North Korea may have aided Hizballah

Axis of Evil Update. “North Korea may have aided Hezbollah,” from Reuters (thanks to LGF):

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – North Korea may have given arms to Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers, according to a report compiled for Congress that could complicate U.S. plans to drop Pyongyang from its terrorism blacklist.

The report obtained on Wednesday by Reuters was written by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), which provides independent analysis to Congress, and cited “reputable sources” as saying Pyongyang had given arms and possibly training to the militant groups, which Washington regards as “terrorist” organizations.

As part of a deal to get Pyongyang to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons, Washington has dangled the possibility of removing North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism if it fully discloses its nuclear programs.


It said that in September 2006, Paris Intelligence Online, a French Internet publication that specializes in political and economic intelligence, had published details of an extensive North Korean program to give arms and training to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group and political party, captured two Israeli soldiers in cross-border raid in July 2006, setting off 34-day war with Israel in which about 1,200 Lebanese were killed.

The French publication said the program began in the 1980s with visits by Hezbollah members to North Korea for training and expanded after 2000 with the dispatch of North Koreans to Lebanon to train Hezbollah members how to build underground bunkers to store arms, food and medical facilities.

It said this training “significantly improved Hezbollah’s ability to fight the Israelis” during the 2006 war.

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  1. says

    There is something earily, consistently preternatural about a coalition bent on sowing death and destruction across the globe. Absolutely diabolical.

  2. says

    lol @ topic

    “MAY have aided…”????
    Hmmm, such an eloquent way of watering it down.
    Brings to mind another “eloquent” setting…like saying
    “zyklon-b MAY have aided in the murders of millions of victims in nazi death camps.”

    Makes ya wonder if Reuters (forget the fact it just can’t bring itself to admit the fact of islamic terrorism at all) had the report done by the same 3 rabid anti-Bush haters formerly from the state department (who got fired for ineptness & their militant politics long before W ever got into office) who “wrote up” that bogus iranian nukes report the other day.
    Wouldn’t be a surprise at all.
    After all…part of the same militant machine.