UK: 66,000 women and girls have undergone female genital mutilation

Eurabia Alert. “The unspeakable practice of female circumcision that’s destroying young women’s lives in Britain,” by Jo-Ann Goodwin and David Jones in the Daily Mail (thanks to Sugiero):

…During a highly disturbing, four-month investigation, however, we uncovered evidence that thousands of British-African girls, in towns and cities throughout the country, have been forcibly “cut”.

By conservative estimates, 66,000 women and girls living in Britain have been mutilated. This figure, accepted by the Metropolitan Police, came in a report by a volunteer organisation funded by the Department of Health and carried out with academics from the London School of Tropical Hygiene and the City University.

And thousands more girls are at imminent risk as families club together to fly professional “cutters” from Africa to Britain.

These women “elders” perform the crude operation for up to £40 a time, often on kitchen tables or floors, without anaesthetic, using filthy, blunt knives, razor blades or scalpels.[…]

But of course, the increasingly dhimmi Daily Mail hastens to assure us, it has nothing to do with Islam:

Attempts are also made to justify this iniquitous practice on religious grounds. Some hard-line Muslims insist that women must undergo genital cutting to remain faithful to the purest teachings of Islam – although, in truth, it is not even mentioned in the Koran, and only ambiguously in the Hadith (a collection of oral traditions about the life of the prophet Mohammed).[…]

In reality, while many say that there is nothing in Islam which requires female circumcision, one of Sunni Islam’s “Four Great Imams,” Ahmad ibn Hanbal (from whom the Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence takes its name) quotes Muhammed as saying: “Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.”

Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi of Egypt’s Al-Azhar University has called circumcision “a laudable practice that did honor to women.”

But the Daily Mail either doesn’t know or doesn’t care to know about such Islamic justifications for this practice. Yet as long as they remain unconfronted, this barbarity will continue.

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    I seriously doubt that the average Jack reporter at the Mail is knowledgeable of the Mohammed quote or of the Egyptian shiek. Because these reporters are ignorant. They don’t know anything about Islam. Their country is being invaded, and they have no knowledge of the invaders.

    It’s a pitiful sight. It’s like watching dumb beasts to the slaughter.

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    This is sickening.

    This is why we should object to barbaric ideologies practising their voodoo here in the west.

    Make sure you visit CGW’s second link, scroll halfway down and read the description of what happens to these poor girls.

    The next time someone tells you that iSlum is peace and should be respected, make sure you tell them about the 66,000 mutilated girls here in the UK and tell them IN DETAIL what you read on that site.

    Then ask them what went wrong in their heads and why they support this barbarity.

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    This is barbaric butchery and especially when it takes place in a democratic country. The Islamists claim this is not perscribed in the Koran and yet it certainly is not preached against in any mosques. Seems to me we civilized types should OUTLAW it, if it isn’t already, then the parents of daughters can be prosecuted for allowing it.

    You can bet it’s all about male control over women. And the U of Chicago Islamic female professor should be barred from every returning to this country for advocating this disgusting practice.

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    Won’t prominent politicians, academics, and bishops want to do the same to show solidarity with Muslim practices? One would think the BBC would want to make this mandatory to show acceptance of the custom. Isn’t it bigotry and racism not to do this?

    1) First its bigotry to condemn it.

    2) Then its accepted.

    3) Then its expected.

    4) Then its inspected.

    1, 2, 3, 4 what do we get? Sharia!

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    wait! wait! wait! I know I am going to hear that outcry from the leftie women libbers out there!! come on – do I hear ANYTHING from them?!

    hhhmmm, nothing today or yesterday or the day before. Not a peep.

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    According to the “British Muslim Initiative it’s all the fault of the Imperialistic US Army in Iraq.

    “The west should stop using the liberalisation of Muslim women to justify its strategy of dominance”

    “From doctors, scientists, engineers or businesswomen, today they find themselves incarcerated in their homes unable to move around for fear of being kidnapped, raped, or assassinated. Those who escape the bombs and bullets of the occupying army, die at the hands of the Iraqi security ”

    See, it’s all the fault of non muslims that women are subjected to female mutilation and honour killings.

  7. says


    That’s ‘cos the leftie women are PLO supporters and social engineers, this whole thing is a rouse. They are not really interested in the liberation of women only the destruction of western capitalism and in its place, a New World order based on a Marxist structure or worse yet,an Islamic one world Ummah.

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    How can a procedure like this not be legally regarded as child abuse in a society that will not allow parents to spank their children? The silence of the left is deafening.

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    Yet as long as they remain unconfronted, this barbarity will continue. Bingo. This applies across the board to all muslims and bullies.

