Khatami: Failure of socialist movements led people to embrace Islam

In the 1960s Sayyid Qutb in Egypt wrote that both capitalism and socialism had failed and that Islam was ready to assume a role of world leadership. Now Khatami explains how this is in full swing.

From IRNA (thanks to James):

Head of the International Center for Dialogue of Civilizations Mohammad Khatami said on Saturday that failure of the socialist and nationalist movements have led world people to embrace Islam.

He said in his statement to the Thirteenth Seminar of Baran Foundation that despite the fact that followers of different religions live in the Middle East, the region has assumed an Islamic identity in the course of history.

“Nevertheless, the resistance to aggression on the Middle East territories by foreign forces to forge dominance over the region has served to found such an Islamic identity.”

He said that colonialism has actually faced with the wall of Islamic identity in the Middle East.

“Though the Islamic identity can go in parallel with the positive aspects of the Western civilization, Western politicians do not accept any dispute due to their selfishness, especially when their interests are challenged.”

He said that the self-esteemed Western politicians see themselves entitled to stir up Islamophobia and violence against Muslims, so Islam has been exposed to damages owing the Western and Zionist campaigns.

Not that Islam has done anything to provoke negative reactions. Not that Muslims have committed any violence of their own in the name of Islam. Oh, no.

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  1. says

    Latest Message to United States citizen jihad watchers:

    We are at the beginning of the sixth day of posting this request at Jihad Watch, and we are up to 33 volunteers. Currently, California is in first place with 5, and Florida places second with 4.

    I’m looking for at least two people in every state of the Union who would be willing to purchase a copy of Robert Spencer’s Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t and mail it to one of the senators in your state. I’m organizing an effort to get the book simultaneously to all 100 senators, in order to send a strong message.
    If we get more than two people per state, we’ll also send copies to the House of Representatives.

    If you’d like to be involved, please write to me at under the subject heading “Senate,” and tell me the state your senator represents, an email address where I can reach you, and a nickname. No need for your real name. And I will never share your email address with anyone, not even with other volunteers for this project.

    And visit to get more info on this project and to leave comments other volunteers can read. You can also see there the growing list of participants in this project, and the states their senators represent. I’ll try to update the list at least once a day. I’ve also designed a new graphic that might amuse. Scroll down when you get to the site.

    Once we have at least two people from every state, we can agree on a mailing date and then each of us can mail a copy of the book on that date.

    Right before we do the mailing, we can issue a press release to various media outlets in every state, and in that way announce and explain the mailing. And perhaps we can come up with some other ways of maximizing the effectiveness of this project and gaining as much positive attention as possible.

    One of the project’s volunteers suggested contacting Rep. Sue Myrick, who started the anti-Jihad caucus in Congress. I’ll try to coordinate this project with Rep. Myrick to maximize its effectiveness. I’ve also been calling various congressional offices to get advice on how best to go about this. And I’ll soon contact Regnery, Robert Spencer’s publisher, to ask their advice and to see if we can coordinate with them in some way.

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    There is so much deception and self-deception with Islam. Islam is an an imperialist rationalization system that created the Arab Empire, the Ottoman Empire and colonialism that resulted in Islamic presence in Slavic regions of Europe, in India, etc. When are they leaving Kosovo? When are they giving Constantinople back to the Greeks? (The Arabs were extensively involved in the African Negro slave trade.) When are Islamic Imperialists going to apologize for their exploitation, destruction of so many “indigenous cultures”, “indigenous peoples”?

    Practically every other group that has engaged in Imperialist-Empire activity have apologized for their Imperialist rationalization systems that permitted the subduing and exploitation of others. It’s time for the Arabs (and Turks) to apologize for their Imperialist systems, and stop glossing over and rewriting history (as all imperialists do) to sanitize their Imperialism to show everyone its essential “tolerance”.

    The truth is that Islam is, at its core, the Engine of Arab Imperialism. Islam should be studied as an Imperialist rationalization system.

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    Early on the Muslim Brotherhood embraced Socialism as a “Vehicle” for spreading Islam and a system of governance for Islamic rule. The SS General’s students were of the founders of the popular modern movement which advocated against it and chose to turn to more pure Islam which is believed to be a perfect form of Religion and Government in and of itself. This is part of the reason why I constantly write elected officials protesting them allowing a Foreign Govt [saudi] to build mosques and support their STATE RELIGION which is also setting up centers for future Islamic Rule in America. The process is a Clear Violation of US COnstitution and a direct subversive act against the Govt of the U.S. It is NOT a Freedom of religion nor a Freedom of Speech issue. The Mosques are being set up for future Islamic Rule. Islam IS Government.

  4. says

    The principals of Hitlerian-Gobbles style propaganda, the “spiritual terror” tactics of “a barrage of lies and intimidation” against any critic while at the same time lauding moderate “weaklings” (as Hitler called them), also includes never admitting any wrong and constantly accusing others of the tactics one engages in in an overall “big lie” strategy (as per Gobbles) . The methods of “spiritual terror” (lies, slander, law suits, stunts) and physical terror (Cartoon rage) are no accidents in the Islamic world. People like the Psychotic in Iran, as well as other demented Muslims, are well acquainted with Mein Kampf and the theories of Goebbels. I have no doubt of it.

    The fact that Mein Kampf is as popular as the Quran in the Mideast is a good reason to take a close look at Hitler’s book. It is also time to study the propaganda methods of Goebbels, especially Goebbels ideas on the intimidation of opposition, and the manipulation of “the masses”.

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    Mohammad Khatami said on Saturday that failure of the socialist and nationalist movements have led world people to embrace Islam

    There own words. It’s not just a religion.

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    This is OT but I believe Mr. Spencer will be interested, and everybody else, too.

    On Monday I went to my nearby Barnes & Noble and found “Religion of Peace?” on the New Arrivals table. There were, I guess, about 11-12. I bought one.

    Yesterday, Saturday, I again trekked over to B & N for a CD I wanted, and checked the New Arrivals table to see how the book was doing. There were 3 (THREE!) copies left! Now, is that great, or what? In addition, I bought another one to give a friend for her upcoming b’day.

    In the “Cultural Studies” shelves there were 2 “PIG to Islam/Crusades,” and 1 “Muhammed, Truth About.”

