Swiss apparently vote to ban minarets

Because they symbolize a “political-religious claim to power” — which, of course, they do.

“Exit polls show Swiss will accept minaret ban: TV,” from AFP, November 29 (thanks to Inexion):

GENEVA — Exit polls show that Switzerland will accept a far-right call for a blanket ban on the construction of minarets, Swiss public television reported Sunday, describing the result as a “great surprise.”

Partial results from the poll which closed at mid-day (1100 GMT) indicated that the German-speaking canton of Lucerne accepted the ban, while French-speaking cantons Geneva and Vaud voted against.

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) — Switzerland’s biggest party — had forced a referendum under Swiss regulations on the issue after collecting 100,000 signatures within 18 months from eligible voters.

It claims that the turrets or towers attached to mosques from where followers are called to prayer symbolise a “political-religious claim to power.”

Egypt's "moderate" mufti says Swiss minaret ban insults Muslims
Netherlands considers burqa ban
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    Just hearing this news on BBC Radio and you can almost hear the gnashing of their reporters’ PC multi-culti teeth…. What, the Swiss people didn’t obey their government and vote the measure down?? How dare they think for themselves??!

    One of the reasons the Swiss gov’t gave for wanting its populace to vote it down was their “good relationship” with Muslim nations. Yeah, like the issue with Libya last year when they let Gadaffi’s son get away with assault (I think it was, just going on memory), because they were concerned about their oil supply. Good ol’ Swiss, you can always count on them — at least the gov’t — on ditching principles in favour of self-interest. At least this time the public have done the right thing, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens next in other countries in Europe. Perhaps dhimmitude is waning?…

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    Your headline says they’ve voted to ban minarets, as though the vote was complete, but the article only mentions exit polls, and partial results from only three cantons. So is this the final decision, or only a prediction? I’m hoping for the former.

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    From article…It claims that the turrets or towers attached to mosques from where followers are called to prayer symbolise a “political-religious claim to power.”

    Not only that it is a phallic symbol…Do kufrs have a need to have a giant, erect, Islamic Phallic symbol towering over them? Is this what kufr are supposed to ‘look up’ to?
    The Swiss are right to ban minarets…Next time maybe mosques…and then…

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    From a Times report:

    ”Swiss business is horrified. There are fears of a reaction against Swiss products similar to the one suffered by Denmark over the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad in 2005.

    “The brand “Swiss’ must continue to represent values such as openness, pluralism and freedom of religion,” said Hanspeter Rentsch, a member of the board of Swatch, the watchmaker.

    The government, for its part, is worried about reprisals plunging Switzerland into the front line of the war against terror. Micheline Calmy-Rey, the foreign minister, said a yes vote “could make Switzerland a target for Islamic terrorism”.”

    The foreign minister Calmy Rey is afraid of precisely what she denies in other contexts as happening, e.g., islamic terrorism. Given her kow towing to imadinnerjacket and her laying a wreath on Arafat^s tomb, it is clear she is a terrorist sympathiser and supporter anyway. Hypocrisy personified.
    As for Rentsch, obviously the filthy lucre is more important to him than freedom.

    Both of these representatives of the Swiss political and business elite are guilty of intellectual and moral cowardice.

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    Great news, great result, unlike the Germans the Swiss have got balls. But maybe the Germans will get an idea about how things should be dealt with in Europe. This is a clarion call for the whole of Europe. Unfortunately we don’t have referendums like that meaning direct democracy in Europe’s larger countries. Good luck to the Swiss people, they didn’t follow their government’s advice who feared the damage that could have been done to Switzerland’s reputation in the world. I hold the Swiss in high esteem. Massel tov.

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    From the Times:

    The government, for its part, is worried about reprisals plunging Switzerland into the front line of the war against terror. Micheline Calmy-Rey, the foreign minister, said a yes vote “could make Switzerland a target for Islamic terrorism”.

