Osama planning U.S. attack to outdo 9/11?

Of course, we have heard this before, and it is quite possibly just another attempt to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60). But Jane Novak explains why there may be more to it this time. “Warning of new bin Laden attack,” by Paola Totaro in The Age, November 10 (thanks to Armies of Liberation):

OSAMA bin Laden is planning an attack against the United States that will “outdo by far” September 11, an Arab newspaper in London has reported.

And according to a former senior Yemeni al-Qaeda operative, the terrorist organisation has entered a “positive phase”, reinforcing specific training camps around the world that will lead the next “wave of action” against the West.

The warning, on the front page of an Arabic newspaper published in London, Al-Quds Al-Arabi – and widely reported in the major Italian papers – quotes a person described as being “very close to al-Qaeda” in Yemen.

The paper is edited by Abdel al-Bari Atwan, who is said to be the last journalist to interview Osama bin Laden in 1996. According to the report, bin Laden is himself closely following preparations for an attack against the US and aims to “change the face of world politics and economics”. The operative is quoted as saying that “this will be shown by the fact that we now control a major part of the south of Somalia”.

The ex-operative says he remains in contact with current chiefs of the organisation in Yemen and that only six months ago bin Laden had sent a message to all jihad cells in the Arab world which asked them not to interact with their governments or local political parties and to deny any request for mediation or formal talks.

The source also said that during the next few days the terrorist organisation may send a sign of its violent intentions.

The warning has emerged at the same time as publication of a report leaked to The Telegraph newspaper which reveals that a document drawn up by the intelligence branch of the Ministry of Defence says that thousands of extremists are active in the UK.

The document says the operatives are predominantly UK-born and aged between 18 and 30. Many are believed to have been trained in overseas terrorist camps.

Security officials, The Telegraph reports, are convinced al-Qaeda cells will attempt another “spectacular” inside the UK with major transport centres, such as airports and train stations, the most likely targets. Other targets include the Houses of Parliament, Whitehall and Buckingham and St James’ palaces, with the threat level described as “severe”.

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    Great, so now we’ll need to invade Somalia and start a glorified welfare as warfare program, the main result of which will be more impudent cab drivers in America.
    Maybe we should just start a sort of elite Green Beret-style squad that goes around the world quietly whacking jihadis.

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    “aims to “change the face of world politics and economics”. The operative is quoted as saying that “this will be shown by the fact that we now control a major part of the south of Somalia”.

    Wow, they control South of Somalia. Big whoopee to them!

    As for a major attack on the USA, let’s see how the far left handle this one. Will it be honeymoon period over for Muslims living in the US”? Or more of the same bending over backwards?

    Not sure that the Brits will tolerate another major attack. I hear that many Irish Loyalist paramilitary leaders such as Mad Dog Adair are aligning themselves with European far right groups, especially one German organization. plus the voting habits of an indigenous people under constant attack from foreigners always changes to right wing or extreme parties. It’s up to the Brits right now to organize themselves into non violent groups, with a non right wing party who will put an end to this jihad nonsense. The UK needs a party such as the UKIP but with a bit more of a bite and non of the radical race based politics.

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    American Beslan? What could be worse than that? They can knock down all the bridges and buildings they want. The Americans will just rebuild them and erase another muslim country or two. But how will the American people react to the slaughter of their children? The Tancredo option comes to mind.

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    “Buckingham and St James’ palaces”

    Well judging by the recent UK attacks I hardly doubt a half dozen amateurs getting past the Grenadier Guards or Elite SAS who are posted at these locations. Maybe they’ll set off a few bombs, possibly kill a horse or a few pigeons but no, their attacks will be outside those gates of Buckingham Palace, a bomb attack against innocent tourists.


    Where did you see an “Amercian Beslan”? Was it in that article I couldn’t see it?

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    “God help us all if this happens. It’ll be made even worse if it happens on Obama’s watch.

    Posted by: Natalie ”

    but it will be OK if it happens on Bushs watch huh?>….Bush is still president until January..

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    My guess is this is just so much hot air and jihadist braggadocio. Still, we must keep our eyes open and our powder dry, just in case. If it happens, Obama couldn’t afford to let it slide or he’d be toast and he knows it.

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    Here’s the mad dog adair in action,


    This guy is no joke, he led one of the bloodiest paramilitary organizations in the history of Northern Ireland, and he is pro British.
    I’m far from promoting him on this site, but when you mix in his affiliation with a Neo Nazi gun runner then, well, you do the math.

    These people crave civil strife, they even talk about a future war between religions.

    The UK will not fall so easily. But i’d rather see the UK take non violent, civil action now rather then having to rely on strong arms like Mr Adair.

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    When I read “Messages to the World, The statements of Osama Bin Laden” I had the impression that what the cat was really after was an intercontinental Somalia with nukes.

    The statement:

    According to the report, bin Laden is himself closely following preparations for an attack against the US and aims to “change the face of world politics and economics”. The operative is quoted as saying that “this will be shown by the fact that we now control a major part of the south of Somalia”.

    confirms my intuition.

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    The Cipher-In-Chief Obama cannot be predicted to do anything but bluster and lie and avoid hard choices.

    It won him the presidency, so why not continue the winning formula?

    The consequences for the world are not so winning.

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    Regardless of how credible this report is, it highlights what I wrote on 2 other threads here the last couple days:

    The Stealth Jihad is what everyone here seems to be obsessing over…and for understandable reasons; it’s the Jihad we’re showing no inclination to fight. But a major attack in the West involving a dirty bomb or biological weapons that killed thousands and left a city-center uninhabitable for years…

    …would render footbaths in an airport small potatoes…and re-order our priorities here big-time.

    The Saudis are sinister in their steady promotion of the Stealth Jihad, and they must be stopped….but it’s Al Qaeda and/or Hezbollah (i.e., Iran) that may rock our world overnight.