    I also bought Melanie Phillips’s “Londinistan.”

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    Fibrahim Hooper, CAIR, many Muslims on the international scene are well acquainted with the Goebbels theories of propaganda. The first time I realized this was when reading an JW article regarding Robert and the slander campaign against him by Fibrahim Hooper. (Fibby is a “model Goebbels”-a small replica of the real thing.) I saw Hitler’s words in Mein Kampf, the paragraph re “spiritual terror” come into my mind.

    More attention has to be paid to the source of the methods being used. Goebbels noted it was very important never to admit any possibility of wrongdoing or being mistaken in “spiritual terror” campaigns. It’s a very aggressive and violent process that is meant to break the will of the critic-opponent and get the “weaklings” to “sacrifice” the critic “in order just to have peace”.

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    I read a book once about Goebbels, the nazi Minister of Propaganda. He was a short, slight guy with a deformed foot. He and his wife had about 6 kids, all of whom they murdered by poison in Hitler’s bunker with the Russians approaching, and then killed themselves. His oldest child, Helga, was an especial favorite of Hitler’s.

  9. says

    Goebbels also said it was very important to position oneself or one’s group as a “victim”. This enabled the group to engage in the most aggressive behavior as “self-defense”. For example, this was done with Poland prior to the Nazi attack in 1939. They were accused of attacking Germany. The same tactics of “victimization” were used in the Sudetenland. It was the Horst Weasel tactic of the streets (“victim and martyr”) brought to the international scene.,GGLJ:2007-22,GGLJ:en&q=horst+wessel+lied&um=1&sa=N&tab=wv

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    What nonsense! Islam is the largest and most successful colonialist, imperialist project in history. How did an Arab tribal religion reach Indonesia, Europe, India, the Phillipines, etc.
    Because its a religion of Peace? NOT!!

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    His accusation of Western designs of dominance is just projection, because it’s the Muslims who seek to do that. They are the worst imperialists around.
    In any case, many Asian countries were subjected to Western colonialism, or to socialism, and today have no problem adopting Western ideas and customs when it suits them. The difference is that those countries are secure in their identity and know how to organize their economies and societies in a rational way, unencumbered by primitive and aggressive religious claptrap.

  12. says


    Right you are, dear. He was a real scumbag and diabolical in his methods. Several years ago I was listing to a radio program in which the host said that the human race needed to find intelligence genes for it to survive. I called (I rarely call shows) and told him (he was a leftist) I would be more impressed if he said we should find the goodness genes, genes that made us tell the truth and do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves. Gobbles is a good example of high intelligence uninformed by any goodness genes.

    I detect a lot of Goebbles tactics with Muslim groups and others.

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    Islam will never take over for as long as humans desire freedoms there will always be a revolt against islam. in plain English and common sense, you see where islam has anchored itself it is followed by corruptness, poverty and
    a powerful ruling class that is very small and oppressive.

  14. says

    Islam as an alternative to socialism? Mahmoud’s best friend Hugo Chavez is OK with that?

    The twisted alliance of leftists and islamists is puzzling at best, concerning at worst. But it is revealed here that they can not maintain their ties indefinitely and will come to blows at some point.

    Muslims do not imagine there’s no heaven. It’s not easy if they try. Perpetual friendship between hippies and muslims is even more difficult to Imagine.

  15. says

    “His accusation of Western designs of dominance is just projection, because it’s the Muslims who seek to do that”.-Jewdog

    I used to think this stuff was unconscious, but now I think it is deliberate. I think that a lot of the methods of propaganda are deliberate uses of what would normally be considered neurotic or psychotic reactions to reality. I think it is consciously done (the pose of victimization, the projections, the “big lies”, the slander campaigns of “spiritual terror” against critics, the praising of the moderate “weaklings” (Hitler’s term), the CAIR style and Hamas style search for Horst Weasel “martyrs”, never admitting the possibility of being wrong, etc.
    This stuff is well thought out and taken from the Goebbels play book.

    Gobbles took the unconscious and made it conscious in a deliberate distortion of reality. It’s diabolical. It’s about power and the manipulation of perception. But it is conscious.

    Fibrahim Hooper was quite conscious that he was taking a deleted comment from JW and attributing it to Robert. This is all conscious-including the projections and slanders.

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    “He [Mohammad Khatami]said in his statement to the Thirteenth Seminar of Baran Foundation that despite the fact that followers of different religions live in the Middle East, the region has assumed an Islamic identity in the course of history.”
    — from the article above

    “[T] region has assumed an Islamic identity.” Yes, in something like the same way, had the Nazis kept their conquest, much of Western Europe would have “assumed a German identity.” After their lands were conquered by the Muslims, the more advanced and settled populations conquered by Muslims had three choices: immediate death, immediate conversion, or — if they were People of the Book, the Ahl al-Kitab, that is Christians and Jews, they could remain alive, and even continued to practice, under great constraint, their own religions, but would be forced to submit to being treated as dhimmis, people whom the Muslims like to call the “protected people” but fail to explain that they were “protected” — if every member of their communities observed the onerous requirements inflicted on them — from the wrath, and even the license to kill, that the Muslims had issued to themselves as a way of dealing with non-Muslims who refused to submit.

    Others were not to be permitted even that possibility, but offered only two alternatives: conversion or death. However, the sheer numbers involved (the Arab conquerors were not numerous compared to the far wealthier, settlted, culturally much more advanced populations they conquered through military means) required them, in the end, to offer the same kind of treatment to the Zoroastrians of Sassanian Persia. But over time, the desire the onerousness, and the great expense, of dhimmi status, and the constant worry over whether or not a member of the particular religious community, would fulfill in all respects, or for some reason – defiance, inability out of poverty – would not fulfill in all respects, the demands upon him, as a dhimmi, thus putting into danger, by arousing Muslim wrath, the entire community, caused some, and then some more, and then more and more, to accept Islam. After all, wasn’t Islam in a sense “familiar”? Did it not include among its prophets such familiar names as “Moses” and “Jesus”? Were not some of its stories already familiar, because so many of those stories and even turns of phrase, were lifted from, appropriated from, the prior existing religions – albeit in much-distorted versions. Jesus is no longer divine, the Son of God, and he certainly was not crucified, but still…he is one of those many prophets who came before the One True One, the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad. And so, many did convert – not because Islam was so wonderful, as Mohammad Khatami implies, but because most people, most of the time, if they are in a very difficult situation, one that, intermittently, threatens them with death, will do what they must to get out of that situation.

