1. I want to start a movement to declare the Koran, Hadiths and the following Muhammad’s example, to be firmly labeled Unconstitutional. There is enough hate speech; prejudice; repression of the freedom of conscience, speech and actions; threats on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; etc to support this declaration in most courts in the U. S. at this present time (If we move fast).
    Once the source material for Islam is declared Unconstitutional without getting embroiled in lawsuits involving the slandering of individual Muslims or groups of Muslims, we can have Islam and all who practice it penalized for violating human rites, civil rights and the U. S. Constitution. This would involve the same pre-emptive legislation and/or laws that we have for traffic violations that fine us for what we could do if we were speeding, going through red lights, etc.
    I consider this to be removing the heart of Islam or pulling this global weed up and out, down to its root tip and then burning it to avoid reseeding. This method can reverse the trend of Islamic growth and begin the process of eliminating it from the non-fiction shelves and placed into the fiction arena.

  2. This young man had better watch out, someone’s lible to take offense to his ideas and “haul all” and “ha ram” that sword right down his throat. LOL

  3. As samu alaikum. I normally ignore apostate kufar like you who are seeking to make a quick buck selling their islam is bad tale for white liberals to eat up. I will not go on and on here about your yuppie kafir ass and your ignorance and neocolonial mentality. What is provoking this email is when i learned you challenged ibrahim hooper, an old man, to a wrestling match. I am calling your kafir yuppie ass to a fight with no rules and we can do this at any number of masjids. Of course my prefernce is to do this in yemen, somalia or pakistan where instead of fighting i could cut your neck with the sword of islam and watch you squeal like a bitch like daniel pearl. Instead i am staying legal not wanting to break the law and calling you out here in america where you can just get a good ole fashioned american ass whoopin.

    Please note that I know nothing about Michael Muhammad Knight, for good or ill”but it is clear that Umar Lee considers such a “moderate Muslim” as an apostate, as a kaffir, and as someone who, in a proper Muslim Shari’ah state, would be savagely beheaded by devout Muslims such as himself.

  4. Plenty more like this gorilla all over the place.

    As RS is fond of asking, how could he come to so seriously misunderstand that mohammedanism is a religion of peace.


    Now that I think of it, I never hear anybody characterizing mohammedanism as a religion of love, or a religion of enlightenment — only peace.

    No special comment to make about it.

    Just noticing.

  5. Umar Lee is a poster child for banning Muslims and the Islamic religion from the U.S.

    People like him should be dwelling in some cave in Pakistan or a muddy hole in Saudi, for they are cruel, blood thirsty creatures that have no place in civilized society.

  6. The full-body searches are ordered for all citizens coming from countries on the State Department list of nations sponsoring terrorism, some other selected countries and on a NPR report this morning “persons with Muslim sounding names”. How would this have prevented the attempted shoe bomber Richard Reid?

    This is similar to the argument that John Derbyshire recently made about denying visas to Muslims. He asks about “David Headley” (born Daood Gilani in Pakistan). Well the obvious answer is that someone like Richard Reid is the exception, not the rule. The overwhelming number of jihad terrorists don’t have names like William, Fred, or Paul but Umar, Muhammad, and Hasan (i.e. Arabic names). The idea that because al-Qaeda uses the occasional Western convert like Richard Reid, Jose Padilla, or Adam Gadahn that we should not do any sort of ethnic\religious profiling is absurd and disingenuous. Of course, I suspect that a jihad advocate like Umar Lee isn’t too concerned about American security. Extra profiling of people from Yemen, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. is a sound idea, though obviously doesn’t go nearly far enough (i.e. banning the entry into the US from the listed countries).

  7. After his disgusting comment about Daniel Pearl, perhaps this clown needs the Deliverance treatment, he needs to squeal like a pig. But if he is like much of the Islamic world he would probably just enjoy that.

  8. No more mass immigration from Islamic countries to the West; very small numbers of carefully vetted individual Muslim applicants may be allowed short-term stays.