    Let’s not lose sight of that.

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    It’s horrible, but I halfway welcome it. The Free World only pays attention when they’re forced to. I’m not even sure what the “Tancredo option” is unless it means deporting all the mohammedans, but enough of their BS and they may twist our arms into the Michelle Malkin option, which is exactly what needs to happen. Cancel all the student visas. No more immigration. Round ’em up and ship ’em off to the secret prisons we have waiting from specifically that purpose. Have Black Ops do it so that it technically didn’t happen because they’re places which technically don’t exist, shipped off by people who technically don’t exist. And SEAL THE DAMN BORDERS already. Then Creeping Sharia won’t be so much of a problem. It’s hard to sympathize when you’re terrorized, and it’s only when they feel your nation being threatened that most of the Free World feels any loyalty or nationalist sentiment. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even learn a thing or two.

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    pulsar182, I said no such thing. What I mean is that Obama will do absolutely nothing about it. He’ll try to appease our attackers rather than take action against them.

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    DrudgeReport.com says that tomorrow’s NY Times will disclose many attacks against Al Quaeda, as done with permission from Pakistan, Syria, and other Muslim states.

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    ” we now control a major part of the south of Somalia”

    Somalia? Is that supposed to impress people? They might as well control a dung heap in Pakistan.

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    The “Tancredo Option” is to strike at the core cities of radical Islam if they attack our cities.

    Mecca and Medina, specifically.

    Since they appear to value nothing else but their dogmatic symbols and not basic humanity.

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    But best if we act rationally and with dignity before we use those methods eh?

    We can seal our borders now. Close down the Wahabi and “extremist” mosques. Deport all illegal immigrants. Deport all pro wahabi and pro jihadist imams. Regulate all islamic mosques and encouraging and physically supporting the “moderates” to out all jihadists in their community. Plus we need to emphasize the Constitution will never be revoked for Islam. Sharia banking will never be accepted.

    Otherwise we WILL go down the route of the likes of Johnny Mad Dog Adair and I promise you it will be ugly and very, very bloody.

    I’d rather see a united front from every responsible christian hindu sikh buddhist and even from moderate muslims to wipe out the jihadists and the extremists in the west.

    We can’t do this alone, we need Muslims to help us but it seems all we get is grief from CAIR and other radical muslims organizations.

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    Well if scores of Muslim suicide bombers wreak destruction & massive death all over important areas of London, say, then maybe, just maybe, but don’t count on it, the incredibly hopeless British might say to themselves that something should have been done about Muslim immigration after all and that maybe the current liberal government should be replaced with more right wing people. But then someone will call that “racist” and the Brits will then just endeavor to placate the Muslims and hope stupidly for the best. For the large number of Muslims they have allowed into Britain over the years they deserve the Darwin Award.

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    Hey guys

    This just in on Drudge

    “NYT MONDAY: SECRET ORDER LETS U.S. RAID AL-QAIDA IN MANY COUNTRIES… Dozen previously undisclosed attacks against al-Qaida and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere…Developing…”

    This may be due to the Al Qeda announcement. Lets hope our guys get those bastards. Wish them luck. They deserve all our support.

    God bless our forces.

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    Posted by: leon

    Well, so much for secrecy. Did they also ask for an RSVP?

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    A previous posting about deterrence, and making known that there will be consequences what are considered to be the interests of Islam, so that the doctrine of deterrence can at least curb some, if not all, of those planning such attacks, was put up three years ago.

    The immediate prompting was then-Congressman Tancredo’s musing aloud about bombing Mecca. This I thought unwise, and the piece begins with that:

    “It would have been better to make the following point: during the Cold War, the Soviet rulers knew that if they did certain things, certain things would be done by NATO or the American government. And the knowledge of what might be done, would almost certainly be done, in return, helped prevent the Soviet rulers from doing what they might otherwise have done.

    So it would be helpful to make suggestions as to what would constitute deterrence of a chemical or nuclear attack by Islamic jihadists on American soil. These might include, not destroying Mecca, which would cause maddened Muslims everywhere to attack and kill Infidels, but destroying, and severely diminishing the usefulness of, entry and exits to Mecca, so that the ability to conduct the hajj would be made much more difficult, limited to a very few. The problem with Islam is that it contains many elements of a violent cult that cannot be wished away, or hidden any longer. Are maddened millions or tens of millions or hundreds of millions of inconsolable Muslims, for whom Mecca no longer exists, and so with nothing further to lose, what we wish to bring into being? No. But the idea of discussing possible means of deterrence, not of the determined suicide-bomber, but of all those who have helped to fund mosques and madrasas, or to supply the emotional and financial and intellectual support system (including the continued smooth practitioners of taqiyya-and-kitman in the West), and who can be threatened in all sorts of ways.

    More sober discussion of how, for example, points of entry and exit into Mecca, could systematically be reduced in number, or airfields used by pilgrims made unusable, is a different suggestion, one that has many advantages, in that it is an incremental response: first this quadrant is closed off, and now this one, and so on.

    It is now clear to Muslims in the West, or to some of them, that their assumption about continued Western appeasement, based on continued misunderstanding of Islam by Infidels was wrong. The EU’s foreign policy is still in place, but Bat Ye’or’s “Eurabia” is circulating — even at the highest levels of the Pentagon. Eventually, terror, used as an instrument of Jihad, will alert enough Infidels to the permanent problem of Jihad, of all the instruments of Jihad, including that of demographic conquest and Da’wa, and lead inexorably to an understanding that the Muslims in their midst, allowed in by political elites who were either indifferent, or mesmerized by the Idols of the Age, those unexamined assumptions about how Everyone Wants the Same Thing and All Religions Are Alike. Those Muslims may be “moderate” or “immoderate,” and the “moderation” may be real, or feigned, permanent or temporary, immune to, or susceptible to, being jettisoned whenever setbacks or depressive fits or any of the ills that flesh and spirit are heir to, may cause a “moderate” Muslim, or even a “Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only” Muslim, to throw off that “moderation” and morph in Jekyll-into-Hyde fashion, into someone ready to blame the Infidels. There have been quite a few examples of such outwardly “moderate” people changing their beliefs and hence their behavior, as a response not so much to political or geopolitical events, but to personal setbacks, emotional disarray. When the universe is viewed through the prism of Islam, it is the Infidels who always wear black.

