and then you can make informed comments, rather than having ignorant views just because you people are intolerant about other people’s beliefs.
    Posted by: Tom [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 20, 2006 12:33 AM

    Tom please identify where the owners of this web site have been misinformed about Islamic doctrine and belief, please give us examples of your extensive knowledge of Islamic law and jurisprudence that would indicate to all us so called haters where we are wrong.

    Many on this site, myself included have now read the Koran and Hadith and find no contradiction in Mr Spencers message, how much of the Koran and Hadith have you read Tom, not very much by the sounds of it and as such I am sure you are just going to post and run.

    It is a common phenomenon on JW the cultural relativists jump in here and say we should all just understand each other while sitting around singing kum-by-ah, but as soon as the truth starts knocking you start running. How does it feel to be an enabler of the worlds oldest supremacist (one steeped in blood and violence) ideology.

    Wake up Tom the only time the Islamists will have for you after you have put them into a position of power is when they give you the chance to convert or die.

  43. says


    I do not understand what you mean. It seems to me that your dislike of people that you believe are Christians is so great that anything that can hurt or anger them is OK with you.

    Halal butchering is obviously a cruel slaughtering method, and the animal being killed that way suffers worse than it would do, if it had been stunned before. But you do not mind that. Neither do you mind if taxpayers have to pay more for meat being slaughtered in this way – as if money is not needed for other things in the school system.

    You do know, I suppose, that if you are an Agnostic or an Atheist, the Muslims consider you being worth even less than Christians and Jews. But still, as long as something annoys Christians, it is fine with you. What is your real agenda?


  44. says

    Wake up Tom the only time the Islamists will have for you

    Tom is short for thomas, the Doubting Disciple………but somehow I suspect Tom eats halal meat and reads the thoughts of Chairman Mo

  45. says


    Please, Go and Read the Koran. Read the verses where Muslims are commanded to mass murder the kafirs and infidels, Read the verses which sanction wife beating, rape and pedophilia, read the verses which say that slave trading is okay.

    Islam is a totalitarian political regime masquerading as religious. Fortunately for the world, lots of Muslims are ignorant as to the contents of the Koran. Those that learn the truth can do either of two things: become an apostate or become a terrorist. Yes, the Koran says that peaceful Muslims are hypocrites.

    And to answer your question regarding Christianity, no it is NOT about hating. As a matter of fact, Jesus commanded people to ‘love thy neighbor’ and that applies even when said neighbor is not a Christian. If you want to learn about Jesus, I recommend at the very least you read the Gospel according to Matthew. That will give you a pretty good snapshot of the Christian faith. You’ll soon see that hating for the sake of hating is definitely NOT a Christian virtue.

    It might be worth your time comparing the character and life of Jesus to the character and life of Mohammed. In this way you will see why Christianity is a valid religion and Islam is not.

    There are people of many different faiths here. I respect other peoples religions, but I cannot respect Islam because in my opinion it is not a religion but a destructive cult and a call to arms. I don’t say that because I’m a hater, I say it because I’ve done a lot of research in my personal time, and this is the only honest view I could come to.

    On the meat issue: I eat meat myself and have free range eggs, but I would NOT have halal meat simply because I will not sponsor animal cruelty. The infidel world slaughters animals humanely, a single bullet to the head of the animal and it dies and instant painless death. The Islamic way of doing things is cruel to the animal, and I don’t think animals should suffer like that. I am outraged and disgusted that the councils have done this behind people’s backs. If the Muslims want Halal, fine let them have it, but NOT at the expense of the taxpayer.

  46. says


    Gees you people are a bunch of haters!!!!!

    Is this what Christianity is all about? Hating other people. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    So what is British school kids were fed halal meat. Its not poisoned, nobody died from eating it, its not evil.

    Blah, blah, blah….”


    Ah, Tom, it’s obvious you’re a male! You wouldn’t have any trouble in converting – and fitting in islam. But as a free woman of the West== I don’t buy.

    Besides you missed the point. The halal was sneaked in. No consultation or advising the parents. If it is so great, why did they hide it? Why didn’t they blare it from the highest tower at the time? Becase the schools knew they were doing wrong – that’s why!

    Who the hell are the schools to decide what kind of religious meal the kids should have? The non-muslems have a right to decide what their own kids are eating! Who the hell are the islamics to decide? If the table swere turned, the ismalics would already have rioted and burned the schools down.

    And here’s my official answer to people that call non-moslim resisters – “haters” and phobes. I posted this elsewhere:

    “I don’t know what you want to call it. Islam is NOT a religion – it functions around the koran – A Primer – for divisiveness of humanity – suffering and wholesale slaughter of “the other.” islam reduces a human female to slavery, in all ways, as a woman of the West, certainly, I want to remain free and liberated. I don’t want to submit to some man, who will tell me how to think or what to do.

    It’s not my own opinion, but witnesses and books have been written, of AND by women who have experienced the horrors and abuse of this “religion.” This abuse springs up time and time again across the globe, be it Africa, ME, C. Asia and S. Asia, as well as female child genital mutilation in the West. This is NOT just one country where islam is practiced or just ONE women, but evidence comes from all countries.

