Unindicted co-conspirators in terror funding case rebuke radio host

Undaunted by being identified as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and being named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding case, CAIR is at it again — and once again with no regard for whether or not the remarks are true.

“Muslim group rebukes radio host: WLW’s Cunningham not backing down,” from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The Cincinnati office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Ohio chapter called Tuesday for WLW-AM (700) to reprimand talk show host Bill Cunningham for what they call anti-Islamic remarks he made on the air Monday.

“The great war of this generation’s time is the war against Islamic fascists,” Cunningham said. “… They do not live for life, they live for death. Only through death can they believe they can be with those 72 virgins in heaven and have sex with children for eternity, which is the goal of that religion.”

Such remarks “can only serve to promote the kind of anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry that have such a negative impact on our society and on our nation’s international image,” said Karen Dabdoub, executive director of the Cincinnati office of CAIR.

Contacted Tuesday, Cunningham said: “One of the tenets of Islam is that if you die a martyr, you get to spend eternity in heaven with 72 virgins. I said, ‘That’s pretty sick. If that’s the goal, I don’t want to be there. That’s not my concept of heaven.'”

Let’s see.

1. Cunningham said that the “Islamic fascists…do not live for life, they live for death.”

In 2001 the Afghan jihadist Maulana Inyadulla said: “The Americans love Pepsi Cola, we love death.”

In the Battle of Qadisiyya in the year 636, the Islamic jihad commander sent to the Persian commander a message from the caliph: “You should convert to Islam, and then you will be safe, for if you don’t, you should know that I have come to you with an army of men that love death, as you love life.”

Chief Palestinian Authority cleric Mufti Sheikh Ikrimeh Sabri stated, “We tell them, in as much as you love life, the Muslim loves death and martyrdom. There is a great difference between he who loves the hereafter and he who loves this world. The Muslim loves death and [strives for] martyrdom.”

Saudi Sheikh Abd Al-Muhsin Al-Qassem said: “The Jews preached permissiveness and corruption, as they hid behind false slogans like freedom and equality, humanism and brotherhood… They are cowards in battle… they flee from death and fear fighting… They love life.”

Former head of the Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee Sheikh Atiyyah Saqr answered this question, “What, according to the Koran, are the Jews’ main characteristics and qualities?” by saying: “Cowardice and love for this worldly life are undisputable traits [of the Jews].”

And the Qur’an (62:6) says: “Say (O Muhammad): O ye who are Jews! If ye claim that ye are favoured of Allah apart from (all) mankind, then long for death if ye are truthful.”

2. Cunningham said that “Only through death can they believe they can be with those 72 virgins in heaven and have sex with children for eternity, which is the goal of that religion….One of the tenets of Islam is that if you die a martyr, you get to spend eternity in heaven with 72 virgins.”

The Qur’an (9:111) says: “Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain…” So those who “slay and are slain” are guaranteed Paradise.

And what do they get in Paradise? The Qur’an (56:10-39) says: “And those foremost (in faith) will be foremost (in the Hereafter). These will be those nearest to Allah, in Gardens of Bliss: a number of people from those of old, and a few from those of later times. (They will be) on thrones encrusted (with gold and precious stones), reclining on them, facing each other. Round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness), with goblets, (shining) beakers, and cups (filled) out of clear-flowing fountains. No after-ache will they receive therefrom, nor will they suffer intoxication. And with fruits, any that they may select, and the flesh of fowls, any that they may desire. And (there will be) Companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes, like unto Pearls well-guarded, a reward for the deeds of their past (life). Not frivolity will they hear therein, nor any taint of ill, only the saying, “Peace! Peace”. The Companions of the Right Hand, what will be the Companions of the Right Hand? (They will be) among lote-trees without thorns, among Talh trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another, in shade long-extended, by water flowing constantly, and fruit in abundance, whose season is not limited, nor (supply) forbidden, and on Thrones (of Dignity), raised high. We have created (their Companions) of special creation, and made them virgin, pure (and undefiled), beloved (by nature), equal in age, for the Companions of the Right Hand.”

So they get virgins too.

Maybe Cunningham was stretching his point a bit about “sex with children.” But CAIR should specify, in light of all this, what exactly they object to. Or is it just truth-telling?

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  1. says

    It’s always amazed me the sensual, physical nature of heaven that Muhammad depicted when he wrote the Quran. There is an almost total absence of spirituality.

    I suppose he knew his audience….a Bedouin speaking to Bedouins. He knew what would motivate.