    Imagine, if you will, that Muslims conquered America. Imagine, if you will, that Christians and Jews (what happens to Hindus and Buddhists is another matter) were to be theoretically “allowed” to practice their religions. But they could not built new churches and synagogues. They could not repair old ones. They would not be allowed to drive cars or take planes or trains or bussees or ships, but could only use horses (just as dhimmis, in an age where the horse was the only rapid means of transportation, were denied their use, but had to make do with donkeys, and to travel, at their fastest, at a donkey’s pace). Imagine, further, that every Christian and Jew in this country had to pay, to Muslim overlords, a “Jizyah” of, say, $100,000 per head per year. Or no, let’s make it $50,000. No, let’s make it $25,000. Every year, for every single person in your family. Just how many of us would, not right away of course, but possibly in a decade, or two, simply give up, simply accept Islam? You know the answer to this.

    And then, let us say, your grandchildren or great-grandchildren are not only Muslims, but have done all the things that Muslims are encouraged to do. They take Arabic first names: no longer Michael or David or Kieran or Peter or Richard or Robert or Matthew or James, but “Mohammad” and “Ahmad” and “Jihad” and “Osama” and “Omar” and “Ayman” and “Wasfi” and “Ali” and Abdul” and “Abdullah” – and the same is true for the girls, now not “Sarah” and “Mary” and “Emily” but rather “Aisha” and “Zeinab” and “Hafsa.” And they also take, as so many non-Arabs have taken, Arab names. And they turn toward Mecca five times a day. And they regard as the Model of Conduct, uswa hasana, as the Perfect Man, al-insan al-kamil, Muhammad, and all his works and days – that is, they are taught to regard him, to regard the customs and manners, of seventh-century Arabs (for that is what Muhammad was, a seventh-century Arab), as worthy of emulation, through time and space. That is why, when Khomeini came to power, replacing the not-exactly-Kemalist-but-incompletely-Islamic Shah (who looks better and better, every day, despite the corruption of his court, and despite his own traces of absurd o’erweening pride), virtually the first law he imposed was to change the marriageable age of girls from 18 to nine, the age at which little Aisha married Muhammad, or when he “consummated” that marriage.

    And as they are told, your descendants – perhaps not your grandchildren, perhaps it will take a bit longer for some, a bit shorter for other lines of descent, depending on the strength with which you insist on hewing to the old ways, or whether or not you live in some remote part of the country, in the mountains say (that is how the Maronites survived – in the high fastnesses of “Mount Lebanon”) – and are passed over. But it won’t be easy, not nearly as easy as it might have been in 800 A.D., or 1200 A.D., or 1500 A.D., because the technology exists to find people, and to destroy them.

    It could not have been any different, except as to the sums involved, in the lands conquered by the Muslims. Slowly, inexorably, the non-Muslims converted. When I look at the pictures of Muslims in Iraq, at those faces reflecting minds that have endured centuries of Islamic inculcation, faces discouraged from thought, encouraged to submit to a Total System, with every free thinker killed or cowed, I see through the present, into some distant past, when the ancestors of those same Muslim Arabs were Christians and Jews, enduring conquest, and then the status of dhimmis, and at some fateful point, becoming Muslims, either because they simply could not stand it any longer, or to avoid a worse fate, for intermittently, Muslim rulers would – sometimes to celebrate the birth of a male child, or a military victory, or for no reason at all – require all the non-Muslims in a city (for example, Tabriz, under Shah Abbas II), to convert, overnight, to Islam, or face death. There are many such examples.

    How do you think the Middle East and North Africa Islamized? How do you think Anatolia, or the Empire of Byzantium, with \its Greeks and Armenians and Jews, became what it is today, a place where those Greeks and Armenians and Jews still exist, but now they are called “Turks” and are Muslims, and have no memory of what happened before, no awareness, no sense of what must have happened, given the small number of actual “Turks”who arrived, Seljuks and then Ottoman Turks, from out of Asia?

    And what do Pakistanis or Bangladeshis think? Do they think , at all, about the circumstances which forced their own ancestors to convert to Islam? What unendurable circumstances, or what direct threats, or what examples of mass murder – 60 to 70 million Hindus were killed during the nearly three centuries of Muslim rule – caused some ancestors — of Musharraf, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Pinky Bhutto, and the late General Zia, and the poet Iqbal, and every Muslim on the subcontinent, to convert, from being Hindus, or Jains, or (in more recent times, and not frequently) Sikhs, or Buddhists, to becoming, Muslims.

    And what of Mohammad Khatami himself? Why do you think Mohammad Khatami is a Muslim? What happened to his own ancestors, the Zoroastrians who – as the great historian of Zoroastrianism Mary Boyce has noted – were so cruelly treated by the Muslims. Why do you think some of the Zoroastrians fled Persia altogether, to pre-Islamic, and therefore Hindu, and therefore tolerant, India –to become the Parsis? When Boyce, in the mid-twentieth century, went to live among the handful – no more than a few hundred thousand at that point, and today far fewer – Zoroastrians who still lived in Iran, she noted the constant, daily cruelty which the Zoroastrians endured (just as Jews did, or Yazidis, or Assyrians, or many other non-Muslim groups). Dogs are treated with great respect in Zoroastrianism, but in Islam dogs are disliked, even murderously so, and Muhammad in a famous Hadith said he would not enter a house in which there was
    a dog or a statue.” One wonders if, by the way, this caninophobia was a result of a desire, in early Islam, to distinguish Islam from Zoroastrianism, whether it was a hadith deliberately fabricated to reinforce Muslim hostility toward Christians (with their iconic representations) and at the same time Zoroastrians (with their dogs). Boyce reports on how very small Muslim children would delightedly torture the dogs,of the Zoroastrians, as even adult Zoroastrians had to look on, stoically enduring this, not daring to move a muscle.