    It is enough that I am law abiding to the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and respect other people and their God-Given Rights.

    In other words, islam is very dangerous to “the other”, it’s intention is to “bury the West.” The islamic cleric – right in the west – in the UK – have publicly and clearly stated this.

    islam does not allow rights of others – does not respect other people – and does NOT allow dissent or questioning.

    It’s like when a person has a bad cold – and friends and families say: “It’s not you as a person, it’s the germs I hate.”

    It’s a fatal virus inflicted on humanity from some origin that wants human beings to kill each other. It is NOT an example to be presented for the evolution of humanity on this planet, but to destroy everything, human, and Nature.

    I don’t hate the people from those countries, I do hate islam.

    I certainly have a right to preserve my life, my family and my lifestyle. It’s a right of every living thing to survive – and I do want to live. You can’t fault me for that! Surely!

    So – yes – I hate islam.


  47. says

    “I can’t believe these are the descendants of the people that rulesd the british empire. Not so great Britain is a fallen society.”

    And would you include the “furious parents” in this ridiculous blanket condemnation?

  48. says

    If you have studied Islam and read the Quran, why do you hate it so much?

    Have you studied the religion at a recognized religious institution….I think not. I think your studies have been done using second hand information provided by some right wing conservative that just wants to mis lead people.

    This is the way the holocaust began…with one group of people spreading hatred about the jews.

    Halal slaughter is not barbaric, it is less barbaric that electrocuting an animal and then killing. The draining of the blood is to remove impurities from the meat which affect the taste of the meat and can be harmful to humans.

    BSE is the result of human intervention in feeding cattle with the remains of other animals.

    For those of you who think that I was scared off by all your comments…I am not.

  49. says

    What a grand and bold defense you make 3 days late, oh Tom-Come-Lately.

    If you have studied Islam and read the Quran, why do you hate it so much?

    Because we have studied it and found it to be morally flawed, inciting to evil, and have witnessed the devastating effects of its teachings and the penumbra of its teachings in real practice, in what it would itself consider its own most flatteringly biased laboratory, Dar al Islam.

    Have you studied the religion at a recognized religious institution….I think not. I think your studies have been done using second hand information provided by some right wing conservative that just wants to mis lead people.

    I doesn’t matter what you think. This is such a worn old shoe. What? Are you going to next say we didn’t read it in the Classical Arabic? Why should we need to study at Al Azhar? To find out that suicide bombing is OK? That FGM is not wrong, just religiously not required?? Do you yourself ever look at the intellectual goobage that comes out of these institutions? Are you saying they are above criticism?

    Can the “sacred” Qur’an not speak for itself when its votaries are acting out its precepts verbatim? Can we offer no opinion on this process, or the matter of the major tafsir and ahadith commending their interpretations from antiquity? Lame, Tom, lame.

    This is the way the holocaust began…with one group of people spreading hatred about the jews.

    You’re half right. The Holocaust (at least you don’t deny it happened) began with people like YOU sweeping problems under the rug, and pretending we can have “peace in our time” (Neville Chamberlain) through appeasement. Pointing out the obvious and the true does not equal “hate” merely because it is unflattering or agenda hindering. To compare this lack of facilitation to the Holocaust shows that though you may not deny it happened, essentially you deny its horror.

  50. says

    More idiocy and hate emanating from the “recognized religious institution” via former illustrious educators of said institution:

    According to the religious edict issued by Rashad Hassan Khalil, a former dean of Al-Azhar University’s faculty of Sharia (or Islamic law), “being completely naked during the act of coitus annuls the marriage”….

    [F]atwa issued by Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr, former Head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee…”All this gives us glad tidings of the coming victory of Muslims over them [Jews] once Muslims stick to strong faith and belief in Allah and adopt the modern means of technology”

  51. says

    Have you studied the religion at a recognized religious institution….I think not. I think your studies have been done using second hand information provided by some right wing conservative that just wants to mis lead people.

    Posted by Tom above

    What do you mean by “a recognized religious institution” ? As far as islam is concerned, the only “recognized religious institutions” for imparting religious (islamic of course) education are the madrasas and most mosques have one where children memorize verses of the koran. They might not understand what they are reciting, but the memorizing is the first stage of islamic education. These madrasas, or religious schools are funded by zakat, money collected from the ummah,ranging from the mosque visitors to the house of saud. jizyah from infidels is also used. After students memorize the koran, they are told to memorize hadiths. Then they learn arabic and finally understand what they have memorized over all these years. All the time that they are “receiving education”, they emulate muhammad, uswa hasana, al insan, al kamil (the perfect man). They wear loose clothes and skull caps, bang heads on ground 5 times a day, and saw off the heads of animals.

    I am from India, and learned urdu at a muslim hovel. I have learned about this “religion” first hand. I have learned about muslims first hand, and I have formed my opinion about how they should be treated. The most “right wing conservative who wants to mislead people” will cringe when I tell him about the solution to jihad, that threatens not just my people, country, and civilization, but the entire Humanity.