Veil-wearing Muslim women are part of our fight: al-Zawahri

“Veil-wearing Muslim women are part of our fight – al-Qaeda chief,” by Margaret Neighbour for the Scotsman:

AL-QAEDA’S deputy leader said yesterday that any Muslim woman who wears the veil in Western countries is a supporter in what he described as a fight between Islam and “Zionist Crusaders”.


The authenticity of the tape could not be verified, but it was posted on websites used by al-Qaeda and other insurgent groups in Iraq and the voice of speaker sounded like Zawahri’s. The statement – said to have been issued by al-Qaeda’s “media arm”
al-Sahab – praised Muslim women who insist on wearing the Islamic veil despite pressures not to in some Western lands.

He described anyone doing that as “a soldier in the battle of Islam against the Zionist- Crusader attack”.

There you have it — defending your own country’s values and norms of behavior is a Zionist-Crusader attack. Bad dhimmi!

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  1. says

    All the more reason to ban veils in the lands of the infidels. Wanna wear a veil? Stay in the ummah!

    Happy New Year everyone! Looks like the anti-Jihad never rests, seeing what time this story was posted. With the jihadist enemy never resting, it’s to be expected.

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    My no-brainer New Years prediction is this year will see even more Jihad on all levels
    May God help us and strengthen us

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    “An apparent triple suicide bomb attack on a key Shia mosque in Baghdad has left 90 people dead and 160 injured, Iraqi police have said.

    The blasts happened as worshippers were leaving the Buratha mosque in the north of the city after Friday prayers.

    At least two of the suicide bombers were dressed as women, police said.”

    The veil seems to be a useful accessory for jihadists in Muslim, as well as Western, countries.

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    In fact given the assassination of the police chief in Kashmir posted in today’s dhimmiwatch I’d have thought the case for outlawing this repellent custom, on security grounds, is becoming overwhelming.

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    I think its about time that West en masse passed laws to ban the veil in all western countries. Also I think the UN should expel any nation that has not ratified unaltered the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Also I think that all of the west should pass laws forbidding financing of Mosques by any nation that will not allow the building of churches in its territory.

    I would like to see co ordinated legislation because i think it sends a clear message.

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    Very consistent with the religion of “peace”. The veiled women already look like executioners. Step two will be when they will be brainwashed to step into action.

    And yet there are still morons around that think of islam as “one of the great religions”, instead of the ideology of death and destruction that it is.

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    I always thought they did this on purpose – just to rattle us all – and now they admit it freely.

    The women say it is liberating: Of course it is.
    It helps liberate their men by letting them escape!

    It makes the women unidentifiable if the want to commit an act of violence, which some have done.

    It should not be tolerated anywhere.

    It is divisive and promotes inequality.
    Yep,,they are more equal than us because thay can literally get away with murder!

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    Another year , another Veil(anagram of Vile and Evil missing letter D) story.

    Yes , they are using the veil for Jihad purposes.
    They are also using MRSA by failing to use alcohol based cleaning products.

    Their most sucessful tactic is to scream “Rascism” or “Discrimination” if we critise their perverted faith.As in the above two scenarios.

    Our worst enemy is our Political correct governments who endorse the above tactic whilst encouraging further waves of Muslim immigration.
    To outbreed natives and lead to world domination.
    When will the term RoP finally go out of vogue with the political elite?

    Happy New Year?

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    “al-Qaeda and other insurgent groups”

    Jeez, I’ve just internalized that there is NO such groups as above (doesn’t it mean “the camp” or something?) – it’s another name for fundamentalist islam aka basically islam.

    As I said, before 9/11 islam has been quietly biting off pieces of countries, esp. bites of India, sw Asia. As has communism. Those Buddhist better get wise.

    I’m beginning to think every culture needs its warriors.

    As to being called “infidel” or “non-believer” in our own country, HA!!!

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    “The veiled women already look like executioners. ”

    Yeah, EXACTLY like an executioner of the Sp. Inquisition. AND frightening. IT is a face mask -so alien to the West. I wouldn’t get on any transit with a creature like that – and I’d say so out loud.

    Brakes have to be put on right from the beginning of that attempt.

    And yes, the creatures do it for both as a test and to provoke.

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    And vice versa for us, while celebrating the New Year in the land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys, we turned on the TV for the new year, I am not sure what channel it was, but it was a French organised new year event with numerous French singers in Morocco. What was especially striking was that the concert was a so called tolerance concert. One of the female presenters was shouting out tolerance to the 200,000 strong crowd between songs.

    What was striking to me was the fact that it was the first time that I can remember seeing the Muslim population asked to be tolerant using Western culture aimed at the young. I have to say that I felt a bit better watching it, say what you like about hearts and minds, but this was actually quite a good effort by the French.

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    I keep telling people that I predict somewhere in the US or Canada, women will be required to wear a veil. This will either be a business or a town/city but it’s coming if we don’t get the rest of the world to understand just how insidious this all is. These people want to take over the world. They do not value the life they have on this earth and are only focused on the wonderful life with allah in the hereafter and because of that, reasoning with them is not an option. They have all been brainwashed from a very young age and we cannot change anything they believe. We can only try to change all this islamic tolerance in the US, Cannada and EU.

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    In order to suppress public opinion western governments introduce laws which enable restrictions to be placed on freedom of speech. Our first target in the war against Islam must be a renewed interest in electing to office people who understand the evils of multi-culturalism and the folly of allowing Muslims to disguise the purpose of their religion as one of peaceful coexistence. They are breeding to put us away, we sing, they are breeding to take us away.

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    Posted by: sheiknbake4pork:

    “I keep telling people that I predict somewhere in the US or Canada, women will be required to wear a veil.”

    Sheik, I promise there will be at least one American municipality/town/city that bans Islam long before things come to such a pass. And in Europe, there will be civil war.

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    “Sheik, I promise there will be at least one American municipality/town/city that bans Islam long before things come to such a pass. And in Europe, there will be civil war.”

    I really like my rum, and all those luscious cocktails invented & featrued in the Food Network. So I’ll drink to that!!

  16. says

    “Allat, just curious as to why you are “named” after the pre-Islamic/Quraysh goddess?

    “Cause the Goddess Al-lat was supposed to be supreme in pre-Islamic times.

    Cause the islamics despise the feminine.

    Cause the islamics have throuwn the compassionate – nurtiting side out the window – using only the masculines side – therefore being unbalance.

    – Cause I’m a rebel feminist

    -Cause I absolutely HATE “islam.”