    Go ahead. Think about how, over the long centuries, Christians and Jews in the Middle East and North Africa became Muslims. Think about Zoroastrians in Persia were brought by the Arabs the “gift” of Islam, and how they were forced to unwrap that unrequested-gift, and what escaped from the box once the package was unopened. Think about those Pakistanis, look at them, and see the long-ago long-suffering Hindu who, at some point in the past – sometimes the very recent past (see Iqbal) – became a Muslim because, under Muslim rule, that made for many people only common sense, the sense of self-preservation. Little did they know that they were then condemning themselves, but even more those in their line of descent who would forget their own histories, become like little Arabs (arabization accompanying, or following upon, islamization), and embrace a Total System of Regulation, a Complete Explanation of the Universe, that would permanently stunt their mental and moral growth.

    And here we are. In Iran, with Khatami. In Western Europe, with millions of people who think just like Khatami. And more being allowed in, or allowed to conduct subversive campaigns against the legal and political insetitutions of the lands within which they have been so negligently, so heedlessly, allowed to settle –to settle behind what Islam itself teaches Muslims to regard as enemy lines, the lines that delimit Dar al-Harb.

  17. says


    The article is an excellent example of Goebbels theories. The projections (it was deliberate with him) and posing as victim are part of his methods. Goebbels believed accusations/lies/slanders would enable “the masses” (followers who he considered stupid) to act pitilessly, believing in the justice of their cause, and that they were acting defensively. I think Goebbels had a very clear insight into the human unconscious.

    The whole thing was part of the “big lie” method. One German Army General (I forget which one) commented that he realized that all the “nonsense” re Jews (World wide conspiracy, etc.) was propaganda when he saw the Jews of Eastern Europe go to their fate without knowing their fate. He said no people ever went to their fate with less knowledge of what had been planned for them than the Jews of Eastern Europe.

  18. says

    The business about Islam finding favor now that “socialism has failed” can be stated more accurately.

    There are those in the West who are economically marginal, and also socially marginal. They have grievances against the “System.” In some cases they might,in a different world, have put a Marxist cast on their grievances. They would have sought to promote, that is, a different economic system. Muslims, with their carefully-targetted campaigns of Da’wa, know exactly what to say, and what not to say, to different target audiences. To certain populations — black prisoners, some but not all immigrants — they hold out Islam as a vehicle for “Social Justice.” It is nothing of the sort. Instead, Islam is a splendid vehicle for keeping people down and submissive, for they are taught obedience, slavish mental and political obedience, to the Ruler, as long as the ruler, no matter how much he may be skimming off the top (look at the Al-Saud, or any of the other ruling families in the rich Gulf states, or the military kleptocracies — “stratokleptocracies” I keep calling them — of Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Libya, and so on, or the hereditary monarchs, such as those of Morocco and Jordan, who help themselves to very large amounts, relative to the population, of what should be the national wealth.

    The greatest disparities of wealth and of power exist in Muslim countries, despite all this business of everyone going to the mosque together. Look at the Saudi “royal
    family, and what those tens of thousands of princes, princelings, and princelettes do, how they conduct their fabulously luxurious and decadent lives, and compare that to the rest of the Saudis. Do the same for the sheiklets. For that matter, look at the Family-and-Friends plan of Mubarak in Egypt, or of corrupt Saint Sadat before him. Look at the generals who rule Algeria. Look at the alternating rule in modern Pakistan, by zamindars and generals, generals and zamindars, and see how the anglophone jeuneese doree of Pakistan — just look at the luxe enjoyed by those rich Pakistanis in London and Washington — and then ask yourself about “social justice” in Islam.

    But just as those black prisoners subject to Musliim indoctrination (while the authorities in Infidel lands look the other way), learn nothing about the incredible level of anti-black racism, that is a given among the Arabs, learn nothing about the Arab slave trade or the continuing legitimacy of slavery in Islam and the continued enslavement of blacks by Muslim Arabs wherever they have managed to evade close examination from the outside — in Sudan, in Mauritania, and even, one suspects, deep inside one or two other Arab-ruled states, behind palace walls, where Westerners never penetrate.

    And look at Iran today. What is the chief criticism of the Islamic Republic of Iran by Iranians? It is the corruption of everything. It is the seizure of wealth by the mullahs. It is precisely the lack of “social justice” — a lack even more pronounced under the Islamic Republic than under the late Shah, just as the cruelties and injustices of life under the Czarist regime were as nothing compared to what happened after the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Islam as the new and vibrant and appealing replacement for both “capitalism” and “socialism”? Utter nonsense. As much nonsense as the “universalist” claim made by apologists for Islam, who refuse to recognize what the clear-sighted (including the most clear-sighted of non-Arab Muslims) Infidels can perceive: that despite that “universalist” claim, Islam remains, and always will remain, what it has always been: a vehicle for Arab imperialism, cultural, linguistic, as well as political and, when possible, economic.

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    As bad as socialism is, and it’s pretty dopey chiefly because it doesn’t work but also because it represses freedom, I would far prefer it over Islam, the ultimate destroyer of the human spirit.

  20. says

    How is it that captalism has served the free world so well yet failed to help Islamists? It is quite obvious that the problem is Islam, not freedom.

    As for socialism, muslims have become particularly adept at using Western government programs to their collective advantage.

  21. says

    failure of the socialist and nationalist movements have led world people to embrace Islam.

    This must be shouted from the rooftops, so that the naive masses can learn that islam is not a religion. It is a system of government and an ideology. As such it can be targeted as communism and nazism were. The religious aspect to islam is simply the cover. Unfortunately, in the liberal, pluralistic west, that cover has constitutional, and more to the point, sentimental and intellectual protection. An unfortunate, and perhaps, fatal, peculiarity of the western conscience.

  22. says

    “…both capitalism and socialism had failed and that Islam was ready to assume a role of world leadership.”

    The myth here is that capitalism and socialism have ceased to exist and that fascism is the solution. Let’s look at the American Heritage dictionary’s definition of Fascism:

    A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

    Using these parameters then Iran, Venezuela and Russia fit the bill. And yes, so do most Middle East countries. The defeat of the concept is directly tied to the cessation of the use of the products purveyed by these countries. Take away their money and their power goes with it. None of these countries are manufacturing giants. They supply one product only, two if you include Hate. Difficult yes, but impossible no.

