Iraq: U.S.-allied pol opens fire on U.S. troops, kills 2

I have pointed out many, many times that there is no reliable way to distinguish jihadists from peaceful Muslims. Here is yet another indication of that. But the implications of this remain unexplored, in Iraq and domestically.

“U.S.-allied Iraqi politician opens fire on U.S. troops, killing 2,” by Mohammed Al Dulaimy and Hannah Allam for McClatchy Newspapers, June 23 (thanks to H.):

MADAIN, Iraq “” A U.S.-allied Iraqi council member sprayed American troops with gunfire Monday, killing two soldiers and wounding three and an interpreter, Iraqi authorities and witnesses said. The attack occurred minutes after they emerged from a weekly joint meeting on reconstruction in this volatile town southeast of Baghdad.

Raed Mahmoud Ajil, a former high school principal in his mid-40s, was known as a respected city council member and devoted educator who’d recently returned to Iraq after completing his master’s degree in India, stunned colleagues said. U.S. troops shot and killed him at the scene.

Ajil’s colleagues said they could think of no motive for the deadly rampage, which is thought to be the first incident of a U.S.-allied Iraqi politician carrying out such an attack. Ajil comes from a distinguished Sunni Muslim family. His brother is security chief for the Iraqi Ministry of Justice and a cousin is a high-ranking judge, relatives said.

He Must Be Crazy Explanation in 3, 2, 1…

Ajil’s family said that he’d suffered from bouts of depression and sporadic epileptic seizures, which he masked in his role as a public servant. Relatives knew him to be friendly to U.S. troops and said he had no qualms about working alongside them, even though many in this mixed Sunni-Shiite Muslim town view American forces as occupiers.

“(The Americans) used to love him. They gave him a contract for a project he was working on. He spoke English fluently with them and they used to like him so much,” said Sherif Abdullah Aziz, 47, a cousin. “There is no explanation that we know of for what happened.” […]

Anti-U.S. sentiment remains widespread, with many locals viewing the American presence as an intrusion. As news of Ajil’s killings spread, some residents hailed him as a hero. Several uttered his name and added, “God rest his soul,” and a taxi driver at the scene pointed to the bloodstains and said, “the pigs deserved this.” […]

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    The motive is kill the infidels as the Koran commands and the Hadith stipulates by doing so the faithful shall be in paradise. What other motive are they trying to look for? I am mad because they killed two fellow infidels, no two fine human beings.

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    This is not the first time that American soldiers, not engaged in war but doing such things as handing out candy to children, or trying to arrange for compromises among two Iraqi factons (Shi’a with Shi’a, Sunni with Sunni, Shi’a with Sunni, Arab with Kurd, Kurd with Kurd), have been shot down in cold blood by Iraqi Muslims. There were those five Civil Affairs soldiers — or was it six? — who had gone to discuss such a compromise but discovered, too late, that they had entered a trap and were all murdered on the spot. There were those who, while handing out that candy, were murdered. There are those who have been murdered by Iraqis they were training, or fighting beside. When the whole list of such incidents is compiled, and eventually made known, it will end forever any conceivable residual sympathy for the Iraqis that some may harbor.

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    Pigs, indeed. No good deed goes unpunished in Dar al-Islam.

    Speaking of reward and punishment, too bad we don’t plan to bury a pig’s carcass with Khalid Sheikh Mohammad–with the pig’s head facing Mecca, out of respect.

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    Where is the evidence this man was a jihadist? I don’t discount the possibility but we shouldn’t discount the possibility that he simply snapped. It happens. Jihadism isn’t a required precondition. It happens to Americans. How were we supposed to know the good American soldier would roll a grenade in his commander’s tent as the man slept?

    As for the “the pigs deserved this” sentiment expressed by the taxi driver, there is no reason to automatically ascribe the same feelings to the man who opened fire, at least not without further evidence that he really was a closet jihadist just waiting for a chance to strike.

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    My solution is to pull out the troops and send in the missionaries. Islam and democracy don’t mix.

    A democratic form of government is a vary fragile thing and the poison of Islam will kill it for sure. The US only achieved what it has because of it’s core beliefs. Which unfortunately are being eroded away.

    Notice I did not specify what religion the missionaries are. Anything but Islam.

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    A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    This incident reminds me of the meeting with tribal leaders at which a young Afghan boy, out of nowhere, buried a hatchet in a Canadian soldier’s head. From behind.

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    Ajil’s family said that he’d suffered from bouts of depression and sporadic epileptic seizures….

    *Hand shoots up*

    “Ooooh! Ask me! Ask me! I know!”

    “The answer is ‘what does this murdering scumbag have in common with the murdering scumbag who invented this death cult!’,”

    What have I won?

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    I don’t know if the shooter is a muslim or not (I suspect he is), but to accomplish this shooting Allah had to be willing, he always is…

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    “There is no explanation that we know of for what happened.”