    Discussion of measures that might truly curb, for example, the Saudi money that pours into the Western world, and funds mosques everywhere, all over that world, and madrasas all over the dar al-Islam, and that is furthermore used to buy an army of hirelings, non-Muslim apologists for islam, should be undertaken – out in the open so that Infidel publics can be made aware of the size of the problem.

    Deterrent measures that could be undertaken in the event of a chemical or nuclear attack, but without waiting in some cases for any further attacks (although further attacks will help to justify the more far-reaching among them) might include, but not be limited to:

    1) Seizure of Saudi-owned assets in the West, and sale of such assets to pay for the economic damage, including the cost of surveillance and other security measures, that are attributable to Saudi-funded mosques, madrasas, and propaganda all over the world. 2) Seizure of other Arab-owned or Muslim-owned assets in the West, for the same reasons. There need not be any distinction made between property owned by governments and those who are deemed to be enemy nationals — no such distinction was made during World War II.
    3) A complete ban on Muslim migration to the Western world (which needs to be undertaken in any case), and limits put on any contact between Muslims living in the West, who may already have obtained ciizenship and — unless they are native-born converts — their countries of origin.

    4) Careful review of how citizenship is obtained, and what oaths of loyalty are administered, and if those oaths can possibly have been meant by those whose sole loyalty, by the very tenets of their belief-system, can only be to Islam and the Community of Believers, the umma al-islamiyya.

    5) Government-sponsored centers to teach people about Islam outside of universities, which all over the Western world have been infiltrated, or rather captured by, apologists for Islam both Muslim and non-Muslim.

    The study of Arabic under teachers whom the Infidel governments will deliberately find among Arabic-speaking non-Muslims, chiefly from those populations most likely not to supply subtle apologists for Islam – Maronites, Copts, disaffected Berbers, Arabic-speaking Jews. A knowledge of Arabic is not required for an understanding of Islam 80% of the world’s Muslims do not speak or read Arabic but have no difficulty knowing what Islam is all about. But it can be of help in studying the history of Jihad-conquest, and certainly it can be of help in debates with Muslims who accuse one of “not understanding Islam without a knowledge of Arabic.” Nonsense, of course, but nonsense more convincingly refused if someone has studied Arabic.

    6) War-footing (i.e., Manhattan Project support) for solar and wind and nuclear energy projects, for conservation, and for mass transit, including that such as Amtrak which loses money, but should be cheerfully subsidized by an intelligent government bent, even hellbent, on diminishing OPEC oil revenues.

    7) An end to all outward and visible signs of rhetorical “respect” for Islam, including the studied refusal to mention “Islmaic terrorism” or “Muslim terrorism” which has gone on for too long. Use these adjectives; never let them go. Use the word “jihad.” Stop all attempts at verbal escamotage, where the listener is left, puzzled, dissatisfied with the deliberate vagueness.

    8) End all access to Western education, not only for those Arabs and Muslims studying any kind of science, but in every area. Attempting the hopeless project of “educating them” out of their belief-system will not work. Many terrorists have lived in the West, seen the West, studied in the West, taught in the West. Dr. A. Q. Khan did “research” in the West – and we know the results of that research. Muslims in Western universities are dangerous to Infidel wellbeing, not only because of the women they marry and cause to convert (to the subsequent sorrow of many), but because they are, with the odd exception, likely to conduct Da’wa and promote the geopolitics of Islam. Past masters at taqiyya-and-kitman, they should be regarded as akin to enemy agents, promoting a belief’system that means Infidel political and social arrangements and assumptions no good.

    Condemning them to the solitary confinement of dar al-Islam will cause a concentration of minds.

    9) End all access to the Western world for the children of the ruling elites all over the Muslim world. Without this escape hatch, those rulers will have to begin to consider how to ameliorate things in their own countries.

    10) End the jizyah of Infidel aid to Muslim states, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, and whatever the latest political instrument of the shock troops of the Jihad against Israel, the “Palestinians,” may be called. Call attention to the $10 trillion that has already been recdeived by the Muslim members of OPEC in the last 1/3 century, and continue to advise those Pakistanis, Egyptians, Jordanians and “Palestinians” to ask for that aid no longer from the Infidels, who suddenly have to pay higher prices for oil and hundreds of billions more for security all over the Western world, but to those Arab and Muslim states that, not coincidentally, are receiving those hundreds of billions more in oil revenues each year.

    11) Keep the focus clearly on the belief-system of Islam and on Jihad. And after the next small terrorist attack on Infidels — say, 10 killed – begin to legislate to make sure that some of the measures suggested above become not merely ideas but the law.

    12) Clean out the taxpayer-funded government radio and television stations of those who have so misled us about Islam over the past 20-30 years. Begin, possibly, by firing John Simpson, the deeply, even conspiratorially, anti-Israel and islamophilic head of the BBC World Affairs broadcasting, the same John Simpson (a close friend of Peter Hounam, whose conspiracy book about Israel is the kind of thing that antisemites love to flog) who described the Muslim bombers in London as “misguided criminals.” That should have been enough to cause his discharge. Why wasn’t it? What will it take for the long-suffering British license-payers to demand a change in the BBC coverage and, even before that, iin the personnel in charge of reporting on the Middle East and Islam? This domestic Lord Haw-Haw and Tokyo Rose business, where one need not even bother to turn the dial to Radio Berlin or Radio Tokyo to hear the sly propaganda, has to stop.

