Catholic chapels should be opened in Islamic schools, say mosque leaders

Just kidding.

“Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in Catholic schools, say church leaders,” by Simon Caldwell for the Daily Mail, December 2 (thanks to Sr. Soph):

Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in every Roman Catholic school, Church leaders have said.

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales also want special toilet facilities in schools to be adapted for Islamic cleaning rituals.

Their demands will shock both Catholic parents and the Government because they go way beyond the legal requirements on catering for the rights and needs of religious minorities.

But the bishops are keen to answer critics who say religious schools sow division – and to show that they are leading the way in building bridges between people of different faiths….

Isn’t it funny how it always solely the responsibility of the non-Muslim party to build those bridges.

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    Nonie Darwish says that she never saw footbaths anywhere but Saudi Arabia before she came to the US. Why are Mohammedans at Catholic schools anyway? I thought they reacted to crosses the way vampires did.

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    The Catholic bishops of England and Wales also want special toilet facilities in schools to be adapted for Islamic cleaning rituals.

    Every time I read this kind of stuff from the British clergy, the Benny Hill theme song runs through my head…

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    I am deeply suspicious of ‘men of faith’. I’ve been watching with increasing irritation and anger that many priests (all kinds) suck up to Muslims in a big way, visiting them in their houses, even praying with them in mosques (obviously forgetting the first commandment)

    This is infuriating. One gets the impression that these priests are somehow impressed by the power the Muhammedan clerics wield over their flock. While the Christian priests preach to empty churches and old people, the Musulmani keep a tight ship and they got the youth.

    I wonder how ‘many men of faith’ are secretly toying with the idea to ‘revert’ just for the sake of the power trip….

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    The oldest university west of the Mississippi River, founded and run by Jesuits, installed prayer rooms and foot baths a few years ago.

    Then they asked alums like me to contribute to their Spiritual Diversity Endowment to avoid using any state or fed money.

    I told them to call the House of Saud, and not to call my house again.

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    The hoses must be for ablutions. In the women’s bathrooms in American mosques, for example, one finds, at least in some, what look like little watering-cans. I leave it to others to discuss more knowledgeably.

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    I think there is a hidden purpose at work here. All the religious groups Catholic, Protestants of all denominations and Jews have had schools for as long as there has been public education in the UK. We are not Catholic but my daughter transferred to a Catholic College to study for university so it has never been a problem.

    Depending on location and demand, “faith” schools – the PC term, they have always been “church” schools before – have either been exclusive or open to all. By this I mean schools with a good reputation in middle class areas are oversubscribed and can require religious attendance as a condition of admission. On the other hand say a Methodist School which is still linked to the local church will be open to all and only nominally Methodist. Some Church of England (Episcopalian) schools in urban areas are 99% non-Christian or even 99% muslim.

    The government has been using the MSM to push for the best Church Schools to be opened up to “all” because they give children from better homes and “unfair advantage”. This has been building up for ten years so what is going on? Why is it suddenly essential to change a situation that has existed for 200 years without anyone complaining?

    I think the answer is the attitude of our muslim friends to education, particularly the education of women. 20 years ago the muslims in our town did not want their girls educated by and with kuffers so they just bought an old factory and set up their own girls school and as usual the authorities crawled up their — and went along with it. The real target of this is the growing number of muslim schools and what is and is not being taught. These need to be broken open if there is to be any kind of progress let alone assimilation but they dare not say “Your schools are primitive and do not provide any sort of education suitable to the west”. They have to “take out” the church schools as a cover to establishing some sort of regulation over muslim schools because to go straight for the problem would be “islamopobic”.

    That’s my take on it anyway and I think the various church authorities are in on the act. Unfortunately if they pull it off a generation of non-muslim children will be sacrificed to their wonderful multicultural theory.

