Paranoia, Islam, and the West

Of course, there is a very simple reason why Muslims believe the following conspiracy theories, and why they are convinced that the West is out to get them: based on their religious worldview — Dar al-Harb vs. Dar al-Islam — the infidel West is a de facto enemy, and thus all of its intentions and actions must be, one way or another, nefarious and counter-Islam.

“Many Muslims see this as war on them,” by Hoppy Kercheval for the Charleston Daily Mail, September 12:

SEVEN years after 9/11 there persist two distinctly different views of the attacks that blue September day.

Our view, and the one supported by the facts, is that we were savagely attacked by radical Muslims trying to strike a blow that would force the West to cede interest in the Middle East.

Then there’s a view prominent in the Arab world, fueled by rumor and suspicion, that the United States and/or Israel were behind the attacks.


The theories, which are molded and advanced through casual conversations in cafes to Middle East media outlets and even government officials, place the United States and the Jews/Israel/Zionists behind most every attack, tragedy and malady that strikes.

More unfortunate is when these “theories” infiltrate the Western mind — especially intelligence officers, such as ex-CIA analyst, Michael Scheuer, who also sees Jews/Israel/Zionism behind everything.

In a story from Cairo this week, the New York Times reported that the rumors over time have become the conventional wisdom.

At the top of the rumor pyramid is the belief that the United States orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to provide an excuse to wage war on Muslims.

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    At the top of the rumor pyramid is the belief that the United States orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to provide an excuse to wage war on Muslims.

    Now there’s some paranoia. Probably a ‘fixed delusion’ and not curable.

    How come bin Laden takes credit for 911, are these fellow muslims insinuating that Osama is lying? Osama lie???

    When did he ever do that?

    Believing in all sort of weird things is common to those who have submitted to Allah.

    Muslims have lost the ability to put their weird shields up.

    ‘Shields up Scotty’, does not work for them because Scotty works for dar al-harb.

    For muslims, there is no Scotty, so their weird shields are always down. Leading directly to paranoia.

    I don’t think this can be fixed as long as a muslim stays a muslim. Apostasy is probably the only way out of weird, so I advise any muslim who is sick of weird, to apostate today…
    Faithfreedom,org can help with that…

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    I know many readers are already familiar with this, but a Scripps Howard poll two years ago found that an incredible one in three Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job:

    As I conjectured in my recent blog post about the 9/11 anniversary, if anything, the “inside job” folks are possibly even more numerous now than they were when the poll was conducted.

    So if you’re surprised at the “view prominent in the Arab world, fueled by rumor and suspicion,” remember that one of the two people with whom you’re having coffee likely believes George Bush and the Jews pulled off the attacks on Washington and New York.

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    I don’t believe for one mnute that Muslims buy this ‘Bush did it’ BS. They know very well who did 9/11 and they’re proud of it.

    Muslims talk on both sides of their mouths, that’s just how they are and that’s what they do.

    But the frightening thing is that we have so many nutroots and f*kcwits who buy this truther crapola.

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    I don’t believe for one mnute that Muslims buy this ‘Bush did it’ BS. They know very well who did 9/11 and they’re proud of it.

    Muslims talk on both sides of their mouths, that’s just how they are and that’s what they do.

    But the frightening thing is that we have so many nutroots and f*kcwits who buy this truther crapola.

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    I don’t believe for one mnute that Muslims buy this ‘Bush did it’ BS. They know very well who did 9/11 and they’re proud of it.

    Muslims talk on both sides of their mouths, that’s just how they are and that’s what they do.

    But the frightening thing is that we have so many nutroots and f*kcwits who buy this truther crapola.

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    A previous article:

    Fitzgerald: Crazinesses and conspiracy theories

    “The parents of 24,000 children in northern Pakistan refused to allow health workers to administer polio vaccinations last month, mostly due to rumours that the harmless vaccine was an American plot to sterilise innocent Muslim children.” — from this article

    The assorted crazinesses and conspiracy theories (I like best that well-known one about Neil Armstrong hearing the azan on the moon — one giant step for Homo Islamicus, apparently) that are widely believed in the Islamic world provide yet another example of the susceptibility to lunatic ideas and the most absurd rumors among populations of people who have been brought up in societies where they are deliberately taught not to think.

    For Islam teaches that Allah must never be questioned. The products of his will or whim are simply there. Ours not to reason why, for Allah Knows Best. And that is how the ask-mr-fatwas sites, in giving their opinions which have the effect of unappealable rulings to the inquiring (“Can I wear a bouffant hairdo?” “Can I defecate in a toilet if the water in the bowl is still?” “Can I inherit property from the parents of my ‘reverted’ spouse?”) always conclude: Allah Knows Best.

    The habit of submission in Islam (Islam means “submission”) is not merely one of submission to Allah over rituals. It is a larger submission, a Total Submission. And that submission includes the habit of Mental Submission. That helps to explain why, after a very short period, in the first few centuries of Islam, that is at a time when the lands conquered by Muslims were still largely inhabited by Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians, there was here and there the transmission of discoveries made by non-Muslims (e.g., Hindu mathematicians), and also very modest development of what might be called science. The modesty of Islamic science and technology can be seen by quickly consulting any of the authoritative histories of science and technology. But one discovers that:

    1) many of those involved in these scientific endeavors were either Christians or Jews, or were Muslims whose parents or grandparents had been Christians and Jews, and therefore their mental formation, and that of the societies in which they grew up, had not yet been thoroughly islmamized; and

    2) the people involved held views that in most cases were dangerously un-Islamic. Ar-Razi, for example, could reasonably be described as a freethinker. In other words, what brief scientific effort there was, between, say, 800 and 1200, in what is called High Islamic Civilization, was not the product of Islam, but was rather the product of individuals, many of them not themselves molded by Islam or even believers in Islam.