    These are things that can be done, should be done, long before suggestions about “bombing Mecca” need to be bruited about.

    Talk of attacking Mecca, instead of concentrating on more plausible suggestions (which do include limiting easy access to Mecca, something which the Saudis already do in limiting the number of visitors), is not likely to be helpful.

    [Posted by Hugh at July 18, 2005]

  21. says



    but, yeah, this is like we announced the allied attack and the build up on AQ in afghanistan after 9/11, but all it would’ve taken was a billion into taliban pockets and a few good guys to go in and shoot bin laden and his friends in the head.

  22. says

    “Will it be honeymoon period over for Muslims living in the US”? Or more of the same bending over backwards?”

    Leon: Rather more of the bending over forwards, I’d say, based on observation of past incidents.

  23. says

    The biggest bombs, enough to level a good part of a port city are LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tankers.

    “However, LNG is highly volatile and in the era of terrorism may offer more opportunities for terrorist strikes on vulnerable energy infrastructure targets located near residential neighborhoods. One such disaster scenario was developed by James Fay, a professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a former chairman of the Massachusetts Port Authority and a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Fay is indeed concerned. He predicts parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts could be devastated by an attack on LNG tankers regularly passing through navigation canals close to residential areas in Boston and the Rhode Island shoreline on their way to the terminal in Everett, Mass.

    “In an interview with Energy Security Fay said a terrorist attack by a boat bomb – such as the one used against the USS Cole in 2000 or the French tanker Limburg off the coast of Yemen in 2002 – could cause at least half a cargo hold’s worth of LNG to seep out of the ship and ignite. “In just over three minutes, the fire could spread two-thirds of a mile from the ship,” Fay said. “There is nothing safety officials can do in such a case. They would have no time to evacuate people or to put out the fire.” Fay also predicts damaging thermal radiation within a mile radius of the tanker which could set fire to thousands of homes and cause significant losses of blood and treasure. “Like the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, there exists no relevant industrial experience with fires of this scale from which to project measures for securing public safety,” he says. Fay insists the methodology of his modeling is sound.

    LNG shipments often originate from politically unstable and unfriendly countries and regions. Some of the locations in which LNG originates include Qatar, Nigeria, Algeria and Egypt. “It’s the location of the ports, and where the LNG is loaded, and who gets on the vessel [that is important],” said William Doyle, Deputy General Counsel of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (MEBA). Many ships operate under grossly unregulated “open registry” or “flags of convenience” registries and often originate from ports with poor security systems in place.

  24. says

    ” we now control a major part of the south of Somalia”

    Somalia? Is that supposed to impress people? They might as well control a dung heap in Pakistan.

    Posted by: Jerry M at November 9, 2008 9:29 PM

    LOL. How impressive!

    “a” dung heap in Pak? Excuse me, but I believe Pak IS the dung heap.

  25. says

    “Question – are they dreaming of an EMP attack?”
    Posted by: dumbledoresarmy

    They might be “dreaming” of such, but a dream is all it would be. This would require access to both a nuclear weapon and missile technology to boost it high above the atmosphere and explode it. Although OBL might wish he had such a capability, it’s highly doubtful that he does. Something like the LNG scenario described above seems more likely, although LNG would seem to lack the sexiness of flying hijacked airliners into tall buildings.

  26. says

    “They might as well control a dung heap in Pakistan.”

    Posted by: Jerry M

    Just about all the places that Moslems control ARE dung heaps, whether whole countries like Somalia or Yemen or districts in Western cities. Some were pretty nice places at one time, but Moslem immigration or conquest quickly made them into dung heaps.

  27. says

    Bombing Mecca, Medina and imploding the Dome of the Rock would doubtlessly send Mein-Qurampf readers a clear message: where was allah, under whose protection those places were supposed to be? Huh???

    Since their entire lives revolve around submission to that imaginary deity of hatred and worshiping the louse-ridden desert pedophile who invented it, maybe they would all lie on their backs and wither under the desert sun for lack of knowing what else to do.

    And who could say that it would be a bad thing, except for Jean Ziegler, Micheline Calmy-Rey, Gordon Brown, George Galloway, Dhimmi Carter and other such idiots? If they weren’t happy about it, they too could go lie in the sun with their turbaned and burqa-clad friends.

  28. says

    On Gates of Vienna, El Ingles analyzes the choices left for Europe if it does not accept Islamization:


    He outlines 3 alternatives:

    1) inducing Muslims to leave of their own free will,
    2) mass deportations, and
    3) genocide.

    He concludes that the possibility of either 1) or 2) no longer exists, and outlines the conditions – mainly failed governments – that have evolved leave 3) as the only remaining option.

    Recommended reading. Especially considering the comments about “Mad Dog Adair” above.

  29. says

    With a Marxist Muslim in the white house the chances of having any of Hughs suggestions above turn to policy equals zero.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. This thing has gone off the rails…

  30. says


    Liberals, despite all their PC or maybe because of it, are far less forgiving than Convervatives. If something like this happens again on Obama’s watch, not only will you see a rerun of the 1942 detention camps – you are less likely to see Obama call Islam a religion of peace, and more likely to launch a crusade against the islamic world. After all, he’d know that doing something like that will win him popularity in the 90’s, and he’ll have less compunctions about wiping out his enemies if that boosts his poll numbers.

    In short, should something like that happen, I wouldn’t be as pessimistic as most people here are about Obama.

  31. says


    In case you hadn’t noticed, UKIP has almost imploded. They can’t even poll 3% in elections these days. You know who that leaves – and plenty of people like me are past caring whther votng for them is considered racist or not.