    -Sherif Abdullah Aziz,47 a cousin

    Really? Most children who have been unfortunate enough to have been exposed to Quran Hadith Sira, could certainly provide this cousin with a primary motive…….

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    The motive is evident and has a long history of proof behind it, but we continue to be blind to their hatred of the kafir. If our officers and leaders can’t identify the enemy after so many years of war, then we are headed down the same road as the Europeans.

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    Muslim countries win concession regarding religious debates

    * UN body says only religious scholars should be allowed to discuss
    matters of faith

    GENEVA: Muslim countries have won a battle to prevent Islam from being criticised during debates by the UN Human Rights Council. Religions deserve special protection because any debate about faith is bound to be “very complex, very sensitive and very intense”, council President Doru-Romulus Costea said Wednesday.

    Scholars: Only religious scholars should be allowed to discuss matters of faith, he told journalists in Geneva.

    While Costea’s ban applies to all religions, it was prompted by Muslim countries complaining about references to Islam.\06\19\story_19-6-2008_pg7_6

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    Yes, first the death of soldiers is always sad..but in this case shocking because the murderer was a friendly…and perhaps his emotional problems precipitated the event…I enjoyed the youtube video…a seizure could, but in these cases where soldiers are in foreign cultures…they need to be on guard 100 percent of the hand on the candy to the kids and the other ready to shoot the kid if necessary or the deranged city politician.. Sad as it is…
    I disagree with the author…in many circumstances there are methods to determine the potential motives of extremist types in the muslim culture…especially here in North America or Europe…harder in their own cultures..or even in ours if they are completely underground…one would have to be in close contact with them..and they avoid that…

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    “Could it be….. SATAN” (read Mohammad)

    Apologies to the Church Lady.
    Posted by: Kuffar

    I couldn’t help but laugh, as I was thinking the same thing. Church Lady always was right on and SATAN seems to be running rampant in the Middle East.

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    “(The Americans) used to love him. They gave him a contract for a project he was working on. He spoke English fluently with them and they used to like him so much,” said Sherif Abdullah Aziz, 47, a cousin. “There is no explanation that we know of for what happened.” […]

    used??? contract??? Oh brother…

    We must have stopped the poll tax payments to him…so he went to next stage…

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    For the benefit of any new readers to this site, here are some Muslim canonical texts that may throw light on this man’s actions.

    First: the Quran explicitly commands Muslims to physically attack and fight non-Muslims. These commands are universal and open-ended.

    Qur’an:8:39 “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).”

    Surah 9: 5, “the verse of the sword’. It is held by some Muslim theologians to be the final revelation, abrogating all other verses – including those that are sometimes quoted to “prove’ the peacefulness of Islam.

    It reads: “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due [i.e. if and only if they become Muslims] then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (The word rendered ‘idolaters’ may also be rendered as ‘Unbelievers’).

    Qur’an:9:123 “Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you.”

    Second: Muslims are forbidden to make friends with non-Muslims, except feigningly, for Muslim advantage.

    Quran 3: 26 (28, in Yusuf Ali translation): ‘Let not the believers take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers…except by way of precaution, that you may guard yourselves from them”.

    Qur’an 3:118 “Believers! Take not into your intimacy those outside your religion (pagans, Jews, and Christians). They will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin”.

    Ibn Ishaq’s Life of Mohammed, on the ironclad division between Muslim and non-Muslim:
    Ishaq:231 – “Muslims are one ummah (community) to the exclusion of all men. Believers are friends of one another to the exclusion of all outsiders.”

    If reared on texts like this, Raed would have experienced severe cognitive dissonance during his dealings with Americans – for he would have been ‘primed’ by Islam to view ALL NON-MUSLIMS as his mortal enemies.

    Third: it is not impossible that his friendly behaviour was a veneer or a ploy; likewise, his family’s words may need to be taken with a heaping grain of salt. Why?

    Islam permits lying if it allows the Muslim to gain advantage over the non-Muslim.

    Ibn Ishaq:519 “Hajjaj said to the Apostle, “I have money scattered among the Meccan merchants, so give me permission to go and get it.’ Having got Muhammad’s permission, he said, “I must tell lies.’ The Apostle said, “Tell them.'”

    From the Hadith: Bukhari:V5B59N369 “Allah’s Apostle said, “Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?’ {by making poems criticising Muhammad and the Muslims}. Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslamah got up saying, “O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like me to kill him?’ The Prophet said, “Yes,’ Maslamah said, “Then allow me to say false things in order to deceive him.’ The Prophet said, “You may say such things.'”

    From Tabari, 9th century Muslim historian, Vol VIII:23: “The Messenger and his Companions continued in the fear and distress that Allah has described in the Qur’an.
    Then Nu’aym came to the Prophet. “I’ve become a Muslim, but my tribe does not know of my Islam; so command me whatever you will.’ Muhammad said, “Make them abandon each other if you can so that they will leave us; for war is deception.'”

    There are two possibilities.