    I am reluctant to cite anything from an unmentionable political parties website but it appears to be raw data and in business raw data is raw data. Under “white teachers blamed” at 7.30pm on 26 November, 2 posts from “noel” spelled out his wife’s experiences in a mixed school in Bradford and they do not make happy reading.

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    That kind of makes sense. I love that the DoE somewhat keeps tabs on Islamic schools here and hopefully shuts them down if they’re inept, which we know they are, having witnessed Defenderofislam’s edjumukashunul aptitude. Another explanation is that public schools are crap but the Left won’t admit that their socialist monopoly on education has always failed and always will fail, so they force Muslims on Catholics. Plus, if they keep Muslims out of public schools the stats aren’t affected, so they can claim that their multi-culti experiment is working because the large influx of immigrants hasn’t increased violence in schools much and that they must do just as well as native kids, since public scool test scores aren’t that much lower, because if the Muslim students fail then the system is “racist.” Never blame Muslims for their own ineptitude. Never question the intellectual effects of millenia of inbreeding. Just put your children in danger every day and to hell with their future. Basically, they screw up the system and the Left can’t admit to it, so they try to screw up private schools instead.

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    Grobari wrote:

    The article states that schools will ‘ have to install bidets, footspas and hoses’. What’s with the hoses?

    When Betty Mahmoody (author of “Not Without My Daughter”) was trapped in Iran, the “better” bathroom facilities–such as at her daughter’s school, had hoses. The worse ones had nothing. Toilet paper was not used.

    I’m not sure what the aversion to toilet paper is all about, but I’m sure it has some relation to “ritual purity”. Surely it has nothing to do with physical purity, since the alternative to using a hose seems to be either small stones or one’s left hand. Ew.

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    I read on Islam-watch once that butt fungus is epidemic among Muslims because of their odd obsession with butt-ablution and their hatred of toilet paper. This was coming from an ex-Muslim, mind you. But both yahoo and Google have made it impossible to search for anything on the site. Fascist jerks. Does anyone know of a decent search engine, since the big 2 are now owned and run by teh Gestapo?

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    They wash themselves with their left hand and water. There is water splashed everywhere and they remain wet as they don’t dry themselves. Okay, just,in a very hot climate, but not very nice in a cold climate. A Muslim woman I know could not resist telling me how DIRTY we non-Muslims are as we don’t use water. She is a chain-smoker and eats meat: I do neither but I am the dirty one, apparently.

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    “Never question the intellectual effects of millenia of inbreeding.”
    Posted by: jdamn

    I’ve wondered about this, actually. Although the subject is taboo, along with the genetics of race, there must be a study somewhere. With recently developed DNA technology able to precisely uncover and map out such effects, this could be a fascinating area of research.

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    Disgusting as the subject seems, as anyone who has ever traveled into the hinterlands of the world can attest the various toilet practices one encounters is actually quite fascinating, and can lead to hilarious situations. Maybe readers can share their stories if a thread ever develops on the subject. My favorite encounter was with a new mechanized gizmo in a hotel in Kyoto, where the commode was equipped with a contraption inside the bowl that swung out from the side that produced an upward directed jet of water. There was an arm rest with embedded dials to control water temperature and pressure and dispersal of the spray. The actual movements of the swing-out contraption were not immediately obvious on initial inspection, so one could easily imagine accidental damage occurring if care wasn’t exercised. It didn’t help that the labels on the controls were in Japanese, so one tended to be very cautious in how one proceeded – hard to do if one happened to be in a hurry. Of course, one only thinks about the possibility of mechanical malfunction after the fact.

    Oh, yes. There was a TV whose controls were also in the the arm rest. You had to be careful in changing channels, though. Accidentally hitting the wrong dial could produce quite a surprise.

