Fitzgerald: They prate and they blather, and Islam marches on

PARIS (EJP)—The French National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism has denounced a reported violent anti-Semitic aggression last Saturday in the 10th district of Paris”¦.

One of the aggressors, Raymond reported, was a raid-haired man who did not cease swearing on the Koran while beating his victim. — from this news article

The police will have to step up patrols in neighborhoods known to be Jewish, and to guard Jewish sites. They will more and more have to guard Christian churches from those intent on vandalizing the statuary (as happened to a statue of the Virgin and Christ in a church in northern France) and paintings — not only because of their Christian imagery, but because they are paintings.

How much money does the French state spend now in protecting non-Muslim sites? How much will it have to spend in the future? How much money does the French state spend now on the free education, free health care (and obstetrical care), and free or subsidized housing for the millions of Muslim immigrants who fiddle the system for everything it is worth, and more, and whose male children spend their days vandalizing the property of non-Muslims (the usual thousand cars a day, or in moments of heightened tension, the figure goes up to many thousands)?
How much damage is done to the educational system, once the pride of France, the product of careful thought by nineteenth-century pedagogues (every little town has a “Jules-Ferry” school, to honor the most famous one), because undisciplined and even violent Muslim students intimidate not only non-Muslim French students, but the teachers too. They refuse to read about, inter alia, Voltaire, French Kings, the Holocaust, World War II, or anything that they think is purely a matter for Infidels, or might evoke sympathy for Jews, or might be associated with anti-Islamic attitudes (Voltaire is disliked because of his play “Mahomet”). How much has life in France been degraded by the fact of large-scale Muslim immigration?

And what intelligent Frenchman today would or could disagree with the observation that the large-scale presence of Muslims in European countries has led to a situation that is far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous for its Infidel indigenous inhabitants (and for non-indigenous immigrants who are not Muslims), than would be the case without such a large-scale presence?

Only those who are psychically marginal, that is on the maddened Far Left and on the antisemitic Far Right (their obsession with Jews prevents them from recognizing, or caring, about the threat from Islam) would disagree with that statement.

All others will agree — some readily, and some, still, most reluctantly. But they will agree.

And so will those in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. But the councils — and counsels — of the ruling elites will continue to pretend otherwise. For if they did not do so, they would have to do two things.

First, they would have to admit that those same elites had made a terrible error during the past thirty years, when they allowed in so many Muslim immigrants without adequately informing themselves. The warnings were there, in France as elsewhere, from Western scholars of Islam, such as Charles-Emmanuel Dufourcq, and from such well-known intellectuals as Jacques Ellul. They let them in on the unexamined theory that these were merely “economic immigrants” like any others, that they would either be Gastarbeiter (those Turks who were all going to move back to Turkey from Germany) or, in any case, would simply become upstanding loyal citizens, and their children and grandchildren too, to the Infidel nation-state, to its legal and political institutions, and to its ideas about human freedom and individual autonomy. That has happened, but only among those who have either jettisoned Islam (sometimes openly, sometimes quietly) altogether, or — not quite sure of themselves, and with the possibility open that they, or their descendants, may “get religion” once again — have become “cultural Muslims.” That’s a way of saying: I don’t believe the religious stuff, but I continue to identify with, and thus may even inadvertently promote, the “civilization of Islam.” It has also happened among “Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only” Muslims, again with the same problem: that the laic father, if he doesn’t make a clean break as an apostate, may give rise to a reverting-to-full-fledged-Islam son.

Second, those same elites would have now to realize that they have a permanent and terrible problem on their hands. And they are trying not to do that, because they don’t have any idea even as to how to begin to talk about this properly, or to lead those whom they presume to protect and instruct to see things rightly.

How can they, after all, since it is those elites — political and media elites — that have done the damage to those people they now must help to inform. And those elites do not know how to start talking about the kind of measures that must be now adopted, other than those of securing the sites most likely to be subject to Muslim attack, and to monitoring and interrupting the plots of Muslim terrorists (which is a gigantic effort, involving many man-hours of police, lawyers, judges). They cannot face the matter of Da’wa, or of Muslim immigration. They cannot face the necessity of making it impossible for outside Muslims to pay for mosques, madrasas, and campaigns of Da’wa (seizing money that comes from Saudis abroad if the Al-Saud fail to stop the practice).

The elites in the Western world do not impress. They failed, they are still failing, to recognize the collapse of public education, one not to be rectified by such making-a-silk-purse-out-of-a-sow’s-ears efforts such as that “no-child-left-behind” program that merely makes the best students into a persecuted minority, doomed to be kept back by the levelling tendencies apparent everywhere in American society (except, of course, when it comes to money, and then as far as differences go, the sky’s the limit).

