USC MSA removes, does not repudiate genocidal hadith

A third IslamoFascism Awareness Week is coming up, and this time at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, with which Jihad Watch is affiliated, we are focusing on the genocidal aspect of the jihad and the unsavory nature of the Muslim Students Association. David Horowitz and Reut Cohen explain:

This fall, during the week of October 13-17, students on more than 100 campuses will hold events under the banner of “Stop the Jihad on Campus,” a campaign designed to make the university community aware of the support the Muslim Students Association, Students for Justice in Palestine and other leftist groups provide for the jihadists’ hatred and agendas.

A focus of this campaign will be the genocidal nature of the jihad. Over one hundred Muslim Students Associations have refused to condemn the genocidal terror groups Hamas and Hizbullah, and have declined to repudiate the infamous Hadith or saying of the prophet which calls on Muslims to kill Jews to bring about the Day of Judgment.

The request to repudiate this incitement was sent to the Muslim Students Associations by the David Horowitz Freedom Center last spring. It has been re-sent recently. If the MSAs again refuse to condemn religious genocide and the organizations whose goal it is to carry it out, the “Stop the Jihad” movement will call for the defunding of MSA chapters who promote of ethnic hatred and refuse to condemn holy war.

We cited that “infamous Hadith or saying of the prophet which calls on Muslims to kill Jews to bring about the Day of Judgment” in our Petition for Hadith Reform:

We call on the Muslim Students Association to:

* Condemn and repudiate the hadith which reads: “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time [of judgment] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” (Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985);

The MSA of the University of Southern California became a focal point of this effort because it hosts a major online hadith collection here, which of course included the genocidal hadith. When this was brought to the attention of USA Provost, C. L. Max Nikias, he declared that “the passage cited is truly despicable…The passage in the Hadith that you brought to our attention violates the USC Principles of Community, and it has no place on a USC website.” Said Nikias: “I have ordered that the passage be removed.” You can see a pdf of his letter here.

The USC MSA complied. If you scroll down in their hadith collection on this page, you’ll find that the numbers of the hadiths go straight from 6980 to 6986. What were 6981 through 6985? Go here to find out. Here they are:

Book 041, Number 6981:

Ibn ‘Umar reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me) ; kill him.

Book 041, Number 6982:

Ubaidullah has reported this hadith with this chain of transmitters (and the Words are):” There is a Jew behind me.”

Book 041, Number 6983:

Abdullah b. ‘Umar reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You and the Jews would fight against one another until a stone would say: Muslim, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him.

Book 041, Number 6984:

Abdullah b. ‘Umar reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The Jews will fight against you and you will gain victory over them until the stone would say: Muslim, here is a Jew behind me; kill him.

Book 041, Number 6985:

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

So it’s great that the USC MSA took these down, isn’t it? But please note that we had requested that they “repudiate this incitement.” That isn’t the same thing as removing it from their website. Why not? Well, for one thing, because it still remains on their website in other places. Many ahadith appear more than once in the canonical hadith collections — and this is in traditional Islamic theology an indication of their authenticity. This is one of them. Here are some variants of the same hadith, in Bukhari, from the USC MSA website:

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176:

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar:

Allah’s Apostle said, “You (i.e. Muslims) will fight wi the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, ‘O ‘Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.’ ”

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

Also this one:

Volume 4, Book 56, Number 791:

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar:

I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “The Jews will fight with you, and you will be given victory over them so that a stone will say, ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew behind me; kill him!’ ”

Just in case these also vanish without a trace, I took some screen shots:


Now: will we see the MSA of USC and other MSAs not just cover up the existence of this hadith, but also repudiate the genocidal imperative contained within it? I won’t be holding my breath.

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  1. says

    If there are any sane Muslims they would leave islam at once, those that remain cannot be logically shown that their religion is not much more than a death cult. l would rather the WEst understand and go on the offense to declare this a cult and outlaw it if there is no reform as it stands now.

  2. says

    It was better when anyone wanting to see what Islam was really about could see and read the hadith on a website such as the one maintained by USC MSA. Now that it went down a memory hole, it becomes easier for gullible persons to fall for Muslim propaganda about the religion of peace.