    BNP are the only party that has ever stood up to Islam (UK never have) – so unless you’re thinking of starting your own anti-Islam party my vote will be with them. You’ll probably be disgsted that more and more people are turning to BNP – now polling between 20-30%.

    I guess someone like you will just sit on the fence and wait for the Islamization of Europe to complete. Thought so.

  32. says

    The upcoming year may well show everyone how well President Bush has kept us safe here at home from the violent version of jihad since 9/11. It is arguably his greatest achievement, unnoticed by even many of his supporters, few though they now be, precisely because his endeavor in this regard has been perfect and thus taken for granted.

    Yes, I am fully aware that Bush has many detractors here at JW, and I myself have several misgivings about his tenure in the Oval Office, but I think he knows a hell of a lot about Muslim extremist operations and has acted upon this information with great skill and purpose. Time will tell, especially when we will have the advantage of contrasting Bush to Obama a year or two from now. Many who have excoriated the current President may even find themselves looking almost nostalgically back to the Bush years. We’ll see.

    And perhaps there’s someone out there now who has the political skill to make it to the Oval Office in four or eight years who understands all forms of jihad—-violent, stealth and otherwise. Let’s hope so. Let’s hope so a lot.

  33. says

    Britain has the strongest anti Islamic party in the West, namely the BNP.
    The outcome of a mass terror attack in the UK will be the cause of a massive recruitment surge by the BNP. The BNP is rapidly becoming a “mainstream” party with huge popular support amongst Britain’s white majority. Especially in areas with large Muslim populations such as Yorkshire. I once lived there, the real locals hate Islam and will never allow it to be “Yorkistan”. BNP support here is massive with many BNP town councillors. It is here that the first BNP member of Parliament may be elected.

    The problem of Jihad can be solved very simply and as follows.
    These Jihadis are UK born, therefore UK citizens.
    Simple, the laws regarding Treason, which still exist, are strengthened and actually used in the manner they were originally intended.
    This is simple and works like this. A UK citizen committing, planning or helping facilitate such acts of terror, would by definition be guilty of treason.
    There would be only one punishment for treason, death by firing squad.
    All those found guilty would be executed immediately and without the option for appeal against their sentences. Foreign terrorist operatives would be treated in the same manner as spies, they to would be shot.
    Those guilty of lesser levels of support, would be stripped of UK citizenship and deported immediately along with their entire families, all their UK assets would be confiscated.
    Mosques of course would need to be closed down and banned as they are used to incite treason and dissent. All mosque buildings and assets would also be confiscated.
    The monies gained from such confiscations would be used for social projects and housing for real UK citizens.

    These measures would soon sort out the problem of Jihad. This is the view of a growing number of real UK citizens. I hope we see it happen.
    Our warning to Jihadis is this. Hurt us once to many times, and one day we will fight back very hard and we will give you no quarter. There are many more of us and we will win. We will not lower ourselves to your level of criminality. We will simply elect people to govern the UK who will change the laws of this country to defeat you legally. But mark this well, defeat you we will.

  34. says

    Let’s hope so. Let’s hope so a lot.

    Ah, yes. That’s exactly what we need, more hope and change. Folks, we are hoping and changing our way to death and dhimmitude. Time is running out for us. Either we act now or inevitably, we will have some very, very ugly choices to make.

  35. says

    Question – are they dreaming of an EMP attack?


    I agree with Eastview on this. I certainly hope that they do not have everything ready for such an attack as yet and I doubt they are politically ready to go to that extreme. But next year, I fear that this assessment could all start to change.

  36. says

    Baloney story. Al Qaeda is not so stupid as to allow their intentions to be broadcast in something akin to a press release. On 9/11, they bit off more than they could chew.

    While I don’t doubt they desire to strike again, I think it’s proving harder than they imagined, as we keep them occupied on their own turf.

  37. says

    We need to be ready for other attacks on our freedom as well.

    On Friday one of my daughter’s friends was in line at the local supermarket along with three other people waiting to check out. Up to the front of the line strides a large black man who cut in front of everyone and then said, “Get used to it. This is how its going to be from now on.” Well I’m sorry, but the America I live in agrees that people politely wait in line and take their turns. And I have been contemplating my response if I find myself in a similar situation.

    First, I would go up to the cashier and ask them to call the manager while I politely explain to the bully that no, this is not how its going to be and that he can get to the back of the line. If that didn’t get the correct response or if the cashier became intimidated by the bully I would start screaming at the top of my voice for the manager and make a hell-a-shis scene. And then if it escalated I would encourage someone to call the cops.

    I’ve always taught my kids to stand up to bullies by dealing with them fast and painfully. If we don’t thugs running the place we have to respond in kind.

  38. says

    I think this is a bravado designed to scare the young, inexperienced American leader. Lets see how he he stands up to the bullying..

    The Somalia thing is actually significant in a diferent way. There is a secular, pro america, pro Israel enclave on the Red Sea called Somaliland. They have been begging for seperation from Somalia and international recognition for nearly twenty years but the Arabs have put enormous pressure on Bush and Condi not to recognise the place because it will give Israel a foothold on the Southern end of the vital Red Sea.

    AQ have just whacked them with massive co-ordinated triple suicide attacks in their capital Hargeisa. They promised more and it looks like this is a concerted bid to takeover the place.

    Even Israel, busy with its usual internal political bickering, appears sleep on the job this time.

    Watch this space.

  39. says

    Probably just a pressure tactic cause they know the new prez (aka “empty suit”)will fold.

    But then if he bombs Iran…….(lol)

  40. says


    I’ll believe it when I see it. After seven years of hearing that something drastic is in the works, I’ve stopped listening to such threats.
    Our government won’t do what is required to obviate the threat. It won’t limit Muslim travel to the US and it won’t remove foreign-born Muslims from the US (Don’t forget we’re a nation of immigrants!) and we continue to elect the same people every two years.