  23. says

    In the 1960s Sayyid Qutb in Egypt wrote that both capitalism and socialism had failed and that Islam was ready to assume a role of world leadership.

    Strange from a man who received his master degree in education from Colorado State in 1948 and then returned to Egypt where he was imprisoned for for 15 years and then hung there in 1966 for being part of a conspiracy to assasinate Abdul Nassar.

  24. says

    Islam is going to excercise its supremacy. As long as it is viewed is a ‘religion’ it will get away with it. Islam could get nowhere with this, if not for help from weak kneed western leaders, and the MSM who are bent over with the weight of PC induced dhimmihood. This is characterised by a lot of bowing and groveling before their Islamic masters.
    G Bush has done so much of this, I suspect he may be a closet muslim.
    The Islamic powers keep telling us they are political. How long do you think it will take western political dhimmis to realise, that their political dhimmihood is traitorous, and treasonous, to the country, and people, they supposedly represent? Before anything meaningful is done about muslim immigration in the US, the dhimmi, PC afflicted people in power, have to be identified, and removed from power positions.
    That would pave the way for a new determination of Islams status as a ‘religion’. If it could be reclassified as a ‘political entity’, its tax exempt status could be revoked, and it can be held accountable. Islam is a hostile government operating in front of, and behind the enemies lines. Mosques are political/military facilities. Imams ect, are the political/military commanders.
    The non-believing public should not have to put up with this, no one voted to become a dhimmi. The term limit for a political dhimmi should be about two minutes…

  25. says

    We already have an islam party in the UK, goes by the name of the Respect Party run by that useless idiot Galloway.

  26. says


    The more I know about Islam the more I understand why Hitler and Himmler said it was perfectly suited to Nazism. Hitler considered Christianity a drag (“the Jewish Christ creed with its pity ethics”). Hitler and Himmler were right about Islam. And Islam, in turn, is perfectly suited to the Goebbels propaganda methods.

    For example, Fibrihim Hooper was completely conscious that he was slandering Robert when he attributed the deleted post to Robert, and Fibby and the other CAIR liars made sure they praised any available “weaklings” for their “moderation” and “intelligence”. It’s all Goebbels stuff, including the “victimization” poses.

  27. says

    And of course (as per Goebbels) never, never under any circumstances must any wrong doing be admitted or any slander, etc. be owned up to. That keeps the “stupid masses” thinking they are “victims”.

  28. says

    Note that this Khatami whack job uses the word “colonialism” in his nonsense – the socialist language of the hate America crowd from whom he has either taken it (the word or idea of colonialism), ingested it or the group of whom he is a part.

    At best the guy is derivative, or at least he is a commie for islam.

    Turn him over, he’s done.

  29. says

    I am faulting the educational systems in the West for the lack of knowledge that exposes all the social schemes that have failed civilization in the past. And the parents who are too distracted or lazy to realize what their kids are (not) learning.

    I nominate Hugh Fitzgerald for Secretary of Education.

    My children were homeschooled for 5 years due to the errors taught to them at school. There is a great relativist movement to characterize all belief systems as “different, with no one better than another.” America is protrayed as an imperialistic glutton, and backward societies and sociopaths like Che Guevera are praised for “raising people up.”

    I have children in grade school, high school, and university levels. If you don’t take time now to educate your children in the truth, you will lose them.

  30. says

    Short memories: No one is left alive to speak first hand about Ottoman (Muslim) imperialism. It wasn’t called the Ottoman Republic or the Ottoman Confederation – it was the Ottoman Impire.

    Liars they are too.

  31. says

    I’m writing from a Nevada town that was building in excess of a thousand housing units per year a couple of years ago. Housing lots created so far in 2007: zero. Establishments that were full of people two years ago are quiet today and going out of business. Some very smart people didn’t see this coming and got burnt badly. It is spooky how quickly things can change.

    I believe that the socialist system will fail. 5000 British people between the ages of 20 and 40 leave each week, bringing their tax base with them to Australia, New Zealand, and Central America. Land prices in Central America have doubled while those in the US have fallen.

    But the result of the failure of the socialist system will not be Islam. The result with be a strong executive that puts troublesome people on airplanes.

  32. says

    “Head of the International Center for Dialogue of Civilizations Mohammad Khatami said on Saturday that failure of the socialist and nationalist movements have led world people to embrace Islam.”

    It wasn’t the failure of socialism and nationalism that caused people to “embrace” Islam. It was the inability of people to resist the Islamic onslaught that caused them to “embrace” Islam.

    Katami would like others to believe that people willfully “embraced” the Islamic cult. In truth, Islam is like a python that wraps it coils around its victim and proceeds to crush the life out of it. Mr. Katami would have us believe that the victim is embracing the Python.

  33. says

    do Pakistanis or Bangladeshis think?

    Hugh it seems once islam sinks its teeth into a country all thinking ceases. no need to think on your own when you are following a cult of muhammud.
    When you hear from the liberal Europeans, and other liberal elites, they seem to think that muslims will see how advanced they are and want to become more like liberal Europeans. the truth be known, islamists understand that they are highest on earth’s level next to their koran. the two do not mix, but liberals still support islamists at their own expenses. one thing is known that when the sh.. hits the fans, the liberal elites will be the first ones islamists will kill.

  34. says

    If that were the case the French citizens would not have voted out the socialist party president in favor of a conservative style president. It is commonly perceived that the French are okay with government style socialist babysitting, but I think the Muslim riots and other socialist failures finally woke the people up to some degree. The only problem is they (as most people will be likely to consider)will expect the government to do the work of protecting them.
    This is reasonable to expect to some degree except that a politician is a politician and people who overly depend on their government are usually let down big time. We are all being let down right now.
    Ultimately it is up to the citizens of any country to defend their country. The west is being invaded.
    What will you do when the Muslims riot in your country? I am certain it will happen in the US and other countries where the citizens are becoming increasingly frustrated with Islam and its adherents and speak out about it. Muslims are very childish and throw tantrums. Are we to sit around waiting for the government to come to the rescue? Are we to wait for permission to defend ourselves?

  35. says

    Islamic Expansionism and Imperialistic Conquest of their neighbors is never called “colonialism” for some reason, but “conversion”.

    He who controls the dictionaries controls the dialogue (as Orwell noted).