  2. says

    “The Cincinnati office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Ohio chapter called Tuesday for WLW-AM (700) to reprimand talk show host Bill Cunningham for what they call anti-Islamic remarks he made on the air Monday”.

    CAIR is about propaganda and as Goebbels noted, propaganda does not have to be truthful, logical or even intelligent. All that matters is that propaganda be effective (as per Goebbels). It is useless to argue with the CAIR-liars but it is useful to educate the public to the propaganda methods of the big lie, the smear, what Hitler called “spiritual terror”.

    The fact that Mein Kampf is so popular among the Not-ethnically-diverse-racist-Arab countries should provide a clue re propaganda Jihad. As Robert has pointed out, only one side is engaged in the propaganda battle. It’s time for “consciousness raising” re propaganda Jihad.

    Hitler (from Mein Kampf) on the methods he learned in Vienna on how to silence critics: “I understood the infamous spiritual terror which this movement exerts, particularly on the bourgeoisie, which is neither morally nor mentally equal to such attacks; at a given sign it unleashes a veritable barrage of lies and slanders against whatever adversary seems most dangerous (JW, e.g.), until the nerves of the attacked persons break down (JW and others, e.g.) and, just to have peace again, they (the PC in media and govt) sacrifice the hated individuals).

    However, the fools obtain no peace.
    The game begins again and is repeated over and over until fear of the mad dog results in suggestive (PC) paralysis………Conversely, they praise every (PC) weakling (Moe Howard Distinguished professor Docktor Karl Ernst, e.g.)on the opposing side, sometimes cautiously, sometimes loudly, depending on the real or supposed quality of his intelligence”.

    In regard to the “spiritual terror” tactics of Hitler (noted above), William Shirer (page 23, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) said: “No more precise analysis of Nazi tactics, as Hitler was eventually to develop them, was ever written”.

  3. says

    A case study in why it’s important to cite and quote chapter and verse when trying to alert an unfamiliar audience to the violence and other bizarre passages in the Qur’an. Otherwise, advocacy groups have a much easier time of accusing one of maliciously spinning yarns.

    It’s also important to be specific. In mentioning “sex with children,” I would guess Cunningham is thinking of the young male servants described in Qur’an 52:24. Cunningham should have been forthright in noting that the Qur’an does not say anything outright there about molesting them. But he could point to how the verse has been interpreted, and take the opportunity to note the notoriously widespread pederasty in Muslim countries.

    Precision makes all the difference.

  4. says

    “Precision makes all the difference”.
    Posted by: MarisolJW at October 4, 2007 8:03 AM

    Absolutely. That’s where Robert shines. Both exposing the propaganda methods (only one side is engaged in that war) of CAIR-liars and precision re Muslim dogma matter.

  5. says

    It seems that the spokesperson for CAIR’s Cincinnati, Ohio chapter is totally ignorant about real Islam herself!

  6. says

    “In 1992, Islamic assassins had gunned down my good and brave friend Farag Foda, a professor and columnist, a human-rights activist, and an outspoken critic of the Islamic militants. The murder had shocked Cairo and terrified intellectuals… Egypt’s most popular preacher, Abdel Hamid Kishk, a blind sheikh who constantly attacked both the government and its official religious establishment. Kishk had been telling his audience that Muslims who entered paradise would enjoy eternal erections and the company of young boys draped in earrings and necklaces. Some of the ulema, the religious scholars at al-Azhar University, the governments seat of Islamic learning, had disagreed. Yes, they said, men in paradise would have erections, but merely protracted, not perpetual. Other experts disputed the possibility of pederasty in paradise. “Is this what concerns Muslims at the end of the 20th century?” [Farag] Foda asked in a column in October magazine. “The world around us is busy with the conquest of space, genetic engineering and the wonders of the computer, while Muslim scholars,” he wrote in sadness and pain, ‘were worried about sex in paradise.’… he was killed.”

    Judith Miller

  7. says

    I believe ridicule is the best tool to fight this religion that loves death. Ridicule with very dispassionate analysis of the Qur’an and Hadiths is even better. Toss in the observations that the document basically hates humans and you have the cake iced. “Do you want some slimey old Ayatollah deciding your 9 year old daughter should be his and simply appropriating her in marriage? Do you want to find yourself paying dowary for his perversions, for his serial quadrogamy*?”

    Quadrogamy is my neologism to describe Mohammedan marriage.


  8. says

    Slowly, slowly the word gets out. It takes people with microphones and web sites to challenge CAIR and its fellow travellers to defend the indefensible. A force, defending the indefensible on the public square will lead to their downfall.