    Now why would Switzerland be a target for jihad terrorism merely for banning minarets? Haven’t our political elites been telling us that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance? What would be the reason for Muslims to conduct acts of violence against the Swiss people? Could it just be that traditional Islamic theology carries a mandate for violence against disbelievers? Does Minister Calmy-Rey realize what he is hinting at? Though the cowardly response of the foreign minister is illuminating, has he is suggesting that Swiss domestic policy be formed by the demands made by al-Qaeda and other jihad groups. Certainly the European dhimmi of the week.

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    The Swiss have shown commonsense and will hopefully give courage to the other European nations cowering in fear of retaliation by the Muslim Ummah. If other European countries follow suit, there is nothing that the Muslims can do about it except screaming out their (and the left’s) favourite words eg “Racism”, “Discrimination”, “Totalitarianism” etc etc.
    But they will have to lump it, for there’s really nothing much they can do against a UNITED Europe.

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    It’s too bad I can’t find an article where a Swiss professor of islamic studies stated something like an suggestion that muslims aren’t peaceful might result in violence, so it’s better to let them have their minarets, as though the onus of proving that mahoundianism isn’t violent were on us infidels, and not on violent mahound-worshippers. That was one of the most asinine remarks produced in the run-up to the vote.

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    Here come the threats from the followers of “the religion of
    peace.” “The religion of tolerance.”Good for the Swiss.
    Before criticizing the Swiss,people should take a look at
    Saudi Arabia,which forbids the building of symbols of other faiths.Where is the left on this fact?

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    Here is a good discussion on this by way of MSNBC …. love the comment section LOL!!!

    I think Hassan Nidal has caused serious damage to the PC mantra of cultural relativism. The knee jerk response by the media to Fort Hood was almost like some sort of Montey Python skit. People are tired of being lied to about the GLOBAL situation western civilization is in, and we, for the most part, are quickly moving beyond the point where we can be easily deceived on this topic.

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    Swiss? Out of all nations?!
    What a ‘GRANDE COJONES’ !…

    I bet 1 to 5, that in less then a week, the “Apple” will be replaced with an “Orange”! (Israeli one !…).

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    here is a good post :-).

    “What the west needs to realize is that Islam is a religion, a judicial system, and a form of Arab cultural imperialism with its own world view as a competitor to our western norms. Eventually we will see secessionist movements within our lands like Pakistan, or Bosnia, Jolo, Southern Thailand, Xinxiang, or any of the other areas around the world where Muslims decide they are no longer part of the national group and seek Islamic autonomy. In the end this is what it means to have Islam in your society. War, civil strife as nations tear themselves apart.”

    I know most all of you do this, but we can not underestimate the importance of jihadwatchers getting out there and posting on mainstream news discussions … I try to do it at least once a day.

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    One of the specific problems associated with Islamic minarets, symbolic of the Islamic expansion into Europe, is the inevitable Islamic follow-up demand for the MUEZZIN:

    “Minarets pave the way for the muezzin!

    “A minaret is the platform for the muezzin, for the Muslim calls to prayer. The pretense that the call of a muezzin will never sound from a Swiss minaret, is contradicted by the practice abroad. Wherever a minaret has been built, it was later followed with an application for a license for the call of the muezzin. It is naïve to believe that Muslims are fighting for a minaret as such, without having the intention to use it for this purpose later on.”

    -from “Bayonets of Islam”

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    The European “People’s Partys” should consider adopting strong and unequivocal anti-Nazi, anti-racist, and anti-fascist language in their charters. Until they do that, they will always be dismissed as “far-right” with all the negative implications that come with that. People need to see Islam for the wolf in sheep’s clothing that it is – in no way a compassionate, brotherly creed devoted to knowing and living out the will of some deity, but a vicious, yes, FASCIST ideology that is a blight on humanity. Opposing Islam is no different than opposing Nazism, and that truth needs to be promulgated.