    As one of the prominent surgeons I have the pleasure of working for once said: “Surgery is always the last option…no surgery should ever be performed unless all other options have been exhausted. The risks of infection and further harm dictate this tenet. First, do no harm.”

    This appears to be the exact opposite of this horrible “female circumcision”. Large labia do not interfere with normal sexual function and therefore, people who commit these crude, sub-sterile home surgeries really should be charged with practicing medicine without a license, no?

    Also, I find the absense of ANY female muslim surgical patients (in my Urology experience) very curious. Guess their husbands don’t want other men, even professional men, to see their wifes’ Vajay-jay, as Oprah would say.

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    Is mutilation of the “cutting” variety, to prevent any conceivable sexual pleasure on the part of that demonic creature, the woman, the only kind that Muslims practice? Or do they also engage in infibulation?

    By “infibulation” I mean that chastity belt even crueller and cruder than the old-fashioned man-made variety, because this one is constructed out of a girl’s own flesh, which flesh is sewed up, leaving only enough space for micturation, and is designed to prevent, in this most sex-crazed and sex-subduing of all religions, any male penetration. In the Muslim view of things, women are temptresses, and men can’t help themselves unless those women are properly covered up. And women, diabolical creatures that they are, if they do manage to work their wiles, might be penetrated, and that would be terrible for the reputation of the girl’s male relatives, wouldn’t it (and what else counts?) and so girls must be sewn up.

    Infibulation should not be confused with what they discuss in business schools, when they teach the work of Michael Porter. That is a different kind of “barrier to entry.”

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    What if the patient has an undiagnosed Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)and is pregnant? This infection could easily spread to freshly cut and non-cauterized tissue. If the patient is not properly grounded during cauterization, horrible burns can occur. Horrible electrical burns which shrivel and crisp tissue in the path of the electricity trying to find ground. Infant boys have had their penises destroyed because of this.

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    Female genital mutilation is a good rejoinder to those who say Islam is forever fixed in a 7th cent.Arabian mode and is incapable of change and assimilating non-Quranic elements. Destroying a woman’s capacity for pleasure in sex – that fits Islam like a glove!

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    “But the Daily Mail either doesn’t know or doesn’t care to know about such Islamic justifications for this practice. Yet as long as they remain unconfronted, this barbarity will continue.”

    Robert, did you actually read the entire article? The authors of the piece made very sure that the Muslim, religious justification for the practice of FGM was spelt out quite clearly along with the cultural and borderline superstitious.

    As for non-confrontation, I’ll assume you think the Waris Dirie Foundation, referenced in the article, to be of so little worth as to be useless. Or the work of DI Carol Hamilton, the appointed head of the specialist unit set up to specifically target the perpetrators of this act; is this all a waste of time?

    As DI Hamilton puts it in the article:

    “We are all becoming very culturally sensitive,” she says. “People are a bit frightened of saying ‘You can’t do this here’ because people shoot back with ‘But it’s our culture’.

    “But it’s not: this is just plain cruel. I won’t be put off by the politically correct argument. We have to be seen to be strong on this. I don’t care about human rights – I care about the rights of the child. Everything else has to go out of the window.

    “We have one rule in child protection: the child is of paramount importance. I stick by that firmly.”

    It’s being confronted for the despicable act of mutilation and cruelty it is. I don’t understand why it is you believe that the work involved in doing so is ultimately worthless unless it is exclusively the Islamic rationalisations that are put under the microscope.

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    Is THIS the problem? “These women “elders” perform the crude operation for up to £40 a time, often on kitchen tables or floors, without anaesthetic, using filthy, blunt knives, razor blades or scalpels.[…]”

    If so, then I suppose the U.S. politicians and “feminists” who worship multicultural diversity and “choice” will demand their party amend its platform to include the demand to make FGM “safe and legal for every woman” and that the government has to fund “the procedure” so that poor women will have equal access.

  15. says

    Since there is nothing in the Qur’an, Hadith or Sira that requires FGM, Moslems around the world should have no objection to outlawing it……………….

    Was that a yes or just more silence?

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    This is a barbaric practice, as other people have stated. All civilized Western cultures should outlaw the practice and require periodical inspections by unbiased doctors to verify that the procedure has not been performed

    If it is found that an unauthorized procedure has been performed, severe penalities need to be imposed upon those people, presumably the parents, that allowed or demanded the mutilation be performed.

  17. says

    Doctors and nurses are compelled to report the abuse of children. Why aren’t the parents of these 66,000 children facing criminal charges for child abuse?

  18. says

    “…and is designed to prevent, in this most sex-crazed and sex-subduing of all religions, any male penetration.”

    It’s interesting that FGM is “designed” to prevent penetration and yet Hirsi Ali, in her book Infidel, describes her wedding night and that of a friend’s, as excrutiatingly painful while their respective husbands ripped them open during the marital act. She said it took a long time, and she described how when she visited her friend a week after the other girl’s marriage that her friend had trouble sitting and had to keep putting some sort of antiseptic on her wounds.