    It would have been better if the MSA had been called upon to not only repudiate and condemn the truly despicable hadiths, but also to repudiate and condemn the prophet who recited the truly despicable incitements in such hadiths.

    This is like asking to have neo-Nazis repudiate portions of Mein Kampf without repudiating Hitler. They would just hide the objectionable portions of that book from the gullible public, while they would continue to study and agree with those passages within their inner circle.

  3. says

    You are asking the MSA to renounce one of the five pillars of Islam. Not only is jihad written into the Koran, it is also Muslim law. Is there another tact to take?

  4. says

    This will do well in exposing the intentions of the MSA, however, I can see them excusing the hadith on the grounds that it was set in a particular historical context and then they will make allusions to similar statements from the Bible if only the “extremists” are following the diabolical intention of killing Jews to the letter. I hope you bring this anti-Jihad festival to sinister associates of the MSA to Brown University whose Muslim chaplain would not answer my question of banning Nonie Darwish from speaking there displayed in a local newspaper or the affiliation of the MSA with unindicted co-conspirator organisations affiliated with the Holy Land foundation.

  5. says

    ZenaWarriorPrincess says:

    “their religion is not much more than a death cult.”

    I agree, but I would change the word “death” to read “murder.”

    The sentence could read: “their religion is not much more than a MURDER cult.”

  6. says

    If they believe this is a holy command then they can’t truly repudiate or remove it. I would rather it be out where the world can see what they really believe.

  7. says

    ZenaWarriorPrincess says:

    “their religion is not much more than a death cult.”

    I agree, but I would change the word “death” to read “murder.”

    The sentence could read: “their religion is not much more than a MURDER cult.”

    Posted by: David England at August 22, 2008 8:12 AM

    I would go a bit further and change “murder” to “mass-murder,” as “Kill the Infidels” and “Slay the Unbelievers” (etc) are plural.

    Ergo, the sentence would read: “Their religion is, first and foremost, a mass-murder cult.”

  8. says

    I agree, Karl. It’s a whitewash of Islam to remove that text from the USC site, until and unless there is a widely-accepted reformation of the texts. Removing text from the USC site does not constitute such reform. Altering such documents only brings down USC’s credibility.

    It simply makes the USC site a less reliable source to point curious minds to. When people first start to learn about the “real” Islam, they’re not going to dig through caches, or (heaven forefend), go to a library and try to find the originals.

  9. says

    A little arm twisting to get muslims to repudiate what they can’t repudiate, exposes the basic reasons true reform in Islam is not possible.
    The ahadith contain the words, deeds, and instructions of the messenger and apostle Mohammad…Behind them is Allah.
    A repudiation of the word of Allah by a muslim
    is a guaranteed elevator ride to Allah’s basement where the furnace is. Unless, the person is certifiably crazy, or tricking filthy kufr’s as a part of jihad.
    I get the impression that some muslims just don’t take Allah all that seriously…or maybe they do and just have a odd way of showing it…

  10. says

    DJM – It is kitman! Excellent point! Whenever Muslims are in an inferior position (in terms of numbers, etc.) it is halal to deny that you are a Muslim in order to escape or distract the kufirs.

    Arguing with an Islamofan is like confronting a sociopath. They will lie, deceive and deny. The fact that this behavior is approved by Qur’an, hadith and exegesis is very frightening.

  11. says

    Posted by duh_swami:- I get the impression that some muslims just don’t take allah all that seriously…or maybe they do and just have a odd way of showing it…

    They are deadly serious, they just need us dhimmi fools to swallow their BS for a little while longer until they have the tip-point they need. Then we will all see how serious they can be.

    I’m in full agreement as to the perfect example of why islam isn’t what it seems. You can’t reform a cult based on death.

  12. says

    This just backfired, big time. It is worse now that the Hadith has been removed. It needs to be there so that people can understand the truth behind jihadist ideology – that it comes from scripture, not social conditions imposed upon muslims from the west. Now it has gone down the memory hole, and there will be an even greater impetus to play “see no evil, hear no evil” when it comes to jihad.

    Thanks, “Petition for Hadith Reform”!