    The habit of mental submission leads not only to susceptibility to every kind of crank belief, or even to the entertaining of two separate and contradictory beliefs (“The Arabs could not have been responsible for 9/11/2001 and it must have been the Mossad” and “The Americans had it coming to them and they will get more of it from us”), but to a touching desire to find validation in some praise for Islam uttered here and there, over the centuries by this or that non-Muslim. For it is with a desperate eagerness that Muslims quote the list of cranks and oddballs who, in the Western world, converted or “reverted” to Islam: a French doctor, Bucaille, who treated the Saudis; Leopold Weiss (Muhammad As’ad); an upper-class twit like the son of Lord Burt, former head of the BBC; and assorted others including all the female yvonne-ridleys who have found in Muslim dress something that answers their felt need, their need to be “someone special” or that “special someone” in a world that otherwise pays them no never mind.

    Muslims are inculcated with and exhibit a sense of superiority: we are Muslims, we are the Best People (cf. Qur’an 3:110), “Islam must dominate and is not to be dominated,” Allah will prevail and Muslims have a right to, and will, rule everywhere. At the same time, they can see that there is something wrong with Muslim societies and polities. They can see that they have produced nothing of cultural or scientific significance, or at least they have some inkling of that. They can see that the Muslims have produced nothing, and their wealth is merely the result of an accident of geology. They can see that not only the ancient hated rival, Western Christendom (as they still regard it), long ago pulled away from them — and so have the formerly impoverished countries of East Asia. They can see, and Arab “intellectuals” who write reports for the U.N. can identify, the failure of Arab (and other Muslim) societies to produce scientific papers, to publish books, to translate other books, to create their own universities that are semi-decent. Their societies are, culturally and artistically, failures.

    But they cannot conceivably blame Islam itself for those failures. That cannot be done. They cannot point to the limits on artistic expression and mental freedom that is part of Islam. They cannot dare to note that the habit of mental submission is at the heart of Islam. So they must blame…the Infidels. They must, that is, again and again, if they are even willing to admit that something is wrong, blame those Infidels — because otherwise they would have to blame themselves. They would have to blame what created and molded them, which is Islam.

    And that they will not do.

    But we, by noting all this, we the Infidels, by being aware of it ourselves, can force at least some Muslims to make that connection themselves. We need not accept blame for what is the fault of Islam. We need to do this for many reasons. We need to do it to shut off the possible appeal of Islam to the economically and psychically marginal by showing them not so much that Islam is “for losers” (an unpleasant phrase) but that Islam itself creates whole societies of “losers” — or of those that exhibit political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral failures directly attributable to the teachings, the attitudes, the atmospherics of Islam.

    And by understanding this ourselves in the Infidel lands, more people will be keener to recognize the nature of Jihad and the variety of its instruments. They will then better understand the full civilizational menace to themselves and their descendants of the spread of Islam and the growth of Muslim populations deep within Infidel lands.

    Finally, if there is to be hope of appealing to the most intelligent Muslims, those who at least admit there is a grave problem, helping them to dare to make the connection between the failures of Islamic societies and of Islam may cause the growth of incipient self-doubt and self-questioning. This will, at the very least, weaken the hold of Islam on its brainwashed or fearful adherents, and may even cause some, especially among non-Arabs, to begin to see Islam as a vehicle of Arab imperialism, cultural, linguistic, and political, and to begin to consider returning en masse either to the faith (Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, even in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans Christianity and Judaism) of their forcibly converted ancestors, or perhaps to another belief, or no belief at all.

    [Posted by Hugh at February 17, 2007]

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    Since we won’t hear any dissent, no matter how long we wait or how hard we hope for it, maybe it’s time to hold all muslims accountable for the actions of some. It may be the only way to bring some of them to their senses.

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    Scheuer’s responses regarding Israel influencing foreign policy of US is ridiculous when exactly opposite is the case. It is the US which restrains Israel. Israel is a modern country, with enlightened approach to science and technology; and not being driven by some superstitious, outdated, medieval tirades. Every one knows that if Israel’s survival is ever threatened, Israel has capacity to annihilate all its adversaries at once. And it is not because of “Jew-Christian nexus” or “anything religious” for that matter, but because of its reliance on modern science and knowledge instead of some suicidal and self destructive ideology.

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    It’s so horrible and scary that Muslims and conspiracy theorists can skew the views of even the more powerful people in our government to make us believe what they want us to believe. They want us to think oh poor Muslims, and they want us to think that we are the bad guys and that it’s our fault that 9/11 happened. I think its just sick. Causing people to believe that Muslims are so innocent just makes it that much easier for them to take over, like they are doing in Britain right now, slowly engulf the civilization from the inside, growing and growing until they are so accepted or there are so many Muslims that they can just enforce the Sharia Law. If we keep this up it’s just going to put us one step closer to being like Early Spain. The only thing Michael Sheuer is right about is that we are losing the war on terror, after all how do you win a war against a battlefield tactic without actually declaring an enemy or addressing the theology behind the enemy’s motivations.

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    During the old witchcraft trials an accused witch was sometimes thrown into a body of water.

    If the witch sank, and drowned, she was deemed innocent. If the witch floated, she was considered guilty and was then either burned alive or hanged. Whether she sank or not made no difference.

    Ultimately, we’re dealing with the same thing here, aren’t we?

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    Concerning the poll in which the conclusion was that one third of americans suspicioned that 9/11 was inspired or purposefully helped by our own government. Watch out for polls, they can easily be conducted to reflect only the ideas of those conducting the poll.