    Ain’t Muslim love grand?

  19. says

    “Many readers will be distressed by our report, but this practice is an abomination which has no place anywhere, let alone in a civilised society, and if it is to be expunged then this is a story that must be told”.

    i am with Wishbone on this one.
    sometimes it is better to step up and give a bit of praise to someone for at least trying to light a candle in the darkness rather than raging at their lack of matchstick handling skills. i know that the contents of the Mail report are not news to JW readers, but it is always news when the MSM publishes stuff like this.
    the Mail is not a paper i have much regard for, but i do like their choice of words in this case: expunge. Webster’s says that means:

    to strike out, obliterate, or mark for deletion,
    to efface completely, destroy,
    to eliminate (as a memory) from one’s consciousness.

    sounds good to me !

  20. says

    I, for one, am nauseated at the toll of cruelty, savagery, and daily misery meted out in the name of “honour.”

    If FGM is carried out in the name of honour, we need to redefine the word. My concept of honour includes consideration for another’s pain, a girl’s dignity, a woman’s individuality, and a fellow human’s right to bodily integrity.

  21. says

    Ain’t Muslim love grand?

    Posted by: Isabellathecrusader at January 3, 2008 3:00 PM

    No, Isabella, for females it is NOT.

    I realize yours was a rhetorical question.

    Luv ya, Darcy

  22. says

    Welcome to multicultural Britain, where the government has tied itslef up in such knots of self righteous promotion of all other cultures that they can do nothing to stop the mutilation of children. The best example of the failure of our labour government.

    Let’s not even start on the human rights laws that allow hijackers to claim permanent residence, or the fact that Victoria Coulmbe was allowed to be tortured to death because government social services were so afraid of investigating a non-british couple for fear of interfering with the parents cultural choices (i.e. torturing their daughter to death).

    So there is no chance they will dare stop this practice of child mutilation, the muslim population would accuse them of islamophobia and they would be hoisted by their petard. They have affectively condemned these children for fear of losing votes through accusations of racism, a crime considered far worse than mutilating children, raping children, or even murdering your own children.

    Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

    What a shit, twisted country I live in.

  23. says

    Can someone tell me of a reputable, international foundation dedicated to both helping women and girls who have been mutilated, and to eliminating this practice via both law enforcement and education? I know that there are many.

    I have heard, for example, that women who have been mutilated can undergo a simple surgical procedure that at least enables them to urinate and menstruate normally, but most cannot afford to pay for it. Any charity decdicated to helping women like this I would be happy to send a cheque to. It sounds superficial, but money talks; those of us in the West who feel helpless in our outrage when we read about things like this have to remember that we can at least help in this way. I wish I could do more, but at the moment I can’t.

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    “Is mutilation of the “cutting” variety, to prevent any conceivable sexual pleasure on the part of that demonic creature, the woman, the only kind that Muslims practice? Or do they also engage in infibulation?” – Hugh

    I assume in the report they’re referring to both kinds. From my understanding, infibulation is practiced almost exclusively by Muslims, but only those in particular countries; it’s very prevalent in the Sudan and in Somalia, for example, whereas I think that in Egypt most girls suffer the somewhat lesser evil of clitoridectomy. I don’t know about other African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya, but I do know that FGM in some form is common there too. Presumably the type of mutilation preferred by Muslim immigrant in the UK depends on what country they came from.

    And BTW, cutting off a girl’s clitoris is NOT the equivalent of male circumcision, although I am no fan of that practice, either, which is why I object to calling FGM “female circumcision”; it is nothing of the sort. And I do wish these discussions about FGM were not continually hijacked by men whinging about where are all the advocates for all the millions of suffering, sexually crippled and mutilated men all over the Jewish and Muslim world.

  25. says

    There is no question that FGM is also happening in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and much of Western Europe too, often to girls who are citizens of those countries. Their families either send them “home” to have the procedure done, or have it done in the host country. I know someone who worked as a counselor at a women’s clinic in Australia; they treated many girls and women there who had been mutilated, all of whom were of course from Muslim immigrant families. Point of interest, although I’m not presenting this as evidence: several years ago the high-quality crime series “Law and Order” had an episode about an attempted FGM, centering on an Egyptian immigrant family in New York. The “doctor” brought from Egypt to perform the procedure is killed by the girl’s Westernized and liberal father. It turns out the girl’s mother had arranged, behind the father’s back, for the procedure to be done, because she worried that her daughter, living in the West, would otherwise grow up to be a promiscuous slut like “American girls.” The series producers probably wouldn’t dare do an episode like this now.