  9. Umar Lee is a poster child for banning Muslims and the Islamic religion from the U.S.

    Yes sir, you are correct. This man obviously loathes and reviles the country of his birth, but continues to enjoy all of its fruits instead of departing these kafir-infested soils for some shari’ah utopia like Somalia or Yemen.

  10. “Of course my prefernce is to do this in yemen, somalia or pakistan where instead of fighting i could cut your neck with the sword of islam and watch you squeal like a bitch like daniel pearl.” — Lee

    Could cut your neck? …COULD?! As in, Islam condones this type of criminal and evil behavior? Nah! …he couldn’t possibly mean that this would meet with Islams approval / sarc.

  11. As great as the West is, it’s not perfect; and to boot, it’s sociologically sprawling and complex, not to mention riddled with the mold of Leftism that comes in more virulent spores as well as the milder — and, alas, far more common — forms of PC MC. For all these reasons, Western societies will have their kooks and dangerous sociopaths; so frankly, it actually surprises me that more such disaffected Westerners haven’t joined the Anti-Western Islamic Bandwagon.

  12. Umar Lee is a friend of Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer of the so-called Virginia paintball gang. In truth, Royer recruited for Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Pakistani terrorist group implicated in November 26, 2008 attacks in Mumbai. Royer plead guilty for a sentence of 20 years: he deserves life imprisonment without parole. Lee has also been communicating with Royer while he is in prison. While Royer is in a “Communications Management Unit,” inmates have been pushing for communal prayers.

  13. Kinda reminds me of the moral lesson from Indiana Jones:

    “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.”

    F*cking losers. (Humza and Umar Lee.)

  14. And he said he admired what Major Nidal Hasan did at Ft. Hood in one of his videos.

    Did you see the photo with him and Congressman Keith Ellison in his photo collection.


  15. Umar Lee almost never disappoints. He continues to be a most useful tool in building the argument against Islam, while simultaneously, dispelling the myth of the of-so-elusive, “moderate” Muslim.

  16. Note to Umar:

    Where’d you get that sissy name, fat-boy? I’ll bet you picked it all by yourself.

    Hey, if I ever see your ugly face or smell your shitty stench near me or anyone I love ~ or even like a little bit ~ I’m going into immediate target acquisition with you as the absolute center of my universe until you cease to be a threat, even if I have to be the device by which you are made to… cease.

    And there are many thousands just like me out here.

    Remember this: we know what you look like, you have no idea who we are. Bring it, bitch.

  17. I am equally concerned about the guy pictured laughing at Umar…I mean, what is so funny about a guy holding a sword saying God knows WHAT? …”Take that, kafir!” Oh yeah, that’s sooo funny.

  18. Aren’t full-body searches customary at Muslim country airports? Into the little room I went and was felt down by a hijabbed woman – so many times, wherever I went. So what? It didn’t bother me. Of course Umar is just being inflammatory when he suggests Muslim women would be felt by men; as if that would happen! Mind you, not a bad idea; a gentle little touching-up might be a nice treat for many an abused Muslim woman, and how it would enrage her husband to see her walk out of that little room with a bit of a smile on her face…

  19. he’s evidently using WordPress, from the url to the main pic….. why not just run a TOS campaign to at least aggravate the crap out of his dumb ass? according to their TOS he promises this about his postings: “the Content is not pornographic, libelous or defamatory (more info on what that means), does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;”

  20. why cant i ever be lucky enough to be threatened by one of these idiots? i know all about a “good ole fashioned american ass whoopin”..hell, i’m a real American (capital A)…these losers will never fight like men. they only fight un-armed women and children..oh, and old people…pfft.

  21. Umar lee is and Irish-American convert to islam. I believe he found allah in prison.He lives in St. Louis along with his new hijabbied wife, her children, his child from a previous marriage and one of their own. I pity the kids and hope child services investigates them after this comment.If your ever in St. Louis watch for him, he drives a cab.