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    I don’t have any problem with Hindu or Buddhist temples, or Jewish synagogues, or any other religious architecture, with the exception of mosques and minarets. Islam’s core documents contain a totalitarian program for world domination, a program that may well succeed in Europe within a generation, due to demographic trends there. Too large a percentage of Muslims supports the substitution of Islamic law for secular legal systems. By some accounts, the majority of Muslims support Sharia. By other accounts, it’s 40%. Still others say somewhat less, perhaps as little as 20%. But what really matters is the current state of human rights in Islamic countries today. And all 57 Muslim nations, as part of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, signed the so-called Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, which basically substitutes Islamic law for the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. At the very least until Muslims produce a major international mainstream movement in opposition to Islamic law and jihad, immigration by Muslims to the West should be prohibited, and Western legislators should find any legal and constitutional means to stop and restrict all political aspects of Islam within Western lands. The West could afford to wink at this sort of thing if there were, say, only ten million Muslims in the world. But there are over a billion Muslims, and hundreds of millions of them support the likes of bin Laden, and want Sharia law imposed on the rest of us. The political side of Islam — which is part of its core — must be contained or crushed wherever possible, just as the political side of Shinto was ruthlessly suppressed in post-World War II Japan.

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    Gullible dhimmis might believe that mosques and minarets are simple, harmless vestiges of peaceful religion, but Muslims hold not such delusions. Recall the infamous words:
    “Our minarets are our bayonets, Our mosques are our baracks, Our believers are our soldiers.”

    Long live Free Switzerland.

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    Le Monde (France) is reporting that the measure won in 22 of 26 cantons, with 57.5% of the overall vote:

    BUT – pre-election polling showed it losing 47-53:
    “Le choc est immense en Suisse, où les sondages prédisaient durant la campagne un rejet à 53 % de la proposition de la droite populiste.”

    This difference indicates to me that anti-dhimmi sentiment is stronger than publicly expressed. Let’s hope that this result will give more and more people the courage to stand up for freedom and human rights.

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    Reading reader comments at and – strong support in Spain for the Swiss. I’m holding out hope that Europe will come to its senses still……

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    One more very interesting fact to smash any accusations that the Swiss voters’ decision had anything to do with “racism” (though mahoundianism is no race) or “xenophobia” is the fact that immigrants who do assimilate in that country are viewed very favorably by the locals, and Sri Lankans are a perfect example of that. Anyone familiar with Switzerland knows this. Much like postmaster Deva Kumarasiri in Britain, who flies a Union Jack at his window and caused a stir among some Porkistanis that only speak Urdu when he posted a NO ENGLISH – NO SERVICE sign at the post office where he worked (I think he was later forcibly relocated and thankfully didn’t lose his job for his courage), Sri Lankans living in Switzerland embrace the local values and culture with no reservations and raise their kids with awareness of how to become good citizens of their adopted country. And, like Mr. Kumasiri, they do fly Swiss flags on their balconies too, in extremely large numbers.

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    I would prefer to hear the word “FIRE” to “All*h Akbar” not only in a crowded movie theater, but anywhere.

    Personally, with mandatory military service in Switzerland, I’d be quite worried knowing that by law, moslems are required to have government-issued, military weapons in their houses, with at least 50 rounds of ammo.

    It appears that “tiny” countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands (Wilders) are proving to be the giants, while countries like US and others appear to be Paper Tigers.
    Jew Lover

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    A photo slideshow (on a certain popular search engine that starts with a Y) mostly shows the protests against the Swiss law. It makes it look like a huge number of innocent, peace-loving Swiss are against this evil, nasty, discriminatory bill. Isn’t the press annoying? Oh well, I guess agreement isn’t news, but disagreement is.

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    By now, it’s absolutely clear the Schwyzer, the Swiss don’t want any minarets and no Islamic influence in their country whatsoever. They reject the Islamisation of Europe and they don’t want any honour killings, fmg, forced marriages or other enrichments provided by the courtesy of the Mohammedan community. Viva Helvetia!

    On the other hand we have to wait and see how the European court of human rights will bar our way. There’s a lot ahead.

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    So get this–apparently if something is the majority, but considered unacceptable by the elite leftist political class, it’s “far right.”