    What do they expect ME to do about it?

    Oh, yeah! GO SHOPPING!!!!!!

    Put it this way: if, after 9/11, Muslims are ABLE to top it, then America deserves it.
    We deserve it for tolerating the so-called leadership we get from both parties.

  41. says

    “I’ll believe it when I see it. After seven years of hearing that something drastic is in the works, I’ve stopped listening to such threats.”

    I think it could happen. Because our “leaders” are ignorant and asleep.

  42. says

    I haven’t read all the responses to this yet, so pardon me, please, if I say something someone else has already said. I’ve had three cups of coffee, and I just have to get in my two cents’ worth.

    If this comes to pass, it will be the ultimate suicide bomb. Who is the largest consumer of goods and services around the globe, duh?

    Are these idiots willing to ruin themselves as well as us, just for spite? Of course they are, but I pity them for their lack of intelligence to overcome their childish emotions.

    “We’re mad at you, so we’re going to destroy you, and no, we don’t want to talk about it, and no, we won’t be satisfied by treaties, and our Allah is better than your God, and…” I could go on, all day, but I’m expected at work.

    Secondly, Osama, we have nukes. Lots of them. We don’t need to tweak them, or test them, or reverse engineer them. They work.

    Third, you can’t demoralize Americans, as a people, with your petty threats and suicidal actions. You can only make us angry. If you don’t believe it, ask them in Hiroshima. Hiroshima’s destruction came about largely because the Japanese were flying planes into ships. Sound familiar?

  43. says

    From article: reinforcing specific training camps around the world that will lead the next “wave of action” against the West.

    You see, this is very simple…The tiny, dinky, small, minute minority, of radical Islamic extremists ‘need’ training camps all over the world…

    They already have them, they are called Mosques…what is meant by ‘reinforcing’ I can only imagine…

  44. says

    Where is the Moslems gratitude? Where is there shame? We, the West, give them fredom, sanctuary, food, housing, welfare checks, medical, etc. They, in grateful return, murder our children and family members.

    Do they not feel shame? No, because we condone it. Our press and our leaders wrings their hands over the “conditions” that drove these poor people to indiscriminate murder. Their solution is to bribe them with more welfare benefits.If we offer them enough jizya, maybe they won’t indiscriminately murder our families. If we do not feel and express outrage, the cowardly murderers won’t either.

    Every nation must have one dominant culture, otherwise it is not a nation. It is simply a loose confedration of autonomous tribes. We, out of undeserved guilt, have surrendered our pride in our culture. We now reap the whirlwind.

    Why are the Moslem murderers running to the West, Dar-al-harb? Because their Moslem homeland, Dar-al-salam, is a torturous hellhole, and they are voting with their feet.

    We must take pride in the Western culture, and we must demand our craven leaders express clear, unmititigated outrage, and pride in our culture, whatever frazzled and tattered remnants are left of it.

  45. says

    The fact that U.K. citizens, some of whom are converts, feature prominently in the new terror plots should surprise no one. Britain has largely surrendered to the Muslim invaders, by according them every hospitality and subjecting them to no demands that they recognize British law and integrate into the West. The Brits kowtow to these savages at every turn, especially the elites in that country, all afflicted with a strange “Lawrence of Arabia” syndrome that cannot be expelled from the body politic of that nation.

  46. says


    How mean spirited. It is our fault, the Satanic West, that these poor indiscriminate murderers had to violate the Koran and leave Dar-al-salam, and enter Dar-al-harb. It is our fault that we don’t pay enough jizya to these ingrates to buy them off. According to our press and leaders, each indiscriminate murder is further proof we are not paying enough jizya.

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I take you and your family off of the streets, and into my family’s house. I give you shelter, food, medical care, and money. You cut my wife and childrens throats, and gleefully exult in their torturous death. It is my fault. Maybe if I give you more jizya, you will spare what is left of my family. Maybe if I invite more of your murdering clan into my house, you will spare me.

    After all, mea maxima culpa, it is all my fault, and none of your own. Just ask our craven, petro-bribed press and leaders.

  47. says

    An effective broad range EMP attack would require a nuclear weapon and advanced missle technology. An effective localised attack would only need a crude weapon and a very important location. A ground burst will send an EMP pulse far away from the ground zero destruction. So you detonate far enough away to avoid the security of the secure site, close enough to make sure it gets the force of an EMP pulse.

  48. says

    Many options have been proposed over the years

    1. Stopping Muslim immigration or severely curtailing it does not work as a strategic option any more, as Muslim demographic growth from within will ensure a Muslim majority in many western countries in 50 or 100 years.

    2. Stopping benefits – too weak- Muslims will simply live with it, while moaning and complaining about the cruelty imposed on them. Meanwhile the Demographic time bomb is still ticking

    3. Stopping the building of mosques, minarets etc – same problem – they don’t disarm the Demographic time bomb

    The Demographic time bomb is the main weapon that Islam has, and it is planted in every city in the western world. It is the ultimate sleeper weapon.

    There is no way to avoid a civil war unless the Muslim population in the West is reduced. However, forcibly doing so will go against our codes and ethics, and will also be vehemently opposed by many. Therefore the only way left is for Muslims to leave of their own accord.

    How we get to the last scenario while symultaneously being charitable and benign to the RoP, is the question. It is possible.

