1. Just restoring, from my (Dumbledoresarmy’s) personal archives, such of the original comments as caught my attention.

    SAXONLANDS said – I suppose the ACLU will represent Imad Fadlallah, probably free of charge for this most henious [sic: heinous] of cultural crimes.

    When it comes to America as a whole, Im not too worried. V.I Lenin said you cannot create revolution in Switzerland. Similarly, I believe you cannot impose socialisim or Islam upon America.

    ABDULLAH MIKAIL said – “Opinion: Editorial”

    The headline above the article says it nicely.

    ‘Yeah…opinion…every ones got one…most of them are wishful thinking…like the wish to white wash any trouble or difficulty Islam might have on the rocky road to dominance…

    ‘Mahounds like Abdullah are like Tom Sawyer painting a fence…white washers…The only trouble is those ugly stains keep leaking through the white wash, no matter how many coats you put on it….You just can’t hide the ugly truth of Islam by applying paint…

    That’s just my opinion, I wouldn’t withhold it from you…It is your right to have it… Allah has been pretty willing about that…’

    -AWAKE told ABDULLAH MIKAIL – Now, if the facts of the case turn out to be consistent with the phrasing of the editorial, you would agree that the principal should be summarily dismissed, and the coach immediately re-instated, right Abby?

    -ABDULLAH MIKAIL said to AWAKE – Now, if the facts of the case turn out to be entirely proven false , you would agree that the author should be sued for defamation and slapped with six figure punitive damages as well as compensation for presonal distress, right Awakey?

    (Or, in that case, would you simply whine about free speech rights and that we shouldn’t violate the author’s first amendment rights to smear people?)

    -AWAKE replied to ABDULLAH MIKAIL (quoting) -” Now, if the facts of the case turn out to be entirely proven false…”

    As far as I am concerned, the only editorial parts of the article can be summarized in four paragraphs:

    “If you don’t think the creeping influence of Islam is a problem in America, look at what happened at a public school in Dearborn, Mich., a city famous because Muslims have just about taken it over.

    ‘The Muslim principal of Fordson High School fired the wrestling coach because a student wrestler abandoned Islam and converted to Christianity.”


    “In a few short paragraphs, this lawsuit amply demonstrates the problem with Islam.

    ‘As this page has stated before, Islam is not a religion but a subversive, intolerant and nakedly aggressive political ideology. Its most devout adherents do not and cannot respect the legal and social accouterments of Western society, which, being at least nominally Christian, anticipate and tolerate religious dissent and indeed the practice of many different religious beliefs. Islamists will not and cannot do this.”

    -AWAKE continued (quoting from the article) – “While Islam has historically conquered by the sword, of late it is conquering via demographics, democratic institutions and frivolous lawsuits, as well as public schools and universities, as it is doing in Europe and places such as Dearborn.”

    “Mr. Marszalek, the wrestling coach, has learned something about Islam. The rest of American had better learn, too.”

    – The rest is merely reporting on the details of the lawsuit.
    Based on that, if the allegations against Imad Fadlallah are proven to be false and slanderous, then for sure he is entitled to seek financial retribution from those who are accusing him.

    This editorial writer on the other hand, is exercising [his] right to free speech and focused [his] criticism on Islam, not Fadlallah, with the purported details of this case as support for [his] argument, so no, [he] is not subject to a defamation lawsuit.

    I am still awaiting your answer, Abby.

    JOCKAIRA said – Abdullah Mikail, taking exception to your remark above: “(Or, in that case, would you simply whine about free speech rights and that we shouldn’t violate the author’s first amendment rights to smear people?)”

    ‘Your implication that the First Amendment permits smearing is totally wrong.

    ‘ Courts all over the USA have consistently ruled that First Amendment Rights do not include the “right” to incite to violence or the “rights” of slandering and libel. The first “right” is a criminal offense, federally and in most states, and the second two are civil breaches with civil penalties brought through tort.

    Of course, you knew this already, because you are a CAIR Associate Volunteer and have aided in their lawsuits against those who speak out against the evils of Jihadist Islam.

    RRWEST said -” I find it interesting that some commenters are slinging mud at each other, rather than addressing the issue of unjust dismissal perpetrated by a Muslim Principal.

    Given the current state of the world, it is not inconceivable that the Principal fired the coach for his religious beliefs. It has happened before and it will happen again, despite the religious affilations of the parties involved.

    That this was a Muslim Principal suggests that jihad may be alive and well and operating in that school. Soon the school may become totally Muslim, since Muslims are reproducing at rapid rates all over the world.

    The west must prevail. All of the progress that we have experienced against tyranny, injustice, superstition and oppression during the last 1,000 years and more will come crashing down should Islam gain the upper hand.”

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