Pakistani Muslims beat Sikh, threaten him “to convert to Islam if he wanted to live in Pakistan”

Islamic Tolerance Alert. While the article does not elaborate, the fact that he was apparently active in some capacity as an advocate for the Sikh community — and thus an undesirably uppity dhimmi — likely singled him out to be targeted as an example to others. “Pak Sikh thrashed for not converting,” by Yudhvir Rana for the Times News Network, November 29 (thanks to all who sent this in):

AMRITSAR: A Sikh advocate in Pakistan was reportedly thrashed and threatened with dire consequences recently if he did not convert to Islam, forcing his family to run for safety to a gurdwara in Hassanabdal near Rawalpindi.

While the victim, Anup Singh, was yet to regain consciousness, the incident has left the Sikh community in Pakistan rattled and insecure. Talking to TOI from Islamabad, Anup’s brother, Ravinder Singh, recalled horror of November 21. ”A group of at least eight men kidnapped my brother from his office and took him to Mohammad Amin’s residence, where he was stripped and photographed with Amin’s wife.”

Undergoing treatment for fractures and severe head injuries in Holy Family Hospital, Ralwalpindi, where doctors said it might take a few months before Anup could start leading a normal life, the advocate was reportedly assaulted for fighting a separation case for Amin’s wife, Safina Kanwal. ”The goons made my brother sign on a blank paper, after which they cut his hair, beard, moustaches and threatened him to convert to Islam if he wanted to live in Pakistan.”

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  1. says

    The differences between an irrational ideology and an ordinary criminal outlook are often subtle, and frequently lead to the same courses of action.

    There is a good case to be made for the idea that an ordinary criminal outlook is simply an irrational ideology applied in small to a single individual, and that an irrational ideology is simply an ordinary criminal outlook generalized to a whole society.

    It is an interesting mental exercise to imagine what kind of individual would be produced by the absolute and pure implementation of a given societal ideal.

    Hmmm…. I wonder how that might apply here?

  2. says

    It should be noted that this Sikh advocate, or lawyer, was assisting a Muslim woman in her attempt to obtain a separation from her husband.

    It seems that the Muslims, in their little tiny minds, were unable to imagine any other reason for Mr Singh’s taking Mrs Amin’s case, than that the Evil Infidel was corrupting a Pure Muslimah…and so this chivalrous Sikh is kidnapped, beaten, stripped and photographed with his client. Question: was the woman *forced* to pose in the photos?

    Further question: when Mrs Amin first went to Mr Singh, was she a genuine lady in distress seeking a lawyer to help her separate from an unwanted husband? Or was she part of a plot setting poor Mr Singh up for what later happened?

    This nasty business – whether it was a setup, or whether Mrs Amin really did want out of a bad marriage and went to a non-Muslim lawyer because she knew a non-Muslim lawyer would be more sympathetic to her cause – has three potential spin-offs that I can see – 1. it humiliates and frightens the Sikhs in general 2. it tells discontented Muslimahs that if they go to a non-Muslim for help it will be NO USE 3. it tells non-Muslim professionals, e.g. lawyers, women’s rights advocates, that…IF you try to help a Muslimah escape in any way from Islam (e.g. by helping her get a divorce/ separation from an abusive husband), you will cop the same sort of punishment as was inflicted on Mr Singh. Mafia-type tactics of sheer intimidation.

    Overall, it is intended to signal to all non-Muslims in Pakistan, and also, all non-Muslim women, that there is NO ESCAPE: the Ummah, or Muslim Male Mob, can do whatever it likes to whomever it likes.