  9. says

    I think it is great Robert was able to provide this analysis so quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

    Cunningham ought to, as a pre-emptive strike, read CAIR’s complaint on his show today and then read Robert’s analysis on the air. Or, better yet, ought to have Robert on his show. Let his audience determine who are the real promoters of hatred and bigotry.

  10. says

    I think Cunningham’s mention of the desire for posthumous “sex with children” was a sidelong swipe at Mohammad’s earthly pedophilia (with his 9 year old “wife” Aiyesha), but more meant as a reference to the “boys like pearls” promised to the male Muslim dead in their pornographic Paradise.

    Since these “boy pearls” will be ethereal constructs, whipped up by Allah for the morbid sexual gratification of deceased Mohammedans, they are not technically “children”, but supernatural simulations of children.

    In any case, a nauseating pandering to an abusive and perverse lust.

    Cunningham should explain the fine points of this difference.

    Because it doesn’t help CAIR’s case.

  11. says

    Thankfully the UGLY truth about Islam is coming out. This is the longest running cult and false faith going in the history of the world. So it is not suprising that non-Muslims, with the help of the internet and talkradio are at last getting the truth out. God Bless them.

  12. says

    I am sure they are hoping they can be successful in getting the host fired – as they were with Michael Graham, who used to be on wmal in Washington.

    Then again, maybe the program manager won’t be so quick to bend over for cair.

    We can only hope.

  13. says

    Gee, would that be the same CAIR-OH that had terrorist leader Abdurahman Alamoudi as their fundraising keynote speaker in 1999, and more recently featured 1993 WTC bombing unindicted co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj, who raised $100,000 at a June 2006 fundraiser?

    Just asking.

  14. says

    Sorry, it’s me again, but I forgot to ask: isn’t this the same Karen Dabdoub that blamed non-Muslims for several arsons at an Arab-owned subshop in Xenia, OH last year, even though it was known at the time that the Jordanian father and son who owned the stores were responsible (since they both had been injured, and later died of their injuries, after one of them lit a cigarette while standing in a pool of gasoline they intended to light later in a further act of arson)?

    Again, I’m just asking.

  15. says

    The religion of perversion!. No wonder muslims are the majority of rapist in south east asia countries.

    Why try to deny about the 72 virgins when it is written in the koran.

    Perversion & pedophile are common among the muslim communities

  16. says

    I’m not so sure Cunningham is stretching his point with his “sex with children” allegation at Muslims. When you think about it, the “virgins” these Muslim jihadists (if not nearly all male Muslims) have in mind, with Muhammad as their perfect model of manhood, are certainly young teenage girls – jailbait-age girls in this country.

    I understand that the age of sexual consent for girls under Sharia law – within the confines of marriage – is nine! So I don’t think these young virgins in paradise need to be considered older. Maybe it’s just my advanced age but all young teenage girls look like “children” to me and certainly nine-to-twelve year olds do. I’d say Cunningham is close enough to the truth here.

  17. says

    Someone should form a task force that compiles useful resources for people like Cunningham facing challenges by the well-oiled CAIR machine and their “sensitization” meetings.

    I’m sure Cunningham is well-prepared. But the moment a story like this breaks guys like him should receive a small package of information and suggestions.

    A few simple pieces of advice, I imagine, would help.

    For one, insist for one’s own protection that such hearings are VIDEOTAPED, so there is a record of what transpires. Refuse closed-door hearings or hearings in which the “islamophobe” is muzzled (a common CAIR tactic) or cannot ask questions. Come into the meetings with a series of well-chosen questions for the “islamic expert” to answer. Above all, insist that they their credentials, their organizational connections, and their funding base. I would argue that knowing these things are clear rights for those forced to endure “sensitization”. What are the qualifications of this person purporting to “educate” me, who is their backer, how are they paid?


  18. says

    When speaking about Islam don’t get carried away. When speaking about Islam just stick to the facts and you can tare them down easly.

    If you go over the top you can be attacked.

  19. says

    “Maybe Cunningham was stretching his point a bit about “sex with children.” But CAIR should specify, in light of all this, what exactly they object to. Or is it just truth-telling”?

    How can there be any “dialog” with people who are constantly musliming (aka lying)? Musliming (lying) is central to CAIR. In time, Islam’s mandates to deception with unbelievers will undo them. Deception is Islam’s internal contradiction.