  22. a little background info on this jerk…

    Umar lee is and Irish-American convert to islam.I believe he found allah in prison(need I say more).He hates the color of his skin and really wnnts to be black. He lives in St. Louis along his his new hijabbied wife, her two kids, his from a previous marriage and one of their own from their blessed{?) union.I really pity the kids in all this, and hope child services investigates them after this comment.He also considers himself quite an authority on islam and travels quite extensively to different conventions and the like throughout the US. I really can’t see how he could afford to considering he only drives a cab.

  23. How do we know that Umar Lee is not a US Government Agent deliberately making idiotic statements to arouse hatred of Muslims? We know that the Feds are cunning geniuses who will stoop to any devious tactics to sway public opinion. I suspect that Umar Lee is actually Agent Rich Suit, aka 00911, working under cover out of Hicksville NJ.

  24. What a clown.
    Look where he has his index finger.
    In a real swordfight he’d lose his finger and probably the sword and then he’d be run through or have his own throat cut.

    No wonder passers-by are laughing at him.
    What is it about Islam that attracts all the most worthless people?

  25. “ibrahim hooper, an old man”

    – Umar “My index finger is missing!” Lee

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha … hahahhahahahahaha

  26. “… I will also ask where are the balls of the Muslims in Boston and at Harvard where he going to school?”

    is this a call to arms for some college Muslim jihadi wannabee to go out and become an Islamic hero by killing someone?….A solo jihadi is just as deadly as a jihadist group….they are all on the same team no matter how they participate…

  27. Umar Lee, I offer you the perfect solution to YOUR problem: Give up your American citizenship and move to Somalia, Pakistan, or Yemen.


    Stay away from the country we love. Don’t under-estimate REAL Americans, as we will protect our values until we die.

  28. To Humza:

    MPBUY. I agree that what Patrick is asking for is impossible. Now I don’t know where you grew up but I am from the south. The US government did almost exactly what Patrick suggested in the 60s. They went after the KKK in such a manner that their numbers were reduced from over half a million at one time to less than 50,000 today.
    I think 99.9% of us agree that they were a violent teror group. When they were targeted innocent family and friends were often extremely inconvenienced. The stark similarities between jihaddis and the klan seem to be lost upon the media, PC Police and most black Americans.

    Why such hypocracy and double standards dear Humza?

  29. This constitutes a legal threat. I would ask that someone contact the authorities both federal and local and possibly the cab company he works for. Don’t stand idly by while this guy pulls another Ft. Hood type of assault.


    Spoken or written words tending to intimidate or menace others.

    Statutes in a number of jurisdictions prohibit the use of threats and unlawful communications by any person. Some of the more common types of threats forbidden by law are those made with an intent to obtain a pecuniary advantage or to compel a person to act against his or her will. In all states, it is an offense to threaten to (1) use a deadly weapon on another person; (2) injure another’s person or property; or (3) injure another’s reputation.

    It is a federal offense to threaten to harm the president or to use the mail to transmit threatening communications. These laws must be balanced against First Amendment rights.

    Unlawful communications include, among other things, the use of threats to prevent another from engaging in a lawful occupation and writing libelous letters or letters that tend to provoke a breach of the peace. The use of intimidation for purposes of collecting an unpaid debt has been held to constitute an unlawful communication but might be prosecuted as extortion.

    A mere threat that does not cause any harm is generally not actionable. When combined with apparently imminent bodily harm, however, a threat is an assault for which the offender might be subject to civil or criminal liability. In most jurisdictions, a plaintiff can recover damages for the intentional infliction of severe mental or emotional suffering caused by threats or unlawful communications.

    In those jurisdictions that have statutes prohibiting unlawful communications, such as letters that tend to provoke a breach of the peace, a violation of the statute gives rise to a civil action for damages.


  31. His post is absolutely clear and to the point. There is zero prejudice or ignorance in it. That you can’t make a rational argument against his points but rather just attack him is more or less proof that his post is correct. Some enterprising Muslim needs to write a book explaining how Islam is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. Given that the end goal of Islam is the elimination of the Constitution, the elimination of freedom of religion, a core concept in the Constitution, it would seem obvious on its face that Islam cannot be allowed in America. Why allow something whose sole purpose is the destruction of your society and form of government? The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

  32. . . . and Umar Lee is what, then? The epitome of tolerance and equanimity? The Apogee of empathy and brotherly love?