  49. says

    Regardless of how many threats we have heard in the years since the 9/11 attacks, I think we should still take them all seriously until it is proven to be just “gum flapping”.
    It is quite possible for them to commit acts of terror that can be even more devastating than 9/11. Those attacks hurt us not only in the tremendous loss of life but also financially. NY City is the financial hub of this country and one way to hurt somebody is in the pocketbook (thats why we sue more than go to fistacuffs behind a building somewhere to settle our disputes). The August 15th, 2003 Black Out that parts of the midwest and the majority of the northest experienced showed them how crippling something like that could be. And that can be done, quite efficiently! I worked in NYC at that time and just barely made it out of the city when that happened. It left millions stranded and vulnerable. AND wondering, “is this another terror attack”…it took the news a while to report that it was INDEED NOT another attack.
    I think using the termology “moderate muslim”, is an oxymoron; every much like jumbo shrimp. They are only considered moderate because they are not as openly fanatical or militant but make no mistake about it, if it came down to choosing between US (the infidels) and THEM (muslims) their alligance will go to to their own kind. So get your heads out of the sand when it comes to using that term.
    I wasn’t going to add anything to this string until I scrolled to the bottom of it and found 2 postings, one initiating and the other agreeing:

    Put it this way: if, after 9/11, Muslims are ABLE to top it, then America deserves it.
    We deserve it for tolerating the so-called leadership we get from both parties.

    Posted by: PMK at November 10, 2008 9:02 AM

    WE DO NOT DESERVE IT! We didn’t then and we certainly don’t now. Ask the families that had to endure the loss of loved ones, the families who watched the survivors walk thru life in a shocked daze! Ask the firefighters and cops that survived and are no longer the same men and women they used to be. Ask THEM if we deserve it again.
    PMK, I do not advocate censorship of anyone’s words, but your words are thoughtless, cruel and aiding and abetting to the enemy! You may not be opening advocating and sponsoring their acts, but you are partially agreeing with them. You are just as detrimental to our country as they are.

    The only way for us to succeed against the jihad in this country and in the rest of the west, is to join forces, enmass. Stop the infighting, the bickering and squabbling and come together as a strong, united front. Sometimes drastic measures must be taken. No, I am not agreeing with massive genocide but deportation is a good start. Upon deportation, all real estate and business assets are sold off so as to pay for their flights back to their countries. Close our borders, close our schools to them, all ships coming from their country are met off our shores by the US Navy and Coast Guard and heavily inspected, perhaps even removing their crews temporarily and instilling our own crews to bring the ship into port, unloaded and taken back out.

  50. says

    Muslims are free to destroy our White House (they didn’t, but that was thanks to some brave Americans and to some foolish hijackers who let passengers make telephone calls) but we can’t destroy their symbols?
    Mecca’s destruction should most definitely be on the table. I would start with the Grand Mosque. Maybe we could also destroy every airport in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. People will have to drive (if they can) or catch a boat into the country and then maybe a camel. People could make their hajj and look at a hole in the ground, as we did in NYC.
    Let Muslims know IN ADVANCE that this will be the result of their jihad. Put the onus on them to curb their imams and to report those who are acting suspiciously. Jihad has to have consequences. Just as we condemn bigotry get them to condemn the lesser (or is it greater?) jihad and confine themselves to spiritual matters.

  51. says

    I’m sorry my words offend you. We DIDN”T deserve it then. Of course we won’t deserve to be attacked but we will. We are ignoring the threat. We are burying our heads in the sand. We are electing and reelecting people who will push our heads into the sand by calling us bigots. Ours is a government of, by and for the people. It represents us. What it does is a reflection of us. We are choosing to surrender. Like it or not, it’s the truth.
    I say we will deserve it because we are choosing the easy way out: we are listening to CAIR and everyone else who says we aren’t in danger and that WE are the bad ones for thinking that we are. We are surrendering to political correctness and we are closing our eyes to what is being done. We have less excuse than people in some other countries because we elect our leaders.
    People in a democracy get the leaders they deserve. I’m sorry you’re offended by truth.

  52. says

    I’m with you in spirit but

    1. This is not the same country that attacked Hiroshima. It’s gone multicultural and it no longer has confidence in itself.

    2. Our nukes work but we won’t be allowed to use them, lest we hit “innocent” people. We won’t even be allowed to retaliate by hitting Mecca since “Saudi Arabia” didn’t attack us.

    3. Osama doesn’t care who buys our goods. He’s in his cave somewhere. Even if someone hits the button, he’ll be safe and secure. If he dies it will be (to him) a glorious act of martyrdom. The people that are being suicidal are the ones who are turning their backs and closing their eyes to what is being done. The people, who behind their hand of course, snickered at the idea of the US getting its nose bloodied on 9/11 are the losers, not us. China will lose. India will lose. But those losses will be short-term.
    Muslims around the world won’t lose much sleep. China and India will buy OPEC oil. The world will go on.

  53. says


    Thanks for your 6:54 AM offering. It was courageous and needed to be said.

    I’ve actually been quoted on occasion as saying that Bush was “one of our worst Presidents.”

    Not because of Iraq, or Guantanamo, or water-boarding, or FISA, i.e., all the reasons the Left hates him…

    …but because of his fiscal irresponsibility (he didn’t veto a single piece of legislation his entire first term), his tardiness in defending the border, his “Islam is peace” proclamations…all of which was egregious, but not unforgivable.

    What I believe was his greatest failing was simply his inability to articulate an effective defense of his policies at home and abroad, many of which were absolutely appropriate and honorable…

    I kept trying to tell friends and family during the election that as bad as things are, they’d be very naive to believe things couldn’t get worse.

    We may indeed find ourselves someday soon “looking almost nostalgically back to the Bush years”…as the last “normal” years in this interminable war over the fate of civilization.

  54. says

    Wellington – re Mr. Bush; his greatest mistake, if not a crime, was not propagandizing the American people, that this is war, not a shopping spree.

  55. says

    Posted by jewdog:
    Maybe we should just start a sort of elite Green Beret-style squad that goes around the world quietly whacking jihadis.