  20. says

    “Is this what concerns Muslims at the end of the 20th century?” [Farag] Foda asked in a column in October magazine. “The world around us is busy with the conquest of space, genetic engineering and the wonders of the computer, while Muslim scholars,” he wrote in sadness and pain, ‘we’re worried about sex in paradise.’… he was killed.”

    Exactly!(said while dancing hooga-booga and doing backflips at having finally penetrated a thick Muslim skull).

    NO SHIT!!!

    For a good ole’ Muslim ass-whuppin check out the post above from Dr. Wolfenstein. Some radio host just lays into a Muslim caller. A real treat.

    And if anyone can identify the radio host, please post it here. I’d like to call in and thank him.

  21. says

    It would be nice if CAIR or some ‘moderate Muslim’ organization would condemn Muslims for saying these things instead of non-muslims. Non-muslims would not say these things if they did not hear them from muslims.

  22. says

    “”The great war of this generation’s time is the war against Islamic fascists,” Cunningham said.”

    Beware America!!! The day is comming in our country when statements like this will land a person in jail, or, at the very least, get him fired from his job.

    That will be the end results of so-called “hate come” laws. That is what they are intended for — to intimidate and silence those who express unapproved thoughts on forbidden subjects like the true nature of Islam — among other subjects.

    When that unhappy day comes, CAIR won’t have top protest, they’ll prosecute.

    And don’t think for a moment that the same standards will apply to all. There will be approved hate, and unapproved hate. Hate spewed out in a Mosque will never be prosecuted. An honest opinion expressed about Islam anywhere else will be.

    Think it can’t happen in America? It’s already happening in Europe and Canada, and the Congress of the United States is doing everything it can to ensure it happens here.

  23. says

    Paradise is a central figure in Islam. Without Paradise what point would there be to Islam? Paradise promises sex after death, and fruits to eat, and shade tree’s and rivers of wine…All stuff unavailable to the average muslim…I doubt that fresh fruit and wine is enough to entice the reluctant warrior, but offer him sex as well, for eternity, and he falls for the deal.
    The quickest and most certain way to get into Allah’s Sex and Fruit Palace, is to die in jihad fighting Allah’s enemy’s. Otherwise you must line up with all the other dead muslims and wait until Allah decides to send you up to ‘regular’ heaven, or casts you down into the flaming pit where Iblis passes out burning cloths and boiling water. To get in, or not to get in…that is the question. This question haunts muslims like a bad dream. You can be a perfect muslim, and still end up with Iblis. Unless of course you die in Jihad, the ‘fast track’ to Paradise. This has a special appeal to those jihadists who can’t get a real woman in the real world. Which is most of them.
    In order to keep this ‘fast track’ option functioning there has to be someone to jihad against. Fortunately for jihadists, Allah has had a never ending supply of enemy’s since Mohammad decided that anyone who disagreed with him, was an enemy of Allah. Infidels…cannon fodder to ‘shoot’ the jihadi into the never never land of dead sex. I hate to tell anyone, but this is ‘moon’ sex symbolism. The sun never shines in Allah’s Paradise, the illumination is moonlight.
    But moonlight is all you can expect out of the moon god. Like living in a black and white television. Allah promised Paradise, but he did not promise living color, another Allah holy joke…

  24. says


    So you’re saying the Prophet (Pedophilic Butcher Unlawful Hater; or as they like to simplify, PBUH) actually came up with this ingenious Total System in which sexually repressed young men are promised eternity in a Barely Legal whorehouse if they go out and kill infidels, thereby advancing the Prophet’s (Pedophilic Butcher Unlawful Hater) quest for tyranny and dominion on Earth…er..ahem…thereby praising Allah.

    It’s a kind of Perfect Perpetual Motion Death Machine! (insert eerie Dr. No-type evil laughter here…)

  25. says

    Read it carefully: Cincinnati CAIR didn’t say it is “not true”; they are just complaining that publicizing Islamic beliefs to us Infidels makes Islam “sound bad” to us! (The remarks “serve to promote … anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry”.)

    In other words, we’re besmirching their honor; any criticism causes these poor Muslims to feel shame, yet again.

    The only time Muslims don’t feel shame about who they are, how they live, what they contribute and achieve, is back home in their Sharia-infested third-world countries. When they leave that culture and come into the West, when they see our culture of individualism and accomplishment, they are shamed. They deny it, of course; they denigrate our customs, freedoms, and philosophy; they try to build up the glory and purity yada-yada of noble Islam and mighty Allah — but you will note that in their beliefs Allah can’t take even a whiff of criticism or doubt. Why? The “honor/shame” belief system that is the bedrock of their culture.