  13. says

    That Hadith may have been taken off the website of the Muslim Students Assocation. But, like hundreds of similar Hadith, it has not been removed from the minds of Muslims, has not been removed from the collections of the most authoritative muhaddithin, and often labelled as among the most “authentic.”

    Why not ask if Sura 9 of the Qur’an — to start with — is going to be removed from the minds of Muslims? And the killings of Asma bint Marwan and Abu Akaf? And the decapitation of the 600-900 bound prisoners of the Banu Qurayza? And the attack, prompted by a desire for loot (property and women), on the inoffensive Jewish farmers of the Khaybar Oasis? And are Muslims willing to distance themselves from the idea that everything Muhammad did was absolutely admirable and worthy of emulation, beginning with Muhammad’s having sexual intercourse with his nine-year-old wife, little Aisha?

    Hundreds of Jihad passages — see the Calcutta Qu’ran Petition — and hundreds of “authentic” (just study those isnad-chains) Hadith, and so many events from the life of that Perfect Man, Muhammad (uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil) will have to be held up for inspection by Infidels, and Muslims have to declare themselves: do you accept this, do you agree with this, do you admire this? Attempting to deal with the matter by simply removing it from a website where it can be seen by all just doesn’t do the trick.

    No, the texts and tenets of Islam are clear. What is unclear is why anyone, living in the West, and knowing these texts, and knowing what they have meant over the past 1350 years, reflected in the behavior of Muslims toward the Infidels whose many and varied lands they conquered, would still insist on being called a Muslim, and why we, the Infidels, should not, in response, assume that those who continue to self-identify as Muslims agree with those passages in the Qur’an, the Hadith, and those many examples of behavior that we take, nowadays, to be far from exemplary, set out in the biographies of Muhammad.

    At a certain point, we are entitled to assume that anyone who continues to identify with, to protect, to run interference for, to smilingly and plausibly offer us a diet of taqiyya-and-tu-quoque, should be treated not just with the utmost suspicion, but as someone who is intent on furthering the Jihad, the “struggle” to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam. And if you realize the full meaning, and menace, of Islam, such people have made themselves, have essentially declared themselves (oh, forget about the “three abrahamic faiths” propaganda, please do) to be the enemies of your country’s legal and political institutions, of individual liberties (Islam is completely collectivist), of free and skeptical inquiry, of freedom of artistic expression, of so much that makes us us. They are declaring themselves to be, in other words, enemies of the civilization into which they have been allowed to come, to settle, and to be treated, everywhere in Western Europe and North America, with amazing forebearance and generosity and naive hopefulness.

    Enough of all that. It hasn’t worked. Just look around. Look, for example, at the sinister behavior of the Muslim Students’ Association, determined to avoid having to answer a pointed request, and instead simply slyly removing from its website, but not from the hearts and minds of its members, the particular outrageous (to Infidels) Hadith in question, and continuing to remain malevolently silent about the whole matter.

    A silence that is telling.

  14. says

    This is a perverse “victory.” The only victory would be a repudiation of these hateful passages. Not removing the passages from public access. I’ve personally used this USC site to verify how repulsive and evil the texts are. Now, I only get to read to “nice” stuff. Thanks for nothing. This is censorship. It may even further the jihadist cause, not lessen it.
    To use the cliche standard,”Would scrubbing up Hitler’s Mein Kmampf for the non-German public during the 1930’s have lessened Nazism? Oh wait, they did that, when it went on sale in the United States:

    (Alan Cranston) was a correspondent for the International News Service for two years preceding World War II. When an abridged English-language translation of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf was released, sanitized to exclude some of Hitler’s anti-semitism and militancy, Cranston published an abridged and annotated translation which he believed more accurately reflected the contents of the book. In 1939, Hitler’s publisher sued him for copyright violation in the state of Connecticut; a judge ruled in Hitler’s favor and publication of the book was halted.

  15. says

    USC MSA whether they remove the passages on their site cant hide it from the world that ISLAM is a murder-cult. Most of the writings in USC MSA site have been polished and presented to fool the readers.
    Muhammed(peaces be upon him) is the leader of this murderous cult. The Muslims have not changed their mindset even though they live in western countries and in the 21st century. There is such hatred for the non-believers, peace be upon us if we let them go on doing what they r really good at deception and murder.

    interesting article i found of what non-believers can expect according to head of Pakistan’s Jamat-e-Islami Party

  16. says

    So, does anyone have a non-santized site to recommend that contains the same texts as the USC site?