    The Koran: a dictionary of deception and despotism.

  36. says


    The Mohammedans are already getting nervous about the “Islamic Fascism Awareness Week” sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. October 22-26 at various college campuses, and Mr. Spencer will be a speaker!

  37. says

    Socialism has already failed, in both the European Union and here in Canada, but I don’t know why this should come as a surprise to anyone. The Soviet Union has been blessedly extinct now for 16 years, and yet the Europeans and their allies here in Canada persist with calls for “social justice”, “world peace”, and all that Gramscian nonsense. Socialism is communism lite plain and simple. I’ve lived in China, I’ve traveled through Vietnam, and was born and raised in Canada, so at the very least, I think I have something to offer on any discussion concerning socialism.

    This past week, a woman from Calgary gave birth to quadruplets in Great Falls, Montana. They had to fly her to Montana because there weren’t any beds available in the neonatal intensive care unit at Foothills Hospital in Calgary. Seriously! This happens in Canada a lot, but of course neither the CBC nor the major dailies (with the exception of the Post) ever have anything to say about it. “Universal health-care is what makes Canada the greatest and most admired country in the world”, or so THEY say. Admired by whom exactly? We are so great in this country that we have to fly a pregnant woman, who lives in a city of over one million people, to a remote corner of Montana (a town with only 50,000 people in fact) to have her children delivered. “But universal health care is what separates us from the Americans!”, is what they always say up here. No s**t. Incidentally, universal health care in Canada was brought into being through the efforts of Tommy Douglas (father of Shirley, and grandfather of Kiefer Sutherland), leader of the socialist NDP and a man who was a baptist minister who also believed in eugenics (I couldn’t make this stuff up even if you paid me! And for any Canadians reading this, the reason why our system is s**t is because any health system that operates within a free market must be able to determine the market value of, say, orthopedic surgery. Leaving it up to the government leads to failure).

    I remember a story from a couple years back, a woman from the States was driving along the trans-Canada Highway between Ontario and Manitoba. She came to a booth and had a brief conversation with the female attendant inside who told her, and I quote, “We love America, but we hate your President”. THAT is the mentality up here. And it is certainly revealing. WE hate your President, not I, not some of us, but WE hate your President. This reveals the extent to which the Canadian mentality has been conditioned in the last forty years. Conditioned through a state-sponsored media, regulated by the state. In many places in Canada, due to the massive size of our country, the only television you get is the state-run CBC (you think al-Beeb is bad?). Add to this the mentality of a colony which never rebelled against the Home Countries, a belligerent spoiled brat of a French-speaking province, and an out-of-date 19th century recipe for governance (enshrined in the completely worthless, and ironically titled “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” which masquerades as a constitution) and there you have modern Canada. All that was missing was Satan himself, and he was sworn in (not elected) on April 20th, 1968. Incidentally, he also had final say on our “constitution” in 1982 when it was repatriated from Britain (we only became independent 25 years ago). For example, in Satan’s constitution a Canadian is not guaranteed any right to own property any where in the document. Seriously, in China the Communist Party has even guaranteed Chinese citizens the right to own private property.

    In an internet poll just this past month Pierre Trudeau (Satan) was voted the Worst Canadian of all time. To regular Canadians this isn’t surprising as the man is loathed from coast to coast (the government wanted to rename out tallest mountain after Trudeau when he passed away, but had to back down from opposition). But to the useful idiots in Rosedale and on Parliament Hill, this internet poll was an outrage. The woman in charge of the poll actually went on CTV (a private and supposedly independent media network, although you’d never know it) and scolded Canadians for their choice, calling it a “disappointment”. When asked why this could have happened, the pollster started to go on about how “we don’t learn our own history in this country anymore” (to even the dimmest of Americans one can see how she sets up America for the blame by saying “our own history”. Whose history are we learning then?). I was blown away when I heard this. I’ve spent my whole life up to this point, studying history and we NEVER STUDIED history when I was in school, let alone OUR OWN. We didn’t, because the government won’t let us.

    A few years ago, the CBC came up with the miniseries “A People’s History Of Canada”. This series, for example, had a lot to say about “British” and “Protestant” racism, but had very little to say about the institutionalized racism of French Canada (according to a January 2007 Leger Marketing survey 59% of Quebecers openly admit to being racist, something you Americans might appreciate once you wake up from having past out). By the end of the series, in summation, they referred to idyllic First Nation Peoples (our Indians) who lived in peace and harmony before the coming of “European peoples” (ie. the French, who they showed as being “European”) before moving on to “war brought from the south”, at which point they referred to the Americans and British (I wonder if they realize that one came before the other, and not in that order? Do they even know that, in historical fact, it was more like war was brought from the north by the French, to the south and in to the American colonies?). In the Canada of today we are “white anglophones”, whatever the f**k that means. This all comes back to socialism, for socialism wages war, not only against the family, but against history as well. As communism lite, it too seeks “the end of history” (much like their ghazi friends do). So socialists wage war against history. This Orwellian totalitarianism has drained the will right out of the country. For me, the breaking point was when the current Conservative(!) Prime Minister declared, in Parliament, that Quebec is “a nation”, which is what they’ve always been after (they refer to it as “distinct society”). I prefer to quote Orwell “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

    As a Canadian I’m not really worried, as I’ve already begun the process of immigrating to Australia. I hold out hope for the land of my birth, but I’m not holding my breath. Socialism is suffocation.

  38. says

    He actually makes a good point. Many Arab states experimented with “Arab Socialism” or Baathism. It was a worse failure than either Communism or Fascism, I think because it incorporated the worst elements of both.

    But Baathism only infected Muslims, not the West. It collapsed in Muslim lands NOT the West which is why there are very few converts to Islam in the West (silly girls who like Arab boys and people-of-colour with an ax to grind against society). So, Islam is not going to replace Liberal Capitalism which has been successful in the West.

    This is why I support the Caliphate. Give the Muslims their Caliphate. Let it fail, as it inevitably WILL DO. Let them reinstate their medieval system and see how it will bring them only suffering. We in the West should just sit back and watch the economic collapse, educational collapse, the scientific collapse, and the public health collapse. It is through Islam’s failure that it will be discredited.