    It’s hard to get the Western mind around the concept of external validation in a collectivist society: Whatever accuses /mocks /criticizes /doubts /challenges any value /belief /action of such people tarnishes the bright shiny honor of the group with shame. The only way to redeem honor and defeat shame is to strike back at the external source of shame. As we’ve seen, it could be the Mohammed cartoons, Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, or a wife /daughter who someone hints may not be not properly subjugated.

    Under this system, all must show respect to Islam and Allah or the group is dishonored. The only way to restore honor is to strike back at the accuser. The correctness of the argument or accusation that causes the shame is irrelevant.

  26. says

    Mr Cunningham should acquire several copys of the Koran from different Publishers. Then read these passages from each in the presence of the CAIR represintitive on air.

    Then ask the Rep what aspect of the Koran he got wrong and how. It would be difficult to prove how the Translations from Arabic from so many Publishers could get it wrong.

    My favorite issue to put someone on the spot would be the Issue of Lying and deceiving the Infidel. The whole Issue, treated rather bluntly could make a rather lively exposition.

    The notion of an Infidel being unable to truely Trust a Muslim at their word would seem highly suspect. Considering the Koran justifys it, if not outrightly encouraging it.

    I would think that putting the likes of CAIR on the hot seat by accusing them of Lying during one of thee Broadcasts would be quite powerfull. Especially when suported by Islamic Verse. Even if what Cair states is truthful is irrelevent. The notion of how can one accept what they say as being truthful, given the specific commands of the Koran.

  27. says

    Yesterday, on PalTalk’s Newstalk Online program, I asked CAIR’s Corey Sailor about Omar Ahmed’s 1998 quotation on CAIR’s agenda in America. He tried to sidestep the question and launched into one of several broadsides against Jihad Watch. He called Jihad Watch a hate site and named Hugh Fitzgerald specifically.

    He claimed that the show callers, who were actually regular PalTalk Newstalk Online show callers, were predominantly Jihad Watch members. Sailor somehow knew about and quoted a single comment I posted yesterday about his Newstalk program appearance, claiming it was a call from Jihad Watch to flood his Newstalk Online apprearance.

    I note that Sailor failed to answer any serious question he was asked and skated off into his propaganda agenda each chance he got to speak.

  28. says

    JohnAdams…I don’t know if Mohammad knew that he had invented a perpetual motion machine, with the sexual promises of Islam, or if it is just something that took on a life of it’s own and outlived its creator. But perpetual motion, in the form of perpetual jihad, is required to keep the ‘fast track’ open, and its trolley cars full of dead jihadis rolling toward Paradise, and the inevitable 72. The moon god is in charge of this operation, part of the moons symbolism has to do with reproduction, fertility and sex. Thats why we see so many sexual symbols in Islam. Among all its other charming attributes, Islam is a violent sex cult.
    The ‘fast track’, death by jihad, is only one of the many examples of Islams preoccupation with sex.

  29. says

    CAIR,often can be described as “victimphoebic”. Another example of this organizations own fear is Dannette Zaghari Mask. She is the Director of CAIR Central Florida. Concerned citizens tried to contact her regarding a key note speaker at a recent fund raising affair at the Orange County Convention Center. Their “motivational” speaker was Siraj Whhaj, who served as a character witness in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, for the well known “blind Shiekh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, the spiritual leader of the attack.
    Wahhaj was recorded in one of his more recent motivational speeches as saying “I see the demise of the Soviet Union as a sign for the American people that what happened to them will definately happen in America unless America changes it’s course from the new world order and accepts the Islamic agenda”
    Wahhaji,who in 2002 was President of the Muslim Allience of North America (MANA)openly agreed with comments made by his organization such as “If Allah says stone them to death, through the Prophet Muhammad, they you sotne them to death, because it’s the obedience of Allah and his messenger..nothing personal.
    Ms. Dannette Zaghari Mask was contacted via phone and email. A local radio talk host (Bud Hedinger) extended a gracious offer to CAIR, to come on his show to discuss this concern of having Wahhaji (who is also a former CAIR board member)as their keynote speaker.
    What is the true message of CAIR? Do they have any responsibility in who they choose to be spokesman for them? Ofcourse Dannette Zaghari Mask declined, remaining interesting silent on these valid questions.
    The CAIR office in Florida did however, admit they fell short of their fundraising goals.
    All I can say is THANK YOU, to radio talk hosts and web/blogs like these who are not intimidated to speak out and are definately NOT victimphoebic.

    Keep you the good necessary work.