    It HAD been very handy.

  17. says

    I think it is very important to get the “Stop The Jihad On Campus” word out and to present it on university campuses. We’ve read how bad the problem of Islamification has become on the UC Irvine campus, for instance. It’s important to present to these students young, incompletely formed, and likely left-leaning minds a counterpoint to the brainwashing they receive on campus. The brainwashing they receive not only from orgs like CAIR but also from their own university curriculum. It’s truly sad that student’s activity fees are spent advancing jihad. When I went to UC my activity fees went toward free beer (UCSD, 1984, 1987).

    I saw this same topic on Front Page News and decided to read the comments. Wow!, does that site ever need to have it’s comments moderated. Almost all of the comments were wildly off-topic. Only a very small handful of posters even acknowleded the topic. It’s also the only place I’ve seen McCarthyism solidly praised. We keep looking for the mythical moderate Muslim, I can’t even find moderate Americans. It seems folks are either so far right they think Joe McCarthy was a saint or they are so far left they can’t see Obama for the socialist he really is. It sure is lonely in the middle.

  18. says

    Cat’s out of the bag. (As Our Hugh put it, ‘miaou’).

    In a way, it’s been out of the bag ever since those first heroic Orientalists quietly learned Arabic, and then slogged their way through the translation – into English, or French, or German, or other languages – of the entirety of the Sira, the Qur’an, and the Hadith. Buried in the bowels of many an old library, private or public, are fat volumes containing the fruits of their efforts.

    Nothing to stop someone deciding to scan and put up online, uncensored, unexpurgated, the contents of those Old Books. USC was very convenient despite its shortcomings – but perhaps by now it’s served its purpose.

    How many thousands of curious Infidels have explored that site already, in mounting horror, and then, providently, copied such monsters as particularly caught their eye, and stowed away the same, complete with original links, maybe even with screenshots, in little files on their home computers?

    Or, perhaps, printed them out, scads and scads of them, and are keeping them in hardcopy, in folders, handily labelled?

    How many of the Horrible Hadiths, the Muslim Texts of Terror (not to mention the Absurd and the Bizarre) are even now continuing on their travels in cyberspace or in printouts, from one horrified Infidel to another?

    USC MSA is shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

  19. says

    Said Nikias: “I have ordered that the passage be removed.”

    Big stupid deal!

    We don’t want these or any Hadiths removed, only repudiated. They are linkable evidence that shows what a disgusting ideology Islam is and what a evil psychopath Muhammad was (if he did speak such genocidal hate). They are too useful and the MSA should be asked to reinsert these texts which are a legitimate part of the collection.

    I suspect Kikias is just taking the cowardly way out by just requiring removal, which might look like – to fools – that he’s done something good.
    He should demand unconditional repudiation (only) or else no funding!

    In fact there are many other horrid Hadiths that should be pointed out to Kikais and it should be demanded of Kikias that he call for their repudiaton also – or else!

    But I suspect, like your typical spineless university administrative officer, he’ll just run away from this.

    The pressure must be kept on – I would have thought Horowitz would have figured this out.

  20. says

    Said Nikias: “I have ordered that the passage be removed.”

    This is just stupid!

    We shouldn’t want these or any Hadiths removed, only repudiated. They are linkable evidence that shows what a disgusting ideology Islam is. They are too useful and the MSA should be asked to reinsert these texts which are a ligitimate part of the collection.

    I suspect Kikias is just taking the cowardly way out by just requiring removal, which might look like, to morons, that he’s done something good.
    He should demand repudiation only or else no funding.

    This Petition for Hadith Reform
    is stupid!

    It doesn’t even say whom it’s directed to – the MSA? They couldn’t care less what infidels want.

    A petition – a demand! – should be directed to the USC presidents and administrative officers calling on their sense of decency (usually trumped by their sense of ass covering) to come down hard on the MSA for putting these (and other) Hadiths on their web site without clearly repudiating them. The university must remove funding for the MSA and repudiate this organization if they refuse.

    You go after the university administration, not the dumb MSA!