Sharia Courts in…Texas!

Yes, Texas.

The parties will ask the courts to refer the cases for arbitration to Texas Islamic court within “Seven Days” from the establishment of the Texas Islamic Court panel of Arbitrators. The assignment must include ALL cases, including those filed against or on behalf of other family members related to the parties. Each party will notify the other party, Texas Islamic Court, and their respective attorneys, in writing of the assignment of all the above Cause Numbers from the above appropriate District Court to Texas Islamic Court.

The Jawa Report (thanks to Sr. Soph) has the details.

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    This is the sort of insanity that causes one to wonder how many people would put up with it if they actually knew what was going on. How many Texans know about the Sharia courts? Probably a number that correlates very meaningfully with the amount of mainstream coverage (local and national) that it has received. Then, how many Texans (or Pennsylvanians, or Wyoming… uh, Wyomingers?) would be okay with it if they knew about it? Not that many, I imagine.

    And to that end, thank heaven for the existence of blogs to get around that. And the folks at the Jawa Report should pat themselves on the back.

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    As the world turns, the virus spreads…
    This is an outrage and most likely unconstitutional.
    There is some kind of virus going around that effects peoples good judgment. Texas must have a lake, a pond, a sewer, a mosque, where this virus breeds. I think Bush has it, and now Texas courts.
    But it seems to be busting out everywhere muslims, and leftists live, and play.
    Texas needs a Shari’a extinguisher. We may all need one eventually…

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    First off, I used to live in Plano, roughly 10 miles north of Dallas on US 75. I never realized the size of the islamic community in the DFW region. Certainly never heard of the “Texas Islamic Court.” Fortunately it is only an arbitration group, not a real court. Unfortunately it is islamic. Oddly, if I read the Texas court document right, it was the wife that put forth the idea for the arbitration. I am guessing it involves the dowry since the state law doesn’t recognize dowries and the civil court threw out the her claim to the dowry. Perhaps someone more educated on the issue of islam and the dowry and how it is determined who gets the money in case of a divorce can shed some light on the issue. This islamic court thing will have to be watched extremely close.

    The opinion:

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    What’s more disturbing about this story is that one of the Appellee’s involved in this case happens to be a Republican Precinct Chairman, Jamal Quaddura. I originally saw this case while covertly researching Mr. Quaddura’s involvement in the DFW Muslim community. I was appalled at the time that Sharia Law could be practiced under the ruse of mediation. Read it and weep, folks. BTW, Mr. Quaddura was also one of the poor, threatened plaintiffs who have filed a civil suit for damages against Joe Kaufman (American’s Against Hate), who recently protested “Muslim Day” at the Arlington TX, Six Flags over Texas. He is also now on the board of directors of the local CAIR affiliate.

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    Texas Islamic Court?

    That’s not good.

    Is there a California Islamic Court, or a New York Islamic Court, or a Michigan Islamic Court? How can one go about finding out? What else has been happening quietly under our noses?

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    Indeed, champ, I moved here to escape a totalitarian regime but now there is no place to run — gotta face the fight.
    Granny and swami — legality of this thing is hard to fight — it is no more or less legal than any other mediated conflict resolution or Judge Judy — the two parties sign that the decision of the third person is binding on them and as long as that decision does not stipulate any illegal actions, I don’t see a ground on which this could be challenged, Islamic court, Marxist mediation or what have you.
    Any ideas?

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    If an Islamic kid growing up in the world today peeps out from the pages of his quran, what is it he will actually see?.

    On the one side, a strong and vibrant force threatening and demanding with menaces, that there wishes are both granted and carried out – and on the other?, a shell-shocked Liberal non-entity that has lost both its drive and meaning in this life and prefers a desperate appeasement, no matter what the cost in the future.

    Who will this kid follow? – Who will this kid listen too?. – Who will this kid imitate?.

    If we in the West today, seek the heart and mind of this kid, – the picture of a frail elderly geriatric that has past his sell by date really wont suffice.

    Kids follow the strong – Liberals follow the appeasers!!.

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    Texas? Hoo-lee!

    I would have expected this in California, but not Texas.

    This makes sense of course. Whenver you go there, the welcomers always tell you that Texas is a whole ‘nother country. Is the doctine of secession still have a foot in among Southern “intellectuals”?

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    Here is a story by Stephen Schwartz (who has the subject of many postings at JW) that explains there is currently no official California Islamic Court.

    It’s a mildly interesting article, although it is full of the usual unsubstantiated assumptions:

    Is “Islamic America” a mainstream Muslim principle? Of course not. Moderate Muslims long ago accepted that the West is ruled by non-Muslims, and that Muslims who emigrate to the West have to accept that fact.

    Uh, yeah. Right. Of course.

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    Any ideas?

    Posted by: kuchuklambat

    None so far – none except trying to keep our elected officials “in check” through the election process and writing them letters expressing outrage over this.

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    Hey, Champ!

    Move to Kentucky. Eastern half. Maybe Lexington. These boys down there know a thing or two about ‘justice.’

    Maybe even West-central Indiana. We’ve got plenty of guys here who also know a thing or two about ‘justice.’

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    This may be the best shot we have at establishing some principles here!!!!!


    You cannot have an arbitration agency that contravenes the law.

    Sharia is not compatible with US law.


    This is the best shot we’ve had yet at forcing public awareness of what’s at stake here.