    1. Raed started out with a real friendliness toward the American Infidels, but then became aware of the flat contradiction between his feelings and behaviour, and what Islam says he should feel and do; after a period of conflict or cognitive dissonance, he plumped for Islam and obeyed the Quranic program to ‘kill them wherever you find them’. His family may or may not support what he did.
    2. He knew what he was doing from the start – a ‘smiler with the knife under the cloak’, biding his time. Again: his family may not have known what he was really up to…or they may know full well, and be terribly admiring of his cleverness at feigning friendship so as to get under the guard of the Americans and ‘slay and be slain in the Cause of Allah’.

    One cannot know, because of the prevalence of al-taqiyya, the Permission to Deceive for the Advancement of Islam. Every word they are reported as saying, may be a lie…or may be capable of being read somewhat differently than we suppose.

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    I think he caught jihad fever while in India. India’s Muslims are known as some of the most violent supporters of jihad anywhere in the Muslim world. And they are very good at being secretive about it, because otherwise the Hindu authorities would deal rather harshly with them.

    I don’t think he snapped. This was premeditated and calculated. Hey, he got the 72 goats and the privilege of servicing the Devil for his trouble. Eternity’s a long time to be on that kind of treadmill…

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    … is thought to be the first incident of a U.S.-allied Iraqi politician carrying out such an attack.

    That’s getting pretty specific in the demographics. We’ve had Iraqis of every type do this: young, old, men, women, children, Sunnis, Shi’a, poor, wealthy, mentally handicapped, and well-educated Iraqis have all carried out such an attack at one time or another. But okay, maybe he was the first U.S.-allied Iraqi politician who is left-handed and who drives a late-model Toyota and who is between the age of 35-45 and who has a pet chinchilla, to carry out such an attack. So, yeah, let’s call him the first.

    But even then, it depends on how you define it. Do you include Iraqi politicians who secretly fund the jihadi groups in Iraq? Or who give instructions to the border guards to allow the shipment of weapons in from Iran? Or who pass on information to the jihadi groups about where U.S. soldiers will be patrolling in tomorrow’s mission?

    But okay, he’s the first to actually pick up an AK-47 (how many Western politicians can find an AK-47 in their closet?) and kill U.S. soldiers himself.

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    Maybe a slightly off topic:
    If anyone gets the chance to see this film, I would highly recommend it.

    I’ve read a number of reviews about this documentary, all lauding its ‘complexity’ although I see nothing all that complex about it. To me, the storyline represents the perfect microcosm of the war in Iraq, as well as Western aid and support for Muslim countries and leaders in general

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    Muslim countries win concession regarding
    religious debates

    * UN body says only religious scholars should be allowed to discuss matters of faith

    Posted by: interestinconundrum at June 24, 2008 8:49 PM
    So how do you become a religious scholar?

    * I attended Bible college for 2-1/2 years.

    * I’ve taught the Bible in my church, and in my house.

    * I’ve had Bible discussions with people.

    * I’ve studied the Bible for many years, both on my own and by attending church services and Sunday School classes.

    I therefore consider myself a scholar.

    You watch: they’ll say that the Bible was corrupted by the Jooos and the Christians, and therefore the above items don’t count!

  20. says

    The power of any religion does not come from it’s ideology, or philosophy only, it comes from what it does.
    Religion is to know and to do. To judge the merits of any religion, listen to what it says, watch what it does. I have been watching and listening to Christians, Jews, Hindu’s, Wiccans, various magicians, warlocks, witches, shamans, guru’s and atheists, all my life, now muslims.
    What do these have in common that Islam does not?
    They are all filthy kuffars. None of them believe in Mohammad as the messenger of Allah, or Allah himself…So what do muslims ‘do’ about this?
    They apply the CKE choke hold. That’s Convert, Kill, Enslave. The convert/kill part is pretty straight forward, the ‘enslave’ part is more complicated and generates methods of non violent jihad, like attacks on free speech.
    This is what they do. And it is all for Allah.
    A god that Christians and the above groups do not know, and cannot know. Allah is not even a god (little g). Allah is a complete fabrication.
    Even the title ‘Moon god’, is too much credit.
    The fantasy of Allah is much better than the reality. When muslims realize that that, they apostate.

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    “depression and sporadic epileptic seizures, ”
    heck they could be describing the prohet Mo! this iraqi is just folowing in the footsteps on his cult leader mohammad!

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    Now let me add my prognosis. It’s our old friend the ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ rearing its ugly head again. And just as the Koran tells Muslims not to take infidels as a friend, it is about time we stopped believing Muslims can be our friends. Each and every one of them must be viewed as a potential infidel killer, and treated as such, and that includes so-called US-allied politicians.

  23. says

    I couldn’t help but laugh, as I was thinking the same thing. Church Lady always was right on and SATAN seems to be running rampant in the Middle East.

    His base of operations is Mecca with subsidiary bases in Qom, Medina and Al-Azhar university