    . . . Oh, and I neglected to mention the Qur’an: If Patrick is “prejudice ignorant” then the Qur’an must support freedom of speech, non-establishment of religion, and equal rights exactly like the U. S. Constitution, right?

    Ga-head tell me how the Qur’an does not foment violence in the vast majority of its text. Tell me how it respects EVERYBODY’s rights (including non-muslims and women) equal to Muslim men. Regale me with the peaceful coexistence it teaches.

    I just LOVE it when you head bangers lie like a dog.

  33. I notice that was winning about his prestigious profit being insulted i wounder if a few hundred insults would send umar lee in to a mental meltdown and if the does try to beat the s*it out of a transportation security agent i hope that he finds out just what happens when you attack a cop

  34. Lets just go ahead and prosecute ALL the Muslim people live in the United States since they practice Islam, regardless of their personal behaviors.

    Lets just go ahead and prosecute ALL the Jews since they’re ALL zionists and are displaying Palestinian families.

    Lets just go ahead and prosecute the rest of the US citizens since a few people in each race are doing something unconstitutional.

    He’s suggesting that we recreate the whole “Japanese Internment” idea. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up.

  35. “He’s suggesting that we recreate the whole “Japanese Internment” idea.” — Humza the Hun

    From your lips to Allah’s shin, habibi!

  36. Humza, I do not know how many Christians are currently living in Saudi Arabia, but let’s say there are 10,000 of them living there fulltime. Now let’s suppose only 1% of them are ‘radical Christians’ who occasionally blow themselves up in mosques and other venues full of non-Christians. Do you suppose the Saudi government would hesitate much to quarantine/expel all Christians in the Kingdom? And even if they did not “prosecute ALL the Christian people living in the Kingdom since they practice Christianity, regardless of their personal behaviors”, care to place odds that the good people of the Kingdom would not be engulfed with the now-familiar Islamic Rage, killing any Christians they come across?

  37. “From your lips to Allah’s shin, habibi!”

    Please, Hesp, I need a different visual …imagining his ‘lips’ is making my eyes burn. Ew.

  38. Yes, that does seem like the most constructive suggestion he has made here. Should we let the Islamist websites know about this example of enlightenment?

  39. Annie Oakley- here are some guidelines for Humza’s idea to imprison all muslims, but I think these are fairer and more workable than he could come up with.


    From this date you are on a 90 day probation during which time it will be determined whether or not you are realistically willing to:

    1) Do everything possible to actively discourage the more violent of your co-religionists.

    2) Speak out LOUDLY and PUBLICLY denouncing all terrorism committed in the name of Islam.

    3) Encourage your co-religionists in Detroit to ACTUALLY HAVE that march protesting against the failed bombing (the call has supposedly gone out but there hasn’t been a peep since…only the sound of crickets).

    4) Agree to ignore FOR ALL TIME the homicidal, genocidal and totalitarian themed passages in the Qur’an, hadith and sira (as Christians and Jews did with similar-type passages in the Old Testament long ago).


  40. “After his disgusting comment about Daniel Pearl…”

    Really. This psychopath lives in our country? Good God.

    Who the hell is Michael Muhammad Knight? Aside from being a total loser psychopath, I mean.

  41. “After his disgusting comment about Daniel Pearl…”

    Really. This psychopath lives in our country? Good God.

    Who the hell is Michael Muhammad Knight? Aside from being a total loser psychopath, I mean.

  42. “I am calling your kafir yuppie ass to a fight with no rules and we can do this at any number of masjids.”

    You’re absolutely right, Champ. This could not possibly meet with Islamic/Muslim approval. 😉

  43. Why doesn’t someone in St. Louis then try to find out more about this Umar guy?

    He is a very real threat just like Cuda said.

    Time for action is now.

    Find out about him from the cab company he works for.
    This guy is a threat and should be removed.

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