    Any lawyers logged on please respond!

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    Uhhhh….so where are all those folks who scream “separation of church and state?”

    Dead silent; perhaps just dead?

    The mere fact that this is even a possibility is serious!

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    Hey, Boneshack!

    Now that’s an idea, assuming of course that these “boys down there” can keep up with me! You should probably know that I used to shoot trap and skeet with my Dad, and even went hunting with him on occasion, so I can aim & shoot with the best of them. I may be a little rusty with the ole shotgun, but it’s probably like riding a bike, right? I’m just full of surprises.

    Assuming of course that by ‘justice’ you mean what I think you mean :-)

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    This is what happens when the half witted legislators pass laws based on multiculturalism.

    Since the arbitration panel is a Sharia Court, I believe that this case needs to be reviewed by the US Supreme Court. A court based on religion would seem to be contrary to the First Amendment.
    I have not read the Texas law or read an analysis, but I would be surprised if the Texas law would support a decision the results in an agreement that violates any other law.

    I remember reading about a case where a convicted drunk driver successfully avoided being forced to participate in an Alcoholics Anonymus program since, he successfully argued, that the AA program was based on acknowledging a “higher power” – a religious deity.

    About the Islamic marriage agreement – this is just a prenuptual agreement. As long as no other Texas law is violated there should be no room for complaint.

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    Tell me about it. This is why I am depressed. I can’t do anything about it. I am Texas born and proud of it; but, I am unable to combat the insanity. No one listens, except my best friend. That’s not enough.

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    Arbitration agencies outside of the courts have to remain within the limits of the law.

    Sharia denies individual rights — and prohibits what is rightful and legal action by constitutional standards.

    Sharia allows, and may be construed to even demand actions that are at least actionable or even criminal by American legal standards.


    Are there any lawyers in the house?

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    They’re in our sights.

    Is there anybody out there who can take the shot? Who knows how?

    This shouldn’t be passed up!

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    Hey, Champ!

    Assuming of course that by ‘justice’ you mean what I think you mean :-)

    Draw your own conclusions. But, yes. Do your own research.

    A ‘30.06’ is a nice weapon. And good for more than skeet shooting.

    I’ll shut up now before I get banned. Good night!

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    Texas and most of the rest of the Deep South succumbed to the mainstream dominance of politically correct multiculturalism by the 1980s. Like that other bastion of sanity, Australia, they at least held out until then, unlike most of the rest of the States, which had succumbed earlier. (This is not counting pockets of exceptions here and there which prove the rule.)

    For our purposes here at JW, this mainstream dominance means that every level of society and government — from local school boards, to aldermen, to city councils, on up to mayors, state legislatures, courts, law boards, etc. — are suffused through and through with the notion that because Muslims are “ethnic” Third World peoples, we must bend over backwards to make sure that they and their “culture” must be “respected”, and if anyone of us so much as utters a peep of objection, we become tainted with the suspicion of “bigotry” if not “racism”. The mantra that “Islam is not a race” — no matter how perfectly and unimpeachably accurate it in fact is — does not have much of an effect on institutionalized and enculturated irrationality like this — particularly not when the vast majority of Muslims are, indeed, brown and “ethnic” and have an aura of “ethnic” culture around them (reflected in clothes, mannerisms, customs, accents, their “oriental” religion of course, and etc.).

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    I followed the link on the Jawa Report article and found the following in the court briefing:

    888 s. Greenville Ave., suite 188
    Richardson, Texas

    I found the address on Mapquest. However, the name of the organization yielded nothing, neither on Mapquest nor on

    Apparently it’s some sham “legal services organization” thrown together for the purposes of getting around the actual court system.

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    Having had more time to think about the whole “islamic court” issue this thought popped up. How hard would it be to conceal a non-murder crime, i.e. theft, and have this “court” rule? I realize there are problems with this idea. Namely what happens when one side is unhappy with the verdict. But, just how hard would it be? It wouldn’t work once the police are involved. Not even for domestic abuse. Can of worms.

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    ….nothing good can come of this….I think the books of Robert and others knowledgeable in the secret plots and schemes of Islam should be manadatory reading in all public schools…starting immediately…

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    On the one hand, I see the point about this being a “court” of arbitration. Several parties have a civil dispute, and have agreed to the arbitration of the Islamic Court.

    As long as the court ruling doesn’t violate state or federal law, the court will have done nothing “wrong”.

    On the other hand, I recognize that, while this Islamic Court is trying to make itself look like similar organizations,(Jewish family courts, for example) with Islam, it’s just a foot in the door.

    Undoubtedly, it’s only a matter of time and opportunity before these “courts” push for the right to rule on criminal matters involving Muslims, as well as civil ones. Such is the nature of Islam and Sharia.

    This is something to watch, for sure.

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    Would wife-beating be handled by these organizations?

    How about taking your daughter overseas to have her clit removed?

    How about punitive rape for social indiscretions?

    Is there a lawyer out there who can detail the possibilities for getting this in front of the supremes?


    PS Abscedere, I concur. But I would state it more strongly.

    It is insane to recognize sharia in any form, while we are fighting a war against people who seek to impose sharia on the world.

    This is more than just something to watch. This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war.

    It is literally, actually aiding to implement their goals.


    Forcing a court decision on this would force the gov’t to a more explicit identification of the enemy.