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    “It claims that the turrets or towers attached to mosques from where followers are called to prayer symbolise a “political-religious claim to power.”

    yes they do….many times in Iraq and other places calls to attack came directly from the minarets….sometimes they served as sniper posts virtually immune from return fire…don’t want to upset the “pious” Muslims…rules of engagement…..blah , blah, blah……..

    Way to go Switzerland…..

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    This Hanukkah, let all the Jews in Switzerland place the lights in their front windows.

    This Christmas, let all the Christians in Switzerland ring their church bells loud and long, from every steeple in the country.

    A little victory. But it’s a beginning, and a good one.

    Now, since the topic of minarets has arisen, I think we should all reread an excellent article from Mr Fitzgerald, published here in jihadwatch on July 9 2008, as the Infidel rumblings from Switzerland – which would culminate in this historic vote – were getting louder; an article discussing The Minaret as A Sign of Power and Dominion.

    Here is the link:

    I advise anyone who joined this forum after that date, and who has not had time to explore the archives, to click and read.

    I also commend to everybody, as a companion piece to Mr Fitzgerald’s article, this illuminating little essay, “More than a coincidence: Minarets, geography and power”, by one Seth J Frantzman, which appeared in the Jerusalem Post on 29th April this year.

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    DDA, those are superb ideas!

    I was also heartened by the phenomenal support for the Swiss vote in the readers’ comments in British papers eg Times. It’s an avalanche. Looks like the people have finally found out the truth about Islam and are no longer willing to be led like lambs by their Dhimmi leaders.

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    This is what we have been told by Muslims in their best Orwellian manner for quite some time: Islam is peaceful and you suggest otherwise we’ll kill you!

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    I couldn’t find that video you linked. It brought me to the story about the minarets, but I searched around a bit, and couldn’t find what you mentioned.

    Either the link is wrong, or they have removed said vid.

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    And what good does that do? To the liberal-left anyone who wants to preserve his religion, nation, and heritage is a fascist. Indeed anyone that opposes the Left’s agenda is denounced as a fascist. Just look how the socially liberal writer Bruce Bawer (a open homosexual) is called a fascist for pointing out the consequences of the Muslim presence in Europe. Those engaged in anti-jihad activism should just tell the truth and not worry about wasting time appeasing the high priests of political correctness (you know, the same guys that support mass Muslim immigration and multiculturalism in the first place).

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    Make sure that, when you buy it, you send three letters: one to the Swiss government in Switzerland itself; one to the Swiss ambassador in your country of residence; and one to the Swiss company that makes the watch. Each letter should state that you have chosen to purchase a Swiss product not just because they make good stuff *but also* in solidarity with, and approval of, their decision to put a spanner in the works of Muslim supremacism, by banning the minaret.

    If the Swiss hold their ground on this decision, then I think Swiss-made chocolates and Swiss-made cheese should be de rigeur in all jihadwatch households that celebrate Christmas, n’est ce pas/ nicht wahr?

    (Again: letters from the customers to the Swiss chocolatiers and cheese manufacturers, explaining that Swiss product is being purchased not only because of its inherent excellence but deliberately *because* of the minaret ban, would be in order).

    I understand that the ‘buy Danish’ campaign which the Resistance undertook when the Danes stood up to the Muslims over the Cartoons affaire, made a significant difference.

    The muslims can squawk about trade boycotts all they like, but the fact is – there are more non-Muslims than Muslims at present, by a factor of five to one, and outside the oil countries many Muslims are dirt-poor, so if all Islamosavvy Infidels who can afford it, choose to buy even one block of Swiss chocolate or Swiss cheese they might not otherwise have bought, as an act of solidarity with this Swiss anti-dhimmi decision (and let the Swiss know why they are doing it – that’s important, for it may encourage more acts of resistance in future), then I think the Swiss will probably come out ahead.

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    The other popular pejorative used by the loony left when things don’t go their way is “populist”…. As in, when you like it, it’s “democracy”, when you don’t like it it’s “populist”. Or even worse, “right-wing, populist”, which was the moniker they gave to the Swiss Popular Party (which I note, btw, happens to be the biggest in Switzerland….)