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    Eastview, there have been a few studies. There have been dozens done on the effects of Arab inbreeding, which is by far the most pronounced. The most famous of these is the Western Galillee Experiment, but there are several others done on people from the Arabian Peninsula, where consanguinity is upwards of 70% nationally in each nation. There was a Japanese study on the effects of consanguinity on intelligence. It’s fascinating beacuse they were dealing with people who had only about 20% consanguinity and the rates of mental retardation were considerably higher. Arabs as a genetic group have 20X the rates of genetic defects and disorders and I would imagine the same would hold true for Afghans and Pakis, who have roughly the same rates of consanguinity.

    Here’s the story about the Turkish family who inbred themselves to pre-homo erectus status:

    Here’s a really interesting article by Steve Sailer about how, regardless of the genetic effects of inbreeding, the social effects of it will always lead to pre-civilizational backwardness. It’s about Iraq:

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    jdamn, thanks for the links! Very interesting, indeed. One wonders how this all translates into the subjects we discuss here every day. I can only scarcely begin to imagine the heap of trouble one would attract from the multi-PC crowd if serious discussions were attempted about this.

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    The PC crowd doesn’t like to deal in facts or objective science, so yeah, they would hate it, but it’s unarguable. That’s why I like to harp on the inbreeding thing. We’re not dealing with people who possess even average intelligence, by and large, particularly when it comes to Saudis, Afghans, and Pakis. You have to bear this in mind. Not just the mental and genetic effects of inbreeding, but the social and societal ones.

    It’s not a coincidence that the only tribal societies in this world are Muslim ones, and that the less backward ones are not tribal and have low rates of consanguinity, like Iran, which is one of the reasons I hold out hope for them. Like Hugh says, Islam stunts/destroys one’s capacity for mental, intellectual, and moral growth. So does inbreeding; that’s why Mohammedanism thrives amongst the more inbred people in this world, and the more inbred the people, the more extreme the Islam, cf. Wahhabism (KSA), Deobandism (Pakistan), the Taliban (Afghanistan), and the rise of Salafism in North Africa.

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    From a posting by Jdamn on in-breeding in the Middle East:

    Commentator Randall Parker wrote, “Consanguinity [cousin marriage] is the biggest underappreciated factor in Western analyses of Middle Eastern politics.

    Well, I imagine it it the *second* biggest underappreciated factor in Western analyses of Middle Eastern politics–the first, of course, being Islam itself.

    Interesting articles, Jdamn, thanks.

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    When I was a child, we had a wonderful elderly Italian neighbor, Amelia, and her husband who sometimes baby sat for us. Her even more super-annuated mother, Nona, lived with them.

    Amelia once told us that her mother greatly disapproved when she met and fell in love with her husband, Al, whose family was from Ireland (the neighborhood way back then was largely Italian and Irish). Nona felt her daughter was duty-bound to marry an Italian man.

    Amelia said she held her ground, reminding her mother that she had married a man–Amelia’s father–who was originally from Naples. This scandalized Nona’s own mother, back in Lucca, who felt that marrying a Southern Italian was completely unacceptable.

    Nona had finally accepted her daughter’s marriage to Al, and she gave him a big kiss when he next walked by in the kitchen. She said, at least, thank God, he’s a Catholic. This was especially funny to me, since my family was (nominally, at least) Episcopalian.

    This is a common American story, and I am sure many readers here have stories of their own.

    Often this is not so with Muslims. In many cases, Muslim girls in Europe are pulled out of high school and sent back to the same village in Pakistan where the family came from, to bring home some husband she has never met.

    Men are encouraged to marry some illiterate cousin from the old country. Even Muslims who seem fairly integrated do this. It not only encourages more Muslim immigration, it also tends to set back any progress the emigrant might have made while living in the West.

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    It’s absolutely true. I read that honor killings against men are on the rise in Europe. But Muslims never pick their spouses. They are forced into marriage, unless they’re old, rich men, which is a nother reason why evolution can never happen among Muslims. But why not be forced into marriage if the sole reason for it is sex and breeding and there is to be no real relationship of any sort? The layers of backwardness are nearly infinite.