    Those are probably already in place. But, maybe we could supplement them with a large, nuclear powered, phased array microwave antenna in orbit; and turn the jihadi nutwhackers into Toast’em Pop-ups as soon as we see them.

  56. says

    PMK, threatening to blow up Mecca won’t work. Blowing it up will, but no threat regarding Mecca will ever get anything done. Muslims believe that Allah will protect Mecca no matter what. That’s why blowing it up is arguably a good idea. Just like the Japanese Shinto, in their blind faith, believed that God protected their island and that no harm could ever come to it, so Muslims believe that no harm can come to Mecca. Just as nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki cut the Achilles’ of their death-cult, so blowing up Mecca would prove Islam to be fraudulent. We shouldn’t start with the Kaaba. We should hit a few smaller strategic locations and then blow up the Kaaba. They should be given fair warning and time to realize that they are wrong. But no threat will bring about any change because to be Muslim is to believe that no harm can come to Mecca. Then, after it is destroyed, we can teach them legitimate history so that they understand the extent to which Islam is fraudulent, starting with the fact that Mecca was never of any import in the 7th century and its status as a holy place is completely fabricated, just like Islam more generally.

  57. says

    re: demolay
    “Just ask our craven, petro-bribed press and leaders.”

    The American populace has no culpability in all of this?! As if our press and leaders were the only ones living our oil-driven lifestyle. It is the person in the mirror who causes the difficulty for our leaders to make wise choices. Stop blaming someone else. “The fault, dear (American), lies not in (someone else), but in ourselves, that we are (hooked on oil).” – to paraphrase Shakespeare

  58. says

    “We shouldn’t start with the Kaaba. We should hit a few smaller strategic locations and then blow up the Kaaba. They should be given fair warning and time to realize that they are wrong.”
    Posted by: jdamn

    I like it. It could all be done in a language they understand. First we ask them to repent and call off the jihad, restore Hagia Sophia and allow other religions into Saudia Arabia. If that doesn’t work, require they accept dimmhi status and pay jizya (send us their oil for free). And finally, if that doesn’t work, then we get rough.

    The ordering for the last would be

    1. Al-Aqsa
    2. Medina
    3. Mecca/Qom

  59. says

    We should just level al-Aqsa anyway because it’s on stolen ground. The Israelis should have the right to the Temple Mount. There should be no al-Aqsa. The Israelis should have done that in 1948 and certainly in 1967. The fact that it’s built on the Temple Mount is enough reason to get that done. That al-Aqsa is allowed to stand is the height of dhimmitude. Christians should favor this too. Muslims simply have no claim to the Temple Mount. They never did. I really miss Ariel Sharon sometimes.

  60. says

    But what is our justification for bombing Mecca or a site here or there?
    We need to show provocation. They don’t but we do. It’s why I put forth the policy of Mecca’s Assured Destruction. IF they attack us again, they risk Mecca being lost FIRST.
    They think Allah will protect Mecca and they go about their business. We act civilized and tell them Allah cannot protect YOUR city. Your city is safe as long as you cease and desist the jihad.
    THEN, when they do the inevitable, no one can say they weren’t warned. But if we blow it up now, without justification, we are the bad guy – not just to Muslims but to everyone who fears them.


    Bush couldn’t defend the border and have his guest worker program at the same time.
    He couldn’t protect us from Muslims at the same time he parroted their peace propaganda.
    Remember the many Homeland Security alerts that were issued in 2004? Every one that I saw was for someone who’d entered the country AFTER 9/11.

  61. says

    Jewdog, It’s been happening since 2004. Classified orders from Rumsfeld to seek and destroy Al Queda operatives wherever they are found. Of course this info wasn’t supposed to be leaked to the press, but it was. I wonder which government muslim employee shill was responsible? It had to be from pretty high up in the pecking order. Will they be accountable for such a leak? I fear not.

  62. says


    I’ve noticed, over the course of some time, that you and I tend to think alike.

    You’re right that America isn’t the country it used to be, and that multiculturalism is largely to blame.

    Do you think, after an attack that would: “outdo by far” September 11…”, that our government would be unresponsive? It’s a chilling thought, but I can’t deny the possibility.

    Sooner or later, I’m afraid this is going to end up being another American Revolution, in that it will be citizens, civilians, fighting in the streets to protect home and family. Maybe the average US citizen is the only one willing to give tit for tat, and not all of them are.

    By the time we need it most, any elected leadership will have closed shop.

    I’m not looking forward to that. On the other hand, razing Al-Aqsa sounds like a wonderful idea. That wart on the Temple Mount is going to be removed, sooner or later, so why not as a retaliatory payment on any further attack by bin Laden?

  63. says

    PMK, in the off chance that you come back to this thread, I fully agree with you with regard to Mecca. I probably wasn’t very clear about it, but I agree that it’s just something we should lord over them and keep up our sleeve. But al-Asqa should simply have never been built. Muslims have no legitimate claim to the JEWISH Temple Mount, which is guaranteed to the Israelis by Yahweh himself. Leveling it should have been the 1st order of business in 1948. Since the Israelis have allowed it to remain standing they should lord it over the rest of the Middle East. They should guarantee its destruction if anyone so much as lobs a pebble over the wall, but they should do it as a matter of pragmatism, not principle. Al-Aqsa should simply be destroyed as a matter of principle. I do, however, favor exploiting its existence politically since it has been allowed to remain.

  64. says

    Any attack from islam against the west, or in any western country, should bring a automatic responce against islam. Automatic, each and every time. The targets should be locked on right now, and the west need not say a word, ever, what or where, they are, who they may be, what is on the vast target list that is in islam’s world. Action against islam itself is the only way to stop it’s push for the world control it seeks.

    Many have mentioned targets, the list is simple to build. If islam is the enemy, the list builds itself.

    And islam is the enemy.