The day of recognition, the day that fateful anagnorisis comes, is being delayed by those elites. They prate. Sarkozy prates about “integration” and “government-funded mosques.” Blair used to prate about “extremists” who “hijacked a peaceful religion” which he, Tony Blair, found truly inspirational (he kept a Qur’an in his pocket). They prate about this, they prate about that.

And so do our Presidential candidates. They prate and they blather. Meanwhile, Islam marches on.

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    “One of the aggressors, Raymond reported, was a raid-haired man who did not cease swearing on the Koran while beating his victim. ”

    …hey, we have elected politicians who also swear upon the Qur’an….

  2. says

    How will it end in France? It will end as it has ended in Yugoslavia. France has become just the latest bloody border with Islam.

    World war is now inevitable.

    How cursed is the present generation who has allowed the genie of jihad to escape from the bottle to which it was confined for centuries by the swords, blood and treasure of our ancestors. Cursed it is and if, if the scourge of Islam can be yet again confined, the price will be an entire generation soaked in gore. No family will be untouched. No land will be immune. Every family will lose sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. All will suffer as no generation has ever suffered in human history. Tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions will die in the greatest conflagration ever witnessed.

    Time…to prepare.

  3. says

    From a posting that I put up yesterday at

    Thursday, 20 December 2007
    An Apology for Raymond (Second)

    Montaigne’s was the first Raymond: “An Apology for Raymond Sebond.”

    If Sarkozy can disentangle himself from the embrace of Carla Bruni for a minute, possibly he can issue a formal apology for the inattentiveness of the French state in protecting French Jews by both providing better security, and by coming down very hard — with long jail terms — for all those who are caught.

    It’s too late to bring back M. Guillotin’s eponymous device for those hate-filled primitives who, over many weeks, slowly tortured and then murdered the Jewish boy, Ilan Halimi, for example, But the death penalty should make a comeback, precisely for such cases. A change in the mental and emotional atmosphere, all over the Western world, is necessary. The refusal to put up with any nonsense would, or should, correspond to the reaction, just after the war (but not a half-year later) to Nazi war criminals and their collaborators. Unfortunately, that attitude too quickly dissipated before real justice could have been done. Too many got away with too much, and then, very quickly, it became too late.

    About that apology. Make it a big deal, so that it enters French history. Give it a memorable title. I’ve just thought of one.

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    It’s like moving the furniture from a room when it catches fire and wondering why you have to keep doing it as the fire spreads round the house. Pretty soon of course, you run out of rooms.

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    I don’t think its 1000 car’s a day, Hugh.

    The average is ‘normally’ 100 and goes up when ‘youths’ are prevented in doing what they normally do, which is to rob, rape and attack infidels & Jooozzz…

  6. says

    I stand corrected. “Only” one hundred cars a day, or 36,500 cars torched every year, at a minimum, and on special occasions, the numbers go sky-high.

  7. says

    A HUNDRED cars burnt a day is a helluva lot-is it
    a scam by car manufacturers to boost sales or plain old Muslim violence…
    Am perturbed by media blackout about this.Doubtless they would have been ordered NOT to
    report anything negative about Islam or use the ‘M
    ‘word. Why? They’re Scared, freakin’ Terrified of more rioting & bombing Attacks.
    It’s all too dismal Deja Vue-puffed up,unelected
    Euro Poodles strut their stuff in front of the
    cameras claiming the E.U is a Superpower-in denial
    that Europe is STUFFED with millions of the enemy
    installed behind the lines with mosques & minarets
    where old Marginot defenses[proved to be useless
    anyway] once were…Whole of Europe including Britain is in Appeasement mode ‘Peace in our Time
    ‘self deluding crap “Islam is the Religion of Peace!” As an admirer of European culture, I get
    very, very depressed when see what is happening

  8. says

    Is it our own stupidity and ignorance that has led to this state of affairs?
    Why has the history of Islamic oppression been wiped from out history books?
    why did we replace the principles of integration with those of multiculturalism to facilitate those who would never adopt our own culture?
    Were those intellectuals who marched through our institutions with progressive liberal ideas to ease the path of islamism into our society, perhaps stooges of the elites who would benefit financially from the associations with the Islamic world?
    Can we really blame the Islamists for seizing the chance to fulfill their jihadist ambitions when we have willingly torn down the walls that protected our civilisation for centuries?