Muslim who shot two Jews in Denmark mall was once hailed as model assimilating immigrant


Many times I have noted here that since Islamic authorities and organizations worldwide have not pronounced takfir on Osama bin Laden those who believe as he does — that is, declared that they are not Muslims — and since the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism is deeply embedded within Islamic texts and teachings, it is impossible to determine with full certainty whether any Muslim is likely to engage in jihad activity or not. Although this is an extremely unpopular and oft-condemned view, it is simply factual — and here is more evidence of it.

“The Odense Shooter: A Model Citizen,” by Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna (thanks to Joel):

In an exclusive at Snaphanen, Steen has used his skills as an internet gumshoe and tracked down the name of the suspect in the Odense shootings. The man accused of shooting two young Israelis at the shopping mall in Odense can now be identified as Wissam Freijeh.

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has kindly translated Steen’s post:

A close-up snapshot of Sudden Jihad

It seems our initial diagnosis on the Odense-shooter, Wissam Freijeh, was correct. “I want to make sure that Danes will get a more positive perception of us immigrants,” said the metal worker and model immigrant a few years ago to the council of Odense municipality “” after a career as “misfit”.

One 27-year old man, now indicted for the attempted murder of two Israelis, was used as a model example in an educational campaign

“It’s one’s own choice how to live.” With these words the Odense municipality presented the then 22-year old man WF on a home page encouraging young people to get an education. WF, now indicted for the attempted murder of two Israeli salesmen in the Odense Rosegarden Center, was used by the municipality as an example to show that education is the road ahead in the Danish society. During an interview published on a home page prior to the 2003 Union Congress for Young People and Education WF told how happy he was to be an apprentice metal worker. And in another interview in Aarhus Stiftstidende [Danish daily] 2004 “” one year prior to graduation “” he expressed his future goal thusly: “My wish is to contribute to an improvement in the way Danes look at us foreigners”….

Mission accomplished, although the improvement should come in making Danes more wary.

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  1. says

    How can so many people in so many places all over the world be suckered by so many Muslims? I suppose that P.T. Barnum was right when he famously said,”There is a sucker born every minute”.

  2. says

    Let’s get a couple of things clear. A Muslim in a Non Muslim land will NEVER integrate into any other culture than Islam. What we have with this person is someone who played Muhammad’s taquiya to the ‘T’.

    Islam is in the West for one reason only – Islamisation. Let us never forget that.

  3. says

    Morons who believe that serving allah (the imaginary) and mohammed, the desert rat (whose existence might also turn out to be a scam) is more important than being a law-abiding citizen in a civilized society have no business being in developed countries.

    Their place is the Middle East, where life is all about trying to please their imaginary allah and act like their beloved louse-ridden, child-molesting desert rat.

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    Every Muslim is a soldier of Allah. Every solder of Allah is a potential Mohammed Bouyeri or, as in this case, a Wissam Freijeh.

    Reverse Islamic immigration!

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    “How can so many people in so many places all over the world be suckered by so many Muslims?”

    Posted by: Spot on

    Another question might be: how can over a billion people all over the world be suckered into adoring a liar, thief, killer, and rapist as the “perfect man”?

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    The shooter said, “My wish is to contribute to an improvement in the way Danes look at us foreigners”.

    If his actions have made more Danes realize that Moslems and Moslem immigration are a mortal threat to Danes and Danish culture, society, and liberty, then there has been an improvement. More Danes have seen the truth about the dangers of Islam, and the truth is preferable to PC fairy tales and Moslem lies.

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    Who can you really trust of those that have been indoctrinated, or brainwashed into the Islamic Ideology, What really is a moderate? Actually I don’t really believe there is such a person. Can we really know what is in the hearts of Muslims? We have seen them turn many times from the Chapel Hill Campus (Robert Spencers Alm Mater)to at least a dozen other places in America, commiting there own personal jihad or and organized attack suh as on Fort Dix, and unfotunately there will be many more among them that act in the name of allah against American citizens.

    Americas greatest quest should be to not allow what is happening in Britain,France,Germany,Denmark,The Netherlands, Belguim, and many more EU countries.

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    We all know that “terrorism” is caused by poverty and ignorance. Education and job training will resolve this.
    \sarc off

    The story of the shooting was vague about the shooter’s nationality and religion. “Palestinian” is a code word for Muslim (maybe he was a Maronite Christian Lebanese)? On the other hand, it was pointed out that the two victims were *former* IDF military. Does that mean that these Jewish Israeli salesmen are not considered “innocent civilians” now? I have seen the “Dead Sea Salts(tm)” displays at shopping malls in the USA; I would never have guessed that the saleswomen (mostly women) were former IDF.

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    To: CTYankee

    In Israel, National military service is mandatory for all Jewish men and women over age 18. Therefore all adult Jewish Israelis would be former IDF military if they weren’t currently serving.

    From the Muslim point of view, there are no non-Muslim “innocent victims” in dar al-harb (house of war). We are all targets in any land that is not under Muslim control.

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    Another question might be: how can over a billion people all over the world be suckered into adoring a liar, thief, killer, and rapist as the “perfect man”?


    Right on, ebonystone.

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    To: Ebonystone and Spoton

    How can over a billion people be suckered?

    The babies are born into Islam. The boys are brainwashed and abused. The females are beaten into submission. They hold onto their people with fear. As for the men, I think it is an attractive lifestyle for losers. Look at all the converts to Islam. Let’s say you have no money and no woman. Rather than improve oneself it’s easier to kill a man, steal his money, enslave his wife and daughter and then rape them. I would bet that many losers would rather be gangsters than to get an education and a job and then try to find a mate.

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    Don’t blame the muslims for their actions until you are ready to ban the muslim terrorists manual aka quran or koran.

    As long as this terrroists manual is not banned you cannot ban the actions by the followers who read this manual. I.e. since bombs are illegal to possess in the west by civilians, the manuals to make bombs are banned and illegal too.

    Imagine if the manuals for making bombs were openly legal, would you prohibit someone from experimenting with bomb making.

    Every terrorist act is condoned by the quran or koran (islam) if it is carried against the Infidels (and and all non muslims).

    Ban the Terroist manual quran or koran and the world will be a better place.