  39. says

    Patrick: Islam has already collapsed. It’s a zombie culture, acting out a rerun of “Night of the Living Dead”. The petrowealth has animated it enough to crawl out of its tomb, and stagger in our direction.
    Now, who would care, were those zombies not trying to turn the rest of us into zombies too. Just put a string of garlic around your neck, carry a wooden stake, a mirror, a cross (or star) and keep a light on when you go to sleep at night.

  40. says

    “Islam has already collapsed…”
    — from a posting above

    Yes and no. Islam is the reason for the political, economic, social, moral, and intellectual failures of Muslim states and societies. But it is, for Muslims, the one thing they dare not blame for those political, economic, social, moral, and intellectual failures.

    What they do dare to blame, and indeed must blame, are the things which have to do with Infidels. Are the Muslim rulers bad? Then don’t blame the fact that Muslims lack a democratic tradition, because political legitimacy cannot easily be located in the will of the people, in a Muslim setting. Are individuals treated badly, and as slaves to Allah, who must submit in all cases to the collective, and to the need to defend, and never to weaken, Islam? Then don’t blame the fact that Islam is a collectivist faith, and that individuals are not permitted to exercise any rights — such as freedom of speech or freedom of conscience (i.e., freedom to drop Islam)– whenever those rights get in the way of Islam.

    No, it is the Infidels who, directly or indirectly, who are to blame. It is the Infidels who are responsible for every bad ruler. It is the Americans who “brought in Saddam Hussein” say some — a charge that is utter nonsense, but one repeated by those non-Muslims in the West who now wish to blame America for the disarray in Iraq, when the only thing to blame America for is not recognizing just how permanent and awful is the effect of Islam, on the unwinnable hearts and minds of those who cannot possibly make good use of all the things the Americans tried to do for them, all the lives and money squandered by those Americans on people who did nothing to show that they merited such sacrifices and who, because of Islam, with its Victor-Vanquished world-view, cannot possibly make the kind of compromises among themselves that the naive generals and even more naive policymakers at home keep thinking somehow will be made. It won’t happen. It can’t happen.

    No, Islam is now a Cargo Cult. It waits for the Goods and Services of the West. Econmically it survives because of two developments. The first is the oil money, which is accidental, and is the only way that Arab states, with their inshallah-fatalism, could possibly become fabulously rich (there is no enterprise, no ethic of work as in the West and in East Asia).

    The second is the Jizyah of foreign aid from the Infidels, who have been persuaded that they, and for some unexplained reason not the fabulously rich Arabs and other Muslims, who must support the poor Muslims — $60 billion to Egypt from America alone, $28 billion to Pakistan in debt-relief and new aid, from America alone since 2001, $880 billion squandered to turn the sow’s ear of Iraq into some imaginary silk purse of decency, that was always an ignis fatuus, a very fatuous fire indeed, and billions of course to the shock troops of the Lesser Jihad (that against Israel), those local Arabs who were carefully renamed as “the Palestinians.”

    So they wait. And the Big Birds fly overhead, and drop the goods either paid for with unearned oil money, or offered by way of tribute by Infidel lands. And sometimes the Big Birds land, and out come doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers — from the Infidels, to the Muslims, in a civilizing mission that never civilizes, becaue while the outward form may be there, Islam prevents any inward moral and mental development. Islam stunts the moral and mental growth, and that is the one thing that Muslims will never recognize.

    But we Infidels can do so, and we can begin, more and more loudly, to express that view. And if we do so, a few Muslims are going to listen, and some will see the rightness of the diagnosis, as some celebrated “defectors” or apostates from Islam already have. And what is more, by seeing Islam steadily and whole, and speaking these home truths, one helps to strengthen Infidels, especially the unwary, the ignorant, the just plain stupid, against the opportunistic infection of Islam.

    A Cargo Cult. Big Birds. That’s exactly what it now is.

  41. says

    In truth Islam is in for a LOT of competition from a resurging Christian faith that is seeing a lot of growth in the global south, most seen in the sub-saharia Africa area. In Asia, keep an eye out to China which sees 10,000 Chinesse become Christian a day. They could be the key for the crushing of Islam.

  42. says

    “The twisted alliance of leftists and islamists is puzzling at best, concerning at worst. But it is revealed here that they can not maintain their ties indefinitely and will come to blows at some point.”

    Good point…and I would add this. The saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” could be modifying in this case to “the enemy of my greater enemy is my friend until they help me defeat my greater enemy, then this weak friend can be disposed of”. The greatest threat to Islam is Judeo-Christian influence in power and leftists are the idealogical enemy within the West…Islamic interests merely are using them in alliance to attack the Judeo-Christian powerbase.

    These leftists are making proverbial deal with the devil in their mutual hatred of anything Judeo-Christian with Islam. But liberals don’t have a clue obviously…they are infidels just like the rest of us and are destined to the same fate as any other resistor under sharia.

  43. says

    When the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in Iran he immediately set upon the useful idiots who were assisting him in what they believed would be some kind of socialist revolution.

    When the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan they left a guy name Najibullah behind. Google ‘Najibullah’ and check what happened to him, which is likely what would happen to Karzai, the darling of the West.

    In the meantime, the Guardian is preparing the Brits for the Islamofascist takeover:

  44. says

    Thx, Hugh. Cargo Cult is good. It captures the essentially primitive level of it, the shallowness. It’s also a shame that those big birds are so loaded with weapons, but that’s what Islam’s anarchy and hatred demand, and what it’s rudimentary technology can’t develop.
    In moral and intellectual terms, it’s a zombie.
    I just wish people like Taslima Nasreen and Ali Sina could clone themselves, though I hope that honest discussions like these will help make more of them. At some point they’ll be a significant force.

  45. says

    TheDiggler do not despair, l as a Cdn have come through the same BS but have overcome the “blame American,British,” as every lineage throughout my family would be programed for that thinking, Fr.Irish,Algonquin ,etc, but we all mature and realize the big lie from the “liberal media”. There is some truth to British racism, my father was told by his boses in the mines to “speak white” where he worked, as being Fr.Cdn you were regarded as halfbreeds, and worse. but as you mature, and times have changed in Canada, there was a time for real liberalism, but now it has festered and becoming the champions of so called
    “victims” and have aligned with islamists the “perpetual victims”. The media is out of touch with the regular Canadians and l know most Canadians side with US.

