1. Khalaf declined to say how Iraqi forces knew al-Masri had been injured, and there was no report on the incident from U.S. authorities. (from above)

    Of course they know. Bridget Gabriel said it well, the one thing the Islamic community anywhere has over us is the tribal communication that we have lost in America.
    Our kids don’t go to school in the neighborhood where they live, we are supposed to get all our values and ‘take’on life from a tube or silver screen instead of our anscestors. When’s the last time you actually heard gossip? As cruel as it can be it also provides us with a connection to the people around us.
    One good thing about this blogging venue IS the sharing of ideas and info and well gossip.

    OT but check out @ WorldnetDaily
    “Terrorism not ruled out in Salt Lake case
    Investigators pursue Islam angle despite publicly declaring ‘no evidence'”

    Some of the comments in this sound like they came from Jihad Watch. Including the suggestion that CAIR is telling the FBI how to “take” their investigations.

  2. “Balad is ground zero for Baath Party sentiment in Iraq. About 80 percent of the attacks against coalition forces occur in this triangle area formed by Baghdad, Tikrit and Ar Ramadi. the paramilitary activity centers around the Tigris River between Baghdad and Saamara, more than 100 kilometers to the north. Balad falls right in the middle of that zone.”

    …..I would like to think we are beginning to get some of the terrorist leaders, It appears we have run Al-Sadr out of town. We appear to be having more success than the MSM would have you believe..The capture of the Iranian agents and the discovery of the not so secret proof of Iranian support for the terrorist offer more evidence of US success…THe Dhimmicrats quiver in the face of anything resembling military success in Iraq…

    ….I have several contacts within the military who report massive amounts of weapons and explosives being “discovered,” clearly these munitions are not merely surplus Iraq munitions, but are new, (manufactured within the past 12 months). Newly manufactured weapons and munitions do not come from Iraq as Iraq has not manufactured weapons and munitions is a long time….These weapons and muntions are being delivered by other Muslim state entities such as Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia….

    …And yet, there are those within the MSM and American public who refuse to believe seriousness of the Islamic march to world domination….It is frustrating to listen to such imbeciles or to watch them march in Washington carrying signs such as “Stop Muslim Profiling, Bush Lies, Stop Supporting Israel,Burkas are not evil,Palistinians have a right to their land, and etc,” the protesters were wearing Che Guevara t-shirts, portrayed US leaders as evil hateful warmongers killing civilians,and chanted imbecilic slogans. The scenes were reminiscent of the Vietnam era protestors.

    …..The protestors were pleading for peace, no more war and military withdrawal from Iraq…I suspect if just one person showed up carrying a sign that said “Islam seeks to destroy you,” or “Iran is killing American troops,” or “Pelosie is an idiot,” that this person would have been violently attacked by the protestors for peace…reminiscent of just how the followers of the “Peaceful Religon of Islam” continue to violently attack innocent people every day….

    …Islam is a mental disorder and sometimes I believe many Americans suffer from some sort of dementia when it comes to recognizing the nature of the Islamic threat that dwells in their mist…

  3. They know he was injured because as we speak, they are interrogating him while beating him with a ball-bearing filled garden hose and grinding their lit Marlboro’s into his skin. Not to say that is necessarily wrong, but it would tend to explain how they know he was/is wounded. Almost makes you feel sorry for the one that died, just think of all the intimate time he missed in the interrogation rooms. Just can’t think of a better way to treat these homicidal infidels (muslims).

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