  46. says

    Never in the history of the stupid has one man done so much to advance the cause of stupidity for all mankind. Mohammad Number 2,638,426,720ish should be proud of his achievements!

    In reward he should be given a shiny Uranium medal to wear around his neck and sent to Mars one way so he can claim the Universe! Call him a pioneer!

    Or you could double tap him in his bed. Not that this child of the broken West who spends his time peacefully working towards a comfortable retirement would agree with such draconian measures.

  47. says

    Khatami: Failure of socialist movements led people to embrace Islam

    In other words Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Min, Pol Pot, “Che”, Castro, and Kim Ill Sung have had their turns at genocide and mass murder, errrr I mean oppressing the people, errrr I looting the world, errr I mean running things into the ground, ummm.

    What I mean is that Khatami, Ahmadinejad, the crown princes/ princess of the Magic Kingdom of Twin Beheading Amusement Parks want their chance at it too, along with every other gun toting Allah Crackbar fanatic.

  48. says


    I think it was Yeltsin who said of the USSR that in the end the society had become a land of hypocrites where no one would dare speak the truth and the few who did were in grave danger. The malaise, the stagnation of everything was blamed on the US and a false front was put up of a land of equality, a place where there was universal health care, no homelessness, etc. We were told the USSR was nothing like America and even Dan Rather waxed warm on the pre-schools and day care for Soviet kids in one of his reports. But it was all a lie, self-deception, delusion. It is much like that with Islam. And as with the USSR, every reason for Islamic failure is projected outward and there is no self-criticism, no permissions to critical analysis, no alternatives are possible because no one is really free to dissent from the system.

    I once read a description of the Soviet system as being “meta-stable”. Apparently it’s a word from physics that means a system appears very stable until outside forces are introduced and then it becomes violently unstable. The Islamic world, especially the Mideast, is affected by the transport and communications revolutions of the past 50 years and those revolutions are striking and shattering their metastable system. Islam is in a condition similar to the Soviet system but it’s more dangerous and its potential for lethal violence is greater than the Soviet system. We are in a period of history more dangerous than the Cold War.

  49. says

    What people ever “embraced” Islam except on pain of death? Even Muhammad’s warring relatives had to be forced to accept it. Those who didn’t were killed.

    Having a gun (figuratively – Mohammad didn’t have gunpowder) held to your head and saying something on pain of death is not “embracing” a philosophy.

    Islam was never embraced. It was force-fed.

    Even the Shiism of Iran was force-fed to them by their leader. Does Khatami realize that Iranians were once Sunni Muslims?

  50. says


    Correct analysis.
    Telling the truth is liberational (not “liberal”), and that’s a good thing.
    (but then I thought the CBC was sickening, and then I saw the BBC…”)

  51. says

    Really? That’s funny you should say that as the CBC reminds me of CCTV 9 in China. Kind of freaked me out once I got back “home”.

  52. says

    sheikyermami says – “When the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in Iran he immediately set upon the useful idiots who were assisting him in what they believed would be some kind of socialist revolution.

    When the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan they left a guy name Najibullah behind. Google ‘Najibullah’ and check what happened to him, which is likely what would happen to Karzai, the darling of the West.”

    Word to that. V S Naipaul, in ‘Among the Believers’, spent time with the earnest Persian socialists – the people who read the leftist and soviet lit and truly believed in people’s revolution and all that. Khomeini took them – and their Russian sponsors – for a ride.

    The Jihad mobsters used left-speak/ communist speak, anything to persuade the Russkies to hand over weapons, money, etc. In other places, other times, they used different, Western-style jargon to persuade the West to hand over weapons, money, etc. The ‘Palestinians’ were particularly clever at it – until Hamas ripped the mask off. Frankly, the driving force has been Islam, Islam, Islam all along.

    I would BET my bottom dollar that just as America and the EU are being fed a truckload of taqiyya and kitman, so too are the Chinese and the Russians. Just because the Russians and Chinese are users of propaganda, doesn’t mean they are any more immune to an ancient and lethal system that is 1200 years older than theirs is. Living in an fog of lies makes you more, not less prone to be deceived.

  53. says

    From the “PC is killing US department”
    * Once again, an American soldier has been killed by enemy combatants, by Islamic terrorists hiding in a mosque. If America hits back there will be an international outcry. But when the jihadists shoot from the mosque, there is no outcry at all. Of course.

    * Surprised? That’s what mosques are for, after all, because “War is Deception”- said Muhammad

    “These insurgents displayed total disregard for the community by using a mosque, a sacred place for Muslims worship, as a sanctuary to commit their acts of terror,” said Maj. Mike Garcia, spokesperson for 4th SBCT. “They are fully aware Coalition Forces treat religious centers with the highest regard. This is an obvious sign of cowardice.”

    * Obviously, we are not learning, are we?

  54. says

    so Islam has been exposed to damages owing the Western and Zionist campaigns

    In this, Khatami unconsciously implies that Islam has been unable to answer the withering forces of “infidel misbehavior”. Not so “Almighty” of Allah, eh?

  55. says

    To boost world opinion of Islam, Khatami would seem to be manipulating the unfulfillable human desire for a utopian society the way the Nazis and Communists historically have done. Khatami’s (and Hitler’s and countless other ideologues that have come and gone before them) bogus contention is that a life free of problems is there for the taking if only….

    Capitalist America has the world’s largest economy and one of the world’s highest standards of living. So too does Capitalist western Europe. In addition, America has helped numerous other nations boost their economies and standards of living, especially India and China. Islam can NOT say the same for itself and no amount of PR can change this.

    From a general historic perspective, Capitalism did NOT falter (although I do NOT claim the Capitalist countries are perfect, as they aren’t and neither for that matter is Capitalism). Where the world went wrong was believing that ideology can deliver mankind from problems–as absolutely nothing can do so (certainly Islamic ideology CAN’T). Life is NOT meant to be free of problems or easy; nothing will change this. The universe is inherently a non-Utopia.

    Until people stop looking for ideological solutions to problems that can NOT be dealt with through ideologies, we will continue to have ideologies like Islam and Communusm steamroll their way across the